FankaDeli – Rascist Hungarian rapper tours US

Ferenc Kőházy is a 32 year old Hungarian rapper, hip-hop artist and arranger. His fans call him FankaDeli. They like his strong opinions and he is the darling of the far-right, always ready to share his outrageous comments on his Facebook page, where he has close to 100 thousand followers.

When Apple Computer technology icon Steve Jobs died, he wrote that Mr. Jobs was an idiot who needlessly flooded mankind with gadgets. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are “Jews” whose goal is to poison mankind with technology. One of FankaDeli’s popular rap songs, “If I were a Gypsy…,” is a shocking rant about the Roma minority of Hungary.

FankaDeli supports Hungary’s über-nationalist neo-Nazi party, Jobbik, and he even appears at their party events. In 2012, he helped to inaugurate a statue of pro-Hitler dictator Miklós Horthy; FankaDeli is also a member of the Vitéz order, a right-wing organization.

FankaDeli at a Jobbik meeting.

FankaDeli at a Jobbik meeting.

Now FankaDeli is coming to the US.

His tour is sponsored by the Széchenyi Society, an organization located at the Hungarian House in New York City and run by Ákos Felsővályi. The Society is flirting with far-right ideology, they recently celebrated convicted war criminal and anti-Semitic writer Albert Wass despite the request of the Simon Wiesenthal Center to cancel their event. FrankaDeli’s tour is organized by Ákos Rózsa, a member of the Széchenyi Society who is affiliated with Hungary’s state owned Duna TV channel.

FankaDeli's tour is sponsored by the Széchenyi Society headed by Mr. Ákos Felsővályi who recently hosted Cardinal Erdő in New York.  (Mr. Felsővályi is between the Cardinal and Consul General Kumin on the photo).

FankaDeli’s tour is sponsored by the Széchenyi Society headed by Mr. Ákos Felsővályi who recently hosted Cardinal Erdő in New York. (Mr. Felsővályi is between the Cardinal and Consul General Kumin on the photo).

FankaDeli is also scheduled to appear at a downtown Los Angeles club run by the Hungarian Cultural Alliance. The Alliance is led by a Romanian-born lawyer, Maria Janossy, who also organized an event to celebrate Mr. Wass.

FankaDeli US tour poster.

FankaDeli US tour poster.

Needless to say that the racist rapper’s tour is appalling, although it is important to mention that his message is protected in the US by the First Amendment. If someone can prove that his shows satisfy the criteria of “hate crime,” his concerts could be banned and he may be prosecuted.

Also, Hungarian diplomats are quietly supporting FankaDeli’s mix of nationalism and racism since that is not far from the official line of the Orbán Government. Ferenc Kumin, Hungary’s Consul General in New York preaches “zero tolerance” against racism, yet maintains close relations with Mr. Felsővályi, whose organization is sponsoring FankaDeli in the US.

György Lázár


  1. This sick, fascist scoundrel makes my stomach turn. When will reasonable American Hungarians stand up and speak two simple words as one: ¡No pasarán!

  2. Why does the US Embassy issue visas to neo-Nazis?

    • It does not. Because Fankadeli is not neo-nazi. Jobbik politicians are not neo-nazis either.
      When will you finally learn the difference between patriotic and neo-nazi?

  3. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    I think Sean Turner’s question is the really relevant one.

