Fascism and inhumanity in Hungary – illustrated by Hasan Abadi

Hasan Abadi is a 26 year old artist from Nablus, Palestine, who like millions around the world has been horrified by the ill treatment of Syrian refugees in Hungary, both by government authorities, as well as by the nationalist right in general. The story of a female Hungarian television reporter, Petra László, kicking, tripping and otherwise physically assaulting Syrian children and parents at a makeshift camp in Röszke, has shocked tens of millions of people around the world. This is how Hungary looks like in 2015, to a young Palestinian artist.

Palestinian artist Hasan Abadi depicts Hungarian reporter Petra László physically assaulting Syrian children in Hungary.

Palestinian artist Hasan Abadi depicts Hungarian reporter Petra László physically assaulting Syrian children in Hungary.

The tragedy of Syrian refugees, as seen by Hasan Abadi.

The tragedy of Syrian refugees, as seen by Hasan Abadi. Remembering Alan Kurdi.

As Hungary’s already tattered image and reputation in the democratic world implodes, some ‘ordinary’ Hungarians are apologizing on behalf of their cruel, callous and fascistic government. This is evident on Mr. Abadi’s Facebook page, where his illustrations are spreading like wild fire among Hungarian social media users.

I would like to state that Hungarians are people, and not monsters…Unfortunatelly the goverment doesn’t support those citizens who try to help [the refugees]. They give all these things selflessly from their own possessions. This is the true Hungary. These are the true Hungarian people,” writes one of Mr. Abadi’s Hungarian followers.

This picture says it all… I feel ashamed for this “lady.” Please don’t judge Hungary based on just what you see, there are many volunteers out there doing everything to ease the pain and grief of the refugees,” remarks another.

There are thousands of helpers and volunteers who do their best from their own time and money to make the transition more bearable for the refugees. Sorry for our government, and especially for our prime minister , shame on this journalist, but they are not representative of Hungarian people as a nation,” adds yet another Facebook user.

The Orbán government, since returning to power in 2010, has been preoccupied with its image and with eliminating any critiques of the Hungarian regime (by casting all those who dared to offer dissenting opinions as anti-Hungarian, treasonous and crypto-communist). Yet this time, Prime Minister Orbán and his supporters can hardly accuse “left-liberals” (the usual culprits) of spreading “venom” about the Fidesz government. No other Hungarian cabinet since 1990 has done so much to sully the nation’s image in the eyes of people from so many countries and backgrounds than the current regime. It will take a generation to wash off the shame.


  1. That was a dirty trick an attitudinizing graphic art for effect. We have our problems with our government, but what is imaged in that picture has never happened. The kid drowned at a different place when their own parents couldn’t take care of him and again that woman did other things at other places in different circumstances. Neither she, nor the Hungarians are responsible for that kid’s death.

    Migrants are coming to Europe, more of them are coming than Europe could ever accommodate. Civilians in Hungary, Germany, Austria and many other West European countries help wherever they can, and governments cheat wherever they can, while in their troops of migrants dozens of stooges come with them, guide them and get their sy’s shirt off and they push the adopting countries to breaking point like in Lesbos. Youtube is full of videos of violent actions done by migrants, and when a Hungarian woman is being hostile toward them migrants it is still nothing comparing with all the violent things they do in Europe.

    That graphic art was really dirty. They got so much help. All forgotten or taken as automatically granted????

    Abadi ever wanna make another graphic art thanking a lot of help and sympathy that migrants received? No? No graphic art of that? What a pity.They’d better say thanks than arbitrarily editing different sad events together.

    No more heart for migrants. This graphic was truly unfair.

    And while Europe has her own responsibility it doesn’t mean the migrants carry zero responsibility for their own actions. That is a shared responsibility and they gonna take their own part of it whether they want it or not.

  2. Richard, I really don’t think that Jobbik would have fired its camerawoman for no reason at all. The party must have realized that the fact that this beast started kicking and attacking children and their parents would resonate poorly even with some Jobbik supporters…it was simply too much even for this crowd.

    The video went viral throughout the world. It’s not surprising that artists who are following events in Hungary closely would want to depict the horrors.

    • Hi Sean,
      it’s not easy to give a short answer to many questions you have raised. I try, though.

      (1) In this comment of mine I was focusing the reactions, rather than on the woman, which I found unfair and I clearly explained why.

      (2) In another post of mine about that tripping thing I stated that I’m almost 100% sure that the man fall on his own after the policeman tried to drag him back, unsuccessfully, and then gave him a push. I also stated that it looks like the woman stuck her leg out, but didn’t trip the man. Please see my analysis of those videos there.

      (3) That woman had other actions in which it can be clearly seen she kicked a girl. Those videos were not published on HFP, though.
      I do not approve those actions of her. Meanwhile I consider the circumstances too and I try not to exaggerate it.

      (4) As of the woman, she is a thin, weak creature, she did not go to the migrants to kick them, on all videos it can can be seen that the running migrants simply plowed through her and she was trying to jump aside and then reacted aggressively. I live in a big overcrowded city in the subway, in the railway stations sometimes running people bump into others and they get the reaction of the same kind, they get kicked or punched instantly, or trip and fall to the ground. No surprise here.

