Hungarian diplomats celebrate with neo-Nazi Jobbik in New York City

Hungary’s previous ambassador to Washington DC., western-educated Mr. György Szapáry refused to meet with leaders and supporters of Hungary’s neo-Nazi Jobbik party. He would walk out from the room if Jobbik members showed up at an event.

With the arrival of Ms. Réka Szemerkényi, Hungary’s first female Ambassador to the US, all this has changed. Ms. Szemerkényi has personally met with Jobbik leaders in Washington, briefed them, and later wrote to us that as a diplomat she had to do it. Hmm. (Read here Amb. Szemerkényi’s note to HFP.)

Now Hungarian diplomats in Los Angeles and New York frequently meet with far-right Hungarian-American groups and individuals, and are even celebrating Hungarian national holidays together!

New York Jobbik party members line up for group photo.

New York Jobbik party members line up for group photo.

In March the Hungarian Consulate in New York organized a commemoration and remembrance of the 1848 Revolution at the Kossuth Statue at Riverside Drive and local Jobbik boss Mr. László Baumeister laid a wreath at the statue with the Hungarian diplomats present. Later in the New York Hungarian House (213 E 82nd St, New York, NY 10028) Mr. Baumeister attended the program with Mr. Ferenc Kumin, Consul General in New York and Mr. Imre Szakács, Consul for the Hungarian Diaspora.

New York Jobbik leader Mr. Baumeister and Hungarian diplomats Mr. Kumin and Mr. Szakács.

New York Jobbik leader Mr. Baumeister and Hungarian diplomats Mr. Kumin and Mr. Szakács.

New York Jobbik leader Mr. Baumeister at the Kossuth statue.

New York Jobbik leader Mr. Baumeister at the Kossuth statue.

In the past, the Hungarian House was an independent organization and rarely collaborated with Hungarian officials or political parties. Under the directorship of Ms. Ildikó Nagy, a recent Hungarian immigrant and member of Mr. Orbán’s Diaspora Council, all this has changed. The Hungarian House now willingly organizes far-right events, like a celebration of the anti-Semitic writer and convicted WWII criminal Albert Wass. Hungarian diplomats also receive a podium there to spread their government’s anti-immigrant right-wing propaganda. To be fair, the House also stages valuable cultural events, but the close association with Jobbik and other far-right Hungarian individuals is unacceptable. (Read – Ms. Nagy is honored by the Hungarian Government.)

 New York Hungarian House director Ms. Ildikó Nagy is acknowledged by Hungarian Consul Mr. Kumin.

New York Hungarian House director Ms. Ildikó Nagy is acknowledged by Hungarian Consul Mr. Kumin.

It seems that Hungarian diplomats are eager to build relationships with far-right Hungarian-Americans and even encourage them to lobby on behalf of the embattled Orbán-government. Instead of listening to the critical voices expressed by the majority of Hungarian-Americans, instead of responding to the suggestions of numerous US organizations, NGOs and experts and instead of making policy changes, Hungary’s diplomats continue the hopeless PR battle to improve the Orbán’s image. Now they even solicit support from Hungarian-American Jobbik sympathizers!

Hungary’s diplomats in the US shouldn’t cater to Jobbik, the right thing to do would be to step up efforts and fight their presence in North-America.

György Lázár


  1. Avatar Huszár Katalin says:

    No wonder present representatives of fascist led Hungary mingle with far right groups.

  2. Avatar Dr. Habil. András Fodor says:

    Katalin Huszár: you are wrong. Hungary is not led by fascist.
    You can criticize one of the other diplomatic o not diplomatic formal acts of government representative, but you cannot call them fascits, just becaise they are not communist.
    Mr Lazar, as usual, has been mixing up the season with the feason.
    I agree with him that to meet Jobbik leaders is not good, but I do not see anything wrong Mr. Kumin’s meeting with the Head of The Hungarian House in New York.

    • Avatar Liz Aucoin says:

      Just because someone isn’t a fascist, it doesn’t make him a communist. What a joke you are doc! Associating with far right hate fueled parties is what gives people the impression you are a fascist. If they stood their ground based on a centrist principle, they would be called right of center. Just as liberal people can be left of center. Both being centrist. Quit being a propagandist and chasing people to the extreme right by playing on their fears of communists. The problem with the current Hungarian government is that they lie about their leanings and take a chapter out of both the extreme right and extreme left text book. When all they really care is that they rip off the Hungarian public and enrich their friends and family as much as possible and stay in power as long as possible. They could care less about from which sides methods they use. They just love to see us arguing about fascism vs. communism all the while they just keep raking in the dough.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      Ha! ha! ha!

