Viktor Orbán on defending Europeans and “the invasion of the outsiders”

We rarely publish verbatim long texts produced by Hungary’s current government, but to understand how Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is using the terrorist attacks in France to position himself as the defender of Europe, the “common sense” voice of “the people,” standing up to detached liberal elites who still believe in diverse societies and inclusion, we must read him. We can see that xenophobia is calculatingly baked into his policies. I recommend that our readers explore the language and ideas in his speech below, given in Parliament on Monday. Mr. Orbán declares that Europe is the victim of “an invasion of outsiders.” He claims that all cities in Europe that have sizable immigrant populations have also seen a commensurate increase in criminal activity. And the Hungarian prime minister adds that the European Union is “rudderless,” when faced with immigration, refugees and terrorism–all of which are intertwined.

Mr. Orbán’s speech was translated to English by the government, so we know that this is meant primarily for foreign consumption, by concerned citizens in other EU countries, some of whom believe that Mr. Orbán is Europe’s measured voice of reason. The Embassy of Hungary in Canada also shared this text on its Facebook page–one reader then shared it with Canadian hard-right publicist Ezra Levant, who has been strongly supportive of Mr. Orbán during the refugee crisis. 

Prime Minister Orbán’s speech is worth a read by those of us as well, who see through the smokescreen of his Machiavellian politics.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with school children in the town of Szombathely. Photo: Facebook.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with school children in the town of Szombathely on Tuesday. Photo: Facebook.

Our first words today are also of condolence. I wish to take this opportunity to convey the condolences of the Hungarian people and Hungary to France and the French people: we share your grief and stand by you in your moment of need.

Honourable House, the European Union has been attacked, and we too are in danger. The esteemed President of the French Republic François Hollande has said that what has happened is an act of war. If this is the case – and it is – we must recognise that not only France and the French people are at war. France is a member of the European Union. In this respect, the entire European Union was attacked in Paris. We are a member of the EU, and this is therefore our affair, also. What happened on Friday night could happen anywhere in Europe. We are not safe either. The time has come for the leading politicians of the European Union to also wake up and realise what is at stake.

Let us ask a simple question. What is more humane? We Hungarians have been advocating the closure of our borders to stop the flood of people coming from the Middle East and Africa. We have been fiercely criticised for this, by those who claim that this is not a humane approach. But we are faced with a question. Which approach is more humane: to close the borders in order to stop illegal immigration, or to put at risk the lives of innocent European citizens? The right to life takes precedence over all other rights, as does the right to self-defence. No ideology or economic interest of any kind should allow us to risk the lives of European citizens. Whichever way we look at it, the EU is rudderless. It is weak, uncertain and paralysed. There are meetings and conferences galore, but there are no solutions. We are floundering in the net of ideologies, instead of taking firm action on the basis of common sense and our own cultural traditions. The leaders of several European countries are still trying to concoct schemes on how to transport in and absorb masses of immigrants, instead of jointly taking practical steps to finally stop the flow. In Brussels they are still claiming that immigration is a good thing. Meanwhile, day after day we see evidence that immigration is a bad thing. It is not a win-win situation, but lose-lose.

We feel that the very existence of Europe is at stake. In Brussels, however, all the wrong messages are being sent: there are ever more invitations to migrants, instead of telling them firmly and honestly that what they will find here is not at all what they expect.

We have repeatedly warned the leaders of the European Union not to invite these people to Europe. Everyone who has soberly thought through the possible consequences of unlimited mass migration can see what dangers are inherent in the uncontrolled, illegal flow of people crossing our borders. European and US security experts, heads of intelligence services and police chiefs have continually warned Europe of the increased terror threat. Every politician and all Europe’s leaders have been made aware of the danger. At the beginning of this summer Greece said that it was not possible to rule out the presence of jihadists among the masses of migrants arriving.

