The “Christian” use of razor wire in Hungary against refugees

Razor wire is now stretched along a 110-mile Hungarian border. The razor wire protects the Christian culture of Hungary from the Muslims, according to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Jesus is the Christ from whom the word “Christian” is derived. I doubt that Jesus himself would applaud Mr. Orbán’s use of the word “Christian” to defend his treatment of these desperately poor and frightened neighbors lying at his gates. He would more likely condemn it. Labels like “Christian” or “Muslim” when applied to a nation-state are no longer primarily religious terms. The government and military leaders who use these terms seldom faithfully represent the religious labels they use any more than do their enemies.

That makes little difference, though, to those who have captured the word “Christian” behind their razor-wired geographical territory.

Cynical politicians know that the fastest way to whip any group into a frenzy is to say that their religion is being attacked. Leading the charge to protect religious belief is a sure road to popular acclaim.

Thus, do we replace Jesus crowned with thorns by Jesus protected with razor wire?

Love your neighbour as yourself

The living Lord Jesus would surely be on the outside of this razor wire, walking among the rejected and the dispossessed, binding up their wounds. He did say, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). If you insist that this idea, enshrined as it is on our Statue of Liberty, cannot apply to national policy, then I insist that the label “Christian” be removed as a descriptor of any nation-state, including our own.

Behaving like a follower of Jesus is both difficult and messy. It demands much of us on every front. Concerning the worldwide crisis of displaced peoples, the truly Christian thing to do is that which is most difficult: treat them as neighbors that you love like you love yourself.

Jesus told the story of a beggar who lay at the gate of a rich man. The rich man would not give him anything, not even the crumbs that fell from his table. Jesus said that rich man ended up in hell.

Beggars are lying at our gates around the world. They look through the razor wire and see food and shelter. The vast majority of them, if invited to the table, would respond with eternal gratitude for the kindness shown, not shoot up the table.

But the speculation about their response is not even the point of Jesus’ tale. The point is this: the rich man had a moral obligation to care for the desperate man at his gate. This obligation was so clear and compelling that his failure to do so resulted in eternal damnation.

We turn the earth toward hell when we refuse to help the desperate one who lies at our gate. We turn it toward heaven when we take the risk of kindness.

The failing wisdom of religious isolationism

The razor-wire solution is more the panic of self-preservation than thoughtful Christian conviction. The gate in itself is not the problem. It allows for an orderly ingress and egress into the rich man’s house. The problem with the gate comes when it remains closed to the need that lies beyond it. Such isolationism may seem wise in the short-term. Helping one beggar today may bring two tomorrow. According to Jesus, though, the gate closed to human need ends up as damnable heresy.

The razor-wire solution for protecting Christianity is offensive and absurd. What people truly need from their government is freedom to worship as they see fit, not razor-wired protection from other religions. Any government effort to favor a particular religion inevitably perverts it. Razor wire for Muslims today will be razor wire for Baptists tomorrow.

Eastern Europe has not been a peaceful place for a long time. The problem is not religious or ethnic diversity. The human condition is the problem — the condition that regards anyone from a different family, tribe, creed, or ethnicity with suspicion. The terrorists insist their war is a religious one. World leaders should resist such a characterization of the conflict, popular sentiment notwithstanding. The true religious dimension of this war is the personal and corporate effort to overcome bigotry, selfishness, and fear with understanding and kindness.

Loving neighbors means we see them as the image-bearers of God. Knowing the risks, we treat them with dignity and humanity. We seek to feed them if they are hungry. We get to know them if they are strangers. We refuse to allow our fears to harden our hearts toward them.

This is the way the real religious war is won.

David E. Crosby

David E. Crosby is the Pastor at First Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Pastor David Crosby

Pastor David Crosby


  1. Once islam infiltrates a society it’s hard to remove. Islam is a hydra(a monster), if you cut one of it’s heads off one or more will grow back. If either ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and so on are completely wiped out another one or two terror groups will fill the void. The only true way to defeat this is to stop bringing the followers of islam into your country and to remove the ones that are there. If you have islam in your country you have a hydra (terrorist factions).

