Viktor Orbán: Muslim majority in Europe coming soon

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave an interview to the German tabloid daily Bild, in which he predicted that Muslims will form the majority population within Europe “in the foreseeable future,” thanks to immigration. Bild once again has the situation in Hungary as its cover page story.

“If Europe allows for competition between cultures, Christians will lose,” added Hungary’s prime minister. According to Mr. Orbán, “the only way out” of what he perceives to be Europe’s predicament is to “preserve” Europe for those who wish to live within a Christian cultural environment, by stopping the immigration of a growing number of Muslims.

Viktor Orbán at the St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest. Photo: Facebook.

Viktor Orbán at the St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest. Photo: Facebook.

“None of them want to return to their homes. I fear that they will all stay here,” added Mr. Orbán, when asked specifically about the Syrian refugees.

The prime minister’s alternative plan would be to pump significant European Union funds into countries that neighbour Syria (primarily Turkey), so as to give them the tools to settle and integrate the refugees fleeing civil war next door.

Mr. Orbán spoke glowingly of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (also an authoritarian ruler), noting that Turkey has been doing more than anyone else in trying to handle the historic flow of refugees. “We can’t let down countries like Turkey, and we can’t be stingy with them. We should celebrate a mass each week for the Turkish president,” added Mr. Orbán, suggesting that the EU was not appropriately appreciative of Ankara’s efforts.

Bild asked where the over 3,000 refugees who have been arriving in Hungary each day should go after September 15th, when state of emergency legislation passed by the Hungarian parliament will allow for the detention and summary conviction of any asylum-seeker crossing into Hungary illegally. “They should return to from where they came,” suggested Mr. Orbán, who apparently has no moral qualms sending back Syrian families to regions controlled by ISIS or to the dictatorial embrace and torture chambers of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Mr. Orbán continues to believe that most arrivals are economic migrants, rather than refugees.

“One does not have a fundamental right to a higher standard of living, only a right to safety and human dignity,” remarked Mr. Orbán.

Hungary’s populist prime minister believes that EU leaders are “living in a dream world.”

“If we allow everyone in, Europe will be destroyed,” said Mr. Orbán,

The prime minister also took issue with the suggestion that implementing quotas would allow for a fair distribution of the hundreds of thousand refugees across EU member states. He said that it was an “illusion” to assume that refugees told to settle in places like Estonia or Portugal would passively stay there, and not try to relocate to Germany or Sweden at the first opportunity, seeing that they can travel freely within the Schengen Zone. Mr. Orbán emphasized that Hungary would continue to reject the proposed quota system, and that he is not afraid of EU sanctions. Instead, he suggested, the EU should consider punitive action against Greece, which has failed to protect the Schengen Zone’s external borders.

Meanwhile, Austrian Chancellor Werner Fayman was interviewed by Der Spiegel on Saturday. He drew a parallel between Hungary’s treatment of the Syrian refugees and the deportation of Jews during the Holocaust. “To put refugees onto a train, and to let them think that they are going somewhere else than where they are actually headed, is reminiscent of the darkest times on this continent,” said Mr. Fayman. The chancellor was reacting to a situation where Hungarian police removed 500 refugees from a train initially headed to the Austrian border, at the town of Bicske–40 km west of the capital–and tried to forcibly take them to a refugee camp, amidst scenes of chaos. 

Syrian refugees being removed from the train in Bicske, 40 km west of Budapest. Photo: James Mates.

Syrian refugees being removed from the train in Bicske, 40 km west of Budapest. Photo: James Mates.

Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the Austrian chancellor’s comments were “entirely unbecoming of a twenty-first century European politician.” Hungarian Foreign Affairs has summoned Austria’s ambassador in Budapest, as part of its protest against Mr. Fayman’s comments.


  1. I can ony hope, that by Christmas all the leaving Hungarians will not be considered political refugees, rather still economic migrants.
    This xenophobia has a good chance to turn into political disaster in Hungary.

  2. Dear Miklos Banfi,

    You are a blind man, blinded by your political views. This is not Xenophobia, fact based on 35-40 years of experience from the west France, UK…! People from non Christian culture have a very different view of right and wrong than us.

