Hungarian Socialist MEP entertains far-right bikers in Brussels

Tibor Szanyi, currently a Member of the European Parliament and one of the most prominent politicians in the Hungarian Socialist Party, reportedly entertained a group of far right-wing bikers in Brussels this summer. The story is so bizarre, that one would be inclined to think that it was made up by a talented political satirist. Mr. Szanyi, after all, is on the left of the MSZP, regularly addressing demonstrators at opposition rallies as “comrades” and criticizing the “new labour” or Blairite approach taken by the likes of Ferenc Gyurcsány. It now appears, however, that Mr. Szanyi had no qualms inviting the “Goy Bikers”–a well-known group of right-wing nationalists–to Brussels, where he paid for their dinner at a local restaurant and also covered the costs of their hotel accommodation. He got his staffers to give them a tour of Parliament and helped arranged their travel plans as well.

Goy Bikers/Goj motorosok visiting the European Parliament on Mr. Szanyi's dime.

Goy Bikers/Goj motorosok visiting the European Parliament on Mr. Szanyi’s dime.

The Goy Bikers, however, wanted more. They tried to convince Mr. Szanyi to hand over 600 euros in the form of “spending money.” Mr. Szanyi reportedly became furious and told them that he had already given an arm, and yet now they wanted him to give a leg. In the end, the leader of the bikers, Imre Mészáros, decided to drop the request for cash.

According to a report on, in 2013 Mr. Szanyi made a bet with the nationalist bikers: if the left-wing alliance wins the spring election, the bikers would invite Mr. Szanyi to dinner. If the left loses (as they did, rather miserably), the Socialist MEP would have to invite the bikers to Brussels, and pay for their hotel, meals and petrol. asked Mr. Szanyi about the situation, but the Socialist MEP said that he had no comment.

MSZP now has the rather infamous track record of being the only Hungarian party other than Jobbik, to wine and dine far-right nationalists in Brussels.

The Goy Bikers were established in 2006. Their logo includes the map of Greater (pre-1920) Hungary, with a stylized picture of a motorcycle and a biker dressed in ancient Hungarian folk clothing.

The official Goy Bikers logo.

The official Goy Bikers logo.

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