One third of Hungarians are anti-Semitic, according to new Medián poll

A poll commissioned by Hungary’s Action and Defense Foundation (Tett és Védelem Alapítvány – TEV), discovered that a third of all Hungarians and a staggering 41% of all Fidesz supporters hold anti-Semitic views. The poll was conducted by Medián, one of Hungary’s most prominent polling and research firms. The organization’s director, Endre Hann, presented the findings: 23% of adult Hungarians hold “strongly anti-Semitic” views, while an additional 12% are “moderately anti-Semitic.” When explored from the perspective of party supporters, 59% of Jobbik voters or sympathizers gravitate to antisemitism, while 41% of those who identify with Fidesz are anti-Semitic. The proportion of anti-Semites among Hungarians who vote for left-centre opposition parties is lower, but still at a level that gives cause for concern: among sympathizers of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), 24% were found to hold antisemitic views. This proportion is somewhat lower among those who gravitate to the Democratic Coalition (DK) and the Politics Can Be Different green party (LMP). In both case, the proportion stands at 18%.

Endre Hann explains his findings to TEV. Photo: MTI.

Endre Hann explains his findings to TEV. Photo: MTI.

Mr. Hann argues that the rise of Jobbik over the past six years has effectively legitimized antisemitism within Hungarian public discourse, making it somewhat more “acceptable” and also more common amongst “ordinary” Hungarians. According to Medián’s findings, the proportion of Hungarians who reject Jews purely out of an emotional response, not based on any concrete personal negative experience or specific information, increased from 23% to 26% over the past year.

A particularly important aspect of Mr. Hann’s study is that xenophobia towards other minorities is actually much higher than that displayed towards Jews. For instance, 71% of respondents indicated that they did not want to see Arabs living in their neighbourhood, while 68% would be unhappy if their neighbour was of the Roma minority. Additionally, 57% of respondents noted that they would rather not have a homosexual as a neighbour. In comparison, the proportion of Hungarians who would not want to live next to someone of Jewish origins stood at 31%.

The Medián poll was based on a representative pool of 1,200 respondents.



  1. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    Frightening poll. I wonder what the proportion of those with antisemitic views is among the 500 thousand Hungarians who have left the country. My guess is that it is a lot lower.

  2. Did anyone research how many jews and non-jews are anti-Hungarian?

  3. OH Geza, get off your high horse! Hungary profited until today from stealing of the Jewish houses, buildings, life insurance policies and everything from a-z belonging to the Hungarian Jews ( the doctors, lawyers, professionals and even the poor Jews) wh they collaborated sending to their deaths!
    Who likes Hungarians? They may like each other- other than that name a few that were not Hungarian Jews who build Hollywood and other big entities! Yeah, go ahead and name just a few with no Jewish blood in it!!

  4. @géza
    I don’t know what do you mean by anti Hungarian.
    A couple of millions in Hungary are anti Hungarian fascism/orbanism, I guess, plus many more millions abroad.
    A negative society plus a hate mongering and thieving regime is not very likable.

  5. Avatar Robert Szucs says:

    ” anti Hungarian fascism/orbanism,”
    Observer also hates Orban because he protects his country from the
    “refugee” hordas.

  6. @Robert sz

    Half true:
    Yes I hate Orban and his incompetent and criminal regime.

    No, he is not protecting Hun since no migrant stays here.

    He’s actual dumping the problem onto the others, ie. he’s cheating in the EU game.

    Cetero censeo: everyone who loves or supports Hungary should strive to get rid of the Orban Mafia which emaciatind and destroying the country.

  7. Avatar Charlie London says:


    And Hungary wants to host the 2024 Olympic games.

    Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia and religious intolerance – together with anti-Hungarian-Roma sentiment – plus LGBT intolerance will be much worse by then too.

    And more fences signifying extreme right-wing intolerance with more and more football stadiums as the crucible for tribal hate and corruption.

    All against Coubertin’s: “The Olympics Games are for the world and all Nations must be admitted to them” inclusiveness.

    The Olympics ever?

    Not on your Nelly.

  8. Maybe the Hungarians remember what happened to them in 1956.

  9. When I lived in Hungary I found that they were really antisemitic, maybe more than one third. What shocked me they can’t even make difference between Israel, Jews, Zionism, Judaism, they don’t even know who they hate and why.

    In the country where I live I made my little survey as Hungary is not absolutely unknown here and many of the people who I asked, they have been in Hungary and have some knowledge about the country, answered that Hungarians are surely antisemitic. 🙁

  10. Love this guy Uncle Vik. Forget the Jews they are with us, Hungary will become like America in that everyone will want to go there to escape the Muslims. Life with Muslims is suffocating, depressing, hopeless and immoral – don`t believe me just come and visit London where we are about to elect one as Mayor. Muslims should have been made extinct like dinosaurs.

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