Orbán builds “spiritual iron dome” over Hungary, according to Norwegian minister

Norway’s minister in charge of European affairs, Vidar Helgesen, is calling upon European leaders to take more decisive action against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s growing authoritarianism, noting that the country’s leader was busily building “a spiritual iron dome” and was turning his back on the West. Mr. Helgesen published his thoughts in the form of a letter to the editor, submitted to the Financial Times. In this he wrote:

“Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl once said that it was in Hungary that the first stone was removed from the Berlin Wall.This month marks 25 years since Hungary opened its borders to the west and set the reunification of Europe in motion. Today, Hungary’s government is turning its back on the west. (…) High quality global journalism requires investment. While not a member of the EU, Norway is closely integrated with the EU and deeply committed to the values that underpin European integration. These values are now being challenged by the Hungarian government, a member state and a recipient of massive EU funding. Given this situation, I am puzzled and disappointed that a response from the EU institutions has been largely lacking.”

Vidar Helgesen. Photo: nrk.no.

Vidar Helgesen. Photo: nrk.no.

In contrast to the European Union (which in over four years has not been able to muster an effective response to Mr. Orbán’s abuses), Norway took relatively decisive action by freezing transfers of aid to Hungary from the Norwegian Fund.  Mr. Helgesen lists some of Mr. Orbán’s most blatant abuses over the years, including his decision to replace the heads of the judiciary and public institutions with local party stalwarts, the implementation of tight media controls, as well as attacks on civil society and the NGO sector. Earlier this year, Mr. Orbán accused the Norwegian Fund of backing left-wing opposition groups in Hungary. As part of these accusations, the Orbán regime used the country’s tax authorities to launch retaliative, punitive actions against key NGO’s, including the Ökotárs. The government claimed that Ökotárs was under the influence of the opposition party Politics Can Be Different (Lehet Más a Politika – LMP).

“High quality global journalism requires investment. As we approach the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU should demonstrate in no uncertain terms that it will not accept the re-establishment of an illiberal state within its borders,” added Mr. Helgesen.

Péter Szijjártó, parliamentary secretary for Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded to Mr. Helgesen by suggesting that as a minister of a country that is not a member state of the EU, it is not his business to worry about the state of democracy within an EU member state, nor critique the European Union for its perceived inaction. Mr. Szijjártó added that Mr. Helgesen’s statements “lacked credibility and were based on vague generalities.”


  1. “Given this situation, I am puzzled and disappointed that a response from the EU institutions has been largely lacking.”

    I am not. Orban a highly manipulated mind controlled human puppet is doing exactly what he is expected to do and for he was raised to power. Why would the EU protest?

    He was not raised to power to serve the interests of the EU or to maintain democracy.

    Since the plans for Armageddon were laid and were put to use, many of the top Illuminati big boys found it so horrendous that it resulted in a split in the Illuminati high-ranks.
    Jay Rockefeller and most of the Rothschilds tried to take power away from David Rockefeller.
    But as their headquarters are in Europe (the BIS) they are now trying to turn the EU into a Babylonian style world monarchy.

    Let’s see whether the Hungarian incidences can serve their purposes in a way or other?
    These calls for EU interventions are just a part of the game of deception.

    And who cares whether the IMF is kicked out from Hungary or not until the billions of dollars or other convertible currencies that Orban has stolen from the people and laundered are kept in a bank (possibly own by Rothschild) assigned for that.

  2. Avatar Vándorffy Hunor says:

    Dear Sir, first of all Norway is not a member of the EU, and it is rather strange to worry about democracy of an EU member state. It is politically incorrect and from human point of view is an unpolite attitude. It hurst me, and many Hungarians very much! Since you are not familiar with Hungarian history, and menthality of people, and you do not know why Mr.Orban was elected twice with 2/3 of the people in the country, thus, you can not judge situation in its reality what Mr Orban said, and how it was interpreted by others, particularly with liberal media.. On the other hand, you are kindly invited to look around in this country and I am sure that you will like my country so, as I like your country. It will be a graceful attitude if you come to us!

  3. Avatar Vándorffy Hunor says:

    You how many millions of people have chosen it? Or appointed?

    • Huxley and the others did not predict the future just printed out the Illuminati plans for the future. They were in. Those were not predictions just human plans by a powerful secret society and shadow governments. These societies have been controlling the world by wars, genocide, plagues for hundreds of years. Its an old Illuminati tactic to change the mind of the messes through trauma. World wars were enough for depopulation, for making money, and to make the survivors accept any new order.

      Now world wars , although might brake out, won’t do the job of depopulation, so, they will turn to mass sterilization, uses of viruses, SARS, AIDS, starvation, plagues etc. and uses of high tech mind control devices. Plans.

      But human plans, even Illuminati plans be changed.

  4. Avatar András Göllner says:

    There are universally accepted principles enshrined in the UN Charter of Rights, and in the EU covenants, that Hungary under Orbán has broken. Read the Tavares Report, Vándorffy, read the Venice Commission, read the Report of OSCE, and look at the 2014election results – 27% of those eligible to vote in Hungary, voted for Orbán. That is NOT a majority of the Hungarian population. By his own admission, Orbán wants to build an “illiberal” state. Thank you Mr Helgesen, for speaking out for democracy. We need more voices like yours. If Hungarians want to live in an “illiberal” state, they should pack their bags and leave the EU and stop taking billions of Euros from European taxpayers (much of which ends up in the pockets of Orbán’s oligarchs). Let Mr Putin pick up the tab for the highway robbery.

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