John McCain’s comments on Orbán and his own domestic political legacy

Senator John McCain was a towering figure of American politics, a warrior, a complex man with remarkable intellect and deep political insight. His political enemies, including President Trump, often attacked him by questioning his heroism in the Vietnam War.

András Göllner paid his respects to the late Senator in a piece entitled “Thank you, Senator John McCain.” (Read here.) I agree with him that McCain correctly saw the rise of autocrats in Europe and stood up for democracy. He deserves praise for that.

At the same time, McCain was a temperamental and controversial Republican. He opposed minimum wage laws, supported the Iraq War and opposed Roe v. Wade. In fact McCain said that he would work to overturn it if elected. Even his own wife opposed his views on the abortion issue; Cindy McCain backed the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that permitted women to seek abortions in the US.

I was truly shocked when in 2008 McCain selected a rightwing populist, Sarah Palin, as his running mate and was not surprised that he suffered a landslide loss against Barack Obama. The majority of Americans, among them the writer of this article, rejected McCain and what he stood for.

Having said that I agreed with him when in December 2014 he draw attention to the undemocratic policies of the Hungarian government. McCain described Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as a “neo-fascist dictator.” (See video here.)

Hungary has vigorously rejected this characterization. McCain knew Orbán; he visited Budapest earlier in the same year and had talks with him. In a news conference he assured the Hungarian people that the United States would remain a committed ally and friend and added that there were serious concerns over the state of democracy in Orbán’s Hungary.

Mr. Eugene Megyesy, Senator McCain and PM Orbán in Budapest.

The Senator was also concerned that the country’s leadership was moving closer to Russia. He considered Russian President Vladimir Putin “an evil man” and despised those, among them Viktor Orbán, who cozied up to the Russian strongman. As a staunch ally of Ukraine he urged the US to provide weapons to Kiev to defend against the increasing Russian threat.

It seems that Budapest tried “to soften” McCain’s powerful criticism by giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Arizona-based McCain Institute (e.g. $161,000 for “leadership training” in 2014). Also McCain Institute director Kurt Volker was elected to the board of the Hungarian Initiatives Foundation. This Foundation was established with Hungarian taxpayer money by Orbán confidant Mr. Tamás Fellegi, an ex-minister.

Kurt Volker of the McCain Institute and Ms. Anna Smith Lacey (nee. Stumpf) of the Hungarian Initiatives Foundation.

McCain was a relentless critic of President Trump and vigorously objected his “disgraceful” meeting with Putin which he considered a “tragic mistake.” Orbán on the other hand welcomed Trump’s Putin policies and was the first European leader to endorse his presidential candidacy.

During his 2014 visit to Budapest the Senator also met Eugene Megyesy (Megyesy Jenő), a US lawyer and senior advisor to PM Orbán. I find it ironic that two years later, in 2016, Mr. Megyesy held meetings in Budapest with Mr. Carter Page, the Trump campaign’s foreign policy advisor. Mr. Page was under FBI surveillance and the agency now believes “that Page has been collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government.”

The Senator long suspected that Hungary has slipped under Putin’s sphere of influence and I wouldn’t be surprised if the ongoing Mueller investigation would turn up evidence that Budapest played a supporting role in the suspected collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Senator McCain will be greatly missed.

György Lázár


  1. Unfortunate that you seem compelled to use the death of this man as a way to promote your political agenda. If there is any time to move out of the realm of politics, it is an occasion such as this.

  2. “Senator McCain will be greatly missed.” He will be missed by George Soros. Yes, McCain was on the take, it’s all about the money that’s why he dumped his crippled wife for a rich man’s daughter that was 20 years younger than him. He was a great patriot for what he wanted, not what was good for the US and her citizens.

  3. John McCain came from an american military family.
    His father and his grand father were admirals in the US Navy.
    John was an Annapolis graduate and an F-4 bomber aviator. Shut down on a bombing mission over North Viet Nam.
    He spent over 5 years in POW camp. beaten, tortured and suffered. They even broke his arm the second time to make him suffer.
    When they learned his father was an admiral ,N.V. wanted to let him go and use him as propaganda tool. He refused, unless all his fellow prisoners were to be released.
    That made him a HERO !
    Upon his return he entered politecs.