    • Tobias, your videos are useless because they only show the reality, but don’t explain anything. People will not understand what you want to say. Only those who have already gone through this hell of rape or have good understanding and extensive direct experiences with other, specifically with the Muslim culture will accept and understand, ’cause these videos polarize the tragedies to Muslim and Christian culture which makes you and the victims of the rapes more vulnerable when this issue gets in the hand of humanitarian defenders as this kind of discrimination is unacceptable for the.
      That’s their culture.

  3. Avatar Charlie London says:


    Horrendous crimes occur because of human nature – and horrendous crimes occur in ‘Christian’ Hungary too.

    Nothing to do with religion – more to do with mendacity and opportunity.

    Focussing on single cases proves nothing – except to reinforce your xenophobia and racism, that many of your posts display.

    Take your perfidious logic, which I accept can be found commonly among your ilk, elsewhere.

    Or make a more intelligent observation.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      …….and leave your ‘UK’ examples…. to those who know about the UK

      • You can stone me, you can criticise me. You can call me racist or Xenophobic but the videos pretty much shows the kind of attitude towards non believers. I finished BA British history and politics in the UK with 2nd class honour (open university, open degree) originally i am a nvq level 3 hospital murse/nurse.I also live in a Muslim dominant area in Birmingham. I came to the UK 13 years ago, know nothing about Islam and i never even seen an asian or black man before. I started working for a large warehouse were over 1200 people worked. Than i worked for NHS for years looking after elderly English people with(dementia and alzheimer). I met with people all over the world including people from Asia, Africa. I was pure, had no bad influence or prejudice towards anybody i was young and i was curious about the world, the different people and their experiences, knowledges. Somehow i was able to get friends and people who respected me and i respected them no matter were they were from or what they have believed and it was really easy.
        I met with a man from Vietnam who’s dream was to go to New York to see the Statue of Liberty. Kenyan woman who was saving money to open a B&B in Kenya and be able to give job to many of her family member.It is truly a previlage to work and live in the United Kingdom, my experiences are so much richer then peoples from Hungary. I am not a big traveller( can’t afford) but I am surely met with 1000s of working class people who represent 90%(working class population) of the world if not more and i can confidently tell you that i had no problem to get friends no matter they were African or asian, old or young, female or male! But at the same time i was unable to get any friend who was Muslim! I got many criticism from Muslims and unfriendly attitude and i have witness the incredible hate from them towards pretty much anybody (English, USA, Jews…) most of the time they were talking about Jewish people who gave this continent many respectful things. I think in Hungary 8 out of 13 Nobel price winner is Jewish and all over Europe the proportion is similar and now they are literally fleeing France because of the Muslims. I think there is nothing problem with multiculturalism and I have great fate in the future but Muslims don’t want to be equal with anybody who not Muslim! That is the problem!
        Charlie do not dare call me racist i have met with beautiful people all around the world and most of them not European, i have worked with them, i have set down and eat with them, i had, have friend with them. Do you?
        You sound a Typical socialist/left politician who like lead people into multiculturalism and yet not living in a relatively poor working class heavily populated multiculturalism area. All humans should be equal but there are people who’s religion and culture can’t let it happen.

    • Avatar Christopher Adam says:

      Very, very true. And I find these references to “Christian” Hungary quite absurd on the part of Fidesz politicians…who know better than anyone just how nominal attachment to any denomination actually is within most of Hungarian society. “Christian” is not a religious identifier for the most part, but a racial one in Hungary (ie: white).

    • Actually, Tobias, inflammatory though he is, is making a valid point. It’s not openly talked about in politically super-correct Sweden, but there are many such cases. The Swedes won’t collect data because they don’t want to point fingers, but a disproportionate percentage of stranger rapes in Sweden now are committed by Muslims. Parts of Malmo and other towns are simply no-go areas for non-Muslims. The same is true for some German cities. This is just how it is. I fly Budapest-Malmo regularly and all I can say is Hungary would be mad if it allowed a demographic situation like that to arise within its borders. Sadly, it does have a lot to do with religion, as well as class, of course. The Syrians coming in now are on average more educated and most are likely to do quite well and hopefully integrate. But Western Europe in general has done an abysmal job integrating Muslim immigrants, allowing ghettos filled with angry and disenfranchised young people to arise. This is not an immigration policy. I don’t like Orban and it’s obvious he is a demagogue, but he isn’t completely crazy and he is absolutely right to argue that this is a kind of invasion and that Europe would be much better served by investing in facilities in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, and by redoubling efforts to seek a political settlement to the war in Syria.

