Nationalists attack Viktor Király – the popular contestant of The Voice

My wife and another 15 million Americans regularly tune in to the NBC television show The Voice where four pop stars, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine, try to find America’s next “Voice.” The talent show is open for everyone, there is no age limit, amateur singers and professional performers may try their luck. The Voice is wildly popular and now it has a “Hungarian” contestant

Viktor Király was born and raised in Great Neck, New York, and moved to his parents’ homeland of Hungary when he was 16 years old. In the introductory film clip he talks in flawless English about how hard it was to integrate into Hungarian life. His mother had cancer and the family struggled. Király played the drums in garage bands as a kid before finding his voice in Budapest and becoming a singer.

Now at 31, he already has a musical career in Hungary, and wants to become an international star.

For his audition Király sang Don Hathaway’s rendition of “What’s Going On,” the famous Marvin Gaye tune. He was fabulous. The judges unanimously praised him, they all wanted to be his coach and were openly vying for his affection.

You would think that Hungarians in Budapest were elated by Király’s success. Not exactly.

Viktor Király performs in the NBC talent show The Voice.

Viktor Király performs in the NBC talent show The Voice.

He was attacked in the local media and by bloggers. Why does he participate in the US talent show? He already won a Hungarian voice competition Megasztár years ago and has a career in Budapest. His mother tongue is English. Why does he present himself as a Hungarian singer? (Click here to read about the attacks in Hungarian.)

And there was one particular issue which disturbed Hungary’s right wing audience. Király said in the introductory film-clip that he wants to find his way back home – to the US. The headline reads: “Király considers the US as his home country.” Horribile Dictu! (Read here in Hungarian.)

Hungary’s blind nationalism is everywhere today. It is instilled in toddlers in kindergarten and taught in schools. Sport, culture and entertainment stars are judged by their patriotism. Should performers be questioned on how Hungarian they are or how loyal they are to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s nationalist agenda?

Mr. Király is a talented singer and the attacks of Hungarian nationalists are misplaced. They are truly disturbing.

Finally, click here to watch his sensational performance. Congratulations!

György Lázár


  1. Dear Mr. György Lázár!

    You are a sick man. The name of your sickness is: antihunitism (similar as antisemitism but against hungarian).

    • Chief, you need to grow a set, you and I both know that you are the perfect example of what he writes in this article. In your eyes, the only way ANYONE can’t be anti-Hungarian is if he was to also write about how Viktor is anti-Hungarian, unpatriotic and how he is not truly Hungarian because he wants to become a star in the US. Get lost really! I consider those who tarnish the reputation of Hungarians worldwide to be anti-Hungarian. Those who make it look as though Hungarians are ignorant racists, that are also narcasists. You are the perfect example of someone who is anti-Hungarian.

      • Hahaha! I can imagine how big orgasm you had, attacking ME personally and not my opinion.

        Mr. Lazar wrote: ” Hungary’s blind nationalism is everywhere today…. etc. etc.” It is a lie. He wrote all lies in this par. That’s why I criticzed him.

        • If you don’t want to be considered anti-Hungarian, then don’t tarnish the reputation of Hungarians with your racist posts. Also, you cannot call Lazar a liar, and at the same time, prove him right with your regular commentary. If you consider this a personal attack, so be it I guess.

  2. Avatar Istvan Harsany says:

    How true Liz, Chief is an example of a group of loudly screaming sick group of Hungarians. What happened to these people? They are worst then the nazis were.

    • Oh dear! You left-liberals always talk about nazis. Are you normal? Where are they? In the cemetery!

      Exactly you are the nazis of this era. You want to rule the world and put the dissentients to silence.

  3. The racist nazi groups have been working very hard gathering support over the last decade with the internet. The refugee crisis is their opportunity to scream their racism with the backing and support they have garnered over that time. They also have learned very well how to exploit the meanings of certain terms such as “freedom of speech” and words like “anti-Hungarian”. Meanwhile, they’re becoming more and more vile, again, because they think they have the support. What is sad about this is that the neo-nazis prey on people with low self esteem and ignorance, they don’t even care they are someones Patsy.

  4. “Hungary’s blind nationalism is everywhere today.”

