Jobbik rally in New York City

On Saturday, April 18th, 2015, New York City’s Árpád Hall will host an openly fascist event, right in the heart of Manhattan. István Szávay, a Jobbik MP and vice president of the far-right party, is visiting the United States, in order to rally and embolden the growing number of fascists in the Hungarian American community.

Recent polls suggest Jobbik is the second most popular party behind Fidesz and lately has been steadily closing the gap.

Ronald Lauder, a billionaire American businessman of Hungarian origin and president of the World Jewish Congress, was in Budapest recently and spoke during the March of the Living commemoration. He said Jobbik was harmful to Hungary’s international image. “Jobbik hurts Hungary. Do not allow Jobbik to destroy Hungary. The people of Hungary are too good for that,” Mr. Lauder noted.

Mr. Lauder also accused the Orbán-government of being silent of Jobbik’s racist attacks. Referring to Mr. Gergely Kulcsár a Jobbik MP who bragged about spitting on a Budapest Holocaust memorial, Lauder said: “I will not be silent when Christians are the target. When any group is singled out by hate, I will not be silent. And when someone spits in those shoes along the Danube and the Hungarian government does not condemn that, it looks like the government agrees.”

The Orbán-government is quietly following Jobbik’s extremist agenda. They have been veering further to the right by “stealing the issues and ideas” of the far-right.

István Szavay of Jobbik to hold rally at Manhattan's Árpád Hall.

István Szávay of Jobbik to hold rally at Manhattan’s Árpád Hall.

Jobbik leaders advertise their party as “honest, clean and genuine”, they fight for a “more just” Hungary. Their message is increasingly popular among young Hungarian immigrants in the United States and Canada. Jobbik’s US base is in Cleveland; party boss Mr. Gábor Vona visited Ohio in 2010. New York is also an up-and-coming centre of the far-right Hungarian diaspora.

While American politicians are willing to condemn Jobbik, very little is done to stop the spread of the movement in the US. Mr. Lauder doesn’t have to travel to Budapest to confront them, he can do that in the heart of New York City where they are having a rally this weekend.

György Lázár


  1. Orban’s shelf life is coming to an end, his expiration date is upon him and now he will make his choice whether to get Ader’s chair or to work out another background deal with the Jobbik and offer them some dirty assistance while cloaking himself in public as an antifascist liberty fighter (with the help of his living speaking-tube Lazar Janos). Ader refused the protection of the TEK in due time and doesn’t appreciate Orban’s panting in his ears while the Jobbik might charge a nice sum for letting Orban stir the shitpot further on, maybe more than Orban can afford. Vona is more intelligent than Orban and if he manages to steal Orban’s lucrative business he might as well force him on his knees.

    I don’t think it’s upon how strong the Jobbik is, rather upon when will Orban remain without protection for the first time. Until then the rally.
    A very personal view of mine, though.

  2. It is incomprehensible to me why the US grants visas to neo-nazis!

  3. Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

    A Hungarian MP visits a small Hungarian Greek Catholic congregation in Yorkville (where Lauder will never go slumming) and you call it “an openly fascist event”. What exactly makes it “fascist”? And, what exactly is “Jobbik’s extremist agenda”? What are you talking about? Your hate mongering demagoguery and Hungarian baiting is despicable. Your mind must be in the gutter.

    • Obviously you know nothing about Jobbik, they are a racist organization. They have proposed that the Jews be counted for “national security” reasons. They created the racist Magyar Garda and they insist that Gypsies be segregated and cut off from society. They harass Jews and desecrate their memorials. Tibi, if this is they type of Hungary you look forward to you should be ashamed of yourself. Where did this type of thinking and acting land Hungary after WWII?

  4. Avatar Karl Pfeifer says:

    Tibor Gergely the above article is very moderate.
    Jobbik can be called a nazi party. It is built on hatred against Roma and Jews, pretending to defend the interest of Hungarians but in reality an appendage of Putins Russian big power politics.

  5. It seems not much has changed for Hungary. After all this years, always choosing the ‘wrong’ side of decency. On the eve of Yom HaShoah, and seems to be planned by the Byzantine Church of NYC.. Shame on them for spewing hate, and not even 100 years after WW11. How many will learn about their Jewish dna. Jesus died a devout Jew. Csanad Szegedi is not the only one.. Cowards, they are.