      • Giles, Orban can’t make it. Not because the idea is wrong but ;
        i. he only says what to do but cannot tell how to carry out and keep it functional. Even if he can get sponsors to cover the expenses, he gets ripped off as he is too small for a project of this kind. And it is not just about money.
        ii. no one likes him, he made it sure it cannot happen, he did too many bad things and survived and now can be sure that once he tries to do a good one it will bring him down. The Postman Always Rings Twice. I think he is running scared.

    • Of course nothing to do with religion when it comes to affiliation.
      In case of poor Osama Abdul Mohsen who is affiliated with Jihad/Jabhat/Al Nushra islamist front and became famous after bumping in Petra and falling to the ground it is not about religion.
      Yes, let’s forget about Muslim let’s speak about him, and his affiliation. This photo of him is getting as famous as the other of him when escaping from the Hungarian police that otherwise is a felony.

      You recognize the man and symbols in the photo?

    • Charlie, recognized? Not yet, let me help you. That’s the flag of Al Nusra . Good you’re here to lecture everybody.
      BTW Tobias is not xenophobe, it is called anxiety and fear. And is not baseless.

      • Dear Richard,

        Of course I am afraid when i hear news like the one which involve 20 man rape a 11 years old and nobody do anything! Even news papers are purposely try to hide this terrible crime, I try to feel what the parent felt after the police decided not to help them… Can happen with anybody and you can call me paranoid but I am planning to have a child with my wife and I am terrified to even think how the world will change in 10 years time if this continues. There is nothing worst then injustice.

        • Of course you are afraid, me too and I don’t call you paranoid, neither xenophobe for that. I only tried to explain to you that people like Charlie who developed himself into a lecturing site vigilante in no time and many other philanthropists can get very aggressive the first time they have the chance to ostentatiously wave the flag of their humanitarian compassion, while this compassion won’t include the victims of their protege. Look the wave of hysteria and hatred released at the discussion board of some previous pieces about Petra Laszlo. They got inhuman in no time.

          I lived in London, first at Knightsbridge then moved to Paddington. Years after years things has changed and London became a mixture of many different nationals, immigrants, I know what you are talking about.

          As of the migrants and Orban. The problem is very serious and threatening, and as I said many times it needs very professional handling. Blindfolded, shrill humanitarian protagonism will only make it worse. When want to save a drowning man one need cold mind and expertise otherwise they’re both dead. The drowning man will pull everybody down. Sadly, Orban is only talented in creating steer, provoking others and such as all the guys gathered around him, including his fresh layer of oligarchs, are only interested in one thing, the same that motivates Orban — power and wealth.

          Orban might come to his sense but even in that case he will have hard time going ahead as he collected to many enemies, and all his friends will backstab him the first time he wants to do something good. They didn’t gather around him and didn’t keep him in a velvet chair for that but for going on with looting the country. And such as when the situation turns really critical they might opt for completing the looting and flee with their fortune.

          Let’s see how far Orban’s hand can reach in a real crisis situation.

  4. When will this utter insanity end? At what point are the political leaders in Europe going to wake up to the warnings and wishes of their tax-paying citizens and admit that this invasion is completely out of hand? Every last one of these so-called migrants is breaking the law. The genuine refugees should have asked for asylum in the first safe country they entered. Economic migrants should have gone through the recognized channels available for legal emigration. Not one of these hordes of invaders has done this. Their arrogant, aggressive sense of entitlement is breath-taking – even at this point they are complaining about the conditions and the lack of adequate reception centres. What on earth do they expect when they arrive in poverty-stricken European countries, uninvited and unannounced. If this is their attitude now, what are they going to be like when they ‘set up shop’ in a host country? Many have no education, no marketable skills and no language skills. How are they going to support themselves and their large families in Europe without years of welfare handouts? Their cultures and traditions are totally incompatible with the Western way of life and it will be just a matter of time before they start demanding that their host country change its ways to accommodate their social and religious practices – like so many of the existing migrants already do in Sweden and the UK. When are European leaders going to say ‘enough is enough’, and demand that Muslim countries start taking in more of these invaders? It had better be soon as the alternatives are civil war, or the demographic and cultural suicide of Europe.