    There are different types of terrorism, the ones we’re most familiar with are deadly and destructive attacks that strike fear into the hearts of the non-muslims the other forms of terrorism comes from individuals or small groups that commit crimes against the non-muslims and only the non-muslims such as murder, rape, child grooming, vandalism, desecration of our places of worship, theft, unprovoked violent attacks, cheating non-believers, cheating the entitlement system of the countries that open their heart and doors to them.

    If you have islam around you then it’s very good chance you or a member of your family have been violated or is going to be violated in some way or another. We have nothing to gain from these people, they offer nothing to make our countries great, they don’t make our countries safe, they’re not good for tourism, they bring nothing to the table. They get our civilization and everything our civilization has to offer and we get…….?

  2. ISIS militants ARE posing as refugees to plot attacks in Europe warns German official

    Panic Spreads in Germany as Invaders Bring Diseases
    “Valued residents!

    We would like to inform you that we are obligated by law to treat asylum seekers in an emergency.

    We were informed by the Robert Koch Institute and the Thuringian State Office for Consumer Protection, that asylum seekers have been diagnosed with, inter alia, the following communicable diseases:

    Lice, scabies, tuberculosis, Lassa fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, bacterial meningitis, measles, typhoid fever, and EHEC [Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli].

    Upon completion of the emergency service, we will carry out appropriate disinfection measures in the lower staircase and on doors. Of course, we will provide disinfectants when needed.”

  3. My Angus friend, I’d rather have you on my plate raw well pepperred, than read this racial bigotry from you again.. If this is Christianity, what you try to protect with hatred, than we are all better off without it..

  4. Jesus didn’t call any Christian to embrace and help people who are, to say the least, anti-christian and by “helping” them destroying their own nation, culture and society. So in your eyes we should commit ethnic and cultural suicide in name of your humanist view of christianity.

    Christian is mostly used as a cultural term for Europe. Although it would be better if the Europian nations turned back to the God of the Bible. Yes, the “god” of islam is not the same as he One of the Bible.

    In your eyes we don’t have the right to live our own lives in our nation state with our own culture and among our own people. Well pastor, we have that right, if humanists and internationalist like yourself like it or not! It is the Godly order after Babel.

    You seem to be blind for the fact that islam is a anti-christ religion to begin with! Ever heard about Taqiyya to the kafir (you), well do some research.

    What you call “these desperately poor and frightened neighbors” are no refugees in the legal or moral sense and came through 4 safe countries, before reaching Hungary. The majority of them are not even from Syria, but safe countries, like African nations, Pakistan and other Arab and North African countries. In other words, they are just economical immigrants.

    You also seem very unaware of what is really going on all over Europe, because of the criminal and demanding behaviour of your “new victims”. I suggest you educate yourself with the truth about it, before judging us in Europe! If you would be really honest to yourself and others you would find that factional information fast and easy.

    Pastor David Crosby, sadly, you are one of those “globalist, humanist christians” who twist the real message of the Gospels like many of the false teachers in church today to promote your liberal left political views. Who promote multi-culturalism and socalled “diversity”. A blind man who is leading the blind. One day you will have to answer for lies!

    • Angus, exactly!

      What you wrote are just facts and reality about islam and it’s followers through to the 1400 years of their history. Not one non- muslim civilization through history survived muslim immigration without all the problems you mentioned.

      It is always “funny” how the “enlightened” liberal left is defending muslims and islam (the religion of peace, which btw is a lie) who (those muslims) hate everything that the liberal left stands for.

    • Why is it the responsibility of any European country to give these “refugees”(most are economic refugees) a better life? Europe has nothing to gain by letting or bringing these people in. Europe, your first and last obligation is to your people. What do the “refugees” have to offer? They bring nothing to the table.

