Martonyi speaks about the suffering Communism caused to innocent people in 2015 in Washington DC.

János Martonyi, anti-Communist crusader and suspected Communist informer

Next week, on May 3, 2016, the Hungarian American Coalition will honor János Martonyi at its 12th annual Gala Dinner at the House of Sweden in Washington DC. (Read the Coalition’s invitation here.) Mr. Martonyi was Hungary’s foreign minister under Viktor Orbán, from 1998-2002 and again in 2010-2014. As part of the inner circle of the power elite, he became […]

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Hungarian passport

Thousands of Hungarian illegals in the US

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has an ambitious plan. He wants to deport every illegal immigrant from the United States. There are approximately 11.3 million undocumented aliens in the US, among them an estimated 12 thousand Hungarians. The Orbán government, Hungarian diplomats and Hungarian-American organizations have never acknowledged the existence of illegals, nor admitted the growing Hungarian illegal problem […]

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Letter to the editor: Sam Biederman, Assistant Commissioner at NYC Department of Parks responds to HFP article

Letter to the editor: Sam Biederman, Assistant Commissioner at NYC Department of Parks responds to HFP article

Sam Biederman, Assistant Commissioner for Communications at NYC Department of Parks & Recreation has responded to our article: Baffling New York City monument planned to commemorate 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Statement: The proposed monument to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution is funded and supported by a group of veterans from the conflict. The design for both plaque and the low-lying seating wall […]

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Cistercian Father Abbot Denis Farkasfalvy receives Catholic Foundation award.

Cistercian Father Abbot Denis Farkasfalvy receives Catholic Foundation award

When I was growing up in Hungary my parents wanted me to learn German and I took lessons from a nice older lady. I learned much later that she had been a nun before 1950 and gave private lessons to survive after losing her teaching job at a Catholic school. On August 30, 1950, Hungary’s Stalinist government closed 23 male […]

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Andy Grove - the early days.

Andy Grove (Gróf András) – Fifty-sixer, business icon has died

My wife was watching the TV-news when she cried out – Andy Grove died! He was 79. He is widely considered as one of the tech pioneers who built California’s Silicon Valley. I met Andy several times at work, at meetings. I didn’t know him well, he was the legendary CEO of tech giant Intel where I worked as a […]

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Original 1956 monument plan with LED lights.

Baffling NY monument planned to commemorate 1956 Hungarian Revolution

It seems that historical monuments have more to say about the time in which they are built than the time they commemorate. On March 15, 1928, a large crowd gathered at Riverside Drive, New York, among them the 520-member delegation of the Horthy regime, to dedicate a monument of Lajos Kossuth, the hero of the 1848 Revolution. Progressive Hungarian-Americans boycotted […]

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Ottawa commemoration of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution

Ottawa commemoration of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution

We’ve written about the Hungarian Forum of Ottawa previously in HFP, and our Hungarian-language sister publication’s report and photos on the community group’s most recent event are available here. This time, the HFO is organizing a commemoration of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence, and has obtained a permit from the City of Ottawa to do so at […]

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Señor Tihany – the great entertainer.

Circus legend Franz Czeisler died in Las Vegas – he survived Horthy’s henchmen

Franz “Señor Tihany” Czeisler was 99 years old when he died on March 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada. A legendary magician and circus performer, he was the founder of Circo Tihany, the great circus troupe of South America. Franz (Ferenc in Hungarian) was also probably the last living survivor of the 1942 murderous pogrom in Újvidék (today Novi Sad, Serbia) […]

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Mr. Koszorus (left) with Republican Congressman Chris Smith who compared Viktor Orbán to President Ronald Reagan.

Open letter attacks US Ambassador Colleen Bell

Last October US Ambassador Colleen Bell was invited to speak at Budapest Corvinus University on the topic of US-Hungarian relations. Her speech didn’t go down well with Mr. Frank Koszorus, Jr. In his “open letter” Mr. Koszorus calls the speech “unwarranted and unproductive lecturing,” which may “humiliate and alienate many democratic-minded Hungarians.” He described Ambassador Bell’s “double standard” and concludes […]

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A wine & cheese reception put on by the Hungarian Forum of Ottawa

An invitation from the Hungarian Forum of Ottawa

For those among our readers who are based in the Ottawa area, here’s an invitation that may be of interest to you… * The Hungarian Forum of Ottawa, a newly incorporated Canadian non-profit organization, cordially invites you and your partner to attend a wine & cheese reception to celebrate the establishment of an inclusive Hungarian community association in the nation’s capital. […]

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