New York Hungarians to hold fundraiser for refugees

The Hungarian diaspora, in large part, has either been silent when faced with the refugee crisis unfolding in their homeland or, as was the case of nearly all organized Hungarian Canadian community groups, they mindlessly promoted the official line of the Orbán government. For an English-language example of this servility–and one promoted by the Embassy of Hungary in Ottawa on their Facebook page–see the political statement produced by the pro-Orbán National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada (NAHC), in which they write: We distance ourselves from the misleading articles which spread lies and absurd allegations – serving certain political aims,” and declare of the refugees: “Many of them are defiant and rebellious, leaving behind a trail of unimaginable garbage and filth.”  NAHC clearly believes that there is a left-wing, international conspiracy afoot against Hungary and Hungarian diplomats in Ottawa found these concerns, and their characterization of the refugees, as worthy enough to promote.

Fortunately, there are some Hungarians in New York City who see things differently and who are working with the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, which has been a beacon of common sense and compassion on the refugee issue, to organize a fundraiser called Fund & Fröccs. A “fröccs” is a spritzer made with white wine or rosé, and mixed with seltzer. It is a staple at all bars, restaurants, family dinners and parties in Hungary. The world’s first spritzer was, apparently, produced in Hungary in 1842.

The NYC fundraiser is being organized at the Postmasters Gallery on October 3rd, 2015 and includes a performance from pianist Kristóf Darvas. We’re happy to share the invitation, which first appeared in the Amerikai Népszava Hungarian-language diaspora paper, with our readers.


Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Dear Friends,

Hungary has been the top news story lately as an unprecedented refugee crisis unfolds in Europe. As a group of Hungarians in New York far from our native land, we want to help our friends at home help the refugees passing through Hungary on their journey to safety.

Please join us for an evening on October 3rd, 2015 at the Postmasters Gallery in Tribeca to support:

– the Hungarian Helsinki Committee in its work representing asylum seekers, and
– the grassroots volunteers who have been struggling to provide water, food, shelter and medical aid for the refugees stranded between borders

Enjoy Hungarian snacks and drinks, pogácsa and fröccs, while visiting pianist Kristóf Darvas plays music from the region.

Suggested donation: $25 at the door or advance donation by PayPal to the Hungarian Helsinki Committee: click here.

All proceeds will go to the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and additional organizations presented at the event.

We thank the Postmasters Gallery, Miklós Déri, Hanga Máthé, SupremeDigital and Palinkerie for their generous support.


  1. What time does this event take place?

    • Avatar Christopher Adam says:

      Good question, Arthur! That is certainly an essential detail! I will ask Laci Bartus, the editor of Amerikai Népszava, who is in touch with them.

  2. The event is 7-9 pm on Saturday, October 3.The invite text was copied here from the Facebook invite, which had the timing. I hope you can join us!

  3. #GoodHungarians in New York. Love it.

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