András Göllner responds to Ambassador Ódor and George Jonas in the National Post

András Göllner published a piece on Hungary’s slow slide into despotism in the National Post, which elicited a response from Hungarian Ambassador Bálint Ódor. Mr. Ódor’s response then led to an op-ed from columnist George Jonas, who agreed with the ambassador and wrote fearfully of the dangers of Europe turning into “Eurabia.” Professor Göllner offered the following response to Mr. Ódor and Mr. Jonas, in Friday’s National Post.


Hungary’s ambassador to Canada is fuming. He accuses me of playing the “Nazi card” and of “falsely and viciously accusing Hungary of embarking on a racially motivated immigration policy.” He ought to know by now, shooting the messenger is not the best way to get out of the woods. What I wrote merely repeated what the world already knows.

The European Union Parliament, passed a blistering resolution two months ago against the unsavory conduct of the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The UN’s Commissioner on Human Rights stated Hungary’s handling of the human tragedy is “callous, xenophobic, anti-Muslim and against international law.” UNICEF said more or less the same, as did the governments of Austria, France, Sweden, Luxemburg, Croatia, Romania and Serbia, to name just a few.

All of Hungary’s democratic opposition parties, the country’s leading non-governmental organizations, including Hungary’s Civil Liberties Union, agree. Two hundred of the country’s top jurists have just declared its emergency laws are “unlawful and unjust.”

Calling all of these good people “asinine,” as George Jonas did, is amusing. As for playing the “Nazi card” — don’t listen to me, Mr. Ódor, listen to Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laurate Elie Wiesel: “The Hungarian authorities are encouraging the whitewashing of tragic and criminal episodes in Hungary’s past, namely the wartime Hungarian government’s involvement in the deportation and murder of hundreds of thousands of its Jewish citizens …. I do not wish to be associated in any way with such activities.”

András B. Göllner, Montreal.

A refugee at the Röszke border crossing. Photo: Balázs Mohai / MTI.

A refugee at the Röszke border crossing. Photo: Balázs Mohai / MTI.


  1. Hi András,

    Angela Merkel thinks she has let in cute Siberian Husky pups to pull her sled in the long run. But these are not Husky pups, these are wolf cubs, who in the long run will tear apart Merkel and her Germany.

    These refugees’s so called “Religion Of Peace” clearly teaches, play victim in minority but cut and kill when in majority. If these people are let in right now, crime will increase, and once their numbers increase, they will brutally rape European women. Europe is headed for civil war.

    Look at the history of Islam, see what they did to Zorostrians (Parsis), the Parsis had to leave everything and Hindu kings in India gave them shelter. Islam has a violent history of brutally raping and converting through the centuries. Look at Saudi Arabia human rights, a Christian cannot even keep a cross.

    If I have a fight with every member in my house, then nothing’s wrong with them, but something is definitely wrong with me. Thank God for leaders like Viktor Orban and Robert Fico.

    In Norway after they started deporting Muslims crime dropped stunningly. Please do not be naive by posting such articles. You have no idea what you are doing. And if Canada has some sense, they won’t let these people in either.

    I have a great admiration for the West, Western culture and values, and it will be deeply disappointing to see such a lovely culture shoot itself in the foot by being so naive.

    National Security comes above Humanity.

    • Dear Rahul,

      Many ignore the fact the Muslim is not a religion but a political movement, a powerhouse of military strategy. Again, others know it very well and try to play out the card. That’s how the petrodollar was born when Kissinger went to the Saudis and guaranteed power and full protection from the US for the Saudis’ elite in exchange for they would only sell their oil for US dollar. They caved in. The US survived, the Saudis built power. They have always been a joker card in the deck and they now go in for that. They place themselves wherever they wish. Merkel is just trying to continue the game with reshuffling the deck. But they know very well this is their last chance. Both for Europe and for the Cabal. Then they grab their bug-out luggage and flee. It’s so simple.

      The same pattern is used all over. Orban creates a hate wave with anti-immigration billboards to unite the society by means of hatred (which in reality divides the society) instead of keeping them together with fairness and wisdom which would carry the risk of awakening the society to higher consciousness that could make it possible for them to expel the corrupt mafia government, too. The world press does the same, launches the same campaign of hatred against him out of the same purpose. Uses the same tool. All one. They are all singing the same lullaby all.

      Orban might be a villain, a rascal, — what I think he is just a talentless trauma based mind controlled fumbling cock on his own dunghill, — but even if he is a rascal, at this time he is saying and doing the right thing. Not very effectively, though.

      I personally listen to others, even to my enemies, even the rascals. In the migration issue he is saying he right thing… and is fumbling.

      Now, you see you are trying to explain the danger of the Islam. We all do this, me too, and I ask myself who is the gullible here. They who get blindfolded in the radiating beam of humanitarian goodness or we who think they don’t know what they are doing?