      Why don’t muslim “asylum seekers” go to Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates , Oman, Saudi Arabia or any of the other rich muslim countries? These are Islamic countries therefore more suitable for them.

      Has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to non-Europeans? Name one. Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they burden the judicial system due to high crime rates? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

      Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they victimize the host country’s people and trash up their land after they have been given a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? Your people? Your culture?

      If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

      If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country, their lives, their descendants lives will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Wake up and rise up before it’s too late and your family are the refugees.

    • Avatar Christopher Adam says:


      Actually, you are mistaken. Jesus called on us to welcome our enemies as table guests.

      “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…”

      • A guests is a visitor and a visitor don’t come to stay. “Love your enemies” that don’t mean you have tolerate them or to take away from your own to give to them.

      • But they don’t want us to listen to Jesus, they don’t want us to talk about him or about love, they want us to convert to Islam, or pay or die. Quran is not about forgiveness but about war against Christians. We can’t insult them with the teaching of Jesus for if we insult Islam they will behead us. They want us to listen to them.
        They don’t want us to give, they come to take away.

  5. Searching for objective knowledge about islam and it’s followers, see this site

  6. Is self preservation against Christianity? Is wanting the best for your people and your descendants a crime? Is opening the gates to islam a smart thing to do? Do the muslims open up their countries to Christians? Why don’t they? Why do they want to live here but don’t want us in their countries? Will you let these people in your home to live with you and your family? If not, why? Do you know the crime statistics that muslims do to non muslims and only non muslims in countries that have gave them a safe place to live?

    Miklos Banfi, my blind friend

    If these people are let in it should be temporary, when the danger has be removed from their homeland they should be sent back. Only a follower of islam would not agree with this. If you love them move over there, don’t be a hypocrite and don’t expect us to love them or what they have in store for our children and our children’s children. Deport for a safe and peaceful future.

  7. Avatar Judith Kopacsi says:

    After almost thirty years of friendship I recently unfriended someone for spewing the same sort of garbage against the refugees. I came to the conclusion, that although they have the right to their opinion, I don’t need to hear or read about it. I prefer to surround myself with people willing to help those in need regardless of their religion, race or culture. Yes, I’m willing to risk that some of them will not be as “grateful” as expected. Yes, I admit I’m a liberal and what’s even worst in some people’s eyes I’m rather proud of it.

  8. Avatar Judith Kopacsi says:

    Angus, I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, but your opinion rings a bell. Some time ago the Jews were the enemies the christian world needed protection from. Since my family managed to save at least ten of them I learned the meaning of humanity.

    • Jews and Christians alike will need protection from islam. Islam attacks all other religions. Buddhism is the true religion of peace and the muslims have made them very violent through relentless unprovoked attacks. I know you were hinting around to nazism, but heed my warning, islam will make them look like amateurs.

  9. Judit, as many time before, I am with you. Angus, I’d rather be a blind human, than a brainwashed idiot.
    Who told you to let them move in with your family? Even then it wouldn’t be necessarily more uncomfortable, than let any christian to do the same. As my neighbours I am more than happy to have all kind of etnicity around me, as long as they are decent people, which has nothing to do with race, religion etc.
    Coming with this crime, rape etc. b.s. is really annoying. One thing you are right, they don’t want christians to move to them. And? It has to be mutual? One of the rare thing, when it doesn’t. That would make everything right and equal?

    • Miklos Banfi you are not only blind brainwashed idiot but you see only what you want to see. To let them move into ones country is equivalent to letting them into ones house. All of Sweden once thought like you, and look where it got them, the indigenous Swedes are targeted by the poor defenseless “refugees” for murder, rape and all the other crimes that the “refugees cherish. The Swedish people will be refugees fleeing islamic persecution within the next 25 years, actually it has already started. I don’t think that the safety and happiness of the poor defenseless “refugees” is worth the life of one of my countryman and I’m sure most of France is starting to see that as well.

