Fidesz mayor Máté Kocsis gets shut down by Facebook after homophobic tirade

It was another bad week for the increasingly erratic Máté Kocsis, the Fidesz party mayor of Budapest’s 8th District, after the politician, who is also the ruling party’s president in Budapest, went on yet another homophobic tirade using social media. As we reported, Mayor Kocsis recently lost a court case that he launched against liberal politician Klára Ungár, who he argued incorrectly suggested that he is a homosexual. In Mayor Kocsis’s mind, being called gay is tantamount to slander. On appeal, a Hungarian judge disagreed and Mr. Kocsis was asked to reimburse Ms. Ungár’s legal fees. That’s when Mr. Kocsis let loose on Facebook, shortly after the annual Pride parade in Budapest:

“Klároy Ungár’s lawyer, Dr. Márton Nehéz-Pozsony–who also happens to be a faggot–gifted out lawyer with the following message: pay us, without further delay, 150,000 forints, or else he will turn to the media. I see that this is the stupid liberal practice. Threatening with the media is very much in vogue, but I can assure them–one does not pay fees associated with court cases, because someone might resort to contacting the press, but because this is what the court ruled. And this is what we will do as well. 

In terms of Uncle Klári–we saw her picture taken during Pride, at the celebration of homophobia. She was all soaped up, but unfortunately there wasn’t water to be found anywhere.”

Mayor Kocsis’s completely juvenile antics–referring to the openly gay Ms. Ungár as Uncle Klári and as Klároly, a cross between the masculine name Károly and the female name Klára–makes him unsuitable to be mayor of a district in a European Union capital. This rant is not an isolated incident: Mr. Kocsis simply cannot move on from having been called a homosexual, and must now prove his heterosexuality with almost non-stop and frantic displays of homophobia.

Fidesz may not have a problem with Mr. Kocsis–after all, Hungary’s governing party is now significantly more extreme and far-right than Jobbik–but the mayor’s latest post was too much for Facebook. Apparently, the social media site deleted the post and temporarily suspended Mr. Kocsis’s Facebook account, which is “liked” by almost 22,000 people.

Once his Facebook page was live again, Mr. Kocsis posted the following:

“Facebook’s homegrown footmen erased our post, even though all we did was write the truth. There could have been a good debate! But the opinion terrorists don’t like that, so they reported us.”

Máté Kocsis, with his wife, at his son's of many family pictures that Mayor Kocsis shares on Facebook.

Máté Kocsis, with his wife, at his son’s christening…one of many family pictures that Mayor Kocsis shares on Facebook.

After Mr. Kocsis published his second post, the mayor or his “editor”, proceeded to respond to almost every comment that appeared on the Facebook page. One user asked Mr. Kocsis why he did not just re-post the original, infamous post. “Facebook asked us not to, because there would be a penalty, if we did. Regards, the Editor.”

Another user started to wonder about all the response that the mayor, or his “editor” were posting. “How many of you are there?”–he asked. And Mayor Kocsis’s “editor” responded promptly: “I happen to be the editor on duty,” someone said, under Dr. Máté Kocsis’s account.

Whether or not Fidesz’s Budapest president and district mayor is now in the habit of pretending to be his editor or publicist and whether or not he will finally–after more than a year–move on from being called gay and stop proving his sexual orientation through homophobia, only Mr. Kocsis can know. But it is very telling that after Mayor Kocsis’s longstanding and multiple public, homophobic meltdowns, Fidesz is standing by him one hundred percent.


  1. I don’t care about Fidesz or Kocsis, for me this story is about something else.

    The guy should have known better that homosexuals enjoy full protection of the law and if it gets to the court he only can be a loser unless he is homosexual. But he made his comingout he is not and he is a hetero and the top of all that he declared that he feels insulted being called a gay. Hopeless!!!! He couldn’t have even commenced.

    Let’s suppose he or anybody else used to be a gay. So what? Statistics says that more than 60 of the people try the same gender sex in young age but only a small percent of them becomes homosexual. Or what if he really was a homosexual?

    You see, that is where my problem lies. That’s the point where it is not about homosexuality but about mind control in my eyes.

    If he/anybody was a gay, and has chosen to get back to women and has a wife and a family, then he betrayed the LGBT and set an example that it is possible and even the blind can see that the LGBT practically does mind control by lying to them that homosexuality in not a matter of choice.

    What does this message carries?
    (A) You are innocent, it is natural.
    (B) YOU HAVE NO CHOICE You have no way out. Don’t even think about it, you belong to the homosexual society, the LGBT you will be homosexual forever, do what our movement says/dictate.

    Poor misguided people. Poor misguided people.

    What if he is still homosexual? Then isn’t he allowed to try sex with a woman, isn’t he allowed to have a traditional family? Are gays free to do anything except denying their homosexuality. And why somebody else is coming out instead of the given person? Obviously a homosexual can do anything except denying his homosexuality, except setting a sample that, yes, people can make their choices.

    One more thing, this is a political thing as he is a mayor. Why so many people are happy about Kocsis getting in trouble for, they saying, he is a bad guy. Then why not speaking about the bad things he does and attacking him for what he does as mayor instead of attacking him for his sexual orientation. Is this a way the make things better?
    Why I’m writing this? I sincerely think that Ungar Klara seriously offended another person human rights and privacy with publishing his sexual orientation, and approving such an offense just because the holy cow of homosexuality is at stake or because the assaulted person is an unpopular/hatred one, would set new standard where anybody could do the same thing to us tomorrow and where people’s privacy and human rights can easily be hurt.

    And it is not just about sexual orientation. If only it was at stake I wouldn’t have even written this post. It’s about more.
    It’s about our human rights in general.

  2. “The guy should have known better that homosexuals enjoy full protection of the law”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing… 😀

    • No, it’s not a bad thing but you only quoted the first half of my sentence, which ended with
      “….he only can be a loser unless he is homosexual. ” 🙂

  3. One of the new generation “clones” serving the regime on a typically hypocritical picture: posing on a religious background, while pushing in Christian, actually inhuman agenda.
    A disgusting character .

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