Seen from the perspective of common sense, it was clear that one simply must not let in large numbers of people without proper controls: hundreds of thousands of people whose exact origins are unknown, whose identities are unknown, and whose motivations are unknown. In addition, Honourable House, they are coming from regions in which European states are currently involved in military operations. The like of this has never happened before. We are allowing in – indeed transporting in – hundreds of thousands of people in an unregulated manner from regions in which the European Union is at war. It has been demonstrated that terrorists are deliberately and systematically exploiting mass migration in order to blend in among masses of people who are leaving their homes in the hope of a better life. We do not think that everyone coming from that direction is a terrorist. But we do not know, and no one can say, how many terrorists have already arrived among the masses of migrants. We do not know how many of them are already here, and how many of them are arriving from day to day. A single terrorist is one too many. It is painful to even consider how many terrorists may have crossed the territory of our country. The time has come to put an end to this all across Europe.

It is clear to every person of common sense that Europe cannot cope with so many people. We all know that the European economy cannot cope with such a burden. But beyond the financial and economic realities, mass migration presents three serious risks, each of which is on its own sufficient reason to hold back the flood of people. Firstly, on Friday night we witnessed the fact that mass migration represents an exponentially increasing terror threat – indeed today we are not even talking about the threat of terror, but the fact and reality of terror. Secondly, mass migration increases the risk of crime. It is not PC, not politically correct, to talk about this –indeed in the Western world these facts are publicly denied – but it is a fact for all that. In those places in Europe with high numbers of immigrants, crime has increased significantly and public security has deteriorated. There is more theft, robbery, physical assault, grievous bodily harm, rape and murder. Whether we talk about them or not, these facts are still facts. Thirdly, mass resettlement of people arriving from other continents and cultures represents a threat to our culture, way of life, customs and traditions. Now those who have lived in the delusion of multi-culturalism – and who have sought to force this delusion on us – can see where all this is leading.

In the light of what has happened, we must also speak about the issue of compulsory resettlement quotas. It is still the case that, from somewhere outside Hungary, people want to tell us Hungarians who we should live alongside. This is what the quotas are about. I propose to the Honourable House that we continue to reject the quotas, and continue to insist that we ourselves should decide whom we want to let in and whom we want to live together with.

Mandatory resettlement quotas are quite simply not Europe: they are a complete contradiction of the spirit of Europe. They are pointless, because they do not resolve the crisis, but aggravate it. It is clear that mandatory resettlement quotas do not keep migrants away, but are more of an invitation for them. They do not reduce pressure, but add to it – and the rapidly escalating pressure will cause European counties to reinstate their borders within the EU. Such a scenario is just a question of time if things continue as they have done, and this and could mean the end of the Schengen system and of free movement. Honourable Fellow Members of Parliament, mandatory quotas are also illegitimate, as the leaders of Europe have no jurisdiction to make decisions on this issue. They have no powers to force on the Member States a measure on refugees or immigration which the countries concerned do not want. In the light of the terrorist attacks, Brussels can no longer question Member States’ right to defend themselves, given that mandatory resettlement quotas are dangerous, because they would spread terrorism across Europe.

The facts and tragic events show that we need a new European policy. It is not enough to patch up or repair the old one. I suggest that we put dogma aside, forget about political correctness, and speak in an open and straightforward manner. I suggest that we return from the realm of ideologies to common sense, and reconsider our European policy on the basis of four self-evident commandments.

First of all, we must protect the external borders of the European Union, because security begins with the protection of the borders.

Secondly, we must protect our culture, because Europe’s essence lies in its spiritual and cultural identity.

Thirdly, we must protect our economic interests, because we Europeans must remain at the centre of the world economy.

And fourthly, we must give the people the right to have a say in European decisions, because the European Union must be based on democratic foundations.

The citizens of Europe did not want hundreds of thousands of outsiders invading their countries by crossing their borders illegally, in an uncontrolled manner. No one anywhere has given authorisation or permission for this. People want to live in security, and want to enjoy the benefits of the European Union. And it is our duty as Members of Parliament and governments throughout Europe to listen to the people’s voice.