    What will it take make the leaders of the American Hungarian diaspora come to their senses and recognize that the FIDESZ leader who wraps himself in the Christian, patriotic, anti-communist flag in order to endear himself to us, is an affinity fraud artist? When will these fine men and women, leaders of local communities, heads of the local boys scouts, the various local Hungarian churches, the members of the Common Sense Society, the Friends Of Hungary, the leaders of the Hungarian Initiatives group, the Sechenyi, Neumann, and other groups, the Hungarian Lobby and others realize that they are being taken for a ride ? What will it take people ??? Hungary’s reputation, integrity and social cohesion is being ransacked by a gang that has no other objective than to clean out the cash register. Why don’t the leaders of the North American diaspora realize, that their ever so popular leader is the head of the least transparent regime in Europe, that corruption in Hungary skyrocketed under Orbán’s rule and not accidentally but as a strategic policy initiative? Instead of enhancing the national economy’s competitiveness, instead of easing the tax burden on ordinary Hungarians, instead of closing the gap between the rich and the poor, Hungary is falling further behind its neighbors. Statistics by such non-ideological, non-leftist organizations as the OECD, the WTO, Transparency International and many others have provided ample evidence of these anomalies. Hungary is the source of the largest migration out of Central Europe to the West on a per capita basis. The number of people who left Hungary since Orbán came to power is over 500,000, it is far greater than the number that marched through that country to get away from the violence in their homelands in the Middle East. Two thirds of young Hungarians between the age of 20-30 have indicated that if they could they’d leave their homeland tomorrow. Is there anybody listening to their cries ? Dear diaspora leaders ! Isn’t it time to wake up, get out of bed and join the battle against this injustice ???

    It’s time to keep the fascists out of North America, to say enough is enough. Let their musicians sing elsewhere and not in our Church basements. This is what we should all fight for together. The Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter will do everything in its power to stop this gang of neo-fascist trubadours from polluting the air in Canada with their music of hatred, discrimination and resentment towards people of different faiths and colours, towards those who have chosen the democratic path.

  4. Extremely well said Mr. Göllner!

  5. Avatar Kristóf Novákovics says:

    Fankadeli is a normal person like we are. He just wants to show another way to live in this world.

    A true way to see the truth. He’s not Racist.

  6. Among idiot Hungarian neo-liberals it’s unacceptable to have any patriotic feelings. Please show us ANY racist or Nazi quote from him!

  7. Come on guys! This article is full of lies… Ferenc Kőházy is not racist, he is no longer affiliated with Jobbik, Horthy was never a dictator, Albert Wass’ writings are not anti-Semitic, at least I could not find that kind of message when I read them. Also there is no “hate-speech” in Ferenc’s lyrics, please listen to them before you judge….

  8. Although there is only silence from two of the three owners of the New York Hungarian House, the entire House is not the responsibe party for these neo fascist events held there. The other owners should certainly raise loud objections, since these extremist political events can endanger the tax free not for profit status of the entire Hungarian House.

    All of the racist, antisemitic, neo nazi, activities at the Hungarian House are organized and supported by Akos Felsovalyi, a VP at Citibank, and the leader of the Szechenyi Scociety, which owns onethird of the house, who disposed of all moderates and jews from the executive committee, and stuffed the membership and leadership of the society with fellow neo fascist Hungarians living in the USA.

    Now they have a tax free hall and a free hand to be the propoganda arm of the racist, antisemetic, extreme right wing, neo fascist Jobbik party of Hungary, that nation’s 2ND largest elected party.

    So please don’t blame the entire house. Count Szechenyi Istvan is turning in his grave having his name being consumed by a bunch of hate propogating Nazis.

  9. Fankadeli is patriotic indeed, but he WAS a supporter of Jobbik, has not appeared on any of their events for three years! (Maybe he votes for them, I don’t know, but he is adrift from politics)
    Mr. György Lázár, the writer of this “article” has clearly no idea about FankaDeli’s work and ars poetica, but has hatred and ignorance instead.

    FankaDeli is against hatred, he has many gypsy and jewish friends. But he just goes against political correctness, and he tells things that everybody knows – including the behavior of the majority of the gypsies, that is what he spoke about in the song “If I were a gypsy”

    Just because somebody is patriotic, anti-liberal, is against consumerism and cosmopolitism, does not mean he/she is neo-nazi.

  10. Who was that idiot who wrote this nonsense? Jobbik as a nazi party? OMG. FankaDeli racist? OMG. What’s that stupidity? In “If I were a gipsy” he is answering to a gipsy rapper who is singing how gangsta he is and that he is the gipsiest gipsy. Fanka is answering so that he says if he was a gipsy he would not act like that to bring shame on his own folks. Fanka is actually more like a buddhist than a racist. And about Jobbik. Stop talking lies. I think even Obama is more right-wing than them. Is USA full of retards or it’s just so far that they don’t understand European politics? :O

  11. Avatar Lófaszjóskasenki says:

    It’s quite funny, someone who left Hungary more than 35 years ago thinks he is competent in current politics and situations. Saying FankaDeli is a neo-nazi is simply a proof of ignorance.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      The people outside Hungary have a better perspective on what is going on inside.

