Ex-Communist admirer of fascists László Kövér to dedicate Catholic Chapel in Washington DC

László Kövér is 55 years old. He is the Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly and also a founding member of the ruling Fidesz party. He started his remarkable political career as a junior “apparatchik” of the Hungarian Communist Politburo in 1986.

Born into a Communist family, he earned a law degree, and his contacts propelled him into a job high up in the Communist hierarchy. He became a trusted “researcher” of the Communist leadership, some suspect that his duties included reporting to State Security.

Later he switched colors and today he is a right-wing nationalist and an unapologetic admirer of Hungary’s World War II fascists.

Mr. Kövér pays respect to fascist politician and anti-Semitic writer Mr. József Nyirő in 2012.

Mr. Kövér pays respect to fascist politician and anti-Semitic writer Mr. József Nyirő in 2012.

Israel Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin (currently President of Israel) told Kövér that he is not welcome in his country, saying that his government is “shocked” that he admires anti-Semites. (Read more about this here.) Mr. Kövér also praised Count János Esterházy, a convicted World War II criminal who died in prison in Czechoslovakia. Slovakia’s President Gasparovic called Esterházy a fascist. (Click here.) Mr. Kövér’s statements were criticized by Ronald Lauder, head of the World Jewish Congress and by Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, who wrote an angry letter condemning Kövér’s admiration for anti-Semites and later returned his state award in protest. (Elie Wiesel’s letter here.)

Mr. Kövér is not welcomed in most democratic countries, he has never been officially invited to the United States. Yet, the Embassy of Hungary in Washington, D.C. has come up with a clever scheme to “smuggle” Mr. Kövér into the US, in order to show the world that he is a presentable politician.

On Saturday, August 29, a new Hungarian Chapel (Magyarok Nagyasszonya kápolna) will be dedicated at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the largest Catholic Church in the United States. The new Chapel will be consecrated by Hungarian Cardinal Péter Erdő, Archbishop of Esztergom and Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington.

Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi will also host a “Hungarian feast and picnic” on the terrace of the Basilica with Hungarian politicians László Kövér and Miklós Soltész, State Secretary in charge of Church relations. (Click here to read the Embassy’s invitation to Hungarian Americans.) To my surprise Mr. Kövér’s name does not appear on the Basilica’s official program! (See here the Basilica’s program.)

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi plans to turn this religious event into a political circus by presenting Mr. Kövér as a Hungarian patriot, a humble Catholic who is dedicating a Chapel in the United States. It is a cheap communication stunt and Mr. Kövér should stay at home in Budapest, his presence at the dedication would be an embarrassment. We asked the Basilica and the office of Cardinal Wuerl for explanation.

György Lázár


  1. Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

    Very disturbing – but no surprise. I think even a smaller demonstration on site would get some well deserved attention on an event like this, where the religion is used as a facade to push their rotten political agenda.

  2. Why Mr. Győrgy Lázár is a notorius antihungarian, I don’t know.

    Could he give a proper explanation?


  3. The message to me is my comment is awaiting “moderation”.

    But what kind? Was George Bush a democratic fascist as he destroyed Iraq with ca. 2 million deads? Was Lindon B. Johnson a democratic fascist in Vietnam with ca. 4 million dead?

    Please read “Body count” it has only 101 sites and wrote from Americans. Ok?

  4. And Mr. Miklos Banfi, your name should more serve the causes of Hungary. Please don’t let your nation and the rest of Hungary of only 28 % down. Hungary is under big pressure from the colonial winners of all wars. They destroyed a historic state of over 1000 years. The new mistakes are done in the matter of this political situation. Should this, for all time, be repeated with no chance for friendships anymore? Is a notorius anti-hungarian like György Lázár, the answer?

    • Avatar Christopher Adam says:

      Mr. Magyaroni,

      Although I shouldn’t really press this issue, as it is quite pointless, but could you quantify what makes someone “anti-Hungarian” in your books? Were you an anti-Hungarian between 2002 and 2010, when the Socialists were in power, and were other right-wingers, by default, anti-Hungarian, purely because they disliked the left-centre party in power at the time?

    • giorgio magyaroni, your english as improved immensely since posting on Hungarian Spectrum and getting banned. When you commented there, you seemed to just barely speak english. Magically you now are fluent?!

      • Avatar Christopher Adam says:

        I did a little bit of editing, Liz. I removed some of the totally incomprehensible sections and tried to put limits on the nonsense.