Viktor Orbán


  1. Vik is a great leader – we need him here in the UK please.

  2. Avatar Andrew Ludanyi says:

    Central Europeans also realize that Vik is a great leader. He leads public opinion, and his following on these issues by people on the streets is overwhelming. Only the effete “liberal” elite in Western Europe has not yet seen the light.

  3. Avatar Charlie London says:

    Firstly I have problems with ‘honourable members’ when addressing ‘Parliament’. There are very few honourable members in that den of thieves.

    A country needs to be a democracy before it can call the debating chamber a Parliament. (The essence of a debating chamber is debate! Nothing of the sort occurs in the Budapest ‘Parliament’.)

    True – Imre Steindl won the competition to design a ‘parliament building’ – and he was heavily influenced by the Gothic masterpiece of our Houses of Parliament by our Charles Barry (for the outside) and Augustus Pugin (for the inside).

    But there the comparison ends. Nothing else is remotely similar.

    Anyone would think that Orban’s ‘wonderful’ fence is the thinking of a genius. So do many Hungarians – witness some of the contributors on here.

    The EU needs to act as team and think like a team. Orban is outside this teamwork thinking.

    A fence to ‘control’ and direct the refugees might be a sensible solution – as it has always been – when considered within a team strategy. And considering the surge at the moment. And when the timing is right.

    Europe’s population is 500,000,000 so teamwork to absorb, say two million, should be easy in a team-assigned exercise.

    (I think Orban is aware that the asylum seekers would refuse to be assigned to Hungary, and if assigned would soon ‘escape’. So he can’t risk taking any – their escape would be a testament to life in the Gulag.)

    Europe’s population is ageing with fewer and fewer workers supporting each retired person. If Germany can successfully integrate all those young Syrian families it will ensure its economic future – as will any country who does the same.

    Hungary is haemorrhaging its young who are leaving in droves – never to return and – with its ever ageing population and linguistic isolation – it will slowly sink into an economic mire. More and more retirees supported by fewer and fewer workers. It needs those refugees if only it just looks a little into the near future. Not Orban nor Matolcsy the clown.

    With non-team players like Orban – who has no idea of teamwork or timing – and his populist xenophobia and nationalism – it cements Hungary’s reputation as Europe’s outcast.

    Only Orban, besides France, declared a day of mourning, which to my mind devalues France’s tragedy. Does Orban suffer from some sort of political Asbergers Syndrome?

    And finally – the oleagenous Orban kissing females hands is so hideous and puke making. It looks so inappropriate especially with small children.

    (He may be copying Putin here? There’s a terrible clip showing Putin lifting the t-shirt of a little boy and kissing his naked stomach and appearing excited as betrayed by his red face. There are a few rumours circulating that Putin is a perv. The video does nothing to disabuse this view.)

    He got short shrift when he kissed Ewa Kopacz’s hand when she was Prime Minister of Poland. Her withering sneer said everything but Orban didn’t get the message.

    Aagh! Orban.

    • Geez, Charlie! You had my respect until you called Hungary a Gulag. What makes you so knowledgeable about Hungary anyway? Or think that you are?

      To be sure, Orban’s text here and general rhetoric is disturbing, though he was not mistaken on wanting to uphold the Dublin Regulations in September. The fearful talk of ‘outsiders’ is repulsive, yes.

      But, you, Charlie seem to have some kind of axe to grind, especially with the disturbing, bizarre detour you take about a traditional kiss on the hand.

      • Avatar Charlie London says:

        Hi Anikó!

        Well Hungary is not a democracy – and what about all your fellow compatriots working all hours – very often in multiple jobs?

        Yes, because of Orban’s – and Matolcsy’s mishandling of the economy Hungary is just one big labour camp for many.

        I don’t have an axe! (although I call my fiddle (hegedu to you) an axe – my partner is Hungarian and we have a house in Hungary – and visit often.

        Many inmates in a Gulag want to escape!

        Many in my village in Hungary want to escape – and by now we have helped almost many – the latest is a nurse – very experienced – earning less than my partner on a university grant studying a nursing degree.

        Yes, Anikó! ‘Gulag’ was well chosen!

        I don’t want to discuss so-called repulsive ‘traditions’.