      Watch this, I’m sure it’ll make you happy.

      Here’s another that will make you smile

    • In Sweden these “migrants” were throwing stones at cars on the road, so the Swedes started throwing stones back at them, including their children, and now they need a police escort to school.

      Fact is, there have also been rapes and many burglaries by these migrants.
      They show disrespect for the countries they travel through – strewing mounds of garbage and wasting food.
      Hungary has videos of men (and most of the migrants are military-aged men) throwing new unopened water bottle on the train tracks.
      They become violent when they don’t get their way.
      They are a threat to the legal citizens of the countries they come to.
      They must apply legally to the embassies and then, if they qualify, be allowed to come.

      All of them left safe Turkey and paid thousands of euros/dollars each to get aboard this illegal passage.

      Also, most Hungarians are atheists or agnostics and believe Christianity weakens people and allows their country to be abused by other, more aggressive and cunning peoples.

    • What makes your stance more “human” than anyone else’s, Miklos? Eh? Nothing? You might want to open a history book and maybe a couple on biology for once so you can get a proper feel for the things which truly define humanity.

      Furthermore, I think it’s hilarious that you believe that everyone who has a belief system contrary to your own is “brainwashed,” especially considering that, and most especially amongst the youth, right-wingers are often ex-leftists who experienced a transformation brought about by questioning the ideology in which they were programmed to believe during the course of their schooling. How many schools have you ever heard of which instill right wing ideologies in their students? None. Any how many schools do you suppose indoctrinate children via leftist object lessons such as in regards to “stereotyping” and other such drivel. Oh…what’s that you say? All of them? Interesting. Now tell me again about how the Right is the group that’s brainwashed.

      I, for one, reached my conclusions by looking at the world objectively and asking questions about my own beliefs. How often have you done that, lemming?

  10. Avatar Judith Kopacsi says:

    Many years ago we actually sponsored one of them. And behold! He never turned against us, and he is still a close friend.

    • So you’re saying that in order to understand that something is usually a threat, every experience with said thing has to be negative?

    • You know, sometimes people shoot heroine and don’t get addicted. Maybe you should support that, too.

  11. Avatar Judith Kopacsi says:

    And let me tell you, it warms my heart to read about the many Canadian people sponsoring refugee families, and preparing to welcome them in their homes. There is a very positive atmosphere in this country that had been sorely missed for many years. I wouldn’t give this up for any of the few misguided professional worriers. I prefer to spread good will anytime.

  12. Avatar Judith Kopacsi says:

    Did any christian group showed any signs or interest to move to Syria, or the middle east lately? I have not heard of them if they did! So why is this suddenly an issue at all?

  13. Avatar Judith Kopacsi says:

    By the way Angus, I refuse to look at any of your suggested videos, as I even refuse to read the Grimm brothers’ stories. I keep my sanity for more pleasant stimulus.

  14. Yes, at this point it is better to put Angus to the to be ignored category… Not all that many there but he fought hard for his place there..

  15. “Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipilä has called a crisis meeting to discuss a rape case in his home town of Kempele, just south of Oulu, in which a 14-year-old girl was attacked. The two suspects in police custody are both foreign and aged under 18, with MTV reporting that they are asylum seekers from Afghanistan, aged 15 and 17.”

  16. Hungary has every right to stay Christian as Israel does to stay only Jewish. Hungary should not have to let in Moslems or Jews or any non-Christians. It is their right. Israel does this and we applaud them for standing for their own. Hungary is no different. Not even a bit.

  17. This trash heap rant from David E. Crosby shows one thing clearly. Humans are very smart and powerful creatures and cannot be killed, cannot be forced and overpowered, therefore the evil must and only can manipulate and trick them to make them accept their dark fate he offers and to make them drink the cup of poison.

