Interfering in personal lives of Hungarians will lead to Orbán’s demise

Political scientist László Lengyel gave an excellent interview this weekend to Hungary’s left-centre Népszava daily. The chat, with Népszava’s Tamás Bihari, began with a comparison to Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book and to the king of the jungle, Shere Khan. Mr. Lengyel had previously referred to Viktor Orbán as a tiger, and as the merciless king of the jungle. “Between 2010 and 2014, Mr. Orbán’s personal tragedy has been his decision to essentially exterminate the other animals in the jungle, and above all, his opponents. Beyond him, no other predator had the courage to step out of the cave. Everyone was frightened that Shere Khan would strike. Even Shere Khan’s own followers, his believers, were fearful of him,” said Mr. Lengyel, as he weaved Mr. Orbán’s narrative seamlessly into the narrative of the Jungle Book’s aging tiger.

Mr. Orbán has allowed himself to believe that he is invincible, irreplaceable and that fear would solve everything and keep his regime intact. Yet Mr. Lengyel gave a few examples of how fear is no longer working as it did in the past. One such instance involves voting patterns. With a crucial three-way by-election coming up in Tapolca on April 12th, Mr. Lengyel is predicting that voters will once again demonstrate that they no longer fear Mr. Orbán’s regime, much like they did in Veszprém when independent candidate Zoltán Kész, supported by most of the left-centre opposition, won a decisive victory against his Fidesz opponent. Mr. Lengyel said that he visited the town of Ajka, which forms part of the Tapolca riding, and observed that “Fidesz has more or less already lost.” Mr. Lengyel seems to suggest that the real question is whether the joint Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP)  and Democratic Coalition (DK) candidate is able to keep the riding from slipping into the hands of Jobbik.

László Lengyel. Photo: MTI / László Beliczay

László Lengyel. Photo: MTI / László Beliczay

Thus far, the MSZP-DK campaign has been inept, in that it made no effort to build on the success and popularity of Ajka’s Socialist mayor, Béla Schwartz. Ajka’s unemployment rate is only 3.2%, the town’s industrial park is buzzing with activity, the vast socialist era prefab apartment blocks have been renovated and the area is awash in European Union funds. Still, Mr. Lengyel believes that Fidesz will have an uphill battle if it is to win the riding of Tapolca, although it remains to be seen whether Jobbik or MSZP-DK stands a better chance of finishing on top.

“For a long time, fear has worked well, especially in smaller communities. People knew that if they put the “x” in the wrong place, there will be no public works projects, they might get fired from their municipal jobs or from public institutions. In villages, there are few jobs. One of the regime’s pillars–namely, fear–is collapsing. It didn’t work in Veszprém either where even in the smallest communities, people voted with head held high for Zoltán Kész, despite the crass threats. The spell has been broken: nothing happened with opposition voters after Mr. Kész won. Civil courage has started to appear. In Tapolca, Sümeg and Ajka even civil servants know that the regime can’t just go ahead and do anything it pleases with them,” said Mr. Lengyel.

The political scientist believes that a turning point may have been when the Orbán regime decided that it would start to dictate lifestyle choices to ordinary Hungarians: when it effectively invaded the private sphere of the average citizen. Mr. Lengyel explains that most Hungarians were not especially disturbed when the government went after public institutions (the courts, the central bank, etc.). But they are generally far less tolerant when it comes to the state dictating how they are to lead their private lives.

“Most Hungarians feel that public institutions, like the constitutional court, the central bank and many others are distant. But when the government began to interfere in their lives, with issues such as the Internet tax, mandatory drug tests, tolls and forced store closures on Sundays, tens of thousands of ‘hard-working ordinary people’ demanded that they be left alone. Their worldview does not include having to think about where or how many times they click when on the Internet. Nor does it include not being able to spend Sunday in the mall. Are they going to tell me that I have to go to church on Sunday? What’s up with that? Politics began to ruffle the feathers of everyday life,” explained Mr. Lengyel.