        • Hi Charlie,

          It is true that many of my compatriots work all hours and at multiple jobs. Unfortunately, that is life in the United States for many people.

          No translation of fiddle is needed, but thank you so much.

          I won’t ask why you have a house in and frequently visit a ‘gulag’ from which your partner has escaped. It’s a curious choice for a vacation spot, Hungarian partner notwithstanding.

          It’s clear that you are exceptionally emotional on the issue of Hungary, to put it politely. This has been noticed, it seems, by others here. Sadly, you are right on some points, as I mentioned earlier. But insulting Hungary and Hungarians does nothing to help your cause. (Since you say you “cry for Hungary,” I assume that somewhere in your verbal flailing you think you’ve indicated some kind of cause for Hungary, the country in which you supposedly have a home.)

          Expanding resource material in English and Hungarian might help you get a more sober picture of the country, but you would need to learn Hungarian. (‘Hegedu’ is a good start, though, Charlie.)


  4. The Orban Mentality in 1939

    Hate has an immediate appeal to the hateful, of which Hungary has more than its share (domestically and in its former refugees who have found democratic haven worldwide but many of whom have learned nothing, as their vile comments on HFP keep confirming). Fortunately, in the civilized world, this hatefulness is in the minority, even when stoked by fear. It was not always so:

  5. You know there is a big difference between you (radical social-liberal journalists) and Viktor Orban (Hungary’s PM).

    You ‘critical, cynical and irresponsible journalists’ sit in your offices in another country and dream about a ‘better world’. You have some ideas how the world ought to be. You do not care the sacrifice people have to make in order to realize your crazy dreams. You do not care how many people has to die until you and your family members are not amongst them. You feel free to make things up and to distort the facts, than to sell them to your readers as ‘reality’. Of course, you have no intention to take any responsibility for anything.

    Viktor Orban, however, a democratically elected national leader (whether you like it or not), therefore he is responsible for 10 million people’s life in Hungary. He cannot afford to dream and follow crazy ideologies like you. He cannot afford to ignore the reality, he has to face it every day. He has to make decisions in favour of his nation and not in the interest of the western corporate fascists and oligarch as you do.

    Journalist should be accountable for what they write down. The media has to be strictly regulated. Laws and regulations have to be changed. You have been breaking and ignoring the codes and ethics of journalism.

    • Avatar Christopher Adam says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      In terms of “crazy ideologies”: I am a Roman Catholic, I am the director of a Roman Catholic charity in Canada, and I believe in social justice for all.

      • Avatar Charlie London says:

        You don’t half talk rubbish, Elizabeth.

        You have a chained, controlled media in your country – do you mean you want to control the Global Media?

        Do you know that Hir TV discovered the BBC code for journalists after they broke the link with Orban’s control?

        The BBC is regarded as having integrity and truth when dealing with its reporting.

        Enlighten us? What are the “codes and ethics of journalism?” – Hungarian style?

        I think your talking ‘Putin’ control – or ‘Kim il Un’ control?

        As regards Chris’ reporting – his blog is completely open and honest. If you can’t recognise that then you need a good dose of democracy.

  6. If you put aside emotions and re-read this you’d find that Orban’s speech is unassailable. Like it or not, he is 100% right on every count.

    However, some people that are heavily invested in another ideology (PC brainwashing) will do anything they can to avoid admitting they’re wrong.

    This is called cognitive dissonance, Google it, and while everybody can be guilty of deliberate rationalization to satisfy their egos – the difference between those with Orban and those against him is that Orban’s policy puts his country first, and the others put the interests of refugees ahead of their own security.

    It’s essentially self-preserving nationalism vs excessive self-compromising altruism.
    If you doubt the latter, remind me what happened in France last weekend.

    Also, Merkel saying she was “shocked” is testament to how clueless she is about all this. Anybody with a brain could see it coming. The only surprise is that it happened so soon. The question now is when will it happen again?

  7. Not an ignoramus maybe, but certainly with head in the sand.

  8. “Viktor Orbán is using the terrorist attacks in France to position himself as the defender of Europe…………..”