    Mc Cain was a war HAWK. One of the most active member of the Senate in support of Bush’s war in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    His disagreements about Trump made him a kind of hero among Trumps opponents.
    Especially since his death.

    But let’s not forget, McCain’s popularity in Arizona, his home state that he served as one of its senator, he had only 20% popularity among his home folks.
    Let’s make one thing straight, Trump was not a Republican !
    He ran and beat 16 prominent republican presidential candidate in the presidential primery election. So he become the party’s nominee for president and beat Hilary Clinton at the polls.

    The last two years he had extreeme opposition by the republicans in the House and the Senate.
    Now it seems that he has taken command of the GOP.
    40 House and Senate republicans do quit this year.
    But those he endorsed are doing well at the primari elections so far.
    Yesterday was in Florida,Arizona and Oklahoma.

  4. Mr.Lazar;
    That so called “collusion” investigation is going on now for over two (2)years.
    They do not even have the slightest idea of how Trump could have colluded with Russia.
    Americans do NOT vote on the internet !
    The voting machines are NOT connected to the internet !
    All the evidence show that it was the Clinton DNC with the association of the Justice Department, FBI has conspired with Russia to find dirth on Trump.

    The DNC (Hilary for president Inc. Paid $ 12 millions, and Obama for America Inc.$972) to their laywer, who hired Fusion GPS, that hired Christopher Steel ( a former British spy) who went to Moscow and attempted to get from his former KGB counter parts, dirth on Trump.

    Still has provided a dossier to FBI, DNC , but there was on damaging info on Trump.

    They set up Trump Jr. at the “bugged” Trump tower to meet a Russian lawyer with info on Clinton.
    The lawyer only attempted to influence Trump Jr. against the “Magnitzcy Act”.

    The Muller investigation come up with NO evidence of Trump collusion.
    But clearly by the Clinton DNC.

    Those that are invetigated around Trump all are on un-realated acts. Like tax evasions, contradictory statements under oaths, etc.

    Now do NOT call me Trump supporter !!!
    The man behaves in an unacceptable manner , use language that is not fit to a president.
    But his goals are supported by many.

    His behavour and language at the NATO meeting was disgrace. But he was correct !
    And NATO, Merkel and now even Macron wan to follow Trump’s demands.

    He cannceled Obama’s NAFTA. It was unfair to US.
    Now Mexico came around and have a new trade deal with Mexico.
    Canada’s Treudeou was vovan opponent of it. But now he wants to be on board too.
    Yet Trump may refuse it.
    But that is likely to teach Treaudeau a lesson.

    He hit China with tariffs. China opposed, but they are paying the price. China’s economy and currency is in a nose dive.

    So he is more successful than those soft spoken predecessors.
    His duty is to his country. NOT to ideology of his opponents !

  5. At the risk of being censored again, I will bring up some basic common-sense issues.

    Author says:

    “Having said that I agreed with him when in December 2014 he draw attention to the undemocratic policies of the Hungarian government. McCain described Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as a “neo-fascist dictator.”

    OK, but it is a well-documented historical fact that only a year before that he was in the region, particularly in Ukraine and he stood shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian Nazi leaders from Svoboda, declaring his support for them.

    So, to understand this correctly, the same man who threw his support behind a Nazi organization is to be taken as a credible voice against Orban’s supposed “fascism”? Why would such a person even be bothered by someone’s “fascism”? Is there perhaps something completely different that bothered him about Orban, and perhaps this was just a way to attack him, in the absence of the option of spelling out his real objections?

    BTW, I find his foreign policy views and actions, such as the above-mentioned to be far more disturbing than choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate, along with his constant warmongering. It was the main reason I was glad that Obama beat him in the 2008 elections.

    • Avatar Reality Check says:

      “Is there perhaps something completely different that bothered him about Orban, and perhaps this was just a way to attack him, in the absence of the option of spelling out his real objections?”

      As usual you have a weak grasp of the facts.

      He did spell out real objections. Concurrent with his remarks to Congress, he released this detailed statement:

      John McCain spent his political career promoting democracy. Sometimes I disagreed with his approaches and sometimes he made mistakes. But, you have no idea what kind of man he was if you make statements like this: “Why would such a person even be bothered by someone’s “fascism”?”

      If you question this man’s basic commitment to good, then you have no common sense.

      • So when he threw his support behind a Nazi organization in Ukraine, you say he was supporting “democracy”?

