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Martonyi speaks about the suffering Communism caused to innocent people in 2015 in Washington DC.

János Martonyi, anti-Communist crusader and suspected Communist informer

Next week, on May 3, 2016, the Hungarian American Coalition will honor János Martonyi at its 12th annual Gala Dinner at the House of Sweden in Washington DC. (Read the Coalition’s invitation here.) Mr. Martonyi was Hungary’s foreign minister under Viktor Orbán, from 1998-2002 and again in 2010-2014. As part of the inner circle of the power elite, he became […]

by · April 23, 2016 · Diaspora
Hungarian passport

Thousands of Hungarian illegals in the US

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has an ambitious plan. He wants to deport every illegal immigrant from the United States. There are approximately 11.3 million undocumented aliens in the US, among them an estimated 12 thousand Hungarians. The Orbán government, Hungarian diplomats and Hungarian-American organizations have never acknowledged the existence of illegals, nor admitted the growing Hungarian illegal problem […]

by · April 16, 2016 · Diaspora
Mr. Putin and Mr. Orbán enjoyed the view from the Hungarian Parliament building in 2015

Viktor Orbán comes to Washington for a photo op with President Obama

Although Hungary is a NATO ally of the United States, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has never been invited to the White House. Two years ago in Berlin, President Barack Obama announced that the US would host the fourth and final Nuclear Security Summit on March 31, 2016, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. This Summit […]

by · March 31, 2016 · Politics
Ms. Judit Czakó of the Consulate General of Hungary in New York supposed to organize a “targeted company visit” at Tesla Motors.

Tesla Motors car assembly plant in Hungary? Oh, really?

Hungarian government propagandists have a new strategy – they plant fake, “feel-good” stories about the economy in the media. Recently articles appeared that Hungary’s debt upgrade is “imminent” and would be well-deserved. Keeping the country’s debt in “junk” is unfair. published an elaborate story about the government’s efforts to attract Tesla Motors, quoting Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs, […]

by · March 27, 2016 · Politics
Andy Grove - the early days.

Andy Grove (Gróf András) – Fifty-sixer, business icon has died

My wife was watching the TV-news when she cried out – Andy Grove died! He was 79. He is widely considered as one of the tech pioneers who built California’s Silicon Valley. I met Andy several times at work, at meetings. I didn’t know him well, he was the legendary CEO of tech giant Intel where I worked as a […]

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Original 1956 monument plan with LED lights.

Baffling NY monument planned to commemorate 1956 Hungarian Revolution

It seems that historical monuments have more to say about the time in which they are built than the time they commemorate. On March 15, 1928, a large crowd gathered at Riverside Drive, New York, among them the 520-member delegation of the Horthy regime, to dedicate a monument of Lajos Kossuth, the hero of the 1848 Revolution. Progressive Hungarian-Americans boycotted […]

by · March 19, 2016 · Diaspora
Lajos Kossuth

Louis Kossuth, Leader of Hungarian Independence — An editorial from 1918

As tens of thousands of teachers, students and parents march in Budapest this afternoon, on the anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence, to protest the Orbán government’s disastrous education policies (we’ll provide some analysis on these larger-than-expected protests on Wednesday morning), today we’ll leave our readers with an historic editorial from the Magyar Tribune newspaper, dated […]

by · March 15, 2016 · Culture
Fidesz party director and vice president Gábor Kubatov.

Hungary’s Fidesz director embedded with the Republicans

Gábor Kubatov, Fidesz’s party director and voter mobilization expert–who gained a degree of infamy for creating databases containing exhaustive amounts of personal voter data–is reportedly too busy to address the controversy surrounding the use of skinheads to physically block a Socialist MP from submitting a proposed referendum question on Sunday store closures to the National Election Office. Mr. Kubatov is […]

by · March 3, 2016 · Politics
Photo:    Portrait of Katinka Károlyi by Austrian painter John Quincy Adams.

Countess Katinka Károlyi and the great-grandson of US president Adams

Did the great-grandson of US president John Quincy Adams paint the gorgeous portrait of Katinka Károlyi? Well, it is surprising and it is true. A hundred years ago Countess Katinka (Catherine) Andrássy, the Red Countess, was a celebrated beauty in Hungary. She was born in 1892 into a powerful noble family and after a privileged upbringing she married the super-rich […]

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Children with Christmas tree and presents at Ellis Island in the early 1900s

Christmas at Ellis Island

This Christmas, we’re offering our readers at HFP a little historical glimpse into the holidays for immigrants to the U.S. in 1908, through the eyes of Miss M. L. Woodberry. Tens of thousands of Hungarians immigrated to Canada and the Unites States in the first decades of the tentieth century. Those arriving in the U.S. would have experienced Ellis Island. We’ll […]

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