Shame on the Hungarian “Christian” right!

Many right-wing Hungarians were pedalling the idea during the entire refugee crisis that volunteers were somehow unmoved by the suffering of ethnic Hungarians living in poverty. Well, I was walking along Népszínház Street and Köztársaság Square the other day, and I have to conclude that the Hungarian homeless were better off while there were still refugees. Now all I see are shivering and hungry people, and those who liked to appear as though they were advocating on their behalf are nowhere. The needy still come to us for food, we give them blankets and we provide them with sleeping bags. And while the right-wingers don’t do a single thing to help, we are the ones to reach out to “the Hungarian poor,” instead of them.

If anyone has reason to feel ashamed, it would be the hypocritical right, which likes to see itself as being Christian, yet manages to completely neglect the most important message of Jesus Christ and of Pope Francis: loving one’s neighbour and being compassionate to humankind. They ignore this message when they do nothing but despise everyone.

They hate the refugees. They hate the volunteers who give the refugees a hot meal. And, let’s be honest, they hate the Hungarian poor, who they appeared to so strongly support and defend, but only during the refugee crisis.

Mask of hypocrisy / Moses Foresto.

Mask of hypocrisy / Moses Foresto.

Szilárd Kalmár

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