That having been said, Mr. lengyel added that the regime is able to “limp along” with the current modest levels of economic growth. At the moment, Hungary’s GDP is growing by 2% to 2.5%. But EU funds actually comprise up to 1% of this growth. Consumers will also likely have more money to spend, following the government’s decision to require banks to convert all lines of credit and mortgages previously denominated in Swiss francs into forints. Greater consumer spending will lead to a further rise in the GDP, as will planned increases in wages and pensions. And Mr. Lengyel predicts that Mr. Orbán will have liquid funds to spend, once again, starting in 2017 and which he can use for pre-election ‘goodies.’

But the real problem is tied to both the lack of private investment in Hungary, as well as to a dramatic decline in the quality of public services, especially in the fields of health care and education. “The educational system is rotting away, which will have an impact on the quality of the workforce. Growth is not sustainable when social inequality increases,” added Mr. Lengyel.


  1. Avatar Dr. Habil. Andras Fodor says:

    Egyik szadeszes neobolsi idézi a másikat. Miért nem egyenesen önmagát?
    Lengyel László – aki egyébként okos ember – szememben akkor veszítette e a megbecsülését, amikor Antall József sírját – szimbolkusan persze, – leköpte.

    Azóta szavai – minden szava – hiteltelenek a számomra.

    Emlékszem, hogy “kóserolta” a “panamai dilpomás”szélhámos “Don Louist”, a Bokrost. Gyomorforgató volt.

    OK fiúk, idézzétek csak egymást, ettől még nem lesztek hitelesek. Az orbán kormány TÉNYLEGES hibái helyett a régi vádakat ismételgetitek, mint egy imamamlomban.

    De ha ezzel örömet szereztek önmagatoknak, hát tegyétek. Én ezt szellemi onániának tartom, már megbocsásatok, mert az is ezt a célt szolgálja.

    • Avatar Christopher Adam says:

      Mr Fodor,

      I suggest that you write your comments in English, as many of our readers do not understand Hungarian. Mind you, if you were to simply translate the hyperbole and polemics that you posted above, it would all sound rather absurd in English.

      Could you define and qualify what you mean by neo-Bolshevik within the context of your comment?

      • My apologies for meddling, Chris. I am not sure but think we are wasting our time with and A.I.s. Not just habil.

        We have these little smart morons here, we can buy them they would walk up and down in our room all day and entertain us. Their emotional level and reaction mode can be set. We can choose between more than 40 options such as, giggling, sniggering, pleased, frustrated, arguing, disgust etc. They are like habil, more
        exactly, they are much much smarter. They are everywhere from banks to whatever customer services needs them and are handling customers pretty well. They are fluent in dozen of languages and it’s really hard to find out they are bots unless you see them or can conduct a longer conversation.

        These online A.I. chatbots like habil are specially programmed to deceive people into believing they are humans. The best mode for this is the fight mode, they pick a fight to lure people into answering their challenge, i.e. they lead the course making it possible for them to hide that they actually don’t understand human speech. Something that obviously applies to habil.

        I think habil and the other trolls might be the same A.I. set to HFP by Orban’s infamous internet commando but this time a little error has occurred. It’s weekend and the operator left his shift in a rush and forgot to switch his pet back to English language.

        • And sorry for the spelling a grammar mistakes I write my comments in haste and they keep on interrupting me until I forget where I was.

      • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

        If you don’t even know Hungarian, I wonder what you know about Hungary – or what your interest in Hungarian politics is. Does one of you care to enlighten me?

        • Absolutely, I can help you with this question. This is a Canadian publication and there are hundreds of thousands of Canadians with Hungarian origins with family still living in Hungary. This is why there is an interest, knowledge and care. I suppose you think this should be a Hungarian language publication? Or are you going to claim that we are not Hungarian enough to speak on the subject. BTW, I am fluent in Hungarian.

          • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

            You can “help me with this question…” How kind of you – “Liz Aucoin”? 🙂 And it certainly takes care of the ‘curiosity’ part of ‘interest’ but would you mind answering the what’s it to you part as well? &, did I say “Hungarian Free Press” (ROFL) should be a Hungarian language blog or are you just trying to put words in my mouth like your bud, Richard? Nor did I say that ‘you are not Hungarian enough to speak on the subject’. You did, since you are again trying to put words in my mouth. Cheap, cheap! I said or implied that you don’t know what you are talking about. Egyébként gratulálok a magyar tudásodhoz. Mire használod?