      Those non-isolated Hungarians inside who are au fait with social media and independent news channels outside Orban’s pathetic sphere of media are on the ball too.

      Precious few in number but it won’t always be like that.

      I have met a few in Budapest and believe their numbers are growing, slowly – but growing.

  12. In answer to Sean’s question:
    Why? Because that’s the point of freedom. I despise this ‘rap’ inbred and what he stands for, what I stand even less in people asking questions like your own- who would you trust to lead such a council that decides who or what is or is not acceptable. Hell, I wouldn’t trust myself with that kind of power much less you or anyone you know of.

    Freedom means having to put up with awful, awful shit because to do anything else isn’t freedom. On the other hand it does not make this man immune to persecution or consequences. So picket, organize, spread the word, let others know what is going on. What you don’t do is wonder why somebody ELSE isn’t doing anything about it.

    Oh yes and secondly, one no longer needs a Visa to visit America; to do business, yes, but not to visit. As this fellow is doing business, I’m thinking the people on the boarder did their jobs: Making sure this fellow did not represent a potential threat, was not going to be an illegal alien (He can’t, like a vampire or any other leech, being separate from the maggot filled soil of his or her birth causes him to wither and die…oh please, oh please, oh please) and they didn’t give a toss about his politics.

  13. Sorry, I meant to respond to Karl, not Sean. My bad.

  14. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    For those above, who think that there is nothing wrong about being anti-cosmopolitan, may I offer a small historical reminder? In Europe, under the Nazis, the term “cosmopolitan” was a name reserved for the Jews, i.e. for those, who deserve to be exterminated. The Jobbik, the Hungarist movement in Hungary uses the term Jew, Cosmopolitan and Liberal in an interchangeable manner. This is common knowledge. When it serves their purpose, when cosmetics matters, the anti-Semites drop the J word and use the C word or the L word. They and their followers know what they are talking about and so do we. When FrankaDeli stands up and sings a song in defense of racial equality, in memory of the 6 million innocents who were massacred by the friends of Albert Wass, Joseph Nyirő, Ottokár Prohászka, István Csurka, Ferenc Szálasi we shall take him and his band seriously. Until then, he should stay clear of this part of the world, and his local pals should stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes. We won’t be fooled. It’s time to cut mustard FrankaDeli.

  15. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    Te “lófaszjóskasenki”

    Who may you be referring to that left Hungary 35 years ago and therefore has no right to comment on a contemporary Hungarian musician ? I suppose by your standards anyone who was not a contemporary of Mozart should shut up about him ? Let’s try to get serious here lofaszjóskasenki. After all, we are in Canada, not on the Puszta.

  16. András, ther are tons of singers, who sings about Jewish people and Holocaust. You basically said that you will take FankaDeli seriously if he no longer have an original thought.

  17. Lets get this straight; this man promotes racism using a music form which derived from Africa? That’s rich!! Another thing about this idiot that caught my eye: his comments about Steve Jobs. Funki Deli, or whatever his name is, should have known Steve WAS SYRIAN not Jewish.

    • Let’s get this straight: this man DOES NOT promote racism!
      He promotes love and patriotism. He is not even militarist – he is pacifist.
      He just simply speaks out what he thinks, without being politically correct. So simple.
      Politically incorrect =/= racist.

  18. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Al, in Hungary to be called a Jew by a racist does not necessary mean that the person is Jewish…in fact in most cases he or she is not. It can be anybody who disagrees with FankaDeli…

  19. FankeDeli is not racist. The US is a racist empire.

    “Jobbik” is not a neo-nazi party. The are only red-white striped paper tigers. They only talk hard, sometimes march a little bit, but do not (are not able to) do anything.

    And answering to mr. György Lázár: Al, in Hungary to be called a racist by a Jew does not necessary mean that the person is racist… in fact in most cases he or she is not. It can be anybody who disagrees with the Jews. Right?

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