      • Richard,

        You and I agree on one thing, that Islam is enemy no 1. We just don’t agree whether Orban is doing the right thing the right way or not ?

        But the truth is what can he do ? What would you have done ? He put up fences and authorized use of rubber bullets. But because in this day and age the world and media like to be so “liberal” he cannot do more. If it were in my hands I would have shot those refugees.

        Just tell me what else can he do ? What would you or I have done ? Is there some other way ?

        But I think the wheels have started moving. The biggest human smuggler has been shot dead in Libya. Most probably the shooters were Italian commandos.

        I think Europe has woken up, and they will handle this cunningly. If right now they say no asylum the refugee riots will set fire to all the cities. They will pretend to give asylum and surgically maybe remove the people, 10000 at a time.

        Europe has not even opposed Putin for taking part in the war against ISIS and help Assad. They know if Assad falls and ISIS takes over, it’s game over for them.

        • Rahul,

          you are asking the same question over and over again, however it has almost been fully nswered in many of the pieces and comments.
          Gollner, Harnad, me has stated many times what Orban should NOT do. That’s important and would be a big step ahead.

          As of what to do. I say to change his conception of the crisis handling and his mentality first. It might not be a good idea to bring here my thoughts on what he specifically should do, but to illustrate what I mean let me tell you one sample.
          It is just a sample, I don’t say it’s good, it is just one sample.
          Instead of spending billions on a billboard hate campaign, a fence etc. I would have launched another billboard campaign in big Austrian, German, and UK cities something like that.

          “Dear EU friends. Hungary is running out her reserves we cannot defense the outer Schengen borders on our own any longer without you. There are too many of them, they will end up in your cities all. Please cooperate and help.”

          MKKP could do that. In different context of course.

          Now, this was only an illustration to show that there are many other directions instead of provoking, trolling the EU, instead of demonstrating the seriousness of the situation by mishandling and deepening the crisis, instead of messing up with Serbia and others, instead of being a hero and confronting in order to justify his otherwise correct view on the migrant crisis.

          There is a good word for this behavior. A fool.

  2. The way Mr.Gollner described the Orban regime is correct.
    Meanwhile, the present migration crisis is not the luckiest opportunity to analyze the dirty work of the Orban mafia regime. I personally would sharply disconnect these two problems. We have a chance, first at September 28th. and then October 7th. to see the wind is changing direction. It will!!!
    Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon is trying to handle Germany and Turkey. Sheik Rashid of Dubai is dead.

    It’s all nothing compared to much heavier changes that will affect the present governing elite of the world and the whole world power structure.
    It’s more than a chance. A great chance for Europe to get back her feet and finish off this Muslim invasion nightmare. A chance for Orban, too. Time is working for Orban, but not for too long.

  3. Excellent summary of the appalling and worsening situation in Hungary by Istvan Rev — — of the CEU’s Open Society Archives — in the New York Times:

  4. We Hungarians forget one thing, we came to Europe as refugees approx. 1500 years ago. We fought our way in, conquered, pushed out the Slavic tribes and stayed. How easy to forget our past.

    • So now you want to be conquered by Islam ?

      Whatever you did, stick to your land now. Don’t try to morally make up for what your ancestors did by inviting these barbarians.

      It is not wrong to conquer, it is wrong to get conquered. The Muslims are not at fault here, they want to conquer, Europe will be stupid if they allow themselves to get conquered.

    • A very intelligent comparison. Congrats 🙂

  5. While Mr. Orbán plays the role of the villain very well – as we see with his ongoing condemnation in the mainstream press – the EU’s and UN’s months of inaction suggests that Europe tacitly accepts Orbán’s position. And, the wealthy Islamic world’s REFUSAL to help makes this a particularly strange crisis.

    Europe is being stunned by the unexpected influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants, the vast majority of which are young men looking for livelihoods. Europe is completely unprepared for this, as there are no plans or contingencies to accommodate these people. In fact, Europe struggles to contain problems of unemployment and livelihoods for its own citizens, as we see with the Greek / Mediterranean fiscal crises.

    Though migrants must be helped, it is extremely disingenuous to hold Europe accountable for this mess, and to toss out the anachronistic “Nazi” accusation so freely. There is no genocide being perpetuated here. These people are arriving en masse on European land, largely undocumented, by their own free will. I’m no fan or Victor Orbaán, but to level the accusation of Europeans of being “Nazis” is extremely bad faith. Again, we don’t see rich Muslim nations, nor Russia or Israel, stepping in to help one bit.

    Howabout we accuse those who are flooding these regions with weapons of being the real Nazis? Unfortunately, it isn’t politically correct, but if we are to use bad faith in accusing Europeans of being “Nazis”, maybe it’s high-time to expose the real trouble makers and kick them out of the Middle-East.

