New Democratic Party MP Don Davies has “great meeting” with Orbán regime representatives

Our publication has been critical in the past of close contacts and friendly relationships between the prior Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and representatives of Hungary’s Orbán regime. The Hungarian Free Press, its contributors and many of its readers have on numerous occasions informed different layers of the Canadian political establishment of the systemic rule of law violations in Hungary, as well as government-sponsored hate campaigns against ethnic minorities, foreigners, refugees and migrants. In more recent years, nearly every major media outlet in the western world has reported on the autocracy and rampant racism of the Viktor Orbán government. The ruling Fidesz party is currently suspended from the conservative European People’s Party (EPP). Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) has a history of purporting to be a sort of moral voice in Canadian politics for social justice. Sometimes the NDP approaches questions of policy and politics from a moral high ground–or at least higher ground that the Liberals or the Conservatives.

This week, however, MP Don Davies was very pleased to meet with representatives of the Orbán regime. Nine years of reports on rule of law violations in Hungary and state-sponsored racism did not dissuade Mr. Davies, Member for Vancouver Kingsway and NDP Health Critic, from meeting with Ambassador Bálint Ódor and the Hungarian Consul in Vancouver.

Mr. Davies tweeted: “Great meeting with the Hungarian Ambassador and Vancouver Consul to discuss opening a new Hungarian Consulate in Vancouver and cultural/economic issues. Fun fact: I’m currently the only Canadian Parliamentarian of Hungarian descent (thanks, Mom!)!”

Mr. Davies listens to Mr. Ódor. (Photo: Don Davies/Facebook)

Mr Ódor listens to MP Don Davies. (Photo: Facebook)

Writing on Facebook, Mr. Davies added: “Productive and interesting meeting with the Ambassador of Hungary and the new Consul-General for Vancouver.”

Responding to Mr. Davies’ Facebook post, NDP candidate for Leeds-Grenville Michelle Taylor commented positively on the meeting with the Hungarian regime’s representatives and noted she “needs to brush up on (her) Hungarian again.” The discord between this and the same Ms. Taylor accusing the governing Liberal party of “letting their progressive mask slip” on the Indigenous file could not be deeper.

One quickly cedes the right to lecture on being a good progressive when one meets with, or supports meetings with representatives of an overtly and systemically racist autocracy.


  1. Hungary is not racist. Hungary has relationships with many Muslim and African countries. I do not want you for my neighbor because I do not find you amusing. This does not make me racist.

    2015 proved to Hungary that a horde was invading the country and all laws were ignored. It is logical that you do not want to live with lawbreakers.

    You have certain prejudices, probably leftist, would appreciate articles that are fair.

  2. Avatar Andras B. Gollner says:

    The ignorance of the NDP’s Vancouver representatives is astonishing and scandellous. If this is the “Left” in Canada, it’s time to run for cover, or better still, rally the troops into the streets.

    The Hungarian Government and its Canadian representatives are empirically verifiable affinity fraud artists. While the Hungarian government’s Canadian representative, Bálint Ódor hands out petty cash to the ill-informed Canadian Jewish community, his bosses back home provide state awards to well-known anti-Semites, and provide safe haven to the most vitriolic anti-Left, white-supremacist riff-raff from around the world. (Please read the following articles for the empirically verifiable evidence for my previous comments. “Hungary and the Jews: A Case Study in Affinity Fraud.” On the Orbán government’s open door policy to the worst representatives of anti-Left, anti-Democratic, white-supremacist hate mongers and climate-change deniers, please read our three part series here: Part I. Part II.
    Part III. )

    Canadian Social Democrats should take notice: While the fishy representative of the Hungarian government in Canada, Mr. Ódor plays smiley-smiley with the NDP representatives in Canada, his bosses back home are busy destroying any and all remnants of Social Democracy in Hungary, and have created a neo-fascist autocracy in that country, that stands diametrically in opposition to the values that have made Canada the envy of the world.

    Those who do not live in Vancouver, and value justice, the rule of law and sustainable development please grab your pens and write to the ill-informed member of the NDP, and to his leader to protest this travesty. Those who care about the survival of this planet, and for whom social justice and human rights matters, and are in Vancouver, please seek out Mr. Davies and try to enlighten him about the inappropriateness of fraternization with enemies of the Left, and with those who are the cheerleaders of the global neo-fascist revival.

    • Maybe there are tendencies within NDP, that are ideologically something like Thuermer’s scam party in Hungary, whose superficial reddish Socialism is mixed with some browinsh National flavour…

  3. “Productive and interesting,” as the meeting was described in “diplomatese,” wasn’t necessarily a friendly encounter. I would interpret the description as a substantive exchange where questions were asked and answered. There is no implication of accord.

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