Budapest Mayor István Tarlós shamed America with the removal of Roosevelt’s name

In 2011 the Budapest City Council led by Mayor István Tarlós renamed one of the most beautiful squares in Budapest. After 64 years Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s name was stripped from the oblong square in front of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Removal of the signs

This decision was a slap in the face of the United States, Hungarian Americans were offended and the Roosevelt family was outraged.

President Trump is praising Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the 75th anniversary of D-Day commemoration in Portsmouth, U.K.

Two years before, Jobbik, Hungary’s neo-Nazi party started the campaign. Horthy-loving Jobbik activists consider Roosevelt an enemy of Hungary, “a Jew” calling him Jewsvelt. (Roosevelt’s family was Episcopalian.) In 2010 Jobbik MPs Mr. Márton Gyöngyösi and Mr. Gábor Staudt proposed in Parliament the removal of Roosevelt’s name. MPs thought that the idea was crazy and the proposal got no support.

A year later Jobbik targeted the Budapest City Council. Now they had backing from Fidesz and Mayor Tarlós. Even the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Mr. József Pálinkás, came out to support the anti-Roosevelt proposal.

Obama’s Ambassador to Budapest at the time was Eleni Kounalakis. She first opposed the decision but later issued a statement that the US “understands that the city of Budapest has decided to rename Roosevelt Square.” Understands? “Mayor István Tarlós has assured us that the change in no way diminishes Hungary’s respect for President Roosevelt.” I had to pinch myself.

The granddaughter of FDR, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Seagraves issued an angry letter to Mayor Tarlós. The Mayor arrogantly responded: „The decision is final..” (Read Tarlós response in Hungarian.)

Today Jobbik’s Mr. Gyöngyösi is still in Parliament. He got worldwide media attention when he urged Hungarians to draw up lists of Jews who pose a “national security risk.” His colleague, Mr. Staudt resigned from Parliament and is currently embroiled in a multimillion dollar criminal fraud case.

Mr. Pálinkás had a change of heart. Now he is lobbying against Orbán’s policies and not a friend of Mayor Tarlós anymore. He has never apologized for his role in the Roosevelt Square name change.

Ambassador Kounalakis is the Lieutenant Governor of California. She recently tweeted: “My time as US Ambassador to Hungary was a 4-year window into some of the darkest corners of anti-Semitism.”

71-year-old István Tarlós is up for reelection and it seems that he has a good chance to serve another term as Mayor of Budapest.

Budapest Mayor István Tarlós (left) and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán share a light moment.

We call on Ambassador Cornstein and the Hungarian-American Congressional Caucus to restore Roosevelt’s name. Mayor Tarlós and his Budapest City Council should issue an apology. The ill-conceived removal of Roosevelt’s name was an insult to every American, especially to the memory of those Hungarian Americans who gave their lives in the Army during WWII in the fight against fascism.

György Lázár


  1. Ambassador Cornstein is part of the problem rather than the solution. A long-time friend of Trump and Roy Cohn, Cornstein is of the same material as Istvan Tarlós, the ex-Commie, corrupt, arrogant, homophobe current Mayor of Budapest. He and Cornstein are peas in a pod. They’re disgusting, unprincipled, insensitive bullies and profiteers at other people’s expense.

  2. Please leave President Trump out of this mess… cornstein is not liked by many Jews – of Hungarian background- President Trump is the best thing since America was founded.

  3. elég ócska vagy! hahahhaa

  4. “Understands?”

    Well ask her, not us. It should not be that difficult reaching out to Kounalakis.

    Just for the record, I’m completely against the name change. Stupid and offending regardless (whatever the reputation of Roosevelt among today’s Americans)

  5. Avatar The Whip of God says:

    Shame on you, old man ! Once again, some anti-government smartasses looking for foreign aid to shame their own country. I feel sorry for people like you.
    Hear me when I say this: old men like you have ruled this country for far too long. We are at 2019, our nation endured the Turks, the Habsburgs, the Nazis and the Soviets, Gyurcsány’s government literally sold everything to foreigners and ran the country to the ground and you still yap for foreign aid?!
    Economy is skyrocketing like never before, taxes are being lowered and wages are rising every year; there are more investors targeting Hungary because it’s one of the safest places right now in Europe, creating thousands of jobs. I left the country some years ago and now that I see what is happening at home, I’m HAPPY to come home and the government is HAPPY to welcome me back home.
    There is your free press. Take care.

  6. Roosevelt was a warmongering president who did what the Central Bankers wished and pulled America into the Second World War by going through the back door. He made the situation for Japan so intolerable and also knew that Hawaii would be attacked on December 7th 1941, but, refused to inform the Commanders of the Island about the imminent attack. Istvan Tarlos had the courage to do the right thing.

  7. Fools

  8. Economy is skyrocketing hahaha, so why do teachers make 6k a year? Why do we have the highest VAT and second-third lowest salaries of the EU? German and other foreign companies pay high salaries that’s true, but this is called capitalism and market economy. It has nothing to do with the present Bolshevik government. A bunch of thieves, nothing more. Ignorant brain dead Fidesz voters even believe what they say.

  9. Written by a true Communist… Remarkably unspectacular piece of journalism.. How much did Soros pay you?

  10. @ Béla K Fekete

    Was it hard for you to come up with that idiotic comment Fekete ? Who do YOU work for ? The local lunatic asylum ? How much do you get for asking stupid questions down here ? I’ll give you two years of kneeling on small pebbles in an ill-fitting pair of boxer shorts, but will let you off for good behavior after one, if you stop stinking out this joint.

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