  5. Hello Giorgio,

    Again? PAROLE, PAROLE, …niente di più. Di accusa parole. Di accuse inconsistenti.

    Maybe people are not really anti-Magyar juts anti-Magyaroni. hehe You’re so funny. Faithfully to your old habit you’re missing the point again. This piece is not about Hungary it’s about His Majesty Kövér. This writer is not against Hungary he is against Kövér.

    As of Hungary it says: “On Saturday, August 29, a new Hungarian Chapel (Magyarok Nagyasszonya kápolna) will be dedicated at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the largest Catholic Church in the United States. ” Is this an anti-Hungarian thing?

    Look, the Bush clan is one thing and lumping that together with Orban and the Fidesz faked liberty war and sanctimonious patriotism to accuse the rest of the world with being anti-Hungarian will put you in The Guinness Book of records (of stupidity) one day.

    Giorgo please open the batten shutter and let the bats out of your belfry.There are too many, hehehe Giorgo you’re fantastic.

    Huhh , magyaroni, how many are of you? Was this another piece of sockpuppeting or your split personality kicked in? 🙂 hehehe I don’t believe this. Today you were really great. You made my day. Thanks.

  6. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    László Kövér lost it on a number of fronts and Szemerkényi’s showcasing of this ex-communist merely confirms that something is rotten in the state of Hungary (apologies to Shakespeare). Kövér lost it when he suggested that his political opponents should hang themselves from a beam. He lost it when he argued that winning rather than telling the truth is what democratic politics is about. He lost it with Wiesel and Braham, when he organized the reburial of an ex nazi member of Hungary’s 1945 parliament. He lost it when he attended the anti-Semite Csurka’s funeral. He lost it when he compared the democratic opposition to an Aids epidemic. He lost it when he compared the agreement signed by Hungary to join the EU as another Trianon. And he lost it when he argued that the democratically elected socialist party of Hungary does not belong in Hungary’s parliament. Szemerkényi should listen to Elie Wiesel and Randolf Braham the world’s two most respected experts on the Hungarian holocaust and on the whitewashing process that people like Kövér and members of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office are engaged in. The man should not be celebrated but banned from entering the US. It’s as simple as that. Hopefully people will demonstrate against this insult to the memory of the victims of the holocaust and show their displeasure against an affinity fraudster who does not respect but abuses the principles that millions gave their lives to defend.

  7. Giogio,

    You could not come up with something more original than “anti magyar”?
    I am certain you are a real magyar idiot! Your English needs further improvement.

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  10. Avatar Arpad Kovacs says:

    Count Esterházy was not a fascist, he was a patriot. He was the only one who voted against the deportation of Jews in the Parliament of Slovakia. THAT is the real reason he was put in prison after the war.

  11. Avatar Arpad Kovacs says:

    Another thing I can hardly believe: the (ex?)Communist President of Slovakia calls Esterházy a fascist & the writer does not do any fact checking or at least mentioning that fact. Where is your credibility?

  12. Avatar Arpad Kovacs says:

    The writer does mention but in the context it WOULD be important: liberal Hungarian Jews are ganging up on a Conservative Hungarian Jew, Laszlo Lover. Really not nice, especially when it’s presented as a general Hungarian infighting. Especially if you all wanna claim at least some credibility!

  13. Avatar Karl Pfeifer says:

    “The most controversial of János Esterházy’s political stances were in connection with the solution of the Jewish question at the time of the Slovak state. In the first enactment of anti-Jewish laws and directives, his utterances in Parliament in no way departed from the government line and he took an active part in discrimination against Jews and in the regime’s anti-Semitic policies. So, for example in a speech in Parliament in October 1940, he welcomed the radical measures aganst Slovak Jews because “the Hungarian masses, Hungarian farm workers, Hungarian small businesses, Hungarian traders, too, have for decades and centuries suffered from the Jews and Jewish bungling, just as the Slovaks have.”
    The turning point came when he objected to the Constitutional law on the deportation of Jews, passed by Parliament on 15 May 1942. He was the only deputy to abstain, for which the government and the German minority attacked him. It was a position he would make use after the war in seeking commutation of the death penalty. (See Ladislav Deák, Political Profile of János Esterházy, Bratislava: Kubko Goral, 1966) quoted from Pavol Mestan, Antisemitism in the political development of Slovakia 2000-2009, 2013 Bratislava, page 422-3

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