Joe Eszterhas has found God and Viktor Orbán

Joe Eszterhas does not mince words. At the 2016 National Republican Convention in Cleveland, his hometown, he called Hillary Clinton a “criminal” and Trump an “a**hole.” Now he has found a new political hero – authoritarian Viktor Orbán.

The 74-year-old writer poses in an Orbán T-shirt giving an enthusiastic thumbs up to the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Joe Eszterhas posing in a pro-Orbán T-shirt.

I used to like Joe Eszterhas, in fact I adored him. The “old” Eszterhas was a young journalist at Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer and had pieces in the Rolling Stone. Later he became a prominent scriptwriter and made millions in Hollywood. Throat cancer, alcoholism, divorce and other personal issues plagued him and the high-paying contracts dried out. His 2004 tell-all memoir Hollywood Animal did not help, and the highly publicized feud with powerful agent Michael Ovitz also contributed to his epic downfall. (Read more about Eszterhas’s downfall here.)

A couple of years ago Eszterhas found God and became a practicing Catholic. He also has new friends in the Hungarian-American community.

Eszterhas has an unusual background. He was born in Hungary in 1944 as his family was escaping with the German Nazis to the West. They figured it was better to be captured by the Americans than the Soviets. Little Joe spent years in Displaced Person’s (DP) camps with his family not fully understanding that many of his fellow Hungarian refugees, the so called Hungarian “DP Generation,” were supporters of the wartime fascist government. Some of them were war criminals who had committed unspeakable atrocities against Jews and Gypsies.

At age 47 he learned that his own father, István, was a member of Hungary’s fascist establishment and was investigated for war crimes by the US Justice Department for writing anti-Semitic propaganda during WWII. Cleveland’s large Hungarian emigre community covered up the dirty secrets of one time fascists, often knowingly sheltering criminals and even electing them as community leaders.

Joe was so upset that his father (and his Hungarian community) lied about the past that he refused any further contact with him. Later he claimed to have regretted cutting off contact. He felt guilty he didn’t go to see his father when he was in a Hungarian old-age home.

Most recently Eszterhas connected with the Orbán regime with the help of his friend, Andy Vajna, a Holocaust survivor wig trader and Hollywood film producer. Vajna run into trouble with the IRS in the US, avoided jail and moved to Hungary where he made millions with his casinos and has used his media outlets to spread Orbán’s propaganda.

Mr. György Szöllősi Ambassador of Hungarian Football Tradition and Affairs concerning Ferenc Puskás and Joe Eszterhas

Vajna wanted Eszterhas to write the script for a movie about the legendary soccer player, Puskás. Negotiations were underway but Vajna died this year and now Eszterhas has to deal with lower level Orbán loyalists, like Mr. György Szöllősi, sport journalist turned Ambassador of Hungarian Football Tradition and Affairs concerning Ferenc Puskás. (Not a joke, this is his official title.)

Mr. György Szöllősi Ambassador of Hungarian Football Tradition and Affairs concerning Ferenc Puskás and Joe Eszterhas

Will posing in an Orbán T-shirt help Eszterhas to win a contract from the Hungarian government? I don’t know, but I find it sad that this one-time talented writer has sunk this low.

György Lázár


  1. Avatar GYULA BOGNAR says:

    Just my opinion. Almost everybody has a price, Joe Eszterhas has no options left any more, so he only have one remaining buyer left for his worthless soul.

  2. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    “Cleveland’s large Hungarian emigre community covered up the dirty secrets of one time fascists, often knowingly sheltering criminals and even electing them as community leaders.”

    The above is true for most of the Hungarian diaspora around the world, including the place where I live: Montreal.

    For decades this community has been led by the former military security chief and bodyguard of Hungary’s Arrow Cross Prime Minister, Ferenc Szálasi. Vitéz Gyula Detre met with Hitler, remarked on his calm and serene eyes as he and Szálasi – Hungary’s official exterminators of the Jews who did not make it to Auschwitz – met with their Führer in Berlin during their last days in office. (Please read Detre’s biography – it’s on the internet. ) Szálasi was hanged as a war criminal. Detre escaped to Canada with hundreds of other Hungarian army officers who held up the liberation of Auschwitz, sent tens of thousands to their death in their defense of the Nazis. These are the men, Viktor Orbán and his official historian, along with Orbán’s current ambassador to Canada, Bálint Ódodr praise, as heroes.

