Hungary’s prime minister suggests left-wingers are treasonous anti-Hungarians

Viktor Orbán warmed up his signature political dish today in the Transylvanian town of Tusnádfürdő (Băile Tușnad), where he gave his annual speech at a right-wing gathering of students, activists, politicians and policy-makers. Mr. Orbán returned to an old theme, and one which very successfully created a toxic environment for Hungarians both in Hungary and in the diaspora who were perceived as being liberal or left-wing, or simply critical of the Hungarian right.

“Left-wingers don’t like Hungarians. Imagine what would have happened if the left had won the elections in 2014,” noted Mr. Orbán, suggesting that because Hungarian liberals have been shown to “embrace” the growing number of refugees and migrants, Hungary under their leadership would have lost its Hungarian character, becoming instead one massive refugee camp. According to an analysis in the liberal Hungarian online paper Index, Mr. Orbán’s decision to use such inflammatory language against Hungarian liberals and left-wingers is ingenious and it serves as a “clever political trap” for the opposition. After being told that they hate all Hungarians and after the prime minister effectively suggested that the entire migrant and refugee crisis is somehow linked to this Hungarian-hating left, Hungarian liberals and socialists will understandably be livid and will spend the rest of the summer giving voice to their outrage, in interviews on ATV and Klubrádió and in a myriad of op-ed pieces. But this time they should not expect much moral support from outside Hungary.

Unlike last year’s speech, where the Hungarian prime minister caused international scandal by speaking glowingly about “illiberal democracies,” this talk will be unlikely to ruffle feathers in western Europe and in North America, even though it qualifies as blatant hate speech against all those in Hungary who gravitate to the left. And, in Hungarian society, it has clear antisemitic undertones.

Years ago in Tusnádfürdő, Mr. Orbán spoke about the left being genetically predisposed to treason, which was a coded reference to the Jews, and the fact that left-wingers aren’t real Hungarians, but are part of a broader Jewish conspiracy. This year, Mr. Orbán left genetics out of the equation, but Hungarians will still understand the reference to the left hating Hungarians perfectly well.

Viktor Orbán in Tusnádfürdő. Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI.

Viktor Orbán in Tusnádfürdő. Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI.

During this year’s speech, Mr. Orbán was flanked by Zsolt Németh on one side, and the Transylvanian protestant minister-turned-politician Lászlő Tőkés on the other. Mr. Németh has been known as one of the more pro-western, pro-European voices within Fidesz and he was not entirely comfortable with the government’s Ostpolitik over the past two years. Mr. Németh had, in a number of instances, such as during EU/US free trade talks and during the Ukrainian crisis, advocated for Hungary to fall into line behind Germany. In Tusnádfürdő it was Mr. Németh who introduced Mr. Orbán before his speech and he made a sarcastic reference to the fact that last year, “the whole world had the chance to learn about Tusnádfürdő,” thanks to Mr. Orbán’s talk on building an illiberal, authoritarian state in the heart of Europe.

Reportedly, Hungary’s diplomatic corps was shaking in its boots in advance of the speech, fearing that they would have to spend the rest of the summer in damage control mode, if the prime minister put on a similar production to last year. Now that Mr. Orbán decided to only go after the Hungarian left-wing opposition and “simply” said that they were treasonous Hungarian-haters who are responsible for the current refugee and migrant crisis, every diplomat worth his or her salt will know that this rhetorical turn will likely be of zero interest to anyone in the West and nobody will call him out on such inflammatory remarks.

If anything, Mr. Orbán’s speech had tinges of anti-Americanism in it, but it was quite pro-German and even pro-European, to an extent. Mr. Orbán expressed dismay over Washington’s decision to spy on German political leaders. He suggested that the EU was being too forgiving towards the US and was too willing to enter into free trade negotiations right after the spying scandal.

Mr. Orbán spoke glowingly for a quick moment about the EU, but then quickly added that the left-wing had the power to do much damage:

“The European Union, in itself, is a great success. It is synonymous with peace, development and well-being. (…) The European left doesn’t see danger, but rather an opportunity in immigration. The escalation of immigration can weaken and, indeed, destroy, the national frameworks in Europe. This would help the left turn into reality one of its historic, long-term goals.”

