Hungary declares day of mourning following Paris terror attacks

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has cancelled its congress, scheduled for Sunday, and has instead declared a national day of mourning following the coordinated, ISIS-led terrorist attacks in Paris, which left at least 128 dead in the French capital. As well, the Orbán government has announced new, stricter national border controls and a military presence on the streets of Hungarian cities, following an emergency meeting of the National Security Cabinet in Budapest, early Saturday morning.

“Hungary’s defenses must be increased and we must respond to these monstrous terrorist attacks,” declared Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the meeting.

A photo released by the State News Agency from the early morning emergency meeting of Hungary's National Security Committee's working group. Photo: MTI.

A photo released by the State News Agency from the early morning emergency meeting of Hungary’s National Security Cabinet’s working group. The meeting included  Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Interior Minister Sándor Pintér and national security advisor, György Bakondi. Photo: MTI.

The government announced some key changes as a response to the attacks in Paris. The police presence on the streets of Budapest and other cities, at Hungary’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport and at the nuclear plant in the southern Hungarian town of Paks will be significantly increased. Additionally, military police will appear on the streets of Hungarian cities. Levels of supervision at all Hungarian jails and prisons will be intensified and visitors travelling to Hungary by land or air should expect new border controls and more rigorous inspections.

Mr. Orbán declared on state television a national day of mourning on Sunday, as an expression of solidarity with the French people.

“At the moment, we have no data that would suggest a direct terror threat against Hungary, but this can change at any point. There is no such thing as absolute security, but rather we must create the greatest possible degree of security, depending on the circumstances,” said Prime Minister Orbán on state television.

“Hungary offers its solidarity with France, and Hungarians stand with the French people in these extraordinary hours,” added Mr. Orbán.

Hungary’s largest democratic opposition party, the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) also issued a statement expressing its solidarity with France, following the deadly attacks–the worst violence in the French capital since the Second World War and the deadliest act of terror in Europe since the 2004 Madrid bombings.

“In order to prevent such criminal acts, cooperation among the world’s citizens is needed. Decision makers, regardless of their political or religious views, must act without delay, in order to stop the fanatics and the crazed murderers. The ever increasing battle against terrorism is in our common interest and this is the European Union’s responsibility. It is in everyone’s interest that no single member state find itself alone when faced with this challenge,” said the MSZP in its statement.

Hungary’s former Socialist prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsány, who now leads the Democratic Coalition (DK) opposition party, wrote an open letter to French President François Hollande, in which he offered his sympathy, and also noted: “It’s almost impossible not to respond to such hatred with hatred. Yet we must attempt to maintain our humanity.”


  1. Thank you Viktor Orban. You have already protected your citizens as best as you can due to the lunatic words of invite to all the world spoken by Merkel and others. You are still going to do more to protect your citizens and for this I also salute you. Long live Hungary !

  2. Opportunistic, predictable and shameless crocodile tears as Orban capitalizes on his luck and others’ misery.

    Obama’s — and even Cameron’s — words and measures far more credible and sincerely than Orban’s peacock Pavane of Schadenfreude.


    • Any evidences about Viktor Orban’s “opportunistic, predictable and shameless crocodile tears”? There are 2 of them as I can see:

      1. Your congenital unkindness.
      2. Your anti-Hunitic attitude.

  3. So proud of Mr. Orban for his strong leadership. Keep all migrants out of Hungary. Protect our country.

  4. If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country, their lives, their descendants lives will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Wake up and rise up before it’s too late.

  5. Yes Stevan Harnad..The misery of the people of France and the misery of families of the slaughtered innocents…comments like yours are truly sickening.

  6. Avatar Christopher Adam says:

    Those who fled to Europe this year were fleeing precisely this type of carnage in their homelands. They sought shelter and safety in Europe and unfortunately, those who destroyed their lives and homes in Syria and elsewhere, have now also struck in the heart of Europe. I would prefer to keep the victims of this horrific act of hatred in my thoughts, than to turn my thoughts to hatred of any kind–hatred against any people, or religion, or other demographic.

