Responses to Ambassador Ódor’s defence of the Orbán government in the National Post

Canada’s National Post daily newspaper published an op-ed entitled “A Word in Hungary’s Defence,” by Ambassador Bálint Ódor. The Orbán government’s representative in Canada was responding to an earlier piece in the National Post by Professor András Göllner, which highlighted the xenophobia that is a driving force behind the policies of the current regime in Budapest, especially as they relate to refugees. Ambassador Ódor accused Professor Göllner of playing the “Nazi card” and added that his government must reject any attempts by foreign countries to “dramatically change the cultural composition of our country.” On Wednesday, the National Post published the following two responses to Mr. Ódor’s piece. 


EU Membership is a Two-Way Street

Nobody is attempting to impose an immigration model on Hungary, nor is there any attempt to change the cultural composition of his country, as Ambassador Bálint Ódor suggests. The basis of voluntary membership in the European Union is the “pooling” of certain national responsibilities that would otherwise fall under the decision-making power of sovereign states. Hungary knew that multilateral decision-making was part of the package, which included lavish western development subsidies, when it joined the EU.

One of the many refugees who have transited through Hungry was Aziz, a 16-year-old Afghan. He was homeless in a Budapest park and he frequented a soup kitchen in the rough-and-tumble 8th District. One day, a Hungarian homeless man became agitated as he waited for his meal and broke the glass door leading to the community centre. He punctured an artery and began to bleed to death, much to the horror of Hungarians passing-by.

Aziz, who had survived war in Afghanistan, knew exactly what to do and didn’t hesitate, thus saving the man’s life. He made headlines in newspapers and was labelled a hero. But for him, there was nothing heroic about what he did. It was just the normal, compassionate and human thing to do. Hungary’s government should take note.

Christopher Adam, Ottawa


After the failed 1956 uprising against Soviet occupation, untold numbers of Hungarians were forced to flee their country. These refugees were welcomed by Canada and many other countries around the democratic world. I now find it more than sad to see the government of Hungary today closing its borders against refugees and using pepper spray against them to keep them out.

Bill Short, Hamilton, Ont.

From page A9 of the National Post (September 23, 2015.)

From page A9 of the National Post (September 23, 2015.)


  1. Avatar Charlie London says:

    Bálint Ódor’s response is strangely emollient compared with what the World’s media have been showing. There is a huge question mark over why the refugees reacted as they did to the TEK’s pepper spray.

    And a huge question mark over at least seven journalists being beaten up and equipment and footage destroyed.

    And a huge question mark over the use of unleashed dogs.

    And a huge question mark over claims by Bálint Ódor claiming that 170,000 have claimed asylum in Hungary. Do you mean forcefully registered who have no intention of staying in Hungary, Bálint?

    And a huge question mark over the quality of medical attention being offered by Hungary to the refugees – if the quality of care to my partner’s mother is anything to go by.

    And a huge question mark….. Blah blah blah…..

    And a huge question mark over Bálint Ódor’s objectivity in doing his Masters’ bidding in ‘damage reduction’ response – a one man instant rebuttal unit in Canada.


    (And my, how his English has improved since his University Seminar intervention.)

    Any more propaganda, Bálint?

  2. Orban as the “Defender” of the Christian west a la King Matyas has gained popularity and neutralized the neo-Nazi Jobbik party.

  3. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    Every person who cherishes Democracy, and feels concern about the frontal assault of the Orbán regime on the rule of law, justice and the dignity of our fellow human beings should grab a pen. We should all make our voices heard in defense of the values that Ódor and Co are committed to destroying in this country. The Orbán government invested heavily into buying the support of the Hungarian diaspora in Canada. It’s doing the same with Bay Street and the Conservative Party of Canada. Those with a conscience and the ability to speak clearly and effectively should speak up and defend our universal rights against those who wish to destroy them and follow the path of the Russian Keptopath and his Chinese allies. We must speak up against the affinity-fraud, and rally support to the cause of justice and liberty.

  4. Avatar Charlie London says:

    We can’t do much over here, András – but we can write to Juncker.

    Barroso had a couple of communications from me relating to Orban and I assume they just ended up in a big black hole. No auto email response, or response of any kind.

    Juncker treats Orban as a joker buddy but I’ll have a go about concerns of weakening values with Orban’s actions.

    That’s my only suffrage.

  5. Yes András, I wonder if You, Mr. Harnad and the maybe of your 2 dozen followers gave up on our convictions, it would mean that the dictatorship’s influence of the Canadian-Hungarians has been even more successful, than at home. What does it say about the democtratic views of our fellow citizens?
    All that trash talk after your article in NP. and the reply on it is sickening. Poor Dr. Harnad is really talking to the wall – he used a different phrase – I forgot.