        • Avatar Reality Check says:

          Please read more carefully. One act does not define the totality a person’s career. You clearly know very little about this man, but you are still, as usual, willing to make your uninformed comments.

          It is also not clear that he threw his support behind these organizations. You have yet to provide any evidence that he did more than meet with several opposition leaders that also included a few members of the far right. And given your support of far-right views on this site, why do you even care?

          And why not admit you were wrong? He clearly spelled out his objections.

  6. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    “Having said that I agreed with him when in December 2014 he draw attention to the undemocratic policies of the Hungarian government. McCain described Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as a “neo-fascist dictator.”

    Of course, what else is new?

  7. Let’s be clear about this, John McCain was not a knight in shining armor, by no means. He has been used now by the left,just because he made a few statement against Trump. But do not forget, he suffered with brain cancer. The people of Arizona ,his home state he represented in the US Senate,only 20% had agreed with him.

  8. No JAY, that I really find it hard to believe that John McCain would have been “on a take” especially from a Soros like organization.
    McCain was a hawk. He may have capitalized on his personal appeal and approach but not a sell out.

    I doubt you could back that up with any evidence?!

  9. JAY brought up McCain’s first marriage.
    I wad aware that he had been married before, but never been aware of the details of his life before Viet Nam.
    After digging into details about his first marriage and the circumstances, mostly views of those close to him in Nam and after,plus Ross Perot and Nancy Reagan who were directly close to them, the story gives a deeper inside into the life and carrier of John McCain.
    His personal life gives a different perspective of the character of John McCain.
    Thanks Jay.

  10. Are you trolls happy now ? Would you be dumping on McCain, if by chance he had said, that your hero, the European Union’s leading rule of law violator, or his puppet master Putin, were peachy guys ? I think you’d be cheering the loudest. Your protest over Mr. Lázár’s hommage to Senator McCain is as hollow as the masks you are wearing here to disguise your identities.

    Trolls ! What do you get for supporting a corrupt regime, that has been identified as the most flagrant abuser of EU subsidies? Is it a thrill for you to go to bat for a government that has diverted Hungary from the path of justice, constitutionalism and sustainable development? Does it make you feel good to see, that Orbán’s government has precipitated the greatest exodus of Hungarians from their homeland since 1900 ? I guess the departure of Hungarians from Hungary in record numbers, is a sign that they never had it so good, huh ?

    Trolls, why do you find it so hard to let Senator McCain rest in peace?

    • “Trolls, why do you find it so hard to let Senator McCain rest in peace?”

      Actually, it was you who refused to do so, the moment you decided to insert his death into conversation, as an opportunity to push your own ideological agenda. You brought up his past deeds as a way to attack Hungary, labeling it a “fascist dictatorship”, it is only fair that others bring up his record as well.

      I understand the desperation & frustration, given the facts don’t help you. Probably the same kind of frustration I felt when I was obstructed from responding to your article in a factual, and reasonable manner. For instance, you are talking mass-exodus of Hungarians? Statistically, according to Eurostat, there may in fact be a net influx of people into Hungary at the moment of about 1.8/1,000 inhabitants.

      Hungary seems to be doing better than most former communist EU peers in this respect, which is not bad given the sorry state of Hungary’s economy back in 2010.

      I know, it is hard when fact do not support your views. That is when we feel the need to start calling people labels such as “trolls”

    • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

      András B. Göllner on August 30, 2018 at 1:16 am

      “What do you get for supporting a corrupt regime, ”
      Do you really want to know the answer? An uninvaded safe country. That worth it!

  11. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    @ Chris,

    when will you release my comments under other headings?
    Are they POWs in the ideological war having no chance to get freed unlike McCain did?

    • Based on my very recent experience, it seems that it may be slightly dependent on author preference. Lazar Gyorgy may be someone I deeply disagree with, but if he has anything to do with it, we should give him credit for seemingly tolerating dissenting views.

      I was censored on Andras Golner’s article. I do remember a little while back on the forum, he was calling for the establishment of an echo chamber on this site, in other words making all dissenting voices disappear. He may demand that no inconvenient comments be published in response to his articles. And if that is so, it seems that site is happy to oblige him.

