Concordia University’s president writes to the Hungarian Free Press

When I returned to Montreal last weekend, I found an unexpected, but certainly much appreciated letter in my mailbox from Alan Shepard, the President and Vice Chancellor of Concordia University. I received my B.A. (Honours) in History from Concordia in 2003 and our readers may recall that in early March, we reported on a panel discussion hosted by the University on the state of constitutionalism and the rule of law in Hungary. Professor Shepard sent me the following note:

Alan Shepard's letter to the Hungarian Free Press.

Alan Shepard’s letter to the Hungarian Free Press.

Many thanks to Professor Shepard for his kind words; we’re pleased to see that he reads our paper!


  1. Congrats Chris. And the number of readers will increase.

  2. Avatar Gyula Bognar, Jr. says:

    Congrats Chris!!!
    Next thing we may see are similar letters from Kim Lane Scheppele, for your excellent work reporting on human rights and constitutional matters from Hungary and Canada.
    Then, perhaps a letter could come from Jason Kenney for excellent work in promoting multi-culturalism and Stephen Harper commending for promoting democracy at home and abroad.

  3. Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

    Congrats Chris,
    May Mr. Bognar’s predictions come true earlier than you think. You certainly have earned all your praise, which have to outweigh all those bad things coming with your role as a freedom fighter for Hungary.

  4. Avatar Christopher Adam says:

    Thanks, Richard, Miklos and Gyula!

    In terms of a letter from Jason Kenney and Prime Minister Harper: one must always try to remain optimistic… 🙂

    One never knows, perhaps it’s just a matter of finding a more effective way of speaking with them about the goings-on in Hungary. I’m working on it. 🙂

  5. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    Glad to see that my “boss” at Concordia University is a fan of the HFP 🙂 and was not swayed by the clumsy attempts of the Hungarian Embassy on March 3rd to blacken the reputation of my colleague Daniel Salee and myself after we organized a well attended and highly successful international panel discussion on the Hungarian government’s rule of law violations.

  6. Avatar Charlie London says:

    Yes a very interesting seminar – hopefully they odour has died down now!

    What odour?

    Oh sorry! I think I meant Mr Odor from the embassy.

    Christopher, your ‘Press’ is much appreciated – and a riveting read always.

    I’m looking forward to the last instalment of András’ HMV analysis too. Or have I missed it?

    • Avatar Christopher Adam says:

      I’m very pleased to have you as an active reader and contributor of feedback and comments, Charlie!

  7. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    The next two installments are on their way Charlie….I’m giving RCA Viktor’s sound-engineers a bit of time to digest their food. After all, they ARE human and we have a responsibility for their well-being. Besides, I’m into Zen and the art of maintaining my bicycle. ‘Tis the season for bikin’ and hikin’. Follow what I’m sayin’ ?

  8. Avatar Charlie London says:

    Ok András – Yeah, you’re hip about time. But you just gotta go!

    I’ll digest them when they appear.


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