Canadian government congratulates Orbán regime

In stark contrast to the Obama administration, as well as key Republican politicians, and governments in western Europe, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet has expressed absolutely no concern in public about the authoritarian, illiberal and xenophobic politics of Hungary’s Orbán regime. In fact, since 2010, the Embassy of Hungary in Ottawa has placed a special emphasis on cultivating a deep relationship with prominent Tory minister Jason Kenney. Mr. Kenney seems to think that the Orbán regime is an honest, conservative broker, who is simply being attacked on ideological grounds by the same type of liberals and left-wingers who also critique the Conservative Party of Canada. Mr. Kenney’s own political leitmotif of conservatives – en bloc –  being under attack by the left-liberal media, makes him totally oblivious or immune to the fact that Hungary’s Fidesz government is at adds on a wide array of policies with those of the Harper government in Canada, including:

  • The pampering of racist, antisemitic elements in society,
  • Widespread, unpredictable and erratic government regulation of the private sector,
  • A disregard for private ownership.

I am no longer surprised that Canada’s Minister of National Defence went out of his way to issue a statement entitled “Minister Kenney congratulated Hungary.” Here’s what he wrote, which was naturally quite happily shared on the Embassy of Hungary’s Facebook page, as well as in the pro-Orbán Magyar Krónika website, and helps to legitimize the western world’s most antidemocratic government and whitewash its abuses before the Canadian public:

“Defence Minister Jason Kenney met his Hungarian counterpart, Csaba Hende, on the sidelines of this week’s NATO Defence Ministerial Meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Minister Kenney told Mr. Hende about his recent meeting with Hungarian Minister Laszlo Troksanyi (sic!) in Ottawa, and congratulated Hungary on successfully hosting the recent Plenary of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in Budapest. They also discussed the issue of irregular migration. Minister Kenney offered to share Canada’s best practices on the issue with Hungarian officials. As always, please share this message with friends and family.


The Office of the Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, MP
Calgary Southeast.”

Jason Kenney (left) goes out of its way to commend the Orbán regime.

Jason Kenney (left) goes out of his way to commend the Orbán regime.


  1. Avatar Gyula Bognar, Jr. says:

    Quote: “congratulated Hungary on successfully hosting the recent Plenary of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in Budapest. They also discussed the issue of irregular migration. Minister Kenney offered to share Canada’s best practices on the issue with Hungarian officials.”

    Congratulating for hosting a Plenary for the “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance” and offering help to deal with “irregular migration” IS a positive and worthy behavior from a respected politician.

    Where is the sign and proof in the statement issued by Jason Kenney, that he approves other, not so worthy or specifically unworthy deeds of the Orban regime?

    Should Mr. Kenney send instead the Canadian Air Force to bomb the Parliament in Budapest, so some people in Canada and elsewhere be happy and take it as a worthy criticism of the Orbán dictatorship?

    Politicians job is to negotiate and try to convince others of their views in a mutually respectful environment.

    Individuals can voice opinions, criticism, even hatred, without respect, or even go as far as physically insult others to express their beliefs and opinions.

    When a politician or politicians behave the same way, he is not a politician any more, just a common hoodlum and a criminal and we can see plenty of examples of this in the Hungarian Government.

    I don’t wish that Jason Kenney should lower himself to their level.

  2. Avatar Liz Aucoin says:

    Jason Kenney is nothing but a phoney, he pretended to care about immigrants in Canada throughout his tenure as Immigration minister all while taking any and all steps to close Canadas borders to anyone who didn’t have loads of money to bring along. Mr. Kenney, along with Stephen Harper have systematically been working to ruin Canadas reputation in the world and make Canada somewhat of a maffia state as well. They admire Orban, and wish for a peice of the Canadian pie financially as well. Just add up all of the scandals that have taken place since the PC’s took power, and there is no doubt in my mind that the two of them will be facing a judge in the future too, just like Mulroney did. Unfortunately, Canada is too mild on corrupt ex-Prime Ministers. These two are relying on Canada simply wanting to save face and not punish them. As a result of the systematic changes to our freedom here in Canada, the encouragement here also of xenophobia by our government and the changes that have been made to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I will NEVER vote for a conservative party again.

  3. Avatar Charlie London says:

    Oh dear!

    Canada used to be a stalwart of the British Commonwealth – that loosely tied group of nations that understood democracy as exemplars of the Mother of All Parliaments.

    It just shows the power of lobbyists who are given unlimited funds to continue ‘commocracy’ in another place.

    At least the USA is beginning to recognise the Orban regime for what it is – a Mafioso organisation.

    Pity the Canadians can’t see what’s happening in Hungary.

    Canada used to lead the world in setting an example for a considerate – green – and non-nuclear haven in a near perfect society. As pure as its snow.

    Blinkered when it comes to Orban’s malignant version.

  4. Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

    I just can’t fathom that they don’t have enough information of the affairs of Hungary inside and outside. From here I can only guess what interest could motivate and govern our government in Canada.

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