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Ferenc Almássy

András Göllner replies to Ferenc Almássy on Creatures from the Budapest hills

Background In May  2017, the Hungarian Free Press published a three part series  by one of our regular contributor’s Professor András B. Göllner. In his study, Dr. Göllner identified by name some of the hundreds of pro-Russian, alt-right bloggers who moved to Budapest, to provide fake-news copy for the big-data based cyber-operations engineered by Jared Kushner and Robert Mercer during the Trump […]

by · July 7, 2017 · Focus
Robert Pittenger (R-North Carolina)

Response to HFP: Congressman not aware that Hungarian participant in Security Forum had pro-Iranian and neo-Nazi connections

U.S. Congressman Robert Pittenger’s Communications Director reponded to a query by HFP’s György Lázár, in connection to two articles that appeared on our site about Sebastian Gorka’s ties to the far-right in Hungary and the participation of Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi at an Intelligence, Terrorism and Cyber Security Forum organized by the Congressman. We received the following response. * Good afternoon, […]

by · March 4, 2017 · Politics
Zsa Zsa at the the Las Vegas Riviera - 1956 October

Letter to the Editor – Zsa Zsa, the honorary freedom fighter?

HFP recently published my article about Zsa Zsa entitled Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi exploits Zsa Zsa’s memory for political purposes. In this piece I mentioned that John Gizzi wrote an article (also produced a video interview) claiming that Zsa Zsa was “an opponent of Communist tyranny.” He added that, “Zsa Zsa was always speaking at events for the Hungarian community in […]

by · January 20, 2017 · Diaspora
A sea of Szekler (székely) flags at a protest.

In defence of Transylvania’s Szekler flag – A letter to the editor from the American Hungarian Federation

Mr. György Lázár: Normally we at the American Hungarian Federation would not respond to the kind of posting you made on September 22, “Exploiting the naiveté of Hans Klemm, the US ambassador to Romania,” but we are making an exception in this case since you have gratuitously defamed not only an outstanding career American diplomat but our organization as well. The tactics […]

by · September 28, 2016 · East
Letter to the editor: Sam Biederman, Assistant Commissioner at NYC Department of Parks responds to HFP article

Letter to the editor: Sam Biederman, Assistant Commissioner at NYC Department of Parks responds to HFP article

Sam Biederman, Assistant Commissioner for Communications at NYC Department of Parks & Recreation has responded to our article: Baffling New York City monument planned to commemorate 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Statement: The proposed monument to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution is funded and supported by a group of veterans from the conflict. The design for both plaque and the low-lying seating wall […]

by · April 7, 2016 · Diaspora
Letter to the editor: Prezi responds to HFP article

Letter to the editor: Prezi responds to HFP article

Dear Editor, My name is Csaba, I am running Prezi’s International Communications. I was glad to see your article on us. However, it is not completely accurate. First of all, we haven’t opened up an office in San Francisco two years ago, but 7 years ago, in 2009. According to my reading, the article was suggesting that the government or […]

by · April 6, 2016 · Culture
Omar Adam Sayfo

Omar Sayfo: I strongly refuse far-right label for the Demokrata weekly

Dear Mr. Christopher Adam, First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for offering me a space to respond to your piece in the Hungarian Free Press. I was delighted to read your review of my article about the global phenomenon of religious persecution. I am especially happy that your comments fueled a constructive dialogue on the Mandiner blog, […]

by · January 22, 2016 · Politics
Adler Tippa typewriter from the seventies...

Letter to the editor: In defence of Sándor Szakály

One of our readers in the United States was angered by an article we ran about far-right historian Sándor Szakály’s visit to Cleveland and his revisionist views on the Holocaust. The reader’s letter is published below, along with a brief response from HFP contributor György Lázár.  Dear Mr. Lázár, I have no idea who you are but I can guess […]

by · November 24, 2015 · Politics
Ferenc Kumin with Rabbi Hoffman in Budapest.

Rabbi Hoffman responds to HFP: Orbán government is a devoted, outstanding friend of Jewish community

Dear Editor, Recently while searching for some news items and articles about Hungarian Jews and the relationship between the Hungarian government and Jewish interests in Hungary and abroad, I was very surprised or rather shocked to read some articles by the author György Lázár in the Hungarian Free Press, in which he is accusing the Hungarian government and particular the […]

by · September 13, 2015 · Antisemitism
Hungarian mass emigration following 1956.

Letter to HFP: Hungary should choose a nobler path in refugee crisis

Dear Editor, In 1956, just after my sixth birthday, my father was asked by American Secretary of State Dulles and President Eisenhower to take over the State Department Refugee Relief Program to deal with the thousands of Hungarian refugees fleeing the Soviet invasion. For the next year, I seldom saw my father. Some nights he would appear on American television […]

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