  7. Avatar David Robert Evans says:

    Sue, perhaps you can find it in your heart to rethink your position, one surely shared by many others who are understandably livid about this terrible but also deliberately provocative atrocity. If you think all Muslims and people from the Middle East are the same, that refugees fleeing from terror are the same as murderers carrying it out, then think of what it is like if someone thinks of all Westerners, Christians, white people, whatever you call them/us, as the same. Are you the same as all of the others? No, you’re not. Do you deserve to be punished for what other Western people have done? No, you don’t. Inciting your hatred in this way is precisely what the bastards who committed this atrocity wanted. Even in this moment of anger, try to understand that hating all Muslims is precisely what the Jihadis want you to do, and try to avoid taking the bait. Christopher is right. It is the victims of terror who deserve sympathy, wherever they are from, and there have surely been many, many more Middle East victims than Western ones (which is not to ignore the horrors and fears of those who are not in war-torn countries, where killing is much more of a shock, and rightly so). Strong leadership is about protecting people of all kinds, doing something to improve the problem – not just about rabble-rousing and simplistic demonizing of large, non-homogenous groups.

  8. My country is full of would be terrorists and it’s only a matter of time before it gets worse and people can no longer go about their daily lives including their work. People will be frightened to go anywhere where there are many of people including Hospitals ! Please tell me what good this liberal leftist attitude will do for the murdered and terrorised people. My daughter was caught up with bombings in London….has it come to an area near you yet ? What is your solution ?

  9. Parts of the UK are islamic sh*tholes why on earth would the Hungarians want this? Wish Mr Orban was our PM, he is a great man.

  10. I see the terrorists in Paris were a terror cell coming from Syria under the guise of refugees. You couldn’t make it up could you ?

  11. To all liberal europeans here:

    Your hearts are good that you want to give people fleeing Syria a home. And maybe not all of them are like that. But a few thousand among them are ISIS. And there is no way to know whose ISIS and whose not ? Mankind does not have that technology yet. Just 8 gunmen did this, can you imagine what 4000 would do with Kalashnikovs ? Many of you will say oh there can’t be so many. Do you want to wait to find out ? Perhaps they may target your daughter’s school next ?

    Those who are not ISIS will anyway want Sharia law and burkha which is in direct clash with your own culture. They will want polygamy and a law where a rape victim needs 4 men as witnesses to get justice. And 90% of them are like this. Have no doubt about it.

    God has blessed your continent with wealth peace and tranquility. Don’t fuck it up in trying to be overly good. You made a big mistake when you took blacks as slaves, and colonized half the world. That was a mistake of cruelty. You are making another mistake this time, a mistake of compassion. Cruelty didn’t kill you, compassion will.

  12. Orban’s unerring instinct for connecting with people’s inner-bigot — certainly not a sign of intelligence, just of lack of scruple, and a keen nose for the foulest in his compatriots (and their global counterparts).

  13. micsoda tragedia

  14. Just signed it Angus it is close to the. Well done

  15. Close to the target it should say

  16. I am sorry for getting off topic, but the following is a big lie:

    ‘Hungary’s largest democratic opposition party, the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP)’

    The largest opposition party in Hungary is the Jobbik and gaining.

    Did the author attempt to change the truth and to justify the false info presented by inserting the word ‘Democratic’ and attempt to justify the lie by implying that the Jobbik party was not democratic?

    How would it not be Democratic?

    Just cause it is not your cup of tea?

    Are you undemocratic?

    Biased commenting and lies.

    Lies at its best.

  17. Well done Prime Minister Orban. Your actions in closing the border during the migrant crisis has been vindicated. Considering that up to two of the French terrorists came thru as Asylum seekers. Budapest & Hungary will be a safe Tourist destination more so than other European countries in future thanks to your actions.

  18. Good for Hungary, wish more countries will send the same message to the migrants that they are not welcomed, Stay in Turkey, no one is killing you there.

  19. Looks as though Mr. Harnad’s judgment, clouded by his hate for Prime minister Orban to really comprehend, what just took place in Paris. didn’t mr. Orban warn that this could happen?