    No surprise here. Not only him, all politicians use every imaginable situation to strengthen their position. The question is what he/they are going to do with their power. Orban has committed a series of crimes, enough to be held accountable for them. It should enormously be enough to attack him and drag him to the court, it doesn’t need and it makes no sense to attack or mock him for what he is doing good. It would hurt the safety of Hungary and that is a much too high price to pay for bringing him down. There must be the order of priority. What is more important? Hungary or killing him off at any price?

    “EU is rudderless …………”
    No, it is not. It is driven into catastrophe premeditated and highly organized. The EU leaders are the same kind of criminals as Orban it’s just Orban is dancing with fine steps and it is not his interest to destroy Hungary or Europe. He is in different hands, under different pressure and has different source of personal wealth. He just wants and can afford to do the right thing….now. For how long we cannot know. That’s all.

    “It is clear to every person of common sense that Europe cannot cope with so many people…….. “
    Right. More than twenty million Muslim will come in best case but can be much more. They mostly are unemployable, violent, unwilling to adept, building their own well isolated society and law of Sharia within the host country. Of course Europe cannot handle so many. Imagine if all the Hungarians, ten million invaded Germany or west Europe for better life requesting social allowances, and apartments to live. Could they afford to handle even a small country?
    This speech was sane, moderate, and was absolutely right. Wisely silent about the deeper triggers of this crisis avoiding unnecessary confrontations, but as the facts show it will not be accepted from Orban. Not only because he is only a PM of an economically and politically insignificant country who cannot afford telling the truth when all the big boys are lying, but also because in the past he made many diplomatic mistakes with his trolling the EU and created turmoils enough to discredit himself, let alone his populist advancing.
    Now, let’s not be unjust because it only makes us losing our credibility. If I highlighted the good 90% of his speech and printed out as if it was told by Merkel or Hollande or Obama the whole world would applause like you don’t know what.

    But as I said before “The Postman Always Rings Twice” and Orban might easily be a loser the first time he is trying to do the right, decent, and honest thing. This is life. The whole EU is a crime syndicate –not just the EU — and one can loot and kill and lie, but the first time one comes to his senses and is trying to do a good and honest thing and speak out and tell the truth it might be the end of the little boy. End the end of the EU.

  9. For Charlie London
    “Don’t treat us as ignoramuses – we know what CDR is – its a new discovery for you is it?”

    No, but the acronym you gave it is.

    I only want to force people to reconsider their views from a politically neutral point of view because I see too much political bias and none of it is in the interest of the common European. That’s what irks me.

    Also, those who can only refute their positions with insults of whichever kind do not have the substance to back their opinions, or they would be doing it.

    Once they realize this, people either double down and bully others into submission (the PC crowd in today’s world) or reconsider their position.

    It’s my hope that I can persuade at least one person to see the light. But if not, please add something constructive to the debate.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:


      If your analysis is directed at me – “… not have the substance to back their opinions…” then please enlighten me.

      I generally back up what I say with facts or experiences – all my posts are constructive criticism and I occasionally praise where I can find it. I am not biased against Hungary or its people – nor do I have an axe to grind.

      However I am lucky to live in a decent democracy and I have found very few Hungarians who actually understand democracy. If you think Orban’s Hungary is a democracy – you are sadly mistaken. I say ‘sadly’ because it is truly sad that such a corrupt government should be in charge of such a decent population.

      I cry for Hungary. I really do. Hungary shouldn’t even be in the EU.

      How you believe the lies, for example, of Janos Lazer is just unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. He said everything is fine about Paks II – but it’s beginning to unravel – among many other lies. And Orban’s dissembling? Astonishing.

      And you (probably?) voted for this government? So many did – again and again.

      There are some young families in my village who have expressed a wish to be under Russia’s yoke – such is their wish for a strong government. I find it unbelievable when you consider how the Russians raped and pillaged Hungary during the Kadar years. Hungarians have a short memory it seems.