    • “always choosing the ‘wrong’ side”
      Same thoughts here. I wonder why. Cannot happen accidentally. Not so many times. Then what, good attracts good as bad attracts bad? No, not that simple I’m afraid.

      Their choices are not of bad luck but always premeditated, calculating and emotionally fully agreeable for them.

      Fair-weather friends!!!!! And then…. the wind changes.

      How did Goethe say?
      “It seems to never occur to fools that merit and good fortune are closely united.”

      That’s about their choices

  6. Avatar Victor Laszlo says:

    If you think this guy is serious, think again!

  7. Avatar Charlie London says:


    When you use such extremes so often, your comments lose validity.

    Jobbik (and Fidesz) are seen in the west as extreme right wing parties. Jobbik is seen as fascist.

    The latest winner of the latest bi-election has the Nazi slogan tattooed on his arm – hidden during the recent election campaign.

    The fact that Vona ‘polished’ his party’s media image for the election doesn’t fool anyone in the West.

    A Fascist is a Fascist is a Fascist – or Nazis or ‘illiberal’ if you prefer. And is as indelible as a tattoo.

    Jobbik’s hatred of the Jewish race; hatred of Roma; and hatred of liberal politics (as per the West’s definition) makes them fully signed up, fully paid up Fascists with a capital F.

    Unfortunately you have used up your extreme lexicography to make any response meaningful to my post. Good luck!

    Btw I love Hungary.

  8. Jobbik is a reincarnation of the Nazi party. Shame on the US for allowing them to come and shame of the organizers for allowing them a platform.

  9. A Jobbik egy Nazi reinkarnáció. Szégyelem hogy be letek engedve Americába és szégyelem azokra akik engedik őket beszélni

  10. Avatar Edith From Romanian Transylvania. says:

    You Hungarian primitive blood thirsty fascists! Your country is the scum of Europe. Any Jew that visits Hungary should have his head examined! Better give that money to an animal shelter, or to a whorehouse in Nevada!

  11. Avatar Karl Pfeifer says:

    Edith your sweeping judgment about Hungarians should be rejected.

  12. Avatar Edith From Romanian Transylvania. says:

    1. Over a period of two nights in January 1944, with Hungarians watching from begins their lace curtains in Budapest, look up the number of Jewish children mostly under the ages of 10 thrown into the Danube by the Hungarians?? (in the thousands!)
    2. After the war, with the Hungarian Jews returning “home” look up the number of continued brutality upon its Jewish born citizens.
    3. There us no reason to beautify your country’s history and role in the slaughter of Jews- except today, we say : “never again” all throughout the world, and the world cannot exist without us.

  13. Avatar Edith From Romanian Transylvania. says:

    These cowards should have publicized their storm troopers rally sooner than just the day before!
    But, they knew that Never Again would bash their goulash heads, and that New York’s Jews would put them where they belong-

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  15. Jobbik is a conservative populist nationalistic party that wants Hungary to be independent in it’s foreign policy decisions and doesn’t want Hungary to be bullied by the EU, NATO, the IMF and their ilk. Jobbik gets falsely accused of anti-Semitism the way that one would dare to criticize Israel’s atrocious actions against Palestinians would also be accused of being an anti-Semite. Why the hate towards Jobbik and Hungary? Is it because Jobbik called Shimon Peres on his remark about wanting to buy out Hungary? Is it because Jobbik doesn’t support US and Israeli bullying against Iran? Is it because Jobbik doesn’t support NATO’s mayhem in the Ukraine? Is it because Jobbik doesn’t see Putin as the anti-Christ like the western neoliberals do? There’s a new Europe coming and parties like Syriza, Jobbik, Podemos and others are standing up against the banker enforced austerity neoliberalism. A new day is coming. It’s a shame that Jobbik critics can’t use constructive criticism but instead resort to Godwin’s law.