  20. What Orban does keeping the migrants out is absolutely right and correct, and hopefully he will keep it going on, but there is no guarantee it will happen as he made so many about face during his years of ruling. Actually he is not even the same young democrat that he used to be. Who knows what he is going to do tomorrow. He denied himself so many times. We can only hope he will or find the way to make him and the government keep the line.
    Sadly, Orban knows no other way of advancing than making many unnecessary confrontations. That is a potential danger which can induce real terrorist attacks against Hungary or many diplomatic problems.
    Why this massacre in Pairs happened? Hard to find the answer for lack of Intel, but one thing is sure. It was enough to make chaos. And chaos always give a good chance to declare a state of emergency and introduce a tyrannic police state as it is happening in France and in Hungary.

    Order Out of Chaos!!!!!

    Old way of enslaving people and make them accept a new tyrannic order out of fear.

    I personally admit that it is absolutely right what Orban is momentarily doing and I am not stupid to bring up even his good doings against him only to attack him. But I have an important question.

    Is the Hungarian middle class prepared and strong enough to get rid of the quickly emerging police state and dictatorship once the peace and public safety has been restored? Or the police state remains???
    Are they in the mental state at all of understanding the other danger, the danger of an emerging police state and curtailed freedom, beside the present danger of terrorism and migration?

    Please watch the video that EdwardTeach gave us in his post on November 14, at 2:40 pm.

    Watch it at 13:37 and 14:46 (Bezmenov) and continued at 18:06.

    “A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information, the facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information – with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures – he will refuse to believe it, despite the abundance of information. No one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, their country. He will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. Yuri Bezmenov KGB defector.”

    • Richard,

      If the migrants are not thrown out now, Hungary and whole of Europe will compulsorily have to become a police state to survive. But if you throw them all out now, every single one of them, you will live well for another 100 years.

      Just within the next 2 years, mark my words, martial law will be declared and all refugees will be rounded up to be thrown out. Also Muslims. The shit has hit the ceiling. People don’t want Muslims. U are seeing Aushwitz type camps reactivated once more.

      As you said order out of chaos. More then the terror victims I pray that your leaders get some common sense.

      • Rahul,

        it’s too late. Throwing them out would need to get rid of more than 10 000 Muslims per day only from the EU, for many years without interruption. The deed has been done. All that can be done is to create a safe heaven for the best of the white European ethnic minority, as long as we speak about Europe and wait until the Muslims destroy themselves, that I estimate will be a 400 years of Muslim rule of hell and misery, and when it’s over they would be able to build their new world.

        See the maps, where can be safe heaven.

        As of your home India, I know the situation and have no idea what can be done. It’s not just Europe but India as well at high risk. It’s not by sheer accident that Muslims and ISIS/ISIL are so busy destroying all ancient cultures, monuments and proofs about the origin, the present and the future of the human race. The damage they have already done is immeasurable. We are losing all the ancient teachings that are waiting to be explored and taught to humankind.

        • “Throwing them out would need to get rid of more than 10 000 Muslims per day only from the EU, for many years without interruption.”

          If their life in Europe was made a living hell they would leave on their own and very fast.

        • Richard,

          You cannot lose hope like this. You can throw them out after declaring martial law. There cannot be safe zones for white population because when they outbreed you, they will come with your very tanks and military weapons. This will be third world war.

          Its simple:

          1) First stop all immigrants from coming. Declare no more refugees will come to our borders or we will shoot them down. To hell with international law.

          2) Start removing the refugees already here. Work with Russia and let Assad come back in power and send these people home. Send Albanians Afghans Iranians Iraqis all home.

          3) For the old popultion, declare martial law and throw them out. Let Viktor Orban be the commander in chief of the European armed forces.

          This will all take 3-4 years but it will be life time of bliss. And last threaten the Saudi’s that if they fund further terrorism a nuclear tipped cruise missile falls on Riyadh.

          I know all of this sounds childish, but theres no other way. Or prepare yourself to be refugees.

          • Richard remember, its do or die now. And this time if you carefully see, France has not said Islam is not terror. They have taken this very seriously.

  21. First of all, deep condolences to everyone, who lost on this horrid act of violence.
    However very disheartening to read these comments. Stevan and David, it looks like a lost cause. We think the people fled Hungary are not like the majority who are still there: bigot, racist, mean-spitited, brainwashed people? We are wrong.
    Do they really believe, that if it was no migration crisis or even in the last 40 years the muslims were denied entry to Europe, it would have prevented terrorism?
    Every society has their radical, violent layer. They are the problem, not a different religion or a different race. As a matter of fact without the big majority of common muslims we have no chance to fight these terrorists.
    Anybody who thinks like this is a liberal bastard? I’d rather be one of them, than the aforementioned deep, dictatorship fancy Hungarians.