    (A) Europe has already proved she is very friendly to all neighbors, multicultural, there are very many ethnic groups living there, it is only he Islam i.e. the harmful that is not welcomed and even that on is only after many painful attempts and bitter experiences. Not without reason.

    (B) Just like Castro exported the mentally ill ones and the criminals packed in the troop of migrants to the U.S. the Islam exports not only the terrorists but the terminally ill infectious sick people who are suffering from all infectious diseases that Angus in his/her post on November 29, 2015 at 4:37 pm described.

    These desperate, frustrated, pretentious people who rape and infect thousands others are spreading the death. You smart guys can have big mouth, sanctimonious rants but these diseases cannot be kept in bay and will reach you in Canada, in Australia , everywhere. You live your lovely peaceful days and one day you wake up you contacted one or many of these diseases.

    SARS, AIDS, EBOLA has already been developed in the laboratories, the only task that remained for the evil lords of this world is to spread it worldwide. As David Rockefeller the founder of the Rockefeller Population Control said, the new world order and the world depopulation project is in a very advanced stage. These diseases will reach you. There is a fast world mass transportation, air traffic, these guys infect the Europeans and they will travel and spread it to Canada, to the US, to Australia — everywhere in no time. It is only apart of the global population (depopulation) project.

    Or type your own search words in Google you can find thousands of other description if you don’t trust that one.
    In the days of Jesus there was no mass communication, there was no mass travel. He didn’t mention anything about airport security.

    Go to your dentist who treated a migrant just before you and pray that the assistant could successfully disinfect even the chair under you. Hopes are in vain.

    Have a nice day.

  18. Good for the Hungarians. Mr. Crosby seems to be missing one important point. These people are criminal thieves. They come into Western countries either illegally or with illegal intentions. They have nothing to contribute. They just want to leave their sh*t hole countries behind and come to where the industry and intelligence of European Christian culture has developed a superior standard of living they know they can’t possibly achieve at home. Get rid of them all, by whatever means necessary. It’s coming down now to a matter of survival.

  19. Avatar Judith Kopacsi says:

    When did they let out this many patients from the insane asylum? Oh, ya, I forgot. Today was Sunday and the nurses must have been on a temporary sabbatical. Dear Jack, Richard, Kovács and Angus. Kindly return to get your medication. It is really not good for you to keep living in fear. And tomorrow morning don’t forget to line up for your by-weekly shock therapy. Good luck and speedy recovery.

    • That was rich. There you go Kopacsi. You know, sometimes the seriousness of the topic as well as of the discussion reaches a certain higher level where your absolutely pointless, abusive, arrogant mocking comment is only good for making yourself a fool and demonstrate that you are unable to make any contribution to the discussion and introducing yourself you are even discrediting your previous comments.

      But let’s get back to the point. I give you a little gift that you can speak about when you have finished your useless abuses.

    • Awww How adorable…I remember when I was a child and could only defend my position by insulting my opponents. …So precious.

      But run along, now, Judith; the adults are trying to have a discussion. Maybe one day you can join in when you learn not to call people you disagree with “big dumb dumbs” and “poopy heads” in place of actual arguments. After all, that’s something called (although I’m not sure you’re old enough to pronounce it) argumentum ad hominem, and that’s a big “no, no” which means you don’t actually have any argument to stand on. And, given the simplicity of your under-developed mind, I suppose I should point out that, if you don’t have a valid argument, it means you’re probably wrong.

      But go on and play with your dollys, now, dear.

  20. Avatar Judith Kopacsi says:

    János Kovács, Hitler already tried his best to declutter Europe from the Jews and other non-Christians. It didn’t quite work out for him either. By the way, there were Jews living in Hungary even before the Hungarians arrived. So get the wet cloth for your aching head and make sure you don’t stand too close to hard objects, so you won’t harm yourself when you faint from the shock.

  21. Avatar Charlie London says:

    Hi Judith!

    Well said.

