Shame on the Hungarian “Christian” right!

Many right-wing Hungarians were pedalling the idea during the entire refugee crisis that volunteers were somehow unmoved by the suffering of ethnic Hungarians living in poverty. Well, I was walking along Népszínház Street and Köztársaság Square the other day, and I have to conclude that the Hungarian homeless were better off while there were still refugees. Now all I see are shivering and hungry people, and those who liked to appear as though they were advocating on their behalf are nowhere. The needy still come to us for food, we give them blankets and we provide them with sleeping bags. And while the right-wingers don’t do a single thing to help, we are the ones to reach out to “the Hungarian poor,” instead of them.

If anyone has reason to feel ashamed, it would be the hypocritical right, which likes to see itself as being Christian, yet manages to completely neglect the most important message of Jesus Christ and of Pope Francis: loving one’s neighbour and being compassionate to humankind. They ignore this message when they do nothing but despise everyone.

They hate the refugees. They hate the volunteers who give the refugees a hot meal. And, let’s be honest, they hate the Hungarian poor, who they appeared to so strongly support and defend, but only during the refugee crisis.

Mask of hypocrisy / Moses Foresto.

Mask of hypocrisy / Moses Foresto.

Szilárd Kalmár


  1. any refugees in europe is the genocide of rich/poor whites through coming islamisation/miscegenation and the such. mad woman angela merkel deliberately wants wholesale destruction of germany and europe.

  2. “completely neglect the most important message of Jesus Christ and of Pope Francis: loving one’s neighbour and being compassionate to humankind. ”

    Oh, yes the Vatican, Pope Francis, and Rick Warren old dream to unite the Christian and Muslim in Europe and the U.S. under NWO to gain unlimited power with Chrislamic. It has been done and works in the US and will work in the EU. Moreover Pope Francis signed a pact with Rome December 2, 2014 to unite Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists.

    NWO and one world religion with mixed race of people with no quality. A road to total human slavery.

    Hello, wake up. Anybody at home? Type Chrislamic in Google, watch and learn.

  3. Richard,

    Whatever the Pope’s dreams are, his hopes are naive. Islam will never merge with any other religion. They are a collective intelligence, a hive mind, parallel processing. They are nuts too tough to crack.

    And people still don’t understand, theres no radical or moderate Islam, there is only Islam. Islam staes, if you can, pick up the sword, otherwise pretend to feigh loyalty if your numbers are small.

    People just can’t see the picture the way it is. It’s as if they are doing some kind of mass hypnotism.

    • Rahul,

      But that’s what the whole thing is about. Mass hypnosis!!!!
      The whole system is built on manipulation. They cannot use direct mess violence, I mean directly, so they manipulate.

      Once many months ago I wrote a comment about it and said, that it is very hard to bring the masses out of hypnosis and the possible worst thing one can do, to shout in their ears “Hey!! You are hypnotized, wake up, all you have to do is to stand up”.

      This would be a tragedy as the hypnosis is designed and mastered to be deepened further on by certain keywords. Such as “wake up” etc.

  4. Avatar Charlie London says:

    Well done done Szilard.

    I know it must difficult to do the work you do in the face of such institutionalised oppression of the poor and dispossessed.

    In the face of the shocking hypocrisy of the Church and Bishops – cardinals – mainly the RC brand.

    How Pope Francis allows his church in Hungary to continue to ‘go native’ continues to surprise us outsiders.

    That there are some – like you – who do their humanitarian best is a rare beacon of hope in the tsunami of hate that seems to have gripped Hungary.

    Which is not really as surprising as you might think when you read some of the rhetoric of the loonies and conspiracy theorists on here.

    You true measure of the need and gratitude for what you do is the feedback from the people you help.

    You know.

    Keep up the good work – you are the true humanitarians.

  5. It’s too late, yet they might save the Europe and can restart paying a high price.

    “Britain will deport more migrants to deter the “swarm” of people who have crossed the Mediterranean to reach Calais, David Cameron has said. ”

    There’s more:
    “A record number of people were deported by Norwegian authorities in 2014. Norway’s government has ruled that a record 7,100 people were to be deported in 2014, more than 10 times the number under the previous government.”

    Merkel spectacularly opened Germany to the migrants at first, obviously caving to pressure, and impossible not to notice that later when she changed her mid and closed the door and started deporting them, ooops Volkswagen scandal suddenly broke out and VW became under attack for faking CO2 emission data.

    Need more? Just read the news and match the events.

  6. “They hate the refugees. They hate the volunteers who give the refugees a hot meal.”

    Wonder why. Nice people. Obviously they deserve sympathy. No???

    The tragic events escalate at top speed. I wonder how long it will be until the humanitarian orators will be able to keep up with reality. We thought it was Orban who lost his sense of reality, can be outdone?

  7. The Christian right is deeply hypocritical everywhere, not just in Hungary. Anybody watch the Republican presidential debates? How many of the candidates expressed any view remotely close to that of Jesus Christ???

  8. The Hungarian Christian right hates everybody: the “refugees” (there is not any), the voluteers (who feed the agressor muslims occupying Europe), the hungarian poor… maybe their own mothers… maybe themselves. Hahaha!

    Szilárd Kalmár hates only… the hungarians!

  9. Why does anybody talk about “christionism”? The left-wing eliminated christionism in Hungary from 1945 to 1989. European liberals did the same in their countries. There is not a single word of “christionism” in the constitution of the European Union… The Euroipean Parliament refused to take it in. It is the past… it is superstition… it is not recent everybody says!

    Hey, why to refer to “christionism” right now?! And not for abortion, not for morality… for muslims! It is satanic!

    The aim of the US is to destroy Europe without weapons. With “refugees”. It is cheaper – much more cheaper then war.

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