Budapest teacher turned Nazi journalist jumped on opportunity to get inheritance from Canada

HFP readers will recall a story we published in June about how a small activist cell, which calls itself The Voice of Six Million Souls, “outed” a rabidly antisemitic and Holocaust-denying contributor to the Nazi website (who wrote under the pseudonym Ottó Perge), as being a high school history teacher by the name of László Zábori. Since that article appeared in English, based on the original Hungarian report on a popular blog entitled Egyenlítő, has not contested these claims and the mysterious Ottó Perge has suddenly stopped writing.

But an interesting piece of information surfaced over the past few days, about how it was possible to uncover and ascertain Mr. Perge’s real identity. What transpired looked something like this…

Ottó Perge received an email from what appeared to be an elderly Hungarian Canadian couple, who explained in their letter that they were, to this very day, loyal followers of Hungarian Arrow Cross leader Ferenc Szálasi (who was executed as a war criminal in March 1946). The couple explained how pleased they were to read Mr. Perge’s contributions on and how their desire was to leave their estate to a loyal follower of the late Hungarian fascist leader. And they chose none other than Mr. Perge to be the recipient of these monies.

Mr. Perge was ecstatic and he disclosed in a letter to the elderly Canadian couple that his real name was László Zábori, and he even provided his personal identifying information in this correspondence, as well as his contact details. Mr. Zábori never received a response, so he wrote again. And when this letter failed to elicit an answer from the Hungarian Canadians, he must have finally realized that he had been duped. He then wrote again, claiming that he was not, in fact, Ottó Perge, but rather just an associate.

A rather edgy propaganda poster.

A rather edgy propaganda poster.

Holocaust denial is a criminal act in Hungary and carries a three year prison sentence. The fact that Mr. Zábori denied the systematic massacre of Hungarian and European Jews in multiple articles is a fact hardly open to interpretation or  question. Yet Hungarian authorities have failed to launch any investigation or proceedings, despite the irrefutable evidence.

Meanwhile on the front: Béla Varga–the Hungarian American fugitive who established the Nazi website, but fled California after posting a $250,000 bail following an arrest on charges relating to the uttering of threats–appeared in British Columbia late last month. He played jazz in the town of Parksville on July 18th, 2015, at the Orange Bridge Market, alongside other, local performers. Mr. Varga is also a Canadian citizen. There remains a warrant for his arrest in the US.


  1. Very clever work identifying Zabori. How could he continue teaching in a government high school? This is another good example of how the authorities ignore nazis violating the law just doing the “pava tanc” as their great leader teaches them.

  2. Expressing understandings of history that do not comply with government diktats is a crime in Hungary.

    New boss, same as the old boss.

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