    • Avatar Karl Pfeifer says:

      Sean, you gave us the Jobbik PR, I am giving you the Jobbik reality. Jobbik is closely allied with Betyársereg. A group of Neo-Nazi who organized last Saturday an “Adolf Hitler memory tour against Zionist hysteria campaigns” in the hills not far from Budapest.
      The tour started on “Nagymagyarország tér” in Csókakö. From the place of “Great Hungary”. The Hungarian Jobbik Nazi dream about having again a blood bath in the Center of Europe, by annexing territories belonging to Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

  16. Avatar Edith From Romanian Transylvania. says:

    That’s the anti Semite in this”Sean” you’re probably a good Hunkie, Zsolt, or whatever,…..anyway, any wolf by any cover Jobbik is a fascist wanabee group. Not to worry Iran will use its power towards the graveyard called Magyarorszag, sooner or later. I remember as a young student of 6, being told by my classmates: ” go to Palestine” well we did!!! And have a beautiful tech savvy, rich in everything country. Remember, bussinessmen will not entertain opening and dealing with new ventures in your Hungary with destructive Jobbik there! Jobbik destroys and hurts! Jews build! Jews make the money! Jews create the jobs!

  17. Avatar Charlie London says:


    It is true that many Jews left Hungary sadly to the detriment of their mother country – yes they were all Hungarians.

    They left because of not being able to progress their education and studies and had to use the resources and education of other countries.

    Eight of them won Nobel Prizes – but because of conditions – antisemitism – they had to leave the country to do so.

    Horthy’s era ingrained antisemitism into the Hungarian psyche with his numerus clauses, among other policies – and it’s just so dreadful that Jobbik want to perpetuate his memory and methods

    Not just the Jews, but the Roma too.

    The Magyar Guarda is a disgraceful badge of shame on Hungary’s international reputation, ostentatiously banned by Orban, but discreetly encouraged by Fidesz in its competition of descending into the gutter with Jobbik. Fideszbbik!

    The diaspora continues today, mainly for economic reasons, but many go because of the climate.

    My partner for example. She will never return to live in Hungary and is ashamed to declare, sometimes that she is Hungarian. We have a lovely house by the beautiful Danube which will only ever be a holiday home, and as a base for family visits.

    But she will never return – just like many fellow Hungarians.

    We have helped six Hungarians relocate to England – and I doubt if they will return either.

    These are some of the most intelligent, clever people that Hungary has. Orban says this isn’t his country haemorrhaging young people because emigration doesn’t exist within the EU! But they won’t return – to the benefit of their host country.
    Pure additional GDP wealth that is instantly removed from the economy of Hungary. Orban’s KSH count these people as though they are workers in Hungary and Gabriella – its head – is responsible for some some of the dodgiest statistics in the EU. Nepotism is a big poblem.

    A Hungarian – of Roma culture, has become a wealthy Senior Manager in our health system in Surrey, England, and returns to her village to build decent property and facilities in her Roma ‘ghetto’ in Hungary – that’s how Hungary treats 10% of its GDP – and encourages them to study and work hard.

    Then there’s Jobbik’s irredentism – forever looking back – Trianon- and rewriting history, even false history.

    All this mess can be laid at the foot of Orban’s door – who will never lead a united country.

    Football stadiums yes.



  18. Avatar Edith From Romanian Transylvania. says:

    Charlie London.
    Thank you and well said by you.
    Count us as one of many who will not even return to visit that country either. And why should we?
    My passion for the suffering of the Roma people has always been – since I was small and would see them on our street going in their carts and asking for jobs from my parents and neighbors. Hungary tried to wash its landmarks and towns of all who were not from a Magyar Hun ancestry- by doing so, they keep forgetting of the mélange of mixtures their own ancestors come from.
    I say they are breastfed from birth with anti semitism – and I’m not just saying so. My father a survivor would sau how the bestiality of them surpassed that of the Germans! we are not even dreaming of a change- who cares? Plenty of beautiful places to visit and enjoy and as for us, after leaving, that guttural language was abandoned upon arriving on the beautiful shores of Belgium.

  19. What happened at the Jobbik rally? Please report. Thank you.

  20. Avatar Varadi Joska, Mesa AZ says:

    I am afraid I can’t work up too much compassion for the Jews living in Hungary…If, after everything what went on there during WWII, they chose to return (or not to leave), they – all over 100,000 of them – should not expect any better! As the saying goes, whoever does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it ! Romania, which treated its Jews – and Gypsies – much, much better during the war (my family and ALL other Jewish families I know survived there!) is only counting today approx. 6000 Jews…and there is no anti-Semitism to speak of. The only budding Romanian nationalist party (Romania Mare) was laughed off to the margin of political existence and has no representation whatsoever in the Parliament… Go figure!

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