Fidesz unlikely to agree to European People’s Party demands

Manfred Weber, leader of the European People’s Party (EPP) parliamentary faction has issued three demands of Fidesz if it is to be permitted to remain a member of the largest caucus in the European Parliament. Hungary’s ruling party, after launching yet another anti-Soros, anti-Brussels and now also anti-Jean Claude Juncker campaign, must: stop this campaign, apologize to the member parties of the EPP and guarantee that Central European University can stay in Hungary.

Based on how Fidesz party communications director Balázs Hidvéghi responded to the demands, it appears unlikely that Hungary’s ruling party is ready to give its assent. Resorting to the regime’s mantra, repeated ad nauseum, Mr. Hidvéghi asserted that “defending Christianity” and stopping migration was more important than EPP party discipline. Then speaking of CEU, he declared: “The Soros network will leave no stone unturned when it comes to representing its own interests.”

Mr. Weber, however, remarked that “it is Orbán who has left the People’s Party, and not the other way around.” He added that Christian Democrats represent a reasonable balance on the issue of migration, rejecting the “open doors” policy of the left, as well as the far right, which wants to strip migrants and refugees of their human dignity. In contrast, according to Mr. Weber, Christian democracy represents both security as well as treating people in a humane manner.

It’s quite clear, however, that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán would sooner be expelled from the EPP than strike a more conciliatory tone. He has, for instance, called his critics within the EPP “useful idiots.” In an interview with Germany’s Die Welt, Mr. Orbán said:

“The problem of the EPP is that it has become too big. The EVP members from the Nordic countries are much closer to Macron than to the Germans. We Hungarians feel we are something like the CSU of the EPP.”

Viktor Orbán (25 February 2019). Photo: Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page.

Then speaking of his relationship with Mr. Juncker, Prime Minister Orbán said that there is a disconnect between how the President of the European Commission is perceived in western Europe and how he is seen in Central or East/Central Europe. In the east, his image is largely negative.

Mr. Orbán explained:

“Juncker is a kind man. So kind that one forgives him even the silliest gestures. Although I am a streetfighter, there is no personal antipathy between us. I don’t like his views, especially his proximity to socialist economic policies and his support for migration. I do perceive his attempt to have us thrown out of the EPP as a personal disloyalty. No-one can expect from us to not react to disloyalty, even if it is the disloyalty of such a kind man.”

In this same interview with Die Welt, Mr. Orbán rejected the charge that his anti-Soros campaign was antisemitic, noting: “It’s not my doing that the Hungarian citizen Soros is of Jewish origin! That lies with God. But it happens to be that in Hungary Soros incarnates the ugly face of globalism.” The Hungarian prime minister then added, after the German journalist mentioned that the anti-Soros propaganda billboards remind him of antisemitic campaigns of the twentieth century: “You say that because you are German. Every nation carries its history around with it like a rucksack, but what’s in the rucksack differs from nation to nation. These pictures don’t remind anyone of antisemitism in Hungary. And we don’t view our Jewish compatriots primarily as Jews but as Hungarians.”

It would appear as though Mr. Orbán has two realistic options: begin negotiations to leave the EPP and join far-right parties in a euroskeptical faction within the European Parliament or to exert pressure within the EPP and gradually change the face and character of this faction, drawing it closer to the radical right. From the perspective of Hungarian domestic public opinion, neither option would be damaging to Fidesz nor to Mr. Orbán personally.


  1. You forget another constituency Orban must satisfy: the putinesque one (though the peacock puttanesco is Orban himself).

    Of the evil-doers on the global stage today, the one needing his ouster and punishment most urgently is of course Trump. Orban is a puny odium. His comeuppance, too, is inevitable — perhaps it will come with the global tsunami of reckoning that will carry off the orange buffoon — but, unlike with Trump, the world is not awaiting it with bated breath. Orban’s still just the (pea)cock on a local dreck dump.

  2. Leaders that put their countries first are debased by the media and leftist organizations. Mr. Trump is an American President, therefore it is logical that he would put the interest of his country first.

    Mr. Orban put Hungarians and Hungary first. The EPP has no right to demand any action from Hungary, when it does, it interferes with sovereignty.

    The lack of trust in Soros is understandable, he is the person who wanted to break the Bank of England. He want his political , as well all the globalist’s ideas forced down on the throats of all nations.

    Hungary can easily leave EPP, it is not an advantage to belong to a party that does not believe in individual sovereignty but wants total control from Brussels. Hungary should join Salvini and Poland in an anti migration party.

    Hungary has the right to survive as a country for Hungarians.

    • How dumb must someone be to believe that if the game gets rough , ie. everyone for himself, the bovi Orbàn doesn’t stand a chance against the big Joves like Russia, China or Germany. In fact the subjugation by Russia is already under way.
      As Sàndor Màrai said: until there are these “Christians” and nemzeti there will be no nemzet.

