Letter to the editor: In defence of Sándor Szakály

One of our readers in the United States was angered by an article we ran about far-right historian Sándor Szakály’s visit to Cleveland and his revisionist views on the Holocaust. The reader’s letter is published below, along with a brief response from HFP contributor György Lázár. 

Dear Mr. Lázár,

I have no idea who you are but I can guess where you stand when it comes to Hungary and the Hungarian nation.

You want the Hungarians to ban Prof. Dr. Sándor Szakály from participating in the Hungarian Congress in Cleveland.

Prof. Szakály is the doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and a well-known historian. Dr. Nádas is also a well-known Hungarian who has served Hungarian interests in Cleveland for many years. A good American and Hungarian patriot you, however, will never be.

Well, we are well aware who those people were who received UNESCO scholarships in those years since you got to the US. Besides contaminating Hungarian and American minds, in what way have you contributed to the freedom of America? Have you ever volunteered to serve in the United States military in uniform? Have you ever suffered hardships in America?

Have you ever struggled to establish your existence, or has everything simply fallen onto your lap because your leftist liberal comrades have provided you with it?

Mr. Lázár, I am a veteran Lt. Colonel of the United States Air Force, decorated seven times, having served my adopted country, the United States of America, and having received an Honorable Discharge. I have every right to call myself an American-Hungarian, but actually what is your nationality? Which country do you call your home?

You and your comrades are the true destroyers of the freedom in America. What you do is nothing more than contaminating American and Hungarian souls.

Prof. Szakály has never denied the Holocaust. One of his closest co-workers is a descendant of Holocaust survivors. Why do you think he was chosen for this important position? This whole lie about “Holocaust denial” is but a creation of your comrades in Hungary, the very same kind of people you are.

I wonder who are the ones behind this so-called Hungarian Free Press? Who are the ones financing this destructive activity? Well, you don’t have to tell me since I have a good guess.

If you have ever contributed to the freedom of America, if you ever serve this country as a humble patriot, then you will have the right to judge. Until then stop spreading hatred among the Hungarian people in America. We have had enough from people like you, including all of your comrades and your masters.

Dr. Laszlo Varju
Veteran Lt. Colonel, USAF


Dear Mr. Varju,

Thank you for the feedback and for your great service to our country.

Mr. Szakály’s comments about the deportation of Jews, his falsification of WWII history and dubious expertise is detailed by well-known historian Randolph L. Braham and published by the US Holocaust Museum.

I’m concerned about Mr. Szakály’s association with Jobbik, Hungary’s far-right, pro-Islamist party. Jobbik leader Mr. Gábor Vona has suggested calling the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to Budapest; he wrote: “If Islam fails the lights will completely go out. There will be no foeman against the darkness of globalism. Then the history will really come to an end and there will be no happy end….”

In my view, Mr. Szakály shouldn’t get a podium in the United States.


György Lázár


  1. I am American and the military does NOT speak for me. Put aside your weapon and what dow we have? I am all too familiar with those former nazis (nyilas) who came to this country.

  2. Well, well, Mr. Lazar, here we are again! You can’t stop falsifying and mistifying things. You know very well that Mr. Szakaly is not associated with Jobbik. Just because he was invited years ago by one of their local cell to do a presentation on the Hungarian gendarmerie, based on his own excellent book, does not make him a Jobbik affiliate. Just like you: you would not become a Jobbik associate just because you were accepting an invite to hold a speech for them about the true history of the Holocaust of the Hungarian Jews, aren’t you?
    Dr. Varju, your lines were a breath of fresh air in this environment.
    Gizella, the original letter by Dr. Varju, and Mr. Lazar’s reply for it has nothing to do with nazis (nyilas), therefore I can’t follow your logic to bring up this subject (except of course, if you are following the logic of hatred against Hungarian interests).

  3. Sándor Szakály seems to be an extremely minor military historian who has been “elevated” by Hungary’s grandmaster of mendacity to head a “Veritas Institute” dedicated to falsifying Hungary’s history. His main qualification for this high honour seems to be that Szakály is ready to glorify the ignominious in Hungary’s past, aggrandize the gendarmerie, lionize Horthy, and deny genocidal crimes.

    For an account by a genuine historian, see: http://j.mp/Szakaly

    Stevan Harnad
    External Member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Charter

  4. Szakaly was and is a third rate “historian”. He was in the woods until the current regime appointed him to run a newly set up “historical institute”. Szakaly the neo-nazi is doing their bidding. He will end up like the rest of them:in the dust bin of history.
    As far as “dr. & lt.col.” Varju his credentials can not be found, maybe he appointed himself. The “dr” should have taken some English writing courses.

  5. Juice will be juice…

  6. Mr. Varju & Mr. Szakaly have right. The hungarian named canadian juice are evil. They are anti-Hunitics.

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