Orbán is isolated, US Vice President Biden ignores him

On November 18, 2015, the US Assistant Secretary for Population, Refugees, and Migration, Anne Richard, met Hungarian Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi at the State Department in Washington DC. There was no Hungarian press coverage, Ms. Szemerkényi didn’t brag about a “turning point” in US-Hungarian relations, she remained quiet. I have a feeling that Ms. Richard had some unkind words about Hungary’s appalling treatment of refugees, although she probably phrased it politely and expressed “concerns.”

US-Hungarian relations have deteriorated since Ms. Szemerkényi arrived to Washington.

A couple of weeks ago her boss, Viktor Orbán, viciously attacked his Croatian counterpart. He said that Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic was an envoy of the Socialist International, whose members believed the current influx of migrants was “a good thing”. Mr. Orbán questioned Mr. Milanovic’s legitimacy by saying: “We don’t consider what the Croatian prime minister says to be the opinion of the Croatian people.” He added “When they hear the Croatian prime minister, I ask Hungarians not to hear a Croatian man but an envoy of the Socialist International who is supposed to attack Hungary.”

On November 25, Vice President Joe Biden flew to Croatia’s capital of Zagreb to have talks with Prime Minister Milanovic. The US thinks that he is indeed a legitimate leader not just a Socialist mouthpiece. Biden was attending the annual summit of Southeast and Central European leaders with the refugee and migrant question on the agenda. Although he was just next door to Hungary, a 30 minute plane ride, he did not visit Budapest.

US Vice President Joe Biden and Croatia's Prime Minister Mr. Zoran Milanovic on November 25 in Zagreb.

US Vice President Joe Biden and Croatia’s Prime Minister Mr. Zoran Milanovic on November 25 in Zagreb.

American politicians ignore Mr. Orbán in the refugee issue. Why?

One of the issues Biden has to deal with is Hungary’s new “Iron Curtain”, a fence to stop, or rather divert the flow of refugees. Countries have built border fences before but Hungary’s fence is different. It uses super sharp razor wire and some say that the old Communist Iron Curtain was less harmful than this deadly new fence at the borders with Serbia and Croatia. Mr. Orbán has stated: “We do not want a multicultural society” and he found the solution.

Not barbed wire - razor wire was used in building Hungarian border fence.

Not barbed wire – razor wire was used in building Hungarian border fence.

Razor wire is not available in Hungary, it is imported from Germany. It is not a barbed wire, it has razor-like blades to cause life-threatening injuries to refugees and animals. In an interview with French radio Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, said that Hungary’s fence building is “extremely harsh. Hungary is part of Europe, which has values, and we do not respect those values by putting up fences that we wouldn’t even use for animals”. Mutanox, a Berlin-based company has refused to deliver razor wire (also called “nato wire”) because Hungary is misusing it. “Mr. Orbán takes it in stride that people could hurt or even die from it,” Mutanox executives explained.

Animals that become entangled in Hungary's razor wire fence die a slow and cruel death.

Animals that become entangled in Hungary’s razor wire fence die a slow and cruel death.

Vice President Biden has said of the refugees: “To turn them away and say there is no way you can ever get here would play right into the terrorists’ hands…. They want us to turn our backs on Muslims victimized by terrorism. But this gang of thugs peddling a warped ideology, they will never prevail. The world is united in our resolve to end their evil.”

Mr. Orbán doesn’t share universal human values anymore. Hungary’s refugee policy plays right into ISIS hands. Not surprisingly, Orbán-controlled Hungarian media has not reported about Vice President Biden’s trip to neighboring Croatia.

György Lázár


  1. It seems Mr. Lázár joins the efforts of those emigrés who left Hungary at some point and now feel obliged to follow their new country’s official line condemning the country they left. Have you, Mr. Lázár, written similar pejorative articles about your adopted country, the US shooting Mexicans at the border? Those poor Mexicans are trying to get into the US simply because Nafta and other ill-fated economic arrangements that favor US multinationals make their lives impossible at home. Do you seriously believe that putting up some pictures of poor bleeding animals (who knows where the pictures were taken, might have been trophies of Walter Palmer, that great American “hunter”) is enough to prove your point? You are up for a great shock: although some power groups somewhere decided to eliminate nation states and organize mass migration to Europe, not every country will oblige meekly committing suicide. What should Hungary do? Accept millions of migrants and wait patiently for Germany and others to select the ones they need for their factories and keep the rest? Wake up, Mr. Lázár, your and your comrades’ provocations are becoming time-worn boring clichés. At least try to be intellectually entertaining if you must perform your minor role in the BIG INTERNATIONAL WITCH HUNT against the country you were born in.