      It’s my EU just as it is yours (but believe me it shouldn’t be under present actions) – and I have a right to criticise when I can see the corruption on the scale it is in Hungary. An example? A church needs funds which it gets from the EU and which come via the government. The church is obliged to state it received, say, 30m fts for restoration. That’s what the sign says – one big lie plastered on the mandatory display board in mandatory sized letters. But it only received 15m – the rest creamed off in kickbacks.

      Lies that the church – the church – is in cahoots with. They know they won’t get the money if they blow the whistle.

      My taxes and yours – mostly not Hungarians. Hungary is a net receiver of EU funds and is the only reason she is in the EU.

      Otherwise its lies, dissembling, manipulation and corruption. Do I think Hungary should be in the club? – definitely not. Such a dishonest member doesn’t deserve to be.

      I also respond like with like – however there are some on here, sadly Hungarian it seems who do not understand polite democratic discourse.

      I take issue with “bias” and “none of it being in the interest of the common European”.

      As I’ve already discussed.

      Lastly, when I visit my village in Hungary I engage very few of the villagers. Almost to a person they voted Fidesz with a very high turnout.

      When you engage them in conversation they always bring up their unsolicited ‘Romaphobic’ views – very often anti-Jewish sentiment creeps in – and they never fail to mention how Trianon robbed them of farming land.

      I could go on – but I just go there now for my partner’s family and for the beautiful countryside by the Danube.

      I believe, in my democracy, our only power is discussion – I’m afraid with Hungary its just too big a tanker to turn around.

      Get out of the EU.

      Yes, I mean it and so do many others.

      Until Orban, Hungary – and yes, even its people, know how to behave.

  10. The breitbart link that Nick Bryan gave us and what Péter Szijjártó said :

    “We are not saying that all immigrants are terrorists, but we do say that nobody can tell how many terrorists have come to Europe among the migrants and how many continue to arrive day by day. It is high time we focused on reality rather than on vague ideas with little to do with reality, because Europe’s people must be protected”.

    is unfortunately true. ISIS had already smuggled 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen into western nations hidden amongst innocent refugees. They want to establish a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world and unless something happens they will.

  11. Only a few of them comes in small boats. Millions more are coming. This is a well organized exodus, the full replacement of the white ethnic minority.
    White race is only a 14% of the world population.
    Who organized, who engineered that.

    I don’t ask why. Even a fool knows the answer.

  12. Who finances this? Cannot be cheap? The refugees?

  13. Why does the refugee crisis help to bring about terrorism like in Paris? Refugees help ISIS !!!!!! It’s a kind of thanks giving to the host countries.

    “More than 1-in-8 refugees have positive views about ISIS; 1-in-25 have very favorable views. That may not seem like a lot, but considering there are 4.28 million Syrian refugees registered by UNRA the numbers add up quickly.”

    What does this “support” exactly means? What do they practically do? How do they support them? And why on earth do they support those who they are seeking refuge from?
    Is Orban the enemy of Hungary? Sad thing to hear the truth from the mouth of our enemies. We cannot go lower. And what do the friends of Hungary do? All they can do is to attack Orban (is this enough?) while defending the refugees opening the door to a bigger enemy?

  14. IDK why some of you keep calling these migrants REFUGEES. REFUGEE is a pretty narrowly construed legal term; before this *migration* is over with I think the majority of these migrants will not be accepted as refugees in the legal sense.

  15. IDK why some of you keep calling these migrants REFUGEES. REFUGEE is a pretty narrowly construed legal term; before this *migration* is over with I think the majority of these migrants will not be accepted as refugees in the legal sense. And recent waves of migrants coming into Europe are from ISIS occupied areas that the Russkies are bombing the heck out of
    ? Anybody seriously think there are not a number of former (?) ISIS fighters among them ¿?

  16. Sorry, IDK if my ph is messing up or the web site? It’s probably me!

  17. Oh, and about Orban. It seems to me that ya’ll at this publication do not like him. But to say that Hungary is not a democracy – I think that’s WAY beyond not being credible. Of course I have to remind myself that there are people and groups in every democracy who don’t think their nation qualifies as a democracy! And ya’ll have to keep in mind that FIDESZ has a great majority in Parliament. Also, the largest OPPOSITION party says that Orban is WAY TOO LIBERAL! Go figure!