      (5) She was fired for N1 TV wants to stay on the safe side. We will see what will happen from now on. What legal consequences.

      (6) As of the horror the artist wants do depict. This is not, this is not the horror. This was a kick from an overreacting woman, (little dogs bark and bite) and at this moment, I repeat at this moment, I can’t see any Nazi or extreme right connection in her action being proved.

      Meanwhile the horror is real but not that. Razor fences, xenophobia ON BOTH SIDE — I lived in Muslim countries and have experiences how they treat Christians — sinking ships, tear gas, 70 dead in a truck, hunger, misery, police brutality in many countries, thousands of migrants dead, politicians toy with human lives, etc — and it’s all much bigger than a woman freaking out and kicking a few migrants. And then comes the press and that wacky artist picking a surely dirty but otherwise totally minor incidents, zooming it out to bigger than life to create more conflict and monger hysteria. Worst. Really.

      • Richard. I posted this on Christopher’s other post on this subject.

        Abadi’s artwork captures the essence and truth of these events. Yes – the truth.

        My earlier post in response to you is most apposite – here it is again:

        Richard? You’re Hungarian?

        Your idiosyncratic analysis is not shared by many.

        Are you sure you’re on planet earth?

        You have solved a problem for me though.

        If you are unable to see true gratuitous violence against innocents – in two clear examples, and see the camera wielder standing by without helping – then you must have suspended your moral and analytical faculties.

        No media with any integrity shares your analysis.

        No wonder Orban gets away with what he gets away with.

        Goodness. Earth? Really?


  4. How about reciprocally, from now on Hungarians are physically kicked out and not allowed to enter any civilized country.

  5. Richard!
    Are you trying to find excuses for her brutall action?! This women s much more dangerous than a sick terrorist, she s hiding herself behind a clean and innocent camera. Why does she have mask on her mouth!? Those people r not animals or sick like her. We all have to wear sunglasses to not see her brutally behavior behind a small camera.
    ” We all have been or will be refugees in this world” .

  6. For all who replied me. Try to be objective. Don’t get overexcited don’t get fanatic. This refugee thing is a living hell. Many terrible things happen as I detailed up there. Police in many countries in camps starve them, beat them they sink the refugees boats and so many other terrible things. That counts. Politicians toy with their lives. That counts. The whole refugee crisis is just one of a well organized attempts of the past few years to destabilize Europe and to trigger WW3. That counts.

    A scumbag woman kicking a few refugees in the hell of scuffle where real tragedies happen and another scumbag artist maiming reality with fake graphic arts to take a ride on the well created mess hysteria to make his fame is not what worth of focusing. Let’s focus and speak about the real tragedies.

    70 of the refugees died in a truck didn’t get the fragment of attention and hysteria that of what a woman got for kicking a few migrant. ‘cmon.
    She will go to the court as many of the truculent scumbags. There are many of these cases of minor everyday violence everywhere. None of them migrants get hurt. Yes, many of the migrants get hurt but not from that woman, they got hit by cars on the highway, got hurt from police brutality or from fight among each other that erupted on religious fights.

    The woman will be treated at the court. This is a faked world hysteria, let’s talk about the serious problems.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:


      You need to re-engage with humanity.

      Where have you been?

      The 71 victims were, rightly, all over the World’s press.

      You seem to be our resident conspiracy theorist and don’t seem to assimilate events properly. You make light of things that are shocking in the scheme of things.

      Have you been watching Echo TV in Hungary?

      This is a barmy media outlet for conspiracy theorists and people like you.

      Anyway you need a good dose of reality and compassion – go and have a lie down.

      I really hope you are not a typical Hungarian – it might explain quite a lot.

      I helped a Hungarian family to come to England after they lost their house (you know, those foreign currency mortgages that leave you without a house but still with the debt if you default?).

      The Father was convinced that he lost it because the Jews had put pressure on the bank’s customers so Israelis could move in.

      In addition he insisted that the Jews had nuclear bomb silos in Hungary.

      Where do you, Echo TV and the family we helped get this rubbish?

      It seems that a great number of Hungarians see things differently – certainly Orban and you do.

      Is it the old Communist treatment of truth permeating, still, Hungarian society?

      Beats me.

      • Avatar Charlie London says:

        …..and btw the ‘Rendorseg’ wear masks so they can deploy their cans of teargas quickly without it effecting them too soon.

        Others around them (like the media) know this.

        In a decent democracy these would not be so readily available and evey use would have to be documented.

        Petra László, among others, was wearing a mask in anticipation of teargas being used – even in the open air it’s very very potent and disabling.

        In addition, in confined spaces the refugees stink.

        Wouldn’t you if you had been confined in Keleti station with few washing facilities, and just a few portable loos in squalid conditions?

        They’ve been on the march for days and the lack of facilities by the Hungarian Government has been callous.

        Imagine if they had spent money on humanitarian aid projects instead of that fence?