    It’s not nationalism it’s only jealousy.
    Oh, and one more thing, more exactly just a question. I very often read in these boards the word anti-Hunagarian or against Hungarian. What’s that? Kind of “never speak ill of the dead”? About Hungary speak only good or say nothing? I heard it before, the same for the Fidesz. Speak favorably about them, otherwise you’re and enemy. It might be Hungary has a very special status. All countries and governments can be criticized or mentioned in negative terms, but Hungary for some reason should be an exception. Yes? Or maybe because the Hungarians never speak ill about others?

    Can all the offended posters explain what makes Hungary so special or what it means to be a Hungarian, the real national identity that they can be proud of, apart from some famous Hungarian professors, scientists, and inventors who gave the world so much? They just had to emigrate before as they didn’t even have a chance to push it through in the atmosphere of jealousy and ill will that I experienced in Hungary while living there, though.

    I still remember Rubik and Beres how long they had to fight in their own country to be able to do something good.
    They didn’t emigrate. Unlike the half million young ones recently.

    • “I heard it before, the same for the Fidesz. Speak favorably about them, otherwise you’re and enemy.”

      And I can hear it everyday the same for the left-liberals. Speak favorably about them, otherwise you’re and enemy.

      • 🙂 . Well. Yes. It cannot be denied, the situation is getting the same on both sides. I wrote the same thing maybe a week ago, that the hatred that Orban created with his billboard campaign has been copied by the press, both the Hungarian and world press and is turned against him and they practically do the same. I classified both as the same filth, for they way it didn’t work for Orban, it will not work for the opposition. Or if yes, it will result in an even worse outcome; a democracy achieved through hostility and hatred. They condemned Orban for hatred and they did the same and used the same tool attacking him. The whole world press.

        So we agree up to this point and if I wanna be objective I will admit you are right.

        But. Look, Chief Pilot, that’s one thing and there’s something else here. The so called “antihunitism”. I am not so sure about it. I certainly noticed a hostile and malignant tone against the Orban government, and I myself often used the same tone, but I don’t think the writers of these pieces are anti-Hungarians. They are offensive but they speaking out for democratic values and the fact is they have the point. They really have the point.

  5. ‘Chplot’: “I’m in dead earnest. Every sentence of me is my real and true opinion.”

    And earnestly spoken from your real and true identity, backed by your proud name and reputation…

    ‘Chplot’: “And there are millions of us thinking this way in our lovely homeland of Hungary”

    Lovely thoughts, spray-painted as anonymous graffiti…

  6. i find this article horribly generalizing. I belong to the “right-wing” audiance and I would never talk about a talented person in terms of nationality,skin colour, gender etc.. Talent is talent and should be praised at all time, and I think we Hungarians are just lucky if a person anyhow related to Hungary reaches succes abroad..Viktor is fantastic and even he was born in the US he refers himself as Hungarian. However,when he says he goes back home is obviously true as US is his home country. Double nationality is a gift I think,the same way as knowing many languages contribute to a broader perspective of life. So I think just because of some stupid posts by stupid people we really should not talk about the ” right wing” in general. Actually all the people I know from Hungary are very happy for Viktor and I do belive that the vast majority of the whole country feels the same way.This is why I dont think we really have a problem as “nationalist”people exist in every country, especially in the US, and this is completely normal in a political structure. So Hungary doesnt excel in this I belive, and we should listen to the avarage person who just supports Viktor. It is difficult to belong to the “right wing” when these kind of allogations are associated with it. I am a right wing person with lots of liberal values, but the so called liberals in Hungary are fake in politics. Until it wont exist I stay at the right wing but respecting other believes and other opinions as the same time as many people in Hungary

  7. Isn’t it amazing that this mentally seriously challanged dude is pretty much stealing the show here on HFP. He seems to be the winner, because with his outlandish provocations really hit his target. How many minutes, then added up to hours are wasted on him in form of anger? Lots of negative energy my friends.
    The problem is, that I decided to skip him after the second day he showed up, just like Figyelő in the KMH, like a TV commercial, but now more and more people who I follow is getting preoccupied with him. Moreover criticizing him is completely contraproductive, so just give him the silent treatment, will you?:) Just test yourselves: after dealing with his nonsense, you don’t even remember what the real article was all about. Or is it only me?
    Obviously it is just a sarcastic suggestion from me.