    One should be careful not to brand the majority of Hungarians living in North-America as supporters of Horthy, Szálasi, who destroyed Hungarian democracy during the interwar years and choreographed the murder of the majority of Hungary’s Jewish population. The reason why young diaspora Hungarians are fleeing their churches, their organized communities is because it is led by Horthyite geriatrics, who were socialized on a disgusting diet of “Christian-Nationalist White Supremacy”. 95% of North Americans of Hungarian origin avoid their organized communities like the plague and for the reasons I have enumerated above.

    As for Andy V and Joe E. One is already in the dustbin of history. Joe is not far behind him. They are the carpetbaggers Mark Twain talked about. They are the Yankee profiteers, the merchants of venom, who are working the markets on the territory of the former Soviet Empire, stuffing their pockets by tossing the locals under the bus. promoting the rising autocrats as saviors of their people. They are the Ugly Americans, who will never be forgotten. They are the very a folks who swept Donald Trump to power in America.

    • Take it easy Andras! The year is 2019. Most people are so sick and tired of WW2, they just tune out whenever the likes of you keep bringing it up as if it was still relevant to our lives today. 75 years have passed. Most people who lived it and experienced it are gone. It is a new world, with its own unique problems. Ideological wars of 20’th century are completely irrelevant. Only dinosaurs and liberals looking to milk it for their own ideological profiteering insist on constantly harping on the subject. Yes, it happened, yes it was awful. Yet not everyone who refuses and rejects the liberal-globalist agenda can be equated to that garbage. In fact, most cannot reasonably be linked to any of it. So give it a break already!

      As for Donald Trump? It was the way of people to give the liberal-globalist establishment the one finger salute. Got the message yet?

  3. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Joe

    “The year is 2019” ? Oh really? Troll. Do you realise how useless you are as a conveyor of useful information down here? If you were to try this in one of my first year classes, your class-mates would throw spit-balls at you for wasting their valuable class time. Once they were through laughing at you, I’d send you outside the way I send my cat outside when her bladder is full and she wants to relieve herself. Joe. Be a man. Stop acting like a pussy.

    • Info clearly not all that useless. At least not given my audience. One should always communicate in a way that adjusts to target audience. You have just proven yourself to be an adequate target audience of my adjusted communication level. You do not realize it, but your comment does a great deal of disservice to your classrooms, both students and teacher. So you are saying that your students would shoot spitballs, laugh and you would send out a student that you disagree with? Interesting! Further confirmation of the ideological bigotry that dominates within the institutions of so-called “higher education”. So, yes you are clearly in much need of being reminded that the year is 2019, because there is much you do not seem to realize.

      I personally doubt that students would behave the way you described. But then again, assuming that the overwhelming majority of them will get a liberal arts degree, we are looking at a bunch of kids who will get into tens of thousands of dollars of debt, while they are facing an average of about 60-70% rate of underemployment, once you are done with them. The majority of them end up paying all that money only to be ideologically brainwashed. So how smart could they possibly be? Perhaps expecting them to shoot spitballs in class is not far-fetched after all.

  4. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear Joe, I think you are mistaken… President Trump recently read from a prayer delivered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the 75th anniversary of D-Day… FDR is hated by Orbán, even his name was removed from a Budapest square… Orbán’s attempt to revive a Horthy style fascist fantasy has already failed, now the questions is: How long can he hang onto power? Here in the US, a very small group of Hungarian Americans (possibly paid by Orbán & Co.) are lobbying on Orbán’s behalf… some of their activities might turn out to be illegal according to US law… In my view, supporting Orbán is anti-American, it is against the core values of our country.

    • Not clear how Trump reciting FDR makes anything I wrote “mistaken”.

      Other than that, your comment only serves to reinforce my point. Liberals clearly stuck on 20’th century ideological battles. Horthy? FDR? Great topics for historical debate, but they are just that, (History). Their ideas, leadership, are irrelevant to the world we live in today. Yet all you guys want to do is draw parallels to those times and personalities. Unlike Gollner, Reality Check and others around here, you are not an academic. I expected a bit more from you!

  5. Avatar Don Kichote says:

    When asked how stupid you can be, Joe sets new standards.

  6. Avatar Albrecht Neumerker says:

    Is it a joke. More than a week it was on seeght. 🙂

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