    • I believe it is a result of people taking the supposed “popular” route with their opinions, tired of fighting all of the who have revealed their racial biases and are giving in to fear of Muslims. I am rather ashamed of some of my fellow Canadians and many of my fellow Canadian Hungarians as to the very short memories many have. Considering many of the Hungarians themselves were welcomed to Canada to be given the opportunity to live free and prosperous lives, rescuing them from communism, nearly no questions asked. Most Canadians in general forget that their ancestors came here from other lands and were afforded decent treatment, in many cases given much more by our government than any refugee or immigrant recieves today. I on the other hand will never give in, I will always fight for freedom for Hungarians and those who are oppressed, whether it be in the middle east or Hungary, or anywhere. This is what I owe to my fathers memory, he gave everything to be here, was injured and died at 72 years of age with a bullet still in him. Always a reminder throughout his life and mine as to why he had that little souvenir from the revolution. What I take from all of this is that even back then, some fled for economic reasons too, and it is those that take it all for granted (often the ones who claim they came here and were given nothing, did it all on their own) and it is that what they taught their children about. It is likely those who brought their taught behaviours and selfish attitudes with them. I don’t doubt that some of the people mixed in with the refugees are there for other reasons other than fleeing war and oppression, but like in any migration, the truth doesn’t reaveal itself until history repeats itself.

  6. As I see it, it is very difficult to discuss democracy, dictatorship, despotism, Hungary’s EU commitments, and all the crisis in context of this present migration until we call it migration or refugee crisis. It is a precisely planned, organized, mass mobilization with logistic, intel, reinforcement, and a systematically cruel execution that goes beyond even the largest professional corps mobilizations of wars or the mobilization of the American Troops in the Iraq war. Thousands if not tens of thousands of people come each day in inexhaustible supply over land over sea for long months and it is just the beginning. It will go on in winter, too. It will go on until their numbers reach the planned maximum. I don’t know the figure but at the present rate of mobilization it is possible to achieve a hundred million or more with ease as it just begun and the EU politicians are already exhausted, helpless and many EU countries are running out of their financial reserves handling them incomers and started developing conflicts among each other.

    Orban seems to be lost in his own greatness but it doesn’t matter any more. Titanic is sinking. Some still calmly drinking their whiskey, some dancing, some drowning in the bilge and only those will survive who can be put up in the lifeboats. Europe is running out of time. Even if they stop it now, it’s too late. All can happen is a reset, a new order or the old game goes on creating rebels, revolutions, social disintegration and eventually final destruction of the EU. And that can create a real tidal wave that might reach countries that are not affected at the moment.

  7. Greetings from Finland,

    PM Orbán is a HERO, brilliantly intelligent and brave leader.

    We here in Finland already are invaded, we live in the midst of all that misery that Hungary has avoided.

    We no longer have freedom of speech, two weeks ago all comment sections in all newspapers were closed down for news items that “report” about the invasion and all other commenting (about cooking and gardening etc) is under strict censorship. The only “news” that the world hear from Finland are the lies from our political leaders (ministers, Sipilä, Stubb and Orpo). They are desperately trying to keep up their reputation even if this country is literally being teared apart. The only reliable poll, a week ago, showed that 88% of the people of Finland would close the borders, but even then our borders are wide open. This has erected petrol bomb strikes against the “refugee” centers (mostly hotels) and demonstrations that escalate into violence. Most of this never reach the international press due to the strong censorship.

    We we caught by surprise, even if we are the farthest outpost of EU, our leaders were in sleep and showed weakness and cowardice where PM Orbán, who is at the front line, acted swiftly and firmly, without hesitation to protect Hungary.

    PM Orbán is NOT alone. Day by day now, more and more leaders will try to follow his example, however it may be way too late and way too little.

    This is clearly an invasion, a new type of warfare. It has been exceptionally well premeditated, and its strategy is constantly being re-evaluated, in real time, with the help of the internet.

    And the whole EU still is blind and paralyzed, except Hungary.

  8. Your opinion about Orban is absolutely ridiculous, so I don’t know what to believe about your report on the Finnish situation. I have to dig in to find out…

  9. Miklos Banfi,

    time, a very short time, will tell how ridiculous my opinion is.

    About the situation here in Finland, we are on the brink of a major disaster because of the large influx of illegal immigrants (in comparison to our population of only 5.5M) and large majority of us, the people, see this influx partly as economic refugees and partly as islamic invasion.

    Our political leaders now behave like dictators, they blatantly lie to the international press, and they quite frankly _command_ people to be silent, to stop commenting negatively about the influx or else they will put police to hunt them down. Currently the police has an ongoing manhunt for the person who was wearing the so called KKK costume in a demonstration (even if this is not an illegal deed here in Finland). We are literally sitting on a powder keg and very small disturbance will ignite it.

    Here are some incidents that have escaped the censorship:

    On this page:

    is a poll (“Äänestys”) about: Should the borders of Finland remain to be open? (“Pitäisikö Suomen rajat pitää auki?). After voting the results are shown, currently: only 12% YES, as much as 88% NO and the number of voters is now as high as 23612. The MTV is the largest private owned media company in Finland ( )

    So the 88% of us say that our borders should be closed. And nearly all the remaining commenting (that still is allowed on a very few places) demands the same. We, the 88% of Finns are fully backing up PM Orbán and we pray that we somehow could find a leader of even half of his league.

  10. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    iklós Bánfi

    Those of us, who are opposed to the Orbán autocracy are not bean counters, but we do know, that those who share our dislike of the Orbán regime add up to more than two dozen. In the last election, 73% of those eligible to vote in Hungary declared that they are NOT the followers of Viktor Orbán. We didn’t run in that election, so we can’t tell what proportion of the 73% are following us, but we do know that we have one thing in common with millions. None of us support Orbán’s vision of democracy.

    • Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

      Yes András, I know the numbers back home and here. Sorry that I was not clear enough: I meant that 2 dozen as who are following the Canadian opposition, like You, and giving voice of it.

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