The Hungarian left will respond predictably to this speech, while the western media will likely be fairly uninterested in this one. Mr. Orbán and his diplomats can happily go on vacation for the next few weeks. And then everything can return to exactly where it was until now, come the fall. The Hungarian opposition will continue licking its wounds, after Mr. Orbán gave them another bone to chew on for a while, but will remain politically lost and unable to rebuild.


  1. Bravo and good job, Viktor Orban! Finally a real European leader who addresses the insidious anti-Western agenda of the cultural marxist left wing extremists that wish to flood Europe with africans and muslims. Its time to stop drinking the multicult kool aid and fight back.

  2. Avatar Robert Szucs says:

    How can anybody in they right mind disagree with the above comment?
    Yet some do, not knowing the consequences, how they will forever change the face, life and culture in Europa.
    Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it!

  3. I followed the speech live. Certainly, there was absolutely nothing said or implied along the lines like: “it has clear antisemitic undertones”, or “part of a broader Jewish conspiracy”. Such references are solely used by the journalist to discredit Orban. Hopefully, this time the “Jewish card” won’t work.


    It would be healthful and helpful for all if the backward and shameful cultural predilection for racism of (far too many) Hungarians — living domestically and abroad — could be diluted and enriched by greater diversity.

    The result could only prove more civilized and humane; it could hardly get much worse than the darkness and pettiness that Orban, Fidesz, Jobbik and the two above commentators yearn to protect, preserve and promote.

    As it is, this ugly predilection is not even fueled by a real immigrant presence; it is just emanating from the depths of (far too many) Hungarians’ defensive and xenophobic psyches in response to every untoward circumstance, real or imagined, but especially those of their own doing.

  5. Thank goodness that in the civilized world, the likes of Orban and Vona appeal only to the tail end of the bell curve:

  6. Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

    This year’s annual burping even surprised his peers by over redundant, old cliches. I did not hear it – not being a masochist – but according to them nothing new or really provoking were told in his transylvanian political nest, which suggest that he is clearly ran out of gas.
    How can anybody in the right mind subscribe to the ignorant views of the first 3 comments?:)

  7. While the 3 above stoke their nationalistic egos with Orbans BS, while they panic over immigrants and refugees and brown faces, intelligent people can focus on creating a centrist government in the future, one that has elements of both left and right and can see that being of left leaning background doesn’t make you the boogey man. The balance is created by both sides. Anyone who would consider the political left “treasonous Hungarian haters” because the prime minister said so is simply an idiot. You deserve what you get under Orban then. When your family is left with nothing and the only work option you have is public works, don’t cry about it.

    • Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

      Good one Liz:) Maybe it is not a coincidence that there are 3, because when I meet a firm believer, I always try to guess that the person is 1. so ignorant, 2 so fanatic, 3 so well paid? It is mostly not easy to guess right:)

  8. I don’t like that ugly rejoicing, grinning, sniggering, drug-addict face up there in the photo, yet I have found a short but very outspoken piece about immigration issues for Hungarian speaking readers. The only thing Taranyi doesn’t elaborate, where the warlords’ money goes, and how they recirculate the loot back to the banks of the anonym organizers of the warmonger elite that holds both, the trigger and the solution in their hands.
    Hired warlords. Hired troublemakers, hired dictators.

  9. You people make me laugh about these muslim phobia’s. Just read the news. But read from every country to get the full spectrum. You rarely see the bad points of immigration, how rape in sweden has gone up over 1000%. How two elderly people were killed in Italy by a muslim migrant, (the 69 yr old was first raped then thrown over balcony), or the fact that 2/3rds of the migrants are male and 66% of those males are the fighting age of 20 to 30. Nope, what you see is a dead baby washed up on shore, men and women holding babies. Then so many take this at face value and run with it. There is always a second side that is never shown. I don’t onow who is behind it all but open your vision tunnel and really research countries who were non muslim and now are. Check the stats. Don’t just give off a huff of breath and say racist or phobe, educate yourselves, too many are being blind sided and the media is very liberal. Shop around, watch social media that isnt being controlled. Too many assumption makers taking things at face value and not doing their research. This is a scary situation and has to be handled with caution.

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