Refugee claimants in Hungary and the EU: A statistical overview

According to figures released Thursday by Eurostat, as part of its quarterly report, Germany and Hungary received the most refugees of all member states in the European Union. The number of asylum seekers increased by 86% in the EU. Kosovars formed the single largest group of refugees arriving to EU member states, followed by Syrians and Afghanis. Forty percent of all refugees entered the EU through Germany (a total of 73,000 applicants in the first quarter), while Hungary received the second largest number of asylum seekers–32,800, or 18% of the total arriving in the European Union. Hungary was followed by Italy, France and Sweden. The number of asylum seekers entering Hungary increased by 1,300% over last year.

From a demographic perspective, 70% of all refugee claimants in Hungary were from Kosovo, while 12% came from Afghanistan, 7% from Syria, 2% from Iraq and 2% from Pakistan. Interestingly, from a regional perspective, neighbouring countries like Slovakia and Romania are receiving really negligible numbers of refugees. Slovakia, for instance, only had a handful of claimants from Ukraine (and just 65 asylum seekers in total), while Romania had just 160 Syrian applicants (compared to 2,515 in Hungary), and a total of 355 people seeking asylum.

Overall, 46% of asylum seekers in the EU saw their applications accepted by the respective member states, with Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy issuing the largest number of positive decisions. Hungary issues very few positive decisions on applications, with Hungarian authorities accepting just 130 applicants in the first quarter. This means that just 10% of all processed refugee applications were accepted by Hungary. Compare this to a 44% acceptance rate in Germany, 73% in Sweden, 52% in Italy or 27% in France.

Asylum-seekers arriving to the borders of the European Union.

Asylum-seekers arriving to the borders of the European Union between March 2014 and March 2015. By the first quarter of 2015, Hungary became the country with the second largest number of refugee applications.

Meanwhile, the Serbian government has clearly been taken aback by the decision to fence off the Hungarian border, and are arguing that they too, like Hungary, simply serve as a transit country for migrants heading northwest. “We don’t know what this is all about. We are not guilty and all of a sudden a wall is to be built. We don’t want to live in an Auschwitz”, noted Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia’s prime minister. A total of 22,000 people have claimed asylum in Serbia between January and May, representing an increase of 600% compared to figures from the same period in 2014. Speaking to the Associated Press, Nikola Kovacevic of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights brought a perspective that the Orbán government would do well to consider, unless their fence is merely a political communications tool. “No wall has ever stopped migrations, they are unstoppable,” said Ms. Kovacevic.

Looking beyond Hungary and even the European Union, the UN’s most recent report on migration shows that 60 million people were displaced in 2014, due to conflict or persecution, representing an 8.3 million increase. While refugees from Kosovo form the bulk of asylum seekers and migrants in Hungary, worldwide the civil war in Syria is contributing most to this growing crisis. Hungary certainly isn’t offering a compassionate response.


  1. Anti-immigration populism is being used in lots of countries, including the UK (even against EU citizens!), the US and France. But building a wall is definitely a more dramatic solution, and in line with the Orbanist approach to all things in Hungary.

  2. Just summarizing what I wrote earlier and adding a few new thoughts;

    A./ The immigration is a very serious issue (as I wrote down here many times) and should be handled properly.

    B./ What Orban does is not only unprofessional but is dangerous, dishonest, useless, and creates more problem. He uses this serious issue to reinforce his power, to fuel racism and xenophobia, and to destabilize the EU. This is a crime.

    C./ This is the same Orban who opened the door for Chinese and for everybody who pays let it be anybody. “According to them, a foreigner who buys government bonds of Hungary worth 250,000 euros or more will be able to count on a residency permit, and in the long term-citizenship.”
    If they pay, no questions asked. He is exploiting Hungary being an EU member, he is trading passports, he is trying to redraw the borders of the EU and now he is trading human lives too, he is holding his hand out for bribes, he is lying to everybody from Putin to Merkel and the whole Hungarian nation.

    D./ I do understand the trolls supporting the suppression of immigration to Hungary but I do not think it’s a good idea to troll for Orban. He is the last one who can or want to solve the crisis. He doesn’t want to solve it, he wants to make money out of it.

    E./ Immigration crisis is just one of the global crisis that the elite created to start WWIII or local wars, ISIS, Ukraine, etc. to fight their way out of problems as the present global financial system — a pyramid scheme –, came to an end, the whole Western bubble is going to burst ( wait to see how the next G7 emergency meeting will end) and a financial reset is inevitable together with significant changes in world control. Please spare me from the “conspiracy theory” rubber bone I will not eat and regurgitate on it.

    F./ Orban is so dumb, any small rock in the playground has higher IQ, and he can neither understand nor can accept the fact that it is a global crisis and no countries can solve or handle that individually by building a few kilometers of stupid fence, and specifically not when a neurotic, schizophrenic PM is not only helpless choosing side and cooperate and such as he is letting his country’s own allies down but he is even using this unfortunate crisis to compete with the Jobbik, to reinforce his power and to make money out of it.

  3. And one more thought. Orban the power admirer who wants to solve everything with raw power (as if he was so strong) is still going on angering, trolling and provoking the EU, counting on the EU regulation that ties their hands, thinking they cannot do anything anyway. Yes the can do.
    Maybe not openly. They have their means and resources from world class intel to physical means, they can meet, they can agree, they can hammer out a background deal without Orban, and they can form a highly cooperative hard core alliance and while the Grexit is looming and Greece will be ready to blackmail the EU with opening the passage for millions of refuges, they can organize and manipulate that all of them refuges will end up in Hungarian territories and Orban can — now let not me tell what he can do with his stupid useless fence and muscle flexing attitude.
    They already tried it, next time they will do better without any remorse as Orban is isolating himself and Hungary further on.
    He is a little bug, he should fully cooperate instead of wasting billions for a fence that will stop nobody.

    As if it was not enough that he is impatient, dumb and incapable of cooperating in a civil manner and is using the whole issue for his own purpose, he still enjoys heckling, badgering the EU to make sure that they will make him taste his own medicine. He is so painfully talentless, small minded, the shoes I am wearing have higher IQ.

  4. Every cock is bold on his own dunghill, but he should realize what a big loser he and Hungary can be when he is going against the EU, Merkel, or Putin or trying to solve global problems that affect all with his otherwise useless actions designed to harass the alliance for his personal political gains.

  5. How do we put pressure on those that create war torn countries to stop the militarization of conflict?

    Refugees are symptom of instability from having no peace.

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