  22. Just a second thought.

    It would be wise for Hungary to do the same that many other countries do, and prepare for the second wave of the migration crisis where indigenous Europeans will live their home as the brutal destruction of Europe is in an advanced phase. The firs wave of emigrants, as usual, will be the smartest, the most qualified, and the cream of their societies from the developed west-European countries. Very useful for other poorer countries. Apart from the present crisis about 10 000 first class German engineers emigrated to China in the past decade and brought up the Chinese industry significantly. The communist China acted extremely flexibly, permanent visa and work permit issued and granted in two days.

    The Hungarian government together with the ruling Hungarian elite of multimillionaires should be smart enough to work out a sound project to receive these people and finance a project to exploit their education, their knowledge and talent for the benefit of Hungary.

    Won’t be easy as the competition is high. Many other countries will line up to get them, specifically China. Yet if a terrorism and migrants free public safety is secured many of them will choose a relatively safe and near location to take refugee in hope of being able to get home easily once the turmoil is over. They might as well stay. Valuable people. They can raise Hungary.

    Won’t be easy to work out that project but can be done. Call or invite or lure them, keep them. It’s a chance. The destruction of Europe and the emigration of the indigenous populace has already started.

  23. Sometimes the simplest explanation always works.

    Merkel, Hollande, and all liberals have taken money from the House of Saud to infest your countries with Muslims. Make money, get cheap labour, get votes and last get nobel peace prize at the expense of the original white european population. When terrorism happens, we will see, express shock, condem the “dastardly and cowardly” attacks, and say Islam is not terror, but a religion of peace and get even more Muslims, as we won’t tolerate hate in our hearts. Standard liberal operating procedure.

    I am from India and our leftist and liberal Congress govt from years imported Muslim hordes from Bangladesh for their vote bank. They also made money because every Bangladeshi paid 100,000 Rs (roughly 1500 USD) per person to come on Indian soil. The result: its a time bomb we are sitting on. The worst is Muslims are allowed to take upto 4 wives in India, they are multiplying like rabbits. They want to outbreed and kill us Hindus.

    My prayers are with the victims of the Paris attack, but more then that, my prayers are that the European / American people wake up and throw out leaders like Merkel / Hollande and Obama and bring in leaders like Trump, Viktor Orban and Robert Fico and Marie Le Penn. You are a lovely civilization who has brought liberty education and free speech to the world and to see your culture die will mean the dark ages will come back.

  24. The people in France were given what they wanted. (Listen! I am not saying: “what they deserved!” – absolutely not!) They wanted liberalism, the so called multiculturism. They wanted to live in symbiosis with muslims, africans, asians, etc., ( with people who do not know about liberalism, do not care about it, or/and do not like it) “through thick and thin”. This is the “thin part” now. Bad luck. I am sorry, but I have to say: this is the price – the absolute natural price of what they wanted. I grant that they did not know what they wanted.

    Multiculturism in Canada or in the USA is the natural way of life – everyone living there are migrants from all over the world (except the indians). Multiculturism in Europe is impossible. Lethal. Europe “works” in a different way. Can not you understand?

    • No offense Chief,

      I am from India and we are sick and tired of the Muslims here. The problem is not muticulturism. It’s Islam. How many Hindus or Buddhists or Shintos have done terrorism in Europe or the world ? It’s Islam Islam Islam. It’s a fucking cancer.

      • Dear Rahul Mehra,

        Maybe you are right. I am not sure it is solely about religion, but maybe. I wish it was true. Everything would be more simple. (I am from Hungary).

        • Chief,

          You must understand, we have our own history with Islamic rule the way you do with the Ottoman empire. Its a cancer and there’s no doubt about it.

          There maybe good God fearing Muslims, but to be very very honest, if I had a some common sense and a pure heart, and if I were Muslim, I would take up Christianity. The same God, same principles, but only love and peace.

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