Coercion / Sergey Sidelev

The Canadian Red Cross and deplorable fundraising tactics

The Red Cross has been present in Hungary since 1881 and much like in Canada, it provides important educational programs on emergency care, as well as offers vaccines, organises blood drives and trains volunteer nurses. Yet after an encounter with the Canadian Red Cross last night, I left very disappointed with their deplorable fundraising and pressure tactics and wrote them […]

by · February 25, 2017 · Culture
Rianás – the cracking sound of ice at Lake Balaton

Rianás – the cracking sound of ice at Lake Balaton

It has been an unusually cold winter in Hungary and country’s largest lake, Lake Balaton, is frozen. Gábor Kardos came up with the idea to have a “Slide across the Ice of Balaton.” It took place a couple weeks ago between Badacsony and Fonyód, a narrow part of the lake. (The event was called in Hungarian – Balaton Átcsúszás 2017) […]

by · February 21, 2017 · Culture
The Lukács statue in Budapest – it will be removed

Hungary is removing statue of philosopher György (Georg) Lukács – He was Marxist and Jewish

Removing a statue of a philosopher? You may expect something like this to happen in Nazi Germany in the 1930s but not in Budapest in 2017. A couple of weeks ago the Budapest City Council decided that the statue of György Lukács will be removed from a Budapest park in the 13th district. The renowned philosopher’s statue is currently in […]

by · February 16, 2017 · Culture
An appetiser at Trófea Grill. Photo: Tripadvisor.

The Trófea Grill restaurant at Margaret Bridge and unethical business practices

The Trófea Grill restaurant, centrally located at the foot of Margaret Bridge in Budapest, is a popular, fairly upscale buffet, using the all-you-can-eat-and-drink business model. It seems to attract lots of tourists, expatriates and also Hungarians who often go there to celebrate special family occasions. Whenever I’m in Budapest, I’ll invariably visit Trófea on at least a couple of occasions–it […]

by · January 14, 2017 · Culture

Nemanja Nikolic Yugoslavia-born Hungarian soccer player signs with Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire soccer team announced their acquisition of 28-year-old Hungarian international striker Nemanja Nikolic from the Polish club, Legia Warsaw. Nikolic is a super hot player. Chicago Fire beat out English Premier League club, Hull City, and several Chinese Super League teams to sign him. Nemanja Nikolic, a Hungarian soccer player? The 29 year-old has an interesting story. He […]

by · January 9, 2017 · Culture
Hévíz Canal in January. Photo: György Varga.

Unusually frigid temperatures in Hungary — Some mesmerising photos of the Héviz Canal

Frigid winter temperatures–a rarity in Hungary–settled over much of the Carpathian Basin on Thursday and have not budged. On early Sunday morning, temperatures in parts of Pest county dropped to -28 °C, while those arriving to the Hungarian capital were greeted by a chilly -18.6 °C at Liszt Ferenc International Airport. It hasn’t been this cold in Budapest since 1985. The Hungarian Meteorological […]

by · January 8, 2017 · Culture
Palladio Orchestra. Photo: Beatrix Gergely.

Wishing you a Happy New Year with Hungary’s Palladio Orchestra

Budapest-based photographer Beatrix Gergely had the chance to photograph a unique concert held at the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena on December 28th, 2016. The concert featured the Palladio Orchestra–one hundred guitars on stage playing an eclectic range of music, including the works of Beethoven, all the way to theme songs from major films and even music from Queen.  The […]

by · December 31, 2016 · Culture
Challah holiday wreath

The year of Chrismukkah

Chrismukkah (in Hungarian Hanukarácsony) is the merging of two holidays – Christmas and Hanukkah and it has become a tradition at the Hungarian Consulate in Los Angeles to have a Chrismukkah event to celebrate the two holidays together. This year, the first night of Hanukkah happens to fall on Christmas Eve — which hasn’t happened in nearly four decades. The […]

by · December 24, 2016 · Culture
1968 - Zsa Zsa in Budapest at Klára Rotschild's Salon.

Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa Gábor, the Hungarian beauty whose many marriages, gossipy adventures and occasional legal scuffles kept her in tabloid headlines for decades, died Sunday in Bel Air, California. She was 99. Suzanne Moore writes in The Guardian that Zsa Zsa Gábor is not remembered for her film roles, which were minor, instead, she is being celebrated for being Zsa Zsa […]

by · December 21, 2016 · Culture
My hovercraft is full of eels

My hovercraft is full of eels

A couple of weeks ago the British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced that Terry Jones, who is best known for his part in the sketch comedy group Monty Python, has been diagnosed with a rare form of dementia. Primary Progressive Aphasia is a devastating disease, a rare neurological disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate. Jones is […]

by · December 4, 2016 · Culture