    • “Accept millions of migrants and wait patiently for Germany and others to select the ones they need for their factories and keep the rest?”

      I think Merkel wants to pick her choices, then tries to force the quotas on Hungary. Once she succeeds she will dump all the useless unemployable violent left-over in Hungary, and install fences and create the mini-Schengen to make sure those criminals she dumped would never return to west-Europe with an EU passport that Hungary as an EU member can provide them with. And then acquiring cheap slave labor force, Germany might not need Hungary to outsource their industrial production any more.

      And this is just one possible dark scenario. She hides more tricks in her sleeves. I think.

  2. Of course Biden ignored him, Orban is not a Monsanto puppet and has a functioning brain on its own, something most european leadears are lacking.

  3. Who cares?

    Isolated because the US Vice President and US politicians ignore Hungarian leaders?

    Is that something we should care about?

    I think not. Firstly, Hungarian leaders have made new ties with China and Russia, as was seen with Putin’s visit to Hungary last year and Orban’s meeting with Chinese leader this month. Hungarian leaders aren’t in a popularity contest to be liked or wanted by foreign politicians, particularly from nations or institutions that obviously have a different agenda. Their jobs as leaders of Hungary is to protect Hungary and that’s it. Formal relations with other nation’s leaders is good, but isn’t the #1 issue for a leader. Where will the US VP be 1-year from now?

    Who will be in charge next year in America? Trump? Clinton? Another Bush? Carson? Sanders?

    That is the problem with the left, they’re groupies, little school girls that gossip and desire to join the cool gangs at school. They look not to their own homeland for authority and guidance, but to the USA. It’s good to look to others, but when you follow others you aren’t being original or leading as a leader should do, but following and taking orders from other nation’s capitals.

  4. Admittedly Orban is using the refugee crisis to strengthen his power but in the meantime at least he’s doing good for Hungary. Meanwhile, all the other politicians are exploiting the crisis and Orban to strengthen their power, too. So does the rest of the world by using the same crisis in the same or more disgusting way to bring down not only Orban but Hungary and the other eastern countries of the EU.

    The pot calling the kettle black. It’s only they are more professional in propaganda, and more professional wearing a mask. That’s all. They are not any better than Orban.

    Was Hungary treatment of the refugees in appalling? Yes, but not worse than the treatment of France, Germany and the other countries.
    Germany shot one refugee dead a few months ago. So did Bulgaria. France bulldozed their camp away at Calais,.. O.K. I am not going to write a book about all the atrocities what other countries do to them “refugees”. I wasn’t happy about the razor wire that Orban has built. He has been subject to razor sharp criticism by other countries for that, and for the appalling treatment, and for deploying troops since than while all their critics shamelessly do the very same. Only in a more sophisticated way, spending more on propaganda to counterbalance their own appalling treatments.
    Toward the “refugees” and toward their very own citizens.

    That’s not egregious. That’s morbid and ridiculous.

    Yet, this is all nothing to the appalling behavior of the refugees. Seeing these pictures I wouldn’t call them refugees but criminals. There were many videos posted here showing the violent behavior of the refugees. Yet, once or twice some countries tried to treat them well. Accommodated them the best way they could and they could afford and asked them to wait just one day until they can be transferred.

    Here their answer. Victory sign.


    They torch their own camps, they throw away their food, the water they get, they fight and kill even each other.

    There is a quickening. People, humankind is to wake up. It is my hope, and we have a real chance for that. I hope for a disclosure to come, I hope this nightmare will end, I hope that Europe after surviving so many crisis in her history eventually will be able to fight Islamisation and defend herself.

    I hope a disclosure will reveal the organizers and financiers of this refugee exodus and will make it possible to drag all those evils to the court of justice together with all their accomplices who took part in this shameful project in a way or other and will be held responsible for their crime they have committed.