    • Typo:
      …believe that bovi Orbàn stands a chance …
      Hungary survived the earlier big “nemzeti”, but with heavy losses and traumas, now they are at it again, these veritable enemies of the nation who not only mercilessly fleece it, but also destroy it for the sake of staying in power.

    • Avatar Don Kichote says:

      „Leaders that put their countries first are debased by the media and leftist organizations. Mr. Trump is an American President, therefore it is logical that he would put the interest of his country first.“

      For Adolf Schicklgruber an Austrian he was – was Germany also first and Germany was hitler, as well as Trump Trump is America , as well as Orban is Hungary, so you are nothing but a fly because of that. You are the food that great rulers desire therefore they have to produce what flies love. Even if there were no flies like you, you could not stop these great rulers from being yours. Do you understand, that this is not like shit out where you eat.

  3. By-the-way, the EPP is trying to surpass free speech in Hungary. That is anti-democratic.

  4. Fidesz voluntarily agreed to be part of a family of European political parties. By joining, it agreed to a set of values and to a degree of party discipline. If you no longer agree to these values, if you publicly attack the group’s leading politicians, and if you cause internal strife and division, especially right before an election, you need to leave.

  5. The problems started in 2015, when a horde invaded Hungary. This was a new problem in the EU, the EU and EPP and Merkel arbitrary decided to ignore the Dublin regulation and try to force unwanted illegal migrants of EU countries.

    Then, the EU stuck its nose into the dispute between CEU and the Hungarian government. Since 27 foreign universities did not have problem with the legislation, the EU and EPP refused to acknowledge that CEU was at fault.

    The change was brought about by the EPP, without consultation, Hungary had the right not to cooperate with every whimsy.

    • mburka
      Total BS:
      The Orbàn regime let over 130 000 pass west and in August stopped 1000-1500 in Budapest, not at the border, so that they could show this “horde”.
      Orbàn, the horse trader he is, doesn’t give a damn about the law or the agreements he’s signed, but the “faithful” clammer for their rights.
      The most outrageous is the complaints that something “is not democratic” coming from Orbàn’s fascists, who have taken away almost all freedoms in Hungary.

    • Avatar Don Kichote says:

      “… unwanted illegal migrants …” so you are unwanted here by your own words then go.

  6. Avatar Andras B. Gollner says:

    The challenge facing humanity on the threshold of cyber-capitalism, and it’s artificial intelligence transcends Viktor Orbán, Manfred Weber or Mr. Juncker’s juggling skills. All three are part of the problem rather than the solution.

    The rapidity of technological change has catapulted “the masses” beyond the threshold of rational comprehension – the sheep are being led by shepherds that no longer have to appeal to reason. It is only emotion, the language of the heart people will follow now. This is why the peacocks are leading the sheep over the precipice, Professor Harnad as the wise, rational democrats fly overhead in their little aircraft, that are rapidly running out of fuel, with the following banner behind them – let the facts speak, let the people decide.

    Roger Stone is right. Facts are boring, they have become irrelevant to the processes of deciding who gets what, when, how or why in a community. The future for Sapiens will be a bed of roses, but it’s not the petals that we shall be feeling through our skin.

    Why so few have the wisdom or the courage of the great Buffee St Marie (or Yuval Harari) escapes me: Albeit, in different keys, and with different words, they both say the same thing: My planet, my country, ’tis of thy people you are dying. Trump, Orbán are not the cause of the dacay, but their products.

    The people, everywhere, are cheerfully following the new Pied Pipers – Orbán, Trump, Kim, the Saudi Prince, Bolsonaro, Vladimir, Erdogan, Modi, Maduro, oh I forgot Trump’s best friend, “Chee” – while the Junckers, the Webers, Angela, and their oh so rational boosters are rapidly running out of gas.

  7. mburka
    Crowing Orbàn propaganda doesn’t cut it here.

    Orbàn is a half baked provincial thief (fèlművelt felcsúti félcigány, as many say in Hu, with apology to the honest Roma), an accidental fascist running a mafia masquerading as government.
    This is why his regime burns over 200 billion Ft p.a. on propaganda blowing smoke in order to cover his orgy of corruption.

    • “an accidental fascist running a mafia masquerading as government.”

      Well! Looking at latest economic numbers, it seems “mafia state” is much better than the alternative (liberal-globalist state). In 2018 Hungary had the second-highest growth rate in EU. Since 2013 It outperformed peer average. This while Hungary’s economy continued with government + consumer debt deleveraging. Wages are rising fast, because unemployment and employment are low. Best numbers since communism in terms of number of people employed.

      “orgy of corruption” seems to deliver results!

      Perhaps people all around the Western World should take to the streets and demand what you call “mafia state”, and an “orgy of corruption”. We certainly need something, because the middle class feels shafted by the current ideological regime and its supporting elites.

  8. Orban is Cancer and Hungary must be kicked out of the EU immediately before they have a chance to bring in anymore Ruskies

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