Fidesz Budapest president declares: Long live heterosexual pride!

Máté Kocsis, Mayor of Budapest’s 8th District and the ruling Fidesz party’s president in the Hungarian capital, launched another homophobic tirade, after a court ruled that a liberal politician’s suggestion that the Fidesz politician was gay did not qualify as defamation. In 2015, we covered the conflict between Klára Ungár and Máté Kocsis, and the Fidesz mayor’s hysterical reaction to suggestions surrounding his sexuality. The initial verdict of the Budapest Court was to side with Mr. Kocsis in determining that being labelled a homosexual was tantamount to the defamation of good character. On appeal, however, the verdict was overturned, with the judge noting that Mr. Kocsis failed to explain why being considered gay is in any way defamatory, nor could be prove that this claim caused him any harm.

A day after the verdict, Mr. Kocsis reacted by referring to Ms. Ungár, a lesbian, as “Uncle Klári” and by issuing the following statement:

“Looking at the reactions to yesterday’s decision, the lying Uncle Klári caused damage to her own small, but loud world. Despite their efforts to claim otherwise, what they represent is anything but trendy. And Uncle Klári has let the genie out of the bottle. And anyone who does not understand why it is insulting for a father to be accused of homosexuality in public should read this article. Long live hetero pride!”

The article that Mr. Kocsis referred to appeared in the pro-Fidesz Magyar Idők daily, with the author writing:

“It is insulting for a man to be called a homosexual. A man, who is naturally attracted to women, establishes a family and raises children, has good reason to be proud of himself. As such, he can rightfully find it hurtful, if someone questions his values or if someone accuses him of having a sexually deviant lifestyle.”

Máté Kocsis

Máté Kocsis

Mr. Kocsis’s most recent tirade once again appeared on Facebook, and some people commenting underneath his post suggested that he would be best to drop the subject and just move on. This, however, seems unlikely. Mr. Kocsis also replaced his Facebook profile photo with one depicting his young son, and added in a comment: “I am proudest of my little boy.”

He also added that he intends to take his appeal to the Superior Court, noting: “Starting from now, it is acceptable to label any heterosexual a fag, but I guess that the same isn’t possible in the case of homosexuals.”

If anyone still needs a reminder that Fidesz is just as prejudiced as Jobbik, look no further than the party’s Budapest president.



  1. Why somebody needs to delve in other people personal life?
    Sexual orientation and sexual life should be everyone’s own business. Alternatively, everybody might come out with their own sexual orientation should they feel an urge to do so and are ready to bear the often unfavorable consequences of their action, as many people might find it disguising and absolutely unasked and disturbing.

    But it should be everyone’s own choice, and to suffer from other people intrusive action of exposing a third person private life might be considered a crime should it cause moral, material damage or emotional harm or social disadvantages or emotional inconveniences. Whatever the nature of the exposure is. Sexual life, eating habit, bedroom behavior, ….. whatever.

    Being homosexual is socially accepted and does not constitute a kind of danger or harm to the societies that should be everybody’s moral duty to report to the authorities or to the law enforcement or making it public like e.g. knowing about someone habitual drunk driving.

    Let the gays decide by themselves whether they want to hide or come out.
    Not mandatory, not even mentioning that exposing one person private life might create an avalanche and can bring many other innocent people into big trouble which carries a serious responsibility on the publishing person’s side.

    The whole story is fully disgusting and mirrors absolute malice. Who started this ugly game? Just disgusting the way it is.

  2. “. Who started this ugly game?”

    Fidesz, of course,
    as many other ugly things like hate mongering, brazen lying, grand fraud and corruption.
    BTW, Kocsis is one of the most disgusting political characters around.

    Re gay bashing in general, they took over from the Jobbik.

  3. The reality is that biological sexuality is a bundle of cues. Men and women share a lot more of them than they do with trees or rocks. Hence there are very few arborophiles (though there are a few — even people who claim to be erotically attracted to buildings). Hence in this sense every person on the planet is bisexual — to some degree or other. (As GB Shaw once said, reputedly, “Madame, we have established your profession, we are just haggling over the price.”)

    Ce qui s’excuse, s’accuse…

    What a piece of work, this Máté Kocsis, along with his (mostly) male Fidik brethren. Self-haters are the most dangerous, as we have just seen in Orlando…

  4. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    Richard’s orientation appears to be Fideszexual.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:


      If Hungarians treated LGBT people just matter-of-factly as equals – they wouldn’t get into a lather.

      Just live and let live and you wouldn’t get the incredulity that our poster posts.

      Ditto Kocsis.

      He has such sexual hangups that his juvenile reactions tell people more than intended – ditto our poster.

      Just get on with your own lives – live and let live. And leave others alone.

      Fideszexual – certainly.

  5. Pierre and Charlie,

    you might realize at one of your happy moments when you’re not too busy with arrogantly trolling other posters making personal remarks and without making any sensible point that in my post I didn’t care about either homosexuality or Fidesz, I just expressed my thoughts on people privacy in general.

    For people with weaker mind I specially emphasized that it applies to all kind of human activity which should enjoy privacy protection from eating habit to bedroom behavior ….. all. I also expressed my thoughts about other people who are involuntarily get involved in a dirty game. Family, friends etc. That’s what I am talking about little pests. Get it eventually?

    One more thing. I have always been supportive on this site for a work finding a better PM and government for Hungary, and if possible removing Orban, — but not fanatically.

    But seeing some biased pieces that lacks of impartiality picking the work and the sheer existence of the Orban government out context and out of a greater picture and a lot of meaningless, fanatic, truly stupid, malicious and blindly hostile comments, I caught myself paying more and more attention to the positive actions of the Orban Gov. And I have found many.
    I might not be the only one. You guys have zero credibility. You’re blind, fanatic, malicious, mocking, you are biased and sick haters and such as, you have no right to analyze and criticize the Orban government hate mongering work or any other governments. Hatred blindfolded you.

  6. Avatar Robert Szucs says:

    Richard you just made my day.

  7. If Fidesz was as homophobic as you state, it would have banned the annual Gay Pride March in Budapest.
    But instead of banning, what does the Fidesz? Allows it, and orders police to protect this disgusting march.

    • Agreed, for two reasons:

      (A) If we want to understand our life and what the politicians do to our life we have to take all their actions — positive and negative — equally into consideration, impartially and objectively.

      (B) I agree that whatever disgusting and challenging the gay march is — design to destroy basic human moral, and to divide the societies by challenging them through creating unnecessary stir — they need physical protection in order to contain the situation and save the societies from greater disturbances.

      Meanwhile, it is necessary to apply the universal, or say, galactic moral codex that says:

      “The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties
      Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings”

      Such as, the the heterosexual society that comprises the more than 90% of the populace, has the right to request the government to protect them from the actions of the homosexuals — especially when they causing public nuisance — that has negative effect on them and their family, morally and emotionally as well. That has not yet happened. They need moral protection that they never received. If the gay march were a movie it should go with mandatory age limit meanwhile, presently they do it freely in the streets that is a public place and shared with families and children.

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