          • First of all, I answered the questions you asked, you didn’t ask “what’s it to you?” Anyway, the answer is the same no matter how you word it, it is the same question. As far as putting words in your mouth, it was more of a question for you. I said “I suppose” and put a ? You were making assumptions that the people commenting here do not speak Hungarian, so I only can speak for myself in correcting you on that. I don’t think it is that hard to figure out that the people here reading and commenting have a interest in Hungary because of their own backgrounds, what more would there be? Why would you ask me what I use my Hungarian for? Of course to speak with my family back home. What do you use yours for? What is your interest in Hungarian politics for and why do you care so much about why others are here?

          • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

            No, you actually did not answer my questions. To be more precise, you answered one of my questions and another question partially. Having 60% controlling interest in a company is also not the same as having an interest in philosophy. I didn’t ‘assume’ that most of you people don’t even know Hungarian, CA in his comment to FA said so. (“I suggest that you write your comments in English, as many of our readers do not understand Hungarian”.) And people are not necessarily interested in Hungary because of their backgrounds – like Colin Powell wasn’t interested in Iraq ‘because of his background’. Why did I ask what you use your Hungarian for? Because I am curious if you use it like André Goodfriend used it (how do you feel about him, “Liz Aucoin”? Cool dude?) or if you use it like Tibor Fischer does (“What on earth is this ignorant nonsense being spread about Hungary?” ). Since I wouldn’t want to ‘assume’ anything… 😀 As for YOUR questions – if you answer mine, I will answer yours.

  2. Avatar András Gollner says:

    Dear Mr Fodor is at it again. I guess it’s easier than finding food for his saber toothed rabbit..Tiska, tiska….As for Mr Lengyel, while he is always provocative, and has interesting things to say, he’s not always right. (If he were always right, he’d probably be a bore. Come to think of it that sweater and white shirt outfit he’d been sporting for the past 50 years is becoming a bit of an eyesore. But hey, as long as he doesn’t sleep in ’em, who cares. No ?) In my view, the problem with Lengyel’s prognosis is, that it is based on a false diagnosis. I don’t think it is fear, that pushed Hungarians to support Fidesz in such high numbers during the past 5 years, but an archaic political culture. Like Mr Lengyel with his beloved sweaters and white collar shirts, Hungarians have a hard time breaking with their political-cultural past. Orbán has a great knack for understanding what makes ordinary Hungarians tick, and has mastered the communications tools that resonate with that culture. Look at Fidesz’ successes in the diaspora, where the target audiences have nothing to fear from Orbán. Patriotic talk, belief in Hungary’s moral superiority over her slavic neighbours, Hungarians’ belief, that they have always been victimized, stabbed in the back (bal sors akit régen tép….tra la la…) the eschewing of Christian values, anti-communism and a bit of subliminal anti-Semitic, anti-Roma gesturing will carry a long way with the elderly who play a decisive role in the North-American Hungarian community. The granting of citizenship to Hungarians in the neighboring countries, lower electricity bills and the promise of full employment and cheap public transportation back home is what matters. Food on the table and a pension is much more in demand, than the rule of law. The diaspora vote COULD become decisive, if Orbán can’t pull an economic rabbit out of his hat. Hence his feverish courting of Russian, Chinese, Saudi, Kazakh cash, his opening to the South, and his increasingly desperate dependence on losers like Mr Fodor in the West, whose job is to keep the faith alive in Jonesville. If the Eastern friends don’t dig deep into their pockets, if the new diplomatic strategy that gives economics priority over politics, doesn’t bear fruit, and if the EU begins to tighten it’s financial largess, it’s game over. The real threat to Orbán’s rule is not the loss of fear on the part of Hungary’s citizens, but the loss of his communicative jive, his ability to mesmerize, hoodwink an upcoming generation, of whom many have tasted and tested the liberating power of independent thinking. Hungarians in ever greater numbers are branching out, heading West and testing the boundaries of their country’s conventional wisdom. This is the force that will eventually secure a place for Orbán in the dustbin of history.