      Well well well.

      ‘dr’ habil Fodor has emerged from the woodwork!

      How’s the health service doc?

      dr fabil hodor wouldn’t know reality if it smacked him in the face….

    • Why don’t you come live a bit in Hungary András? That’ll show you what living in a neo fascistic country is like. Hungary began it’s tragic decent into this quasi-dictatorship 6 years ago when Orbán took power. He has demolished democratic institutions, put his loyal subjects into key positions (the Attorney General for instance) and has just today introduced a bill that will allow state run companies to keep everything regarding their business dealings a secret from the public. And this just days after the fact came to light that the Hungarian National Banks took 250 billion Hungarian Forints and instead of uhm… idunno… paying that back into the State budget, fraudulently paid it out into so called foundations. Practically stealing Hungarian taxpayers money and handing them to cover organisations that are surprise-surprise run by people of Fidesz and in some cases relatives of the Head of the Hungarian National Bank. Who by the way used to be the Finance Minister under Orbán. But you know… Who the hell cares about facts, right?

  3. Avatar Robert Szucs says:

    They are fascist because they “anti-immigrant?
    Then we all are fascist.

    • Nope. Because we’re not all anti-migrants… Some of us are quite decent people and recognise the difference between refugees, migrants and terrorists. Fascist seldom do.

  4. Avatar Tom Peters says:

    Good afternoon. I find it interesting that cultural issues are subordinated to politics in Hungary. The issue of migration affects Europe, and it is a world wide crisis. It is reasonable to compare Australia, the USA, Canada or Germany to Hungary on economic and geographic terms. While the migration crisis appears to be an internal battle in Hungary, Hungarians cannot dispense with the results of previous studies in ethnography, and cultural anthropology. There are several European government leaders that always considered Hungarians to be intruders. However, the culture group has its own norms and standards. The internal turmoil favors those European government leaders who want the Hungarian culture group to disintegrate. I am not familiar with any of the political parties in Hungary, not do I care to follow Hungarian politics. A friend of mine showed me this article. Best Tom Peters

  5. Did I miss something? I didn’t see the word “fascist” being mentioned in this piece.

  6. Avatar karl busch says:

    The fascist government of Orban encourages the Hungarian nazi dung beetles to emerge in Hungary and elsewhere.

  7. Down with the democratic apartheid regime!

  8. Avatar Tom Peters says:

    What about Portugal? Nobody talks about Portugal. That country is a huge economy. They are doing just as well as Germany. Angela Merkel expected the Hungary, Poland and Turkey to take refugees, but nobody talks about Portugal. It seems to me that the E.U. leaders assign more responsibilities to Hungary than Portugal. Check out this link. When the income is equally distributed, the GINI Index = 0; when it is not distributed equally = 1.

  9. Mr. Lazar lives since 1980 in the US and still doesn’t have a clue what democracy is. Jobbik is the second largest party (and the strongest oppositional party) in Hungary with more than 1.000.000 people’s support. It is not up to Ms. Szemerkenyi or Mr. Kumin to decide whether they accept their presence or not. It is the will of the people which must be respected.

    btw Jobbik is far from being a “Neo-Nazi”, the author should do more research before making such insulting and false statements. Thanks God, we are not living in a world, where frustrated journalists determine who has the right to participate on a public event or even a commemoration.

    • You obviously have no idea about Jobbik Matthew. They are indeed a neo-nazi party. A great number of their leaders have been publicly exposed as nazis. They were and in some cases still are members of groups that are best compared to the KKK in the USA. Their support is thankfully also far from a million. Fidesz which sadly still outnumbers any one opposition party in Hungary has a base of about 1,3 million and Jobbik although second in term of popularity is waaaaaay behind Fidesz. So if anyone needs to “do more research” it is in fact you.

  10. Neo-nazi (noun): a patriotic and conservative person or organization, that doesn’t share the worldview of the leftists and liberals, especially in topics of multiculturalism and LGBT rights.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      Vipera (proper noun): – a representative of an extreme right view. Extreme Nationalist – many of whom form the Magyar Guarda with beer guts and ‘Kövér’ moustaches. An anti-Semite with no tolerance of minorities – probably Hungarian. Certainly with a concomitant ignorance of what democracy is.

      Collective noun: an ‘ignorance’ of Vipera.

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