    Anyways, Victor and his sister Linda both truly talented, they have lots of fans in Hungary, but there was always a deep envy and jealousy towards both of them because of ther American line. I remember how Linda was humiliated after she had botched the lyrics of the anthem on a sport event. They show lots of guts to withstand these attacks.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:


      You are right. I have made my views known to the racist, xenophobic conspiracy theorists on here – who also happen to be intellectually challenged – and have already stopped responding.

      I find that their clogging up of Christopher’s blog a nuisance – and some seem to think it’s their blog. Why don’t they start their own? (I know the answer – they’d be whistling in the wind! On here at least they can can convince themselves that they are read!)

      As regards these sorts of ‘talent’ shows I personally don’t think just having a good voice is enough.

      Just gyrating in front of a mirror to enhance your voice on one of these shows hardly demonstrates musicality.

      I play the fiddle in a band and orchestra – and real musicianship can be encountered there – especially if you are playing for a ceilidh and people are dancing instead of sitting in front of a box.

      People like Dylan who (had!) a voice and who can write amazing songs are the creative talents worth watching – and people like Shane MacGowen and Adèle are musical talents that float my boat.

      Just a voice alone rarely sustains a worthy musical career.

      Gone are the days when the Sinatra’s and Cockers ruled the charts – even when they were relevant!

      These so-called talent shows are wearing thin and will have had their day soon.

      Sorry to be such a killjoy!

  8. Great fun seeing you all hate each other so passionately from left to right!! Keep up the good work!!
    My what up to Orban, keep digging your grave, boy!!

  9. To Gyorgy Lazar,

    Although, your name is Hungarian I assume you do not speak Hungarian or you have not read the articles that you used as a ‘reference’ or you are a ‘freaky-unscrupulous-liberal’ who takes every opportunity to discredit Hungarians who are not leftists. Why are you using Viktor in your ‘pathetic’ fight against centre-right Hungarians? (The Hungarian government is centre-right.)
    This article is a typical ‘free-press’ bunch of lies. How do you know that only ‘nationalists’ and ‘right-wing’ people criticized Viktor? There is no evidence for that at all in these articles. Why do you make-up things? Why do you distort information? Oh, of course, you are a ‘free journalist in the USA’, so you can lie freely, you can discredit everyone without any legal consequences.
    As I have said in an other comment, the media has to be strictly regulated.

    • Elizabeth, you make a lot of assumptions, don’t you? There is a difference between SAYING you are center-right and behaving as one. First of all, Gyorgy is not fighting “center-right Hungarians”, where you would get this idea is beyond me. The distortion of left and right is getting to you my dear. Does it really mean you are a “liberal leftist” to point out how the nationalists are the ones to criticize anyone who may prefer the west, or western ideology, or even in this case, where Viktor was in fact being criticized for wanting to make his way back to his home country, it was in the commentary that people either showed their envy, or they attacked him for not being “loyal to Hungary”. I don’t think you have a sniff as to what center-right means based on your last comment regarding “the media has to be strictly regulated”. I suppose you are also a supporter of this new ministry…….the ministry of propaganda?

  10. Andrei
    on October 13, 2015 at 2:15 am

    It is not hatred although it manifests as hatred on the surface. It’s (hatred) a bridle created by mind control they are submitted to. The bridle of hate that brings about their commitment to belong to a certain group of people and spread their conceptions as well as their ideology. This is a state of getting morally and intellectually toothless which pushes them into continuous fight for self-justification by means of accusing others. This makes them not only morally and and intellectually but even spiritually indebted that throws them to an everlasting eddy that we call KARMA. They reach the state of darkness when all truths manifest as an offense and stimulate them into endless fights, anger, and vengeance. They start going around in circles and they themselves create the vicious circle that keeps them captive for an eternity.

  11. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I’m bilingual and occasionally publish in Hungarian; you may read my pieces in Élet és Irodalom. FYI

  12. Avatar Edith From Romanian Transylvania. says:

    Kill each other smelly pig eating Magyarok!
    The best thing that happened to your blood soaked country will be the avalanche of the saber and barbaric Syrians, moslems..
    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer ” people”…..

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