  18. Let me add one more thing. Orban is going to find his way out of the quotas. Smart? Oh, no just just frustration after he’s been screwed. Not just him, many other members of the EU. But who screws whom? Mini Schengen. To create another elite area for perfect command center and further destruction? The destabilization of Europe didn’t go fast enough, people woke up, they take option two.

    Orban and the eastern block certainly had a chance to nod to the quotas, accept thousands of them refugees and just don’t ask anything, register them, issue a valid EU passport and there they go freely anywhere in the Schengen EU. Right, the command center is not stupid after the Paris attack and quick to create a minischengen to make Hungary and other countries a prison zone.

    “The reality is that the European Union needs a prison zone, which will deter or detain the crowds of migrants. And Mr. Orbán readily meets these European expectations.”

    Kalmar saw that well, it’s just… oh, where does time run… the game is getting bigger and more villainous. How does he to meet the expectation? If not this, than another way? How can he win this game? How long can he keep them out?

    Official statistic I found said that only 30% of the migrants are refugees.
    See the video Angus gave us 13:35 től. I believe only 10%, no more. The rest are either mercenaries or will be fighters. Those women and children the real refugees are nothing more than a living human shield. That is Islam. They occupy and use hospitals and civilian settlements as human shield to set up their command centers. This is Islam. They throw their children and women into the fire, they push them into the frontline. They threw away their food they got from the volunteers and said, “this is for animals, this is for women.”

    Poor refugees they are toys and human shield to ISIS. Thank God there are not many of them. Only a few percent. What to do with the rest? Who can handle them?

  19. Things are going on. Getting worse.

    Molenbeek: Des produits chimiques et des explosifs découverts suite aux perquisitions

    That’s the quarter where the immigrants live, now even chemicals.

  20. Charlie,
    I was only considering what you replied to me. I’m not a Hungarian citizen so I can’t speak about these other things you’re saying, only about the topic of migrants.

    On that end, you should feel blessed to have a leader that cares enough about his country to stand up for it. That’s very rare, and even us American are jealous.

    But like I said, I do not know enough about Hungarian politics enough to discuss with you. Only that Orban’s effectiveness with migrants probably outweighs all the bad, and that everybody should support him on this until the crisis is over. Then it’s business as usual.

  21. Orban is nothing but an opportunist fascist dictator ! And the people who blindly support him are ignorant, moronic sheeps ! There are thousands of hungarian refugees in many countries in the world, ignorant hungarians turning a blind eye to this fact.

    Orban doesnt care about what happens in other parts of europe or in France, the coutry that sided with Romania and divided Hungary with the Treaty of Trianon. He just cares about himself, his popularity, and is using the refugee thing for his own interests.

    In Iraq alone, more than 1 million civilians were killed by west’s armies ! And that clown viktor oban helped them by sending troops to those countries in the middle east and INVADED their countries. So, he himself join in forces to invade other coutries and kill their people, then he doesnt see a problem in helping to invade their countries, right?

  22. Orban is nothing but an opportunist fascist dictator ! And the people who blindly support him are ignorant, sheeps ! There are thousands of hungarian refugees in many countries in the world, ignorant hungarians turning a blind eye to this fact.

    Orban doesnt care about what happens in other parts of europe or in France, the coutry that sided with Romania and divided Hungary with the Treaty of Trianon. He just cares about himself, his popularity, and is using the refugee thing for his own interests.

    In Iraq alone, more than 1 million civilians were killed by west’s armies ! And viktor oban helped them by sending troops to those countries in the middle east and INVADED their countries. So,he himself join in forces to invade other coutries and kill their people but then he doesnt see a problem in helping to invade their countries, does he?

  23. It’s obviously ” hungrian free press” !! I sent god knows how many comments here and you CENCORED them all, you dont publish what I wanna say. You are the same as your dictator orban !

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