  7. Pétra László = une sale ordure,
    Un remède contre l’amour

  8. For me she is a hero wtf are thinking goverments of ue? ? arabs will never asimilate. In my country people need take loans from bank and pay 25-35 years to have own house. And those arabs will get all for free !! why they dont fight for own country ?? Did you see tv ?? 90% are men in age 20-40 why they don’t fight for own countries??

    I say NO to immigrants !! They r like fanatics its not even religion!!

  9. Poland is with Orban. Lefties, take your muslims to your homes, feed them, give them money.

    • Richard?

      I’m afraid anybody who believes one iota of anything David Icke posts is loony central.

      David Icke is conspiracy theory central.

      We know all about him in the UK.

      By recruiting Icke to your cause is the final straw for me.

      In your recent posts on Christopher’s blog you have not only lowered the intellectual tone of this blog but shown yourself to be very doo lully tap.

      I will no longer try to understand your logic – there is none. And in future will not read your rubbish.

      I think you give Hungarians a very bad name – and would prefer that your posts are removed.


      • Oh my my, a new site vigilante. Nice to meet you. When are you taking over HFP? :)))
        “And in future will not read your rubbish.” That’s a relief, thank you, please kindly keep your word in the future:))

        As a farewell gift. Take this, you may find it more creditable. But please don’t reply, remember your promise. 🙂

  10. she is a nebbish woman because she has a heart filled with dirt
    she is only a material because she does not have a soul

  11. Poor boy, — Abadi may want to draw another picture.

    ” The father of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi was working with smugglers and driving the flimsy boat that capsized trying to reach Greece, other passengers on board said, in an account that disputes the version he gave last week.

    Ahmed Hadi Jawwad and his wife, Iraqis who lost their 11-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son in the crossing, told Reuters that Abdullah Kurdi panicked and accelerated when a wave hit the boat, raising questions about his claim that somebody else was driving the boat.”


  12. And one more note for all the angry poster specifically for Charlie.
    The nerve wracking circumstances brought out the evil from this woman, but what she did and the mass hysteria brought out the evil from you more. You are worse. She went through many hardship and you are releasing your hatred toward her from a comfortable chair sitting in front of your PC. Hatred in the name of empathy and humanity.
    Well, not everybody lost their human dignity and their common sense like you and some people are capable evaluating what happened soberly.

    A link for you and a quote. It is in Hungarian language for those who can speak Hungarian or have the time or can bother with translating into English.

    “……épp verekedő, gyerekeket rúgó újságírók láthatók. Nem biztos, hogy ilyen hírnévre vágytunk.

    – Válasszuk szét a dolgot. Először is: amit László Petra, a jobbikos nettévé riportere tett, az elfogadhatatlan és büntetést érdemel. Nincs pardon és nincs kérdés, vezekelnie kell azért, amit tett. Gyerekeket, embereket, egyáltalán, senkit nem lehet fizikailag bántalmazni, pláne azért, mert gyerek vagy mert menekül, leginkább pedig semmiért. Másodszor azonban fel kell tegyük azt a kérdést is, hogy honnan jön mindez? Mi az a közhangulat, mi az a pszichózis, amelyben egy ilyen tett elképzelhető? Megrúgna-e László Petra egy gyereket egy egyszerű őszi délutánon, a Szabadság téren? Aligha. Ez a pszichózis pedig nem a semmiből keletkezett. Megvannak a maga torz alapjai, de a felszítása, a léte, a nagyságrendje soha nem lehetne ekkora megértő, barátságos, nyitott kormány és közélet mellett. Harminc milliárd forintból nagyon komoly rombolást lehet előidézni. Én is látom a megosztó kommenteket, az amerikázást, izraelezést, a gyűlöletet, a keresztesháború-logikát. Szerintem azok az emberek, akik ezt nyomják, inkább áldozatok, mindegy, mikor épp melyik oldalon. Az elmebetegezés, a zsidózás, a kommunistázás, a nácizás és most már a liberálisozás, a határtalan gyűlölet megöli és megemészti azokat az embereket, akik áldozatául esnek. Egyébként akár szó szerint is, hiszen elég sok kutatás igazolta, hogy a tehetetlenségből fakadó stressz komoly pszichoszomatikus betegségekhez vezet. Én nem hiszek abban, hogy ezeket a megtévedt, átvert embereket meg kell szégyeníteni, az csak megerősíti a problémát. Szerintem László Petrának és az országnak is az lenne a leginkább előremutató, ha László Petra a következő hónapokat a röszkei táborban töltené munkával, és látná, hogy kik ezek az emberek, honnan és miért jönnek. ”


  13. i will repeat f…u…c…k fake immigrants and even if they are real i dont wish this shit in my country or eu !!

  14. People you need go out and protest on streets!!! dont trust any media

  15. Avatar Istvan Harsany says:

    Richard, It just shows that some people still need to evolve. We are not the same, some of us believe in humanity. I’m not considering myself a Christian even if I lived and was brought up in the culture. Seems like I have more compassion then many so-called Christians. Maybe they deserve a different religion. I am embarrassed that my fellow Hungarians think like this. Please world, forgive them, they are just children.

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