    So many of your compatriots are isolating themselves through xenophobia and hate.

    It’s refreshing to hear an indigene giving a humanitarian point of view – a hair-raising view for many Hungarians.

    You also use ‘liberal’ in its correct meaning – and of course being liberal means being responsible, caring, humanitarian – and democratic – among other things.

    Stay proud being a liberal – many are with you, even if few in Hungary.

    It’s been a real insult to my language that Hungarians have hijacked the word ‘liberal’ for their own purposes – political purposes.

    I hope one day it will be restored to its correct meaning when Hungary moves on from its frozen transitional communist state – its commocracy under Orban.

    For me it represents the divided society that Hungary is – I hope it heals in my lifetime.

    There seems to be a stirring in the EU to put Orban’s hat on straight – however the massaging of Turkey with €3bn will turn out to be yet another Orbanite error. Erdoğan has been a corrupt role model for Orban – who needs no encouragement – so the EUs tolerance of such fascist mafiosos seems endless.

    They are moving to prove the EU doubters in the UK such that Brexit is another step closer – but that’s another post!

    Keep hair-raising please!

    • “… Hungarians have hijacked the word ‘liberal’ for their own purposes…”

      Come & kill us if you don’t like us, little boy! We hungarians will not change. Why don’t you drop an A-bomb to Hungary if we are sinners?

      Let me inform you of the right meaning of the word ‘liberal’. It is: satanic.

    • Care to explain what makes your so called “humanitarianism” more worth while than the continued existence of Western Civilization, upon which, in fact, all “humanitarianism” is dependent in the first place?

      Also, from whom are the Hungarians isolating themselves, and why is that a bad thing?

      Furthermore, in regards to your use of the word “xenophobe,” what proof do you have that a desire to preserve your civilization and culture is based on the fear of people who live in other countries? Also, if fear is the engine, then what proof do you have of that fear being irrational? Surely you wouldn’t venture to suggest that a fear of disease is baseless.

  22. It gets worse – does Europe really need 75 million Turks. Vik i think you have to make that fence a little more permanent.

  23. Refugees held at ‘Alien Holding Centre’ in Hungary | …

  24. Pastor David E. Crosby! You are owed the 30 silvers.

    What about the fence on the US Mexican border?

  25. My comment is awaiting moderation… aha… in a free country… what is its name? Canada?

  26. I give it a second try: Pastor David E. Crosby! You are owed the 30 silvers. Tell me, please Pastor: what about the fence on the US-Mexican border?

  27. Cold War razor wire echoes in Hungarian plan to stop …

  28. Aah, I didn’t know that, dear JuditH (I quote from you): “By the way, there were Jews living in Hungary even before the Hungarians arrived. ”
    Well, in that case, of course, I, as a Hungarian, have no right to talk or think, or express myself in any way, got it now. I should shut up, and all other Hungarians should do the same for the future… and let the Jews do all the talking. According to JuditH only they have the right for that.
    Is this what you want my proud “liberal” and “tolerant” angel?

  29. I didn’t like the fence, not out of humanitarian reasons but simply because the migrants would pile up on the other side and in great numbers they are more dangerous and cannot be handled. Now everybody from Macedonia to France are busy building fences.

    And here comes Merkel to give the coup de grace to Europe.

    She gives billions to Erdogan to keep the migrants away, but just doesn’t have the means to control how this money will be spent. Turkey accommodates more than 2 million Islam migrants, and now Merkel in return of Turkey does not forward the refugees to Europe she promised EU membership to them.

    When the get it they will simply issue EU passport for all the migrants and they freely can go to Germany or anywhere in the EU. And let’s not forget about Turkey, Islam is the largest religion in Turkey where the 99.8% of the population is automatically registered by the state as Muslim.
    And the old dream of Turkey to restore the old Ottoman empire.

    Merkel performed professionally executing the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.
    Now my only question is how long will Orban and the eastern block be able to keep it.