    Admitting Muslim refugees is a serious mistake. Most Europeans are blissfully ignorant of the gulf between our culture and the fundamentalist Islamic culture from which these refugees flee. They are fleeing from a medieval culture of violence and intolerance, and they tend to take that culture with them wherever they go. These are not Russian Jews or Irish fleeing the potato famine.

    Consider what has happened to the ~100,000 Muslim Somali refugees to the US since the 1990’s. Most have not assimilated or learned English, but have concentrated in enclaves of poverty, discontent and unemployment such as “Little Mogadishu” in Minnesota, where there have been numerous convictions for various levels of collaboration with Islamist terror groups.
    Islam is not “just another religion,” to be assimilated into the great American melting pot. It is a medieval culture and system of law that is utterly incompatible with Western ideals of democracy, freedom and tolerance. Read the Koran and Hadith, and look at history and recent world events, and you will understand this. We should not be admitting thousands of Muslims (refugees or not) into the US.

    • You see Roger we grew up and started asking naive questions that a 7 year old kid would not, as they’re innocent enough to see through the lies.

      “At what point are the political leaders in Europe going to wake up”
      they are awake. It is planed and in an advanced state. Do you think they are blind and cannot see what we are seeing? A good 80 % or more of the refugees are man, in their 20 or 40, they are strong, resolute, aggressive, and look more experienced, by pushing ahead the children and the women before themselves marching through many countries to their prime destination, than you would expect from peaceful migrants. I would call them trained recruits. You cant go ahead with weapons in your hand, leave the weapons behind, go unarmed, get there and you can get the weapons later when you are there an expected of min 20 million of them.

      It’s a trap. And down there I put it how it looks like from my view. Orban created the worst crisis by mishandling this crisis possibly on purpose.

      Why asking naive question? End game is upon us. Counting deadline in the U.S. is looming, the FED is empty, the Manchurian and German gold reserves are looted by the U.S. they tried to trigger WW3 to bomb themselves out of their financial turmoil. It didn’t work, no WW, hundreds of talented young bankers suddenly committed suicide, rich countries are going default, they gonna do something and will fight tooth and nail. Muslims will do the job. Even Australia is going to join the game, japan is still pending. Not for long as they are running out of their reserves and don’t want another 3/11. China is silent while reloading as a revenge for the explosion that destroyed their Tianhe-1a and a big big thing is coming as soon as Europe’s destabilization is complete.

      Muslims will do it and Orban takes good care of that Hungary will be the center of the vortex.


    What an irony of history if a shameless criminal like Orban manages to gain worldwide popularity by using the very same foul tricks that worked for him in Hungary, namely, to appeal to the very worst in human nature. While the images of the suffering of innocent women and children are still appearing in the media, already the bigots and alarmists and conspiracy theorists are clambering out into the welcoming spotlight that Orban has been creating for them. They’re depositing their spoor on these comment pages too — and though hidden behind their pseudonyms, they’re not all Hungarian…

    • It’s really not so black and white, Stevan.


        No one is asking Hungary for a global solution to global problems (since no one knows one). What is at issue here, now, is the gratuitous, flagrant and unpardonable mistreatment of living, breathing human beings, locally — i.e. in Hungary.

        Instead of preaching to the world (on the strength of the shameful shambles he has made of his own country) about how to do go about managing world crises, Orban could start by providing the humanitarian help decency demands rather than the hate campaigns, racism, and razor-fences which were his sole preparation for the crisis he was anticipating, and fomenting, months in advance — followed by the equally well-prepared legalistic, minimal “letter-of-the-law” justifications and rationalizations, while hurtling on to what was the goal along: a pretext for adopting police-state legislation on September 15.

        The finger-wagging pundits who are enlightening us as to the “bigger picture” in global geopolitics seem to be missing (or blind to) the immediate (deliberate and preventable) suffering now being inflicted by the Hungarian government, locally, on innocent human victims.

        Global save-the-world speculating should be suspended until the Hungarian government does the right thing, here and now, to undo the brutal damage it has done and is continuing to do, locally, to innocent people fleeing a fate so terrible that even facing Orban’s inhumane brutality cannot deter them.

