Namaste, Ambassador Colleen Bell!

President Obama appointed Ms. Colleen Bell to serve as the United States’ Ambassador to Hungary and in December 2014 she was finally confirmed by the US Senate.

Now she is in Budapest where she released a smart video message, sending greetings to the Hungarian people. Here is the video.

She also visited the Sándor Palace where she presented her appointment letter to János Áder, Hungary’s President.   Later Ms. Bell laid a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Budapest’s Heroes Square, she did that in the name of the people of the United States of America.

And here came the unexpected (and pleasant) surprise.   Ms. Bell greeted the saluting Hungarian military officer with Namaste, the ancient Hindu greeting, her hands pressed together and palms touching.

Kudos Ms. Ambassador for showing some California free spirit to the stiff, authoritarian regime in Budapest!

We’ll closely follow Ms. Bell’s activities in the “Vaterland”, I am sure in one thing–she will be very busy.

György Lázár
Colleen Bell in Budapest

Colleen Bell in Budapest


  1. I hope Colleen Bell will get very good briefing and advice from André Goodfriend. She should be a strong person, as Hungary is a very prejudiced male oriented society and the Fidesz regime’s mafia thieves are the worst chauvinist bunch, real criminals and redneck idiots!
    Laying a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier is nice, now give each Fidesz politician a gift too, perhaps a noose, to hang themselves.

  2. “And here came the unexpected (and pleasant) surprise. Ms. Bell greeted the saluting Hungarian military officer with Namaste, ”

    I don’t understand why. Anyway, doesn’t look like a genuine Namaste leastways in this photo, was it really? But,… I don’t think any of the military officers would recognize this greeting, that actually gonna be kind a peace symbol, isn’t it? For a military officer of a authoritarian regime? I don’t think they will ever understand or recognize it, yet if yes, they surely will take it as a sign of weakness. Specifically from a woman. hmmmmmmmm Anyhow…

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