  30. In addition, in a separate comment for I wanted to post one more link.
    What can Orban and the other eastern European block do for their survival?

    First came these to false flag terrorist attacks in Paris to put fear in the hearts and souls of the Europeans, to enable the puppet governments to introduce marshal law and to make people accept the mutilation of their freedom.

    The next scare attack will be the plague. Real or false alert to fend off the many of the exotic diseases the migrants brought in. How long will it be until you get forced into a mandatory vaccination program. Do you know what they shoot under your skin? You get the shot and that will be the last day when you possessed your body and mind. Both genetically and spiritually.

    And don’t take it wantonly, it doesn’t matter where you are, Canada, or the UK or the US. Your body will be taken away and we all will become the property of your lords, the world ruling elite. They don’t make five-year plans like the Soviets, these globalist have plans for the next hundred years. And comparing with them even the best, smartest, and most powerful politicians are only amateurs. And these plans seem to work very well, just as they wanted.

    No way out, no mercy not even in Canada, US, or the UK. For nobody, not even for their own minions. Therefor, silence is death, the awakening is our last chance. They in fact are terrified of the people’s awakening and they keep their bug-out bag into of their reach.

    • P.s. I forgot to say, let’s wait to see what’s happening after world leaders gather in Paris to discuss NWO using this global warming pseudo-science meeting. Whether it will have consequences to the present crisis. Hopes. Nothing more.

  31. Letter From German Nurse on Muslim Invaders

  32. Let’s go one more time. I told this before. I know you will read it.

    For Orban, for the Hungarian government, for the Hungarian magnates and oligarch.

    I expect a wave of German, Swedish, all together indigenous West European refugees fleeing their country searching for shelter from the upcoming civil war, and violence from the hand of the Islam, as well as from the brutal Islamization of Europe, and from their truncated freedom and marshal law.

    You guys have looted Hungary, nothing more left to loot, but you have all the money, a big fortune. There is no safe way to secure the booty. Your bank accounts are only digits in the computer screen, even if not engineered inflation will take it all. Your purchased antique works of art will be taken away, you are not be able to secure and save it. Not with an army, and you’ll be screwed and cheated anyway.

    Invest it, use your fortune or all will be gone.

    Call them, bring them in, lure them in the best of West-Europe , give them a safe heaven even if temporary, build a city, a village. You can do that.

    Beloiannisz in Fejer county was built in no time without money. You have the money. It’s a better project than hosting the Olympic games.
    They will bring their own money, their bank accounts, their own fortune, their expertise, their qualification, they will raise Hungary if you know how to do the job.

    You can expect all the emigrated Hungarian youth coming back with language knowledge, lot of working experience and high qualification as soon as the brutal Islamization and prolonged State of Emergency and regular curfews in West Europe tear their dreams apart.

    Give them life, stop the looting —- INVEST — It will pay pay off.

    Hurry, hurry, — you will not be the only one. Chinese, Russians, and many others will come to harvest. You may not get the very best, the cream, but you can still get the best and wealthiest middle class families, engineers, scientists, researchers, teachers, etc.

    Give them life. Give them a city, a little West Europe, a safe house.

    Stop the looting —- INVEST — It will pay pay off as long as you can keep the Islam out of the Hungarian borders.

    • Give them life. Don’t play the merciful boss. Don’t induce, don’t make or force them into paying gratitude. Give them life or someone else will take them away from you as they have a chance to seek for shelter elsewhere, even if Hungary would be the best and the most convenient.

  33. Hungary’s Orban tells of a secret pact to settle 500,000 new Muslim in EU

  34. Terrorist-Refugees Recruited in Hungary

    “There was news that one of the chief organisers of the Paris attacks came to Budapest which I can confirm,” Lazar said. “The person, to our knowledge, showed up also at Keleti station where he recruited a team from among illegal immigrants and left the country together with them,” Lazar said.”

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