  6. Orban is getting louder and louder and won’t keep it down, speaks as if he was a something. Words put in his mouth, he doesn’t understand a single word he is saying. What is his all life about? Roaring like a rabid pocket lion, wearing a mask, fighting for liberty and righteousness and then silently, cowardly opening a backdoor to anyone who is willing to pay. He is just a miserable mercenary. I don’t believe a word he says. These psychos with poor and traumatized childhood are the best psychics to pick for mind control and put in a velvet chair.

    Europe has already been done. The KM mafia and the Illuminati love to build and destroy Unions. Soviet, European….. Orban knows that very well. He’s got all the intel he wants, he knows everything, he just doesn’t understand it.

    As D. Rockefeller said, the world only need a big crisis and will accept anything. Any new order. Their old dream is printed out on the 1 dollar note. ANNUIT COEPTIS. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM. And the pyramid with

    What is Orban doing? Roaring for liberty, Christianity, for a safe Europe and in the meantime he is obediently doing his job and is creating and deepening the crisis under the mask of his sanctimonious eager beaver good Euro boy behavior. He cheats Merkel, he cheats Putin and everybody. He is not simply torturing and mishandles the migrants. He is consciously and premeditated deepens the crisis. That’s it.

    The system has gone anyway. Now they can come up with the solution at the last moment — no way out, religions gonna be united!!!!!!
    Christian and Muslim together for one God. Sounds crazy? Why? Don’t they love Unions? That will be a very new one, religious union. How could the KM mafia and the Illuminati control the world that is falling apart, people, systems, religions scattering.
    They need to build Unions, political economic, religious ones, and then demolish them. It is as simple like that.

    It’s fun. And they are busy depopulating the world with wars and plagues while they are not any smarter than Orban and can’t note that the more they kill the more they become. Good game?

  7. Dear Tobias,
    I am blind you have the facts. Good for you:)
    Xenophbia is a lower (or lowest) case letter in my vocabuary in many ways and wish it would not rise rapidly.
    Yes there are always 2 sides of the coin, migrants had a big impact on Europe since the 50-ies. Can you imagine, if the borders would have been closed from migrants all the time – even from Eastern Europe? I am not sure we would live in a better world.
    I am against any religion, they are all just exploiting and abusing. I believe only in God, so in my eyes there are nothing to protect of Christianity as a religion, only the culture.
    As of sexual aberrations and crimes, who is so innocent? Rampant everywhere, just the perception and the coverage is different sometimes.

  8. Dear Miklos,
    You can criticize me and question my point but tell me how the world would look alike today if Jesus would have been a war lord who killed 600 non-believers whit his own hand (beheading them)showing this is the right think to do, to teach to believe…
    If Jesus would have been married with a six years old child?
    Today only this two think is one of the base of their religion and the problem is that in the 21 century there is no place of such a violent or sexual abuse of a child. These are the complete opposite of the today’s Christian/European culture and our leaders force people to leave together with people who’s basic principals is based on a completely different culture and civilization. I think the worst part is that today’s leader around Europe do recognised this and they still do nothing till the civilizations will crash and millions of people will die.
    I truly believe this is an evil act of the politicians, simply because they know this will happen!

  9. Greetings from Finland,

    I pay tribute to PM Viktor Orbán. His is The Man in the right place. Hungary still has a chance to survive due to his firm and correct decisions and actions.

    I pray that PM Orbán continue to have the strength to follow his path during the coming very difficult weeks and months. And I hope that some other EU decision makers finally will find similar courage and heroism in them that Mr. Orbán has been showing.

  10. Avatar Hungary Forever says:

    If only we could get Orban to run for President of the USA…., now that would be real progress! Orban is correct that refugees do not have a right to be on the EU dole. The leaders of the EU are so afraid of their shadows they don’t see the obvious. There is a big difference between fleeing war and economic immigration. There are 42 million Pakistanis below the poverty line and only 9.5 million population in Sweden. The numbers for the EU taking in the world will never result in anything other than disaster. Orban is right that the compassionate solution would be to solve the Mideast not to destroy Europe.

  11. Convert the immigrants to Christianity and THEN let them in.

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