  3. But if we begin with a comparison to Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book let’s not forget what Hathi the Wild Elephant said: “To each his own fear”.
    And let’s not forget that Shere Khan was a tiger while Orban is just a King Kacor . A coward, deceitful, two-faced fat magician, and I know something he is really afraid of.

  4. Avatar Sandor Kerekes says:

    Dr. Debil is nursing the frog’s butt again, I see.
    Well. Let’s clean him up at once, before he gets too cocky.

    Pm. Jozsef Antall was a bona fide traitor to his party, to his country and to his own cause. He played footsie with, and reported to, the socialists all along the Round Table negotiations and to put it simply, he promised to make a president of Pozsgai, if in turn that will make premier of him. The glue that held this sinister partnership together was the shared fear and hatred of the Liberals. But they both came to rue this alliance and both lost out in shame.

    As far as Don Luis is concerned, we have just celebrated the 20th anniversary of his spectacularly successful economic package, in a scientific conference, with internationally respected guests, all of whom were unanimous in the praises of Don Luis’s economic genius.
    Only an idiotic anti-Semite would think that Lajos Bokros needs “kashering” at all. In fact, if there is any economist anywhere, who needs no kashering, that is Bokros. He is, in fact, as kosher as can be already, and there is no authority in the Hungarian economic community who could have higher respect than him. Well deserved too!
    Dr. Debil, how did you get to be such a sad suck, primitive, badass, shithead?
    Nobody is born this stupid! For this, one must work! Yeah! But is this worth it?

  5. Hey Tibor!

    1) this is En English language blog on hungarian affairs written by hungarians who speak hungarians, for non or not so fluent hungarian speakers.

    2) sadly, there are many, many hungarians living in Hungary who speak only hungarian and yet are very misinformed about what is going on in Hungary. As for the 56er and generally most people over the age of 50 in the hungarian diaspora, they too don’t really know what’s going on, just nod their head in agreement with anything they hear that sounds ” good”.

    • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

      Hey Canadian, is it only Hungarians in Hungary that are ‘misinformed’? How about Canadians in Canada? Are you folks less misinformed about your own country than we are about ours? And, how are young Canadian-Hungarians so well informed about Hungary that they only visited (if you even visited it) and only know from hostile propaganda or gossip? Sounds kind of big headed, if you ask me. As for András, not much love is lost between us, but I am perfectly willing to translate and explain his comment that I happen to agree with.

      • I hate to break it to you, but I lived in Hungary during Communism and have been back many times, have hundreds of family members still living there, I am very well informed about what is going on there. I do not get my information from “propaganda” but my guess is that you do. I also always investigate further to what I hear to be sure that it is confirmed. Hungarians are NOT informed and you know it. They can investigate and find the truth, but most will believe what is written by the publishers at the “ministry of interior” (MTI)because they wouldn’t suspect they are being deceived. Most don’t realize that their freedom is not guaranteed and is not what they think it is. But we all know that if you are constantly being told by your government how well the country is doing but so many are unemployed, homeless and hungry. Shops are boarded up, houses foreclosing, utilities being cut off, you may suspect you are being lied to. Hospital conditions are pathetic and people are not doing well, but government officials are getting rich and people working their asses off with more than one job still cannot make ends meet. Don’t tell me that Hungary is doing so well under Fidesz leadership. Don’t tell me I don’t know anything about what is going on in Hungary. Don’t tell me that I am hearing “gossip”! Take your sheeple attitude and Hungarian pride garbage and feed it to people who will sit and nod in agreeance with you, as we all can tell, you are in the wrong company if you think you can get away with this here!

        • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

          May I ask what you and your army of relatives did during ‘communism’, “Liz Aucoin”? 🙂 Since Orbán haters, less than 20% of Hungarians, usually belong in two broad categories: 1) people who never paid taxes and now have to – like everyone else anywhere, and 2) ex-aparatchiks and their mishpoche who feel the privileges they managed to keep serving the new dominant superpower are threatened. Which takes us to where you get your information and how you “investigate further”. Would you mind being a little more specific, Liz? You write “their freedom is not guaranteed and is not what they think it is” 🙂 Like it’s ‘guaranteed’ anywhere and since you know what they think and what ‘freedom’ really is. WOW! Would you mind sharing these amazing insights as well? As for your “guess”, I hate to disappoint you but MTI (Magyar Távirati Iroda – something like ‘Hungarian Dispatch Bureau’ but certainly not “ministry of interior”) has never been a source of information to me. Bloomberg on the other hand (right up your alley, yes?) is, as in: “Hungary’s industrial-output growth was double the pace of forecasts in January and, coupled with a surge in spending, is helping defy predictions for a slowdown after one of the fastest economic-growth rates in the European Union. Industrial production rose 7.7 percent in January from a year earlier, the most in six months, the Budapest-based statistics office said Friday, based on preliminary data. That compared with an average forecast of 3.9 percent by six economists in a Bloomberg survey. Gross domestic product grew 3.4 percent in the fourth quarter from October-December 2013 and 3.6 percent in 2014, more than the 3.5 percent full-year preliminary estimate, the statistics office said.”
          BloombergBusiness: “The expansion is becoming broader as agriculture, tourism and construction bounce back and consumer spending recovers, which helped boost retail sales the most in 11 years in January. The government’s 2.5 percent economic-growth forecast for this year is “extremely conservative,” Orban said at a business forum in Budapest, adding that he was so optimistic about the outlook that he’d rather not disclose a new estimate. Hungarian consumers have more money to spend as disposable incomes gain from cheaper fuel bills, $4 billion in refunds from banks for charges courts deemed unfair and the conversion of foreign-currency loans to forint. The central bank doubled its Funding for Growth plan this year to 1 trillion forint ($3.6 billion), in a bid to fill a void in credit by still ailing lenders. Policy makers will probably restart monetary easing this month as consumer prices drop the most since the 1960s. “It’ll be hard to ignore for the rating companies the budget deficit that’s under control, the plan to cut the bank tax, the falling public debt, the near-zero inflation and the stable economic performance,” Imre Kerekgyarto and Karoly Bamli, Budapest-based foreign-currency traders at Commerzbank AG, said by e-mail.” Bloomberg again: “‘This was top notch,’ László Szabó, president of Budapest-based Concorde Asset Management, which manages $1.9 billion in assets, said by e-mail. ‘We may often criticize the Hungarian government and central bank, but this is the time to congratulate them for the incredible timing.’ Orbán in November forced Hungarian banks to make financial arrangements to convert 3.3 trillion forint ($12 billion) in foreign-currency mortgages, overwhelmingly denominated in Swiss francs, into local currency. The move, to be completed this year, prevented a 700 billion-forint jump in household debt when the Swiss National Bank (SNBN) set the franc free, Hungary’s monetary authority said.”
          “Sheeple attitude” means that I am not spouting what you people spout in unison, yes? “Hungarian pride garbage” – ‘Hungarian pride’? Like ‘gay pride’ except ‘Hungarian pride’ is evil? Will you elaborate on that a bit too while you’re educating me? “Feed it to people who will sit and nod in agreeance with you, as we all can tell, you are in the wrong company if you think you can get away with this here!”. (Agreeance? What is this ‘Pride and Prejudice’?) And again, we should in “gleichgeschaltete” company quote each other and talk to exclusively each other like you folks do. No thanks. Are you “Canadian” too BTW besides “Liz Aucoin”? Or do you just answer for “Canadian” because you think he is too dumb to write back himself?

          • Wow, you make a lot of assumptions about my personal background. Only the stupid and lazy do this, if you want to play that game we could get into a slanderous and ugly fight full of the types of commentary that you are trying to get people to engage you in, but I won’t be that person……not today at least. You are sounding like someone who doesn’t spend much time in Hungary amongst regular folk, in small villages or amongst the people who are not in the silver spoon category. There is NOT more disposable income in Hungary, that is a Fidesz lie, along with the fact that more people are employed. The GDP is doing well, but as for the rest I chalk it up to the “Matolcsy miracle”, he is fantastic at playing with numbers and Fidesz is also very good at spreading propaganda, must come from learning from his idol Putin. If you would like to believe the Fidesz bs, that is your right, just as it is for others not to. I don’t speak for the commenter “Canadian”, I speak for myself, if I feel like piping up I will. Do you have a problem with that? PS. My family were hard working regular folk, that is what they did during communism, and yours?

          • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

            What “assumptions” are you talking about again “Liz Aucoin”? And what’s with the insults? What are you trying to hide? What “regular folk”? The people who elected the current government by a landslide, 70+%? What “Fidesz propaganda”? Such as Bloomberg, The Guardian, The Economist, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, etc. are all spreading pro Fidesz propaganda but you, “Liz Aucoin,” are wise to them? Are you on crack? Could you also be a little more precise than “your family was hard working regular folk” in the Soviet era? What exactly did your parents do? Were they party members? What was their party position? You are not ashamed of your parents, are you? And BTW, are you Jewish? As for your questions, see above.

  6. Tibor Gergely

    Why are you asking questions that are already answered by Christopher Adam on April 4, 2015 at 8:29 pm in his previous post? Care to enlighten me? Couldn’t get his gist? No problem, let’s go one more time.

    He wrote: “I suggest that you write your comments in English, as many of our readers do not understand Hungarian. Mind you, if you were to simply translate the hyperbole and polemics that you posted above, it would all sound rather absurd in English.”

    I translate it for you:

    First sentence meaning/
    Not only Hungarians are interested in Hungary but many others from all over the world. Care to attend the Visitor Flag Counter up there? This site was made for them, similarly to the do the dozens of other English language sites run by the Hungarian media from Hungary. Similarly, they only accept comments and pieces in English. Or do you suggest all of them visitors from all over the world should learn Hungarian to avoid looking dumb in your eyes? Is it clear, up to this point, or you intend to ask the same question on all other English language sites too?
    Chris has another site the “kanadaihirlap” that he runs in Hungarian language. O.K.?

    But I see your stand:

    ORDER AND DISCIPLINE!! Speak only Hungarian if you speak about Hungary!!!!
    Hup 2, 3, 4
    Keep it up 2, 3, 4
    Hup 2, 3, 4
    Dress it up 2, 3, 4

    Good one.

    Second sentence meaning/
    Try to make sense.

    BTW the same applies to you, too.

    • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

      Richard “sees my stand…” 🙂 Do you REALLY see my stand, Richard? Well, Rico, I don’t think you see us at all – you are blinded by hate. Your comments RADIATE hate. Where does it come from? And, why do you put words in my mouth and answer yourself instead of replying to what I wrote? Did I write that you should speak Hungarian if you speak about Hungary? No, I was just wondering what you know about Hungary and how you know it. Would you care to answer that question? MY question instead of your own? And, “Hup 2, 3, 4; keep it up”? Are you foaming at the mouth when you spout this hateful gibberish or does your blood pressure simply go up?

      • Look in the mirror when you state these things, you were the one to come here and now twisting it to suit your agenda. You are the hateful one, just because you don’t like the truth. My suggestion is to stick to the government regulated news in Hungarian from MTI, they are great at giving Hungarians the feeling like life is perfect. If you want to get the truth, you must be first willing to receive it.

        • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

          I just did look in the mirror, Liz dear, Revealer of the Truth, Canadian, or whoever you are, and I look pretty good. Which is where you lost me. “I twisted coming here”? Wow – and I didn’t even know it… How do you twist going somewhere? But, hey, what can you expect from someone who “doesn’t like the truth” – which, as we all know, equals hate. On top of which you are confusing MTI with Bloomberg. What exactly are you smoking, Canadian Liz?

          • Don’t play games with me, you know exactly what I was saying, you are TWISTING WORDS to suit your agenda. Maybe you should take more english lessons. Where do you think that Bloomberg gets their news on Hungary? Do you think it comes from the moon? Are you really this unintelligent, or do you just like to play dumb when someone calls you on your bullshit?

          • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

            I should take more English lessons, “Liz Aucoin”? You don’t say… 🙂 You are again telling me what “I know” or think and you are loud and arrogant. Sigh. Let me see – where have I seen this kind of behavior before? Have you always been like this, Liz dear? Did you start out as a bully in Kindergarten where even the adults were afraid of you because of your daddy’s party position? (How am I doing on the guessing front, sweetheart?) As for Bloomberg, let me see – when they report on Hungary, they go to – surprize, surprize – Hungary! Why, Liz darling, should they go to Canada and ask you? And, you called me “on my bullshit”? Really? Such as? (Stop making me laugh, hon, I can’t breath… :-D) But seriously, What are you selling here? That Bloomberg is in cahoots with Orbán trying to make the Hungarian government look good? Have you completely lost your mind?

  7. Get mad babe!!

  8. Oh yes and one more thing Gergely babe!!

    Please write to all the Hungarian online news sites and ask them to stop reporting world news such as from France, India, etc. in Hungarian language. How could they know anything about or understand e.g. India or China when they don’t even speak Chinese or Hindi? See the logic? You’re so smart.

    Now, go write one more reply to me to make bigger fool of yourself if it is possible ate all.

    And remember to be firm with the editors!!!!!!!
    English news in English, China news in Chinese, Hungarian news in Hungarian. Order and discipline!!!!

    In a military style !!!!
    Hup 2, 3, 4
    Keep it up 2, 3, 4
    Hup 2, 3, 4
    Dress it up 2, 3, 4
    It’s a military goal.

    BTW. I am not foaming at the mouth and I don’t spout this hateful gibberish it was just a quote from the Jungle Book, more exactly it’s from the Jungle Book Disney movie, Colonel Hathi’s song appropriately enough as it perfectly applies to your foolish commanding style.

    You know that’s how this piece begun, with a comparison to Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book if you could be bothered at all to read it .
    Doesn’t seem to be the case.

    So, that’s all for today, bye now. Get mad babe.

    • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

      Babe? Do you like me Richard? Then why do you ignore everything I say and carry and this spaced out conversation with yourself? Is jerking off your ENTIRE life? (Besides Disney movies and fairy tales.) Which is basically what Bandi wrote – that you quote each other and talk to each other ignoring the “outside world” (and the outside world is closing in on you – or haven’t you noticed). I asked some very specific questions, honey. Are you having a hard time answering them?

  9. I didn’t write baby, I wrote babe. Not the same. Means you’re a kid. Mentally. Moreover I have recited from the original Jungle Book , too. That’s nit fairy tale at all. Otherwise your whole comment makes no sense you get no more reply.

    • Avatar Tibor Gergely says:

      Come on Richard, don’t be embarassed, where is your Gay Pride? And stop lying anyway, you wrote about the Disney version of Jungle Book – not that the original is not a fairy tale. Kipling wrote it for his six years old daughter, Josephine. It was meant to be a fairy tale and has always been known as a fairy tale. I get “no more reply”? 😀 Like I got ANY? Let’s face it, Richard, you are not the brightest bulb on our Christmas tree. – I mean, ahem, brightest candle in our menora, sorry.

  10. I foresaw you will reply, what I couldn’t imagine that you will be able to make a bigger fool of yourself than before.
    First the gay bomb than followed by your usual nonsenses.

    Excuse me but “get mad babe” (“baby” originally, I just changed it for babe to save you for cherishing dreams that are vain) was also a quote from the Jungle Book movie, Baloo told it to Louie, the king ape ’cause he made the same serious mistake that you made, he wanted to become a man.

    Sorry for playing a game with your troll-psyche and slowly instilling the points but I was sure you can never be bothered to read the script before being a mart ass.

    Here, a little help for you.

    But it is nice to see that you took my advice, at least one and really got mad.
    Now, take my other advise too.
    Go detoxicate yourself and have a break babe.

    So, despite of my promise I gave you reply but only ’cause I felt sorry for seeing you in such a miserable mental state but forgive me I really have to stop it now.

    • Some spelling mistakes, correctly:
      save you from cherishing dreams
      before being a smart ass.

      Sorry for that, if you should find more, please correct them at least you will do something useful.
      Bye now Louie. Have a nice day

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