Budapest cemetery, Haralson County, Georgia – photos by Ágnes Felber

Budapest is a tiny unincorporated community in Haralson County in the State of Georgia. It is located on U.S. Route 78, about five miles southeast of Tallapoosa.

In the year of 1882 about 200 Hungarian families, mostly from mining towns in Pennsylvania, moved to the area and started to plant grapevines. Soon they established a series of flourishing vineyards and Georgia’s wine region was born. Later, as the number of Hungarian immigrants grew, new communities were formed.  The largest settlement was named Budapest in honor of the capital of Hungary.

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In 1988 a Historic Marker was placed next to US-78 west of Waco School Road.

We are grateful for the wonderful photos from Ágnes Felber who visited the remains of the Hungarian colony’s cemetery.  Enjoy.

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    Thank you ever so much for this post, Ágnes.

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