Navracsics EU appointment is a slap in the face for Orbán regime

Tibor Navracsics received the lowest ranking position in Jean-Claude Juncker’s new European Commission, having been appointed commissioner for education, culture, youth and citizenship. Mr. Navracsics has served as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s foreign affairs minister, but it is widely believed that this position will now be passed on to Péter Szijjártó, one of Fidesz’s most vocal supporters of the new “Ostpolitik” and a staunch Orbán loyalist.

As part of Mr. Navracsics’s new position, he will serve as a liaison with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, as well as with the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training. A leadership chart appearing on the European Commission’s website puts Mr. Navracsics at the very bottom of the hierarchy. “I like it. Let’s have a try”, tweeted Mr. Navracsics.

The new European Commission.

The new European Commission, with Tibor Navracsics listed in the last row.

A number of Eastern European politcians were appointed to significantly more important positions than Mr. Navracics. Latvia’s former Prime Minister, Valdis Dombrovkis, will be in charge of the portfolio for the euro and social change-related issues. Slovenia’s former prime minister, Alenka Bratušek, will deal with energy and climate change-related questions. Poland’s Elžbieta Bieńkowskájé is the new commission for the internal market and industry.

In comparison, Mr. Navracsics’s posting is a clear knock in the teeth from the EU. The Orbán government’s appointee was strongly opposed by large sections of the European Parliament’s left-centre, liberal and green parties.

The European greens and one of their Hungarian partners — András Schiffer of the party Politics Can Be Different (LMP) — protested Mr. Navracics’s appointment. Mr. Schiffer noted that Mr. Navracsics has no national experience in the field in which he is now expected to work in Brussels. Benedek Jávor, an MEP affiliated with Együtt-PM, added that it was tantamount to a “bad joke” to appoint Mr. Navracsics to a portfolio where he would have to work with NGOs, especially in light of this week’s politically-motivated police raids.


  1. Avatar Dr. habil. András Fodor says:

    I regret the bad-taste comment on the appointment of Dr. Tibor Navracsics to his present position. I, as a researcher, beleive that this position is not the lowest but the highest, and his appointment was a very nice decision of Mr. Juncker. The post-communist Hungarian politicians in the EU, such as Dr. Schiffer, – grandson of the traitor (Árpád Szakacsics) of the Social Democratic Party in 1949 – and his associate, Mr. Jávor viscerally attack everyone related to the anti-communist Orbán government, and it is not a surprise.

    I wish the best success to this absolutely honest guy, Dr. Navracsics, to fulfill his job as he had done in each of his previous position in the past and to show his bright talent, qualities and knowledge in the field to which he has been appointed by Mr. Juncker. Shame on the Hungarian copatriots who behave like Dr. Schiffer and Mr. Jávor.

  2. I don’t think Jean-Claude Juncker was considering which could be the lowest ranking position for Mr. Navracsics, rather in which position can he cause the minimum damage and where would Mr. Navracsics presence hamper his work the least.
    “I wish the best success to this absolutely honest guy, Dr. Navracsics,”
    What exactly makes him so absolutely honest?

    Indeed, he had some progressive and absolutely correct comments on domestic social and political events which he withdrew the next day at a single word from Orban.
    Meanwhile, the man admittedly is intelligent to some extent, but open secret and we all know that we must take many steps ahead in the field of moral until we can make one step ahead intellectually.
    Mr. Navracsics showed no moral progress since he has been serving the Orban regime. On the contrary, he is getting more akin to his lord, Orban. His intellect has long been degraded to a pitiful level. It’s gone.

  3. Avatar Sandor Kerekes says:

    This now former minister, who just have resigned from his ministry to devote his full attention to his commissioner’s duties, is a prime example of the Orban system’s slimy acolytes.
    It was him, as minister of justice, who had the lions share in the disembowelment of democracy, it was his ministry that submitted and then steem-rolered 364 pieces of legislation in Parliament, in 365 days, not one of which was supported even by one single background paper.
    He also enthusiastically assisted in the degrading and impoverishing the Hungarian educational system.
    After that who would be more suitable to supervise the education affaires of the Union?

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