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Alex Dodds abruptly resigned from MOL Group.

Hungary’s MOL Oil Group – Bad investments and uncertain future

A couple of months ago the Hungarian oil firm MOL Group made the surprise announcement that its executive vice-president of exploration and production, Alex Dodds, was quitting. Mr. Dodds helped to mastermind MOL’s “brilliant strategy” to build interests in Kurdistan and the UK North Sea region Years ago Mr. Dodds’ name appeared in British tabloids when he has sustained head […]

by · February 28, 2016 · Focus
Iván Fischer

Maestro Iván Fischer to refugees – “Welcome among us”

In Hungary, media has paid little or no attention to a major cultural celebration scheduled for March 1 in Berlin, Germany. The Berliner Philharmoniker, the Konzerthausorchester Berlin and the Staatskapelle Berlin have decided to invite refugees, their families and helpers to a concert entitled, “Welcome among us.” (More about the concert in German here.) The concert will feature the three […]

by · February 20, 2016 · Culture
The New York Hungarian House once again celebrates World War II war criminal Albert Wass.

World War II criminal Albert Wass celebration in New York

The Orbán government’s drive to glorify World War II‐era fascists has reached the shores of North America. A small group of Hungarian immigrants have started to organize similar events here in the US which enjoy the quiet support of Hungarian diplomats. Last year the Simon Wiesenthal Center requested the cancellation of programs honoring the Hungarian writer Albert Wass. Mark Weitzman, […]

by · February 18, 2016 · Antisemitism
Vladimir Putin offers the Superjet 100 to Hungary.  (Photo from Interjet Airlines of Mexico)

Putin is wooing Hungary with “free” Superjet 100 planes

Russia has recently offered Hungary six brand new Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft, as well as support to launch a new national carrier. They began negotiations last October and Evgeny Andrachnikov, an official of Sukhoi told the media that a Hungarian national carrier would provide a great opportunity for the Superjet 100 to show its worth.  He added that the two […]

by · February 11, 2016 · East
Adam Bogdan

A memorable “Hungarian” goal in the English Premier League

One of the most amazing goals ever happened in January 2012 at Goodison Park, Liverpool during an English Premier League match. Everton hosted Bolton when in the 63rd minute Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard made a right-footed kick from about 5 meters inside his own penalty line. The ball flew almost 100 yards, bounced once and ended up in Bolton’s net. […]

by · February 4, 2016 · Diaspora
Vladimir Tismaneanu and Marius Stan.

Orbán-Mussolini parallels in academic analysis at UC Berkeley

Viktor Orbán’s Hungary has become a favorite seminar subject at North American universities; numerous talks and articles analyze the country’s sudden authoritarian turn. On January 21, Vladimir Tismaneanu and Marius Stan gave a talk at the University of California at Berkeley entitled Orbanism, Putinism, and the New Onslaught on Liberal Democracy. (Details here.) Mr. Tismaneanu is a Professor of Politics […]

by · January 31, 2016 · Politics
Mr. Hasulyó (in blue shirt) with film and media mogul Andy Vajna and his wife Timi  (Mr. Vajna has recently purchased channel TV2 in Hungary.)

Hungary manufactures fake news in California

The Orbán government’s misinformation industry is alive and well and reached a new level. Generally, fake news is manufactured in Budapest by well paid professionals at the Hungarian News Agency – MTI. Not anymore–they are also made right here in the United States. Hungarian Minister of State for EU Affairs Mr. Szabolcs Takács recently visited Los Angeles and the M1 […]

by · January 23, 2016 · Politics
József Baki sings about his lost Transylvanian homeland under the palm trees in Los Angeles.

Longing for Transylvania under the palm trees

Immigrants to the United States and Canada often sing about the homeland left behind. Mexicans sing corridos, or ballads, the Irish have songs about the Emerald Isle they left and Vietnamese immigrants pass their traditions down from generation to generation through song and dance. How about Hungarian immigrants? Thanks to József Baki in California, we have a Hungarian example of […]

by · January 18, 2016 · Diaspora
Géza Röhrig,  Timi (Timea Vajna) and László Nemes Jeles at the Golden Globe gala in California.

Son of Saul, the fascistic Kurucinfo and Timi’s gown

Congratulations for the Golden Globe award won by the Hungarian film – Son of Saul. (The film has since also been nominated for an Oscar.) The drama is about the Sonderkommandos, the Jewish units of the death camps who were forced to clean the gas chambers and crematoriums. It is based on a collection of testimonies entitled “Voices from Beneath the Ashes.” Some […]

by · January 15, 2016 · Culture
Mr. Ferenc Kumin Consul General in New York suggests psychological help to critics of his government.

NY Consul Ferenc Kumin says Hungarian-American critics of the Orbán government need psychological help

Hungary’s diplomats in the US generally don’t respond to criticism coming from the Hungarian-American community. They expect that Americans of Hungarian origin will hold back their critique of Prime Minister Orbán’s policies. Now, Mr. Ferenc Kumin Consul General in New York has gone one step further, he has insulted those who offer differing views. In a recent interview with Inforadio […]

by · January 11, 2016 · Diaspora