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György Budaházy receives a standing ovation in the Budapest Capital Regional Court on Tuesday from Jobbik supporters, right before his sentencing. Photo: Balázs Mohai / MTI.

Hungarian extremist sentenced to 13 years in prison for terrorism

A far-right extremist, whose group sadistically assaulted and nearly killed a media personality, bombed gay clubs in Budapest and attacked the homes of Socialist and liberal politicians using Molotov cocktails, received a 13-year prison sentence on Tuesday in the Budapest Capital Regional Court. Between 2007 and 2009, György Budaházy led a group of far-right terrorists, called the “Arrows of Hungarians” […]

by · August 30, 2016 · Politics
Alexandra Dobolyi

Two more opposition politicians accept positions from Hungary’s Fidesz

A growing number of left-centre opposition politicians in Hungary are wrapping up their careers as advocates of parliamentary democracy and constitutionalism and are instead accepting positions from the government that they have long argued is an authoritarian, illiberal regime. The Orbán government has named Alexandra Dobolyi of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) Ambassador to Moldova. Minister of Foreign Affairs and […]

by · August 27, 2016 · Politics
János Zuschlag: From Party Headquarters to Prison.

A review of János Zuschlag’s book From Party Headquarters to Prison (Part 1)

János Zuschlag was only 21 years old when he became a Member of Parliament for the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) in 1998 and the country’s youngest MP. Nine years later, he was charged with fraud and received an eight year prison sentence. He spent six years behind bars, before being released in 2013. In the middle of the 2014 national […]

by · August 18, 2016 · Focus
Caricatures of Mr. Eörsi and his decision were quick to appear. This one is a play on Fidesz's xenophobic campaign ads a play on the former slogan of Mr. Eörsi's Alliance of Free Democracies: "He dared to do it, and he did."

Reflections on the liberal Mátyás Eörsi’s nomination by the Orbán government

Mátyás Eörsi, a prominent member of the Democratic Coalition (Demokratikus Koalíció – DK) and formerly a Member of Parliament for the now defunct Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ) announced that he spoke with Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó and the Orbán government intends to nominate him for the position of General Secretary of the Community of Democracies. This international organization includes countries, […]

by · August 2, 2016 · Politics
Tibor Szanyi

Four candidates run for leadership of Hungarian Socialist Party

The Hungarian Socialist Party (Magyar Szocialista Párt – MSZP) is at a juncture in its history. After June 25th, the newly minted MSZP president will play a critical role in deciding whether or not the party will join forces once again with other smaller, left-centre parties in 2018, in an effort to defeat Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Fidesz. Two […]

by · June 12, 2016 · Politics
Mr. Sapszon (second from left) with Hungarian Consul to California Mr. Kálmán (blue tie)

Hungarian city’s mayor attacked – from California

A couple of years ago Béla Schwartz, the socialist mayor of the Hungarian city Ajka, was attacked in the press; not in the Hungarian press, but from Los Angeles, California. This is a story about the mysterious ways Hungary’s right-wing propaganda is generated here in the United States. In 2009, a group of Hungarian-American artists formed The California Alliance of […]

by · May 17, 2016 · Diaspora
The Hungarian parliament debating the repeal of the "blue law" on Tuesday. On the right is Péter Harrach, leader of the Christian Democratic People's Party, which initially spearheaded the now repealed legislation. To the left, Lajos Kósa (Fidesz) and directly behind him Gergely Gulyás (Fidesz). Photo: MTI.

Hungary’s parliament repeals Sunday store closure law, as Fidesz offers righteous indignation

Hungary’s parliament voted by a massive margin (163 yes votes, 11 abstentions and 2 opposed) to repeal a law enacted in March 2015, that shuttered the majority of retail stores and commercial establishments on Sundays.  It took the governing Fidesz party less than 24 hours to announce its intention to repeal the highly unpopular piece of legislation, submit it to […]

by · April 12, 2016 · Politics
A SPAR Supermarket in Budapest. Photo:

Orbán government in tactical retreat — Hungary’s stores permitted to open on Sundays

It speaks volumes about what matters most to Hungarian citizens, when news of the Orbán government’s decision Monday morning to allow all stores and shopping malls to remain open on Sundays is considered to be groundbreaking, headline news–with flashing “breaking news” banners for added impact–on nearly all major Hungarian news sites. Last week, the courts gave the Hungarian Socialist Party […]

by · April 11, 2016 · Politics

Hungary’s Socialists get major boost in Salgótarján mayoral election

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) badly needed a victory. The party has been in a cycle of stagnation and slow decline for over six years. It was bleeding some support to former Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition (DK), which has managed to hold its own in terms of its modest support, and with Socialist headquarters, offices and other […]

by · February 29, 2016 · Politics
Skinheads and thugs, dressed in black, prevented the Socialists from submitting their proposed referendum question to the National Election Office. Nobody could enter the office, unless they  were allowed in by the mysterious and intimidating men.

Political thuggery in Hungary

Prime Minister Viktor is planning on holding a referendum on whether Hungary should agree to EU-wide quotas on the division of refugees amongst European Union member states. The Hungarian leader announced his plans for a plebiscite, in which the government will campaign for the “no” side, one day after skinheads and thugs, almost certainly hired by Fidesz politicians or oligarchs, […]

by · February 24, 2016 · Politics