  5. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:

    I congratulate HFP for having jachieved recognition by Orban. He is sending his (probably handsomely compensated) lackeys to dispute, as replies in HFP, facts and arguments that hit him in the balls. Good work, Mr. Lazar and Dr. Adam!

  6. @Pierre Divenyi, yes, the Fidik troll-tally on HFP (and HS) rises as the evidence keeps hitting the target. The partisan replies are so vacuous and defensive that they just serve to confirm, graphically, exactly what is being written about the prevailing Fidik mentality in Hungary: petty, xenophobic, delusions of grandeur, scape-goating and, of course, bottomless dishonesty.

  7. “Richard” — a regular troll — is particularly insidious, play-acting concurrence on some moral points in order to appear decent when he/she/it/they insert the heartless xenophobia into the sham packaging. (It would not surprise me in the least if “Richard” turned out to be Orban/Odor/Olah…)

    • For Stevan.

      I hate Orban but I love Hungary and and the truth more than I hate Orban.

      I would like Orban to be removed but it is not the time. Some self-restrain would be more useful. Orban has a crime syndicate, a mafia. He is, like Hungary, is under terrible pressure, he is doing a dirty job going against the EU and saving H. from the herd of Islam conquerors. Who would do the dirty job if not him? He was born for that. That is his usefulness.

      It is not enough to attack Orban, unless someone can see and show the way out that never happened here. Without it, it only cause more chaos and hatred.

      Orban is a hate monger, but the way HFP and the world press and the EU attack Orban is the very same thing. How many and what extent of disasters should happen until you give up this “xenophobe, heartless, fascist” etc. idiocy. It just doesn’t worlkany more, especially in this situation.
      Calling people uncritically fascist or xenophobe is worse and more destructive than being fascist or xenophobe.
      Am I Orban? Are you blind or lost your capability of making sober judgement? Do you read read the news? From Greece, Macedonia to London all of them do the same. They are all in big trouble. Are they all Orban and trolls? Can’t you be objective?

      Hello!!!! That’s a wake up call.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      You are correct, Stevan.

      The prolix personage who calls himself ‘Richard’ is Chris’ regular ectoplasmic belch.

      The spuing nonsense of his (?) ejaculations are best ignored – I only find them annoying in having to scroll down so much to avoid the ‘Echo TV’ crap.

      However Chris’ blog is too important to be distracted by some of the idiots on here!

      • Hi Charlie you pointless idiot talking head. Can’t you add something to the topic on your own instead of cowardly and provocatively hiding behind other posters back and ride on the wave to spew your moronic disgusting insults on others.

        I personally like morons like you but on your level it’s rarity. Rare gift from God to meet someone that is foul like you. No problem, the most important that you are proud and happy about it.

        Now little boy, before you have managed to be more disgusting spewing words like “onanists and masochist” but today you look tired, you need some rest. Hit the restroom and when you feel relieved climb back here nicely and speak about the topic if your brain can produce anything beyond your insignificant harassing hogwash.

        Tell me little puking boy, what should we think about immigrants and their willingness to assimilate after this report with their young kids. Please save me from the old pattern of, ” fake video, its a unique case ” . Old and stupid challenge doesn’t work any more.


        Go on Charlie make sense.

  8. You are disingenuous: you are completely silent about the grave insults by the Croatian PM thrown at Orban.

  9. What a joke of a website. Orban is defending his country and has the right to do so. Who the fuck said its ok for refugees to just walk into Europe. Of anything what he’s doing is sort of tame. Wow he uses fences with sharp blades. Wah. The Muslims migrants shouldn’t be in Europe on the first place.

  10. Avatar Support Hungary says:

    Strange premise. There are half a dozen European capitals within 30 min flight of Zagreb which Biden did not visit too….

  11. Nice photos of animals that become entangled in Hungary’s razor wire fence… but where are the poor refugees dying a slow and cruel death? Even one of them…?

  12. Avatar best to remain "anonymous" says:


    Concerning your 10.55 posting on November 29th:

    You are obviously a slow learner so I want to help and make you understand the new and improved definition of a “troll”

    Troll = anyone daring to disagree with someone like Stevan Harnad and the gang who seem to be suffering from the Trump syndrome – insult and belittle everyone with a different view and then double down.

    I hope I helped and you learned you lesson. Looking forward to your apology for daring to have a mind of your own.

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