    • “While Mr. Orbán plays the role of the villain very well……Europe tacitly accepts Orbán’s position”

      Yes, I just don’t know whether tacitly accepts or Orban execute an order from his bosses. Eventually Orban is Freemason.

      47 Orbán Viktor B”NAI-BRIT (USA) FIDESZ

  6. Avatar Istvan Harsany says:

    Interesting that intelligent people are so limited by their fear and hatred of new things that they just unable to see the bigger picture. Using “barbarians” to describe the people looking for better life is just shows fear and blind hatred. These “barbarians” are young, already educated, with skills. Europe needs young people to fill the low birth rate in the industrialized countries. The “barbarians” will settle, work, pay taxes, buy goods, etc.
    By locking them out, putting up barbed wire we just make them a prey to Islamic fanatics. We welcome them, we accept it that they are different we will be able to live mixed without fear. They will teach us and they will learn from us. We can all live in peace and harmony. Fear just shows weaknes. The first humans came from Africa, see where are we today? They are coming because it is a better life here, maybe this “crisis” will be an opportunity to improve us all. Hungarian leadership shows it’s ugly face hopefully they don’t follow the mistakes of the second world war. We paid dearly by losing most of our country. Fear is a bad adviser. Please try to see the forest from the trees.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      Well said Istvan.

      Such ignorance and xenophobia – and callous insensitivity. Illegal razor wire that traps humans and animals who become more trapped and injured the more they struggle.

      Only Orban. Only Hungary, sadly.

    • Hi Istvan,

      Fortunately I don’t associate with people who would dismiss these folks as “barbarians”. I strongly agree that such a worldview is disturbing in the 21st century. These people are victims.

      However, the volume of exodus into Europe is astounding, and does nothing to quell the inhumanity at its source. The idea that certain regions can be depopulated, so migrants can start anew, being parachuted into different cultural milieus, in a short time frame – without a clear integration plan – is extremely alarming.

      All refugee initiatives including the ’56 Hungarian refugees had integration plans, making sure it worked well for the refugees and welcoming nations.

      The documentation issue for European governments, raises legitimate questions about identity, education and skills of these peoples. In most cases, these are not documented / educated / established intellectuals, business people or tradespeople who can be “fast-tracked” into a new life. These are destitute peoples without documentation, hindering the whole process of integration. Making things exponentially difficult, these undocumented peoples are a “trail-mix” of nationalities from many disadvantaged countries: Syrians and Iraqis with Afghanis, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Eritreans, Somalis, Sudanese, Nigerians, Gambians, and European Kosovars and Albanians, among others. Without documentation, how is Europe supposed to know how to best serve these various identities competing for the same life prospects?

      The 20th century shows that Canada and the US set the standard for integration, and from a strategic perspective, even North America is alarmed by the challenges Europe faces. The US and Canada clearly state that they would not consider anyone who isn’t documented. Is this a “racist” attitude? Basic documentation seems like a reasonable requirement to meet, when a country invests in helping refugees start a better life.

      The trip of getting to Europe is not the end of these migrants’ troubles; it is just the beginning. These peoples now face an uphill “battle” of integrating – the European “fear” at the core of this issue, whether warranted or not, is a normal reaction, and cannot be dismissed so easily. Europeans do not know who these people are. How reasonable is it if Europeans themselves are paternalistically expected to “man-up,” and accommodate strangers in light of this unforeseen challenge? The EU’s ineptitude demonstrates that they have a hard time accommodating European citizens as it is, so other nations MUST step in to help.

      Inevitably, this tidal-wave of peoples reinforces the perception of there suddenly being a “Get into Europe Free” bandwagon. These migrants showed up en masse without European foreknowledge or preparation of accommodations. Now that they are in, they form a large volume of forlorn souls, who must learn new languages, adapt to new cultural values, and hopefully, become proud citizens of the countries where they settle (Orbán doesn’t help in this respect!) THIS is the tall task for all involved, a task other countries around the world must assist in helping resolve.

      To establish a “win-win” scenario for both refugees and Europe, it is reasonable to determine what benefits these peoples can bring to their countries, in terms of employment skills and population boosting. The September 11 2015 UN report on refugees crossing the Mediterranean into Europe clearly shows that 69% are young men, with only 18% being children and 13% being women:

      Refugee families can assist in diminishing population decline; however, single young men must integrate quickly if they will have ANY baring on boosting Europe’s economy, increasing the population, and boosting the tax base. And this says very little of questions relating to cultural integration.

      Overall, the situation is startling. With the Euro economy under-performing, and so many young Europeans looking for quality jobs, one wonders if these migrants really know what they are getting themselves into. So far, these people are perceived as a “burden”, and not a “benefit”. This unsurprising trend must be turned around with good faith by all, if everyone involved wants to go forward and make the most of it.

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