      This is just my observation, based on censorship pattern and author views. There may in fact be more to it, with editor being biased towards ideological censorship to begin with. In any case, very disrespectful towards audience of the site in my view, regardless of ideological inclinations. If there is an open forum, it should not be subject to biased, ideological, unreasonable censorship, so people can freely exchange views.

      • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

        You got that right. András does not take any opposing views kindly. His way or the hi-way. Comes from the professorship. Hi establishes the :”facts” and from thereon no further dispute is allowed.

  12. @ Morrison

    Editorial control is not censorship. It’s exercised by editors everywhere around the globe. Having your words published is a privilege and not an entitlement. Try to get a grip on your uncontrollable and bruised ego. I happen to trust our editor that when he disallows a comment, or a post by one of the contributors, it’s not on ideological grounds but on the basis of the comments’ “odor”. To put it in plain English – bullshit belongs in the garbage can and not on the dining table. It is an editor’s right and duty to protect his readership from items that pollute the atmosphere or are unfit for human consumption. Thank your lucky star, that I’m not the editor of this portal. Your backhanded accusation, that Christopher Adam is engaged in ideological censorship would never have made it into this space.

    • “Editorial control is not censorship. It’s exercised by editors everywhere around the globe. Having your words published is a privilege and not an entitlement.”

      I worked as a contributor for a mid-size news-site in the past. And there was indeed “editorial control”. But comments were removed based on un-civilized language, personal, unfounded attacks on contributor. Of the tens of thousands of comments that my articles received, of which I’d say at least 50% were in disagreement, not a single one was ever removed just because I or moderators did not like the message, or found it inconvenient to the message of the article. In fact, on one occasion one of my articles was temporarily removed, because a comment brought up the fact that my article contained a factual error, therefore error had to be fixed after being called on it. Otherwise, I have had very rough criticism of my content, in terms of conclusions, choice of facts used to draw those conclusions, which I thought was fair, even if inconvenient, and not once were such comments removed, even if at times my audience managed to completely demolish my own arguments.

      Also, you claim it is not ideological? Actually editorial of this site admitted as much. In fact I started looking at this site in response to the mention of someone who pointed out just this to me in shock and disbelief.

      “Commenting on this site is a privilege, not a right. You are advised to find yourself a pro-Fidesz site (there are many more of those than there are opposition sites) and comment there.”

      Signed: Hungarian Free Press.

      In other words, “I don’t like your ideological position, go away”? That was in fact an admission of ideologically based censorship by editorial. Having worked in on-line media for years, I’d say such “editorial control”, goes way beyond normal and does qualify as censorship.

      • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:

        Joe, just to clarify for you:

        Commenting is, indeed, a privilege and not a right. Comments can and often are removed when they detract from the themes and messages of the article at hand and indeed when their main purpose is to take a discussion down a rabbit hole or to repeat cliches. And let me reiterate what I have said before: you would be much happier commenting on the many pro-Fidesz sites. There are far more of these than there are opposition news sites. Your consistent disdain for our articles and for our authors means that this site is a poor match for you. You offer no nuance in your criticism or commentary and after a while, it becomes uninteresting.

        When you begin calling for a diversity of opinions on pro-Fidesz news sites, you will have more credibility here. Until this time, you should expect that only a portion of the comment tsunami that you submit to us will appear.

        • I never denied your right to make commenting on your site a privilege. Trust me however when I tell you as someone who has some experience in this field, that you will be better off in the longer run by adjusting your arguments to withstand a critical audience, rather than this absurd effort you are making here, trying to tailor the audience to your arguments. I can tell you this much, if at this moment you will deny for yourself that you are using heavy-handed, biased censorship as a crutch to carry your arguments (as opposed to all those absurd excuses), you are only defeating yourself, because such arguments will never win, even if it may seem that they do, thanks to your obstruction of reasonable push-back. And you should try to take the assumption of a critical audience as a given, rather than trying to chase it away, after all this is a public site so you should not expect everyone to be a convert.

          And for the record, a disagreement is not “disdain”. Censoring others for opposing views however is disdain for basic democratic principles.

          • It’s not called censorship. It is called self-defense! When you defend the criminal oligarchic leaders of Hungary and when you are a supporter of the one party state, you lose all rights to comment. The defenders, puppets, propagandists and beneficiaries of a criminal regime have no place here and they have no place anywhere. They gave up their right to participate in public discourse when they sided with the criminal organisation called Fidesz.

          • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

            Lanark on August 30, 2018 at 7:17 pm

            “no place anywhere”
            I lived under a system that had the same philosophy you just described. It called communism = fascism = neo-Marxism all having the same guidelines to establish who can speak-write-live.

            And you are so wrong when you say “They gave up their right to participate in public discourse” because nobody gave up any rights ever, they were taken away by dictators and their followers like yourself. Jews never gave up their rights to live freely in the Third Reich, it was taken away from them by your idol, Hungarians never gave up their right to live in a free society it was taken away by your father, and you just proclaimed that anyone supporting the current democratically elected Hungarian Government has given up their rights to everything because you are the DA, the Judge and the executor handing down a verdict on the duly elected representatives of the Hungarian People. Nice try but not much success.

            I did not give up my right to voice my opinion, it is taken away by the editor acting upon ill-advised comments like yours on the false pretend that he is doing the right thing, after all it would satisfy your-likes.

            Any political forum that limits the opposing views destined to become a dull one sided echo chamber and eventually losing its readership. I think that is the reason why Chris lets some of my (and other non-conforming commenters’) writings to appear. It would be a much livelier blog if he did not wipe anything out, but it seems that he bows to the pressure coming from people like you and András. Too bad.

          • Avatar Reality Check says:

            You are not a critical thinker. You are a propagandist and weak thinker. You are also a troll – you smeared McCain based on a faulty arguement. It’s a wonder they let you post so much nonsense on this site.

            You do relalise that your comments make a high percentage of comments on this site. If the editors occasionaly block your comments because they are irrelevent, repeatative (how many times did we need to hear about your ideas regarding Native Americans?), or bigoted, I thank them. I have no sympathy for your crys of censorship.

          • “You are not a critical thinker. You are a propagandist and weak thinker. You are also a troll” I don’t think much of your arguments either, but consider this quote:

            “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

            By: Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

            I never ever asked for anyone to have their right to comment, argue, speak or write obstructed for the simple reason that I disagree, or find their comments inconvenient in my entire life. That is a huge difference between me and you, as well as seemingly most self-proclaimed “pro-democracy” warriors on the site.

            Ironic that you all claim to fight for democracy, yet you are all mostly in favor of censoring those who simply disagree with you.

          • The only Problem for you is you yourself. Make your own Blog, we don´t want to read your own psychical Problems. There you can cry how long you want.

  13. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    András B. Göllner on August 30, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    “Editorial control is not censorship … “.
    Really? That what is it? I have experienced moderation when I used words that are used by the public regularly but Chris found them unfit for this site so he MODERATED them out. Censorship is when the comments disappear or being held hostages in limbo.

    “bullshit belongs in the garbage can and not on the dining table”.
    Unless you are the chef!

    “Thank your lucky star, that I’m not the editor of this portal”.
    Sometimes I have the feeling that in fact you are.

    • You should get medical help … and maybe learn some mathematics, then there will be no 70 years of communism, which was not even communism. We do not want to conceal that, right?


    It’s a murder on the eyes !

  15. For all their incessant whining about censorship, the nameless trolls above had a pretty good run at flooding the comment sections of a site that is not dedicated to licking Orbán Viktor’s boots.

    The sound of a bunch of homeless stray cats whining, does only one thing. It makes people shut their windows, and retreat into their own privacy. That is, of course the mission of all the trolls that work on behalf of autocrats like Putin, Orbán, Erdogan, the Chinese or North Korean Communists, or the Christian alt-right in America. Stray cats like the ones above are out to destroy the public sphere, to chase reasonable people away from the agora, where alternative political options should be debated in a calm, rational and fearless manner. The name for this practice is “neutrollization”. Some editors, under the name of liberalism and free speech will allow the neutrollization of their public space. And some will not. I applaud Dr. Adam, whenever he reaches for his broom. Wish he would do it more often so that the HFP could become a genuine place for debate instead of a cat’s miaou.

    • Avatar Robert Morrison says:


      as you well know it, everything is relative. Whatever you call “homeless stray cats whining” may be sharing the TRUTH while being a “troll” might be equal to a political science professor title.

      What Chris is doing a no win skating because of the extreme pressure coming from you and your “elvtársaid” to impose strict ban on not following your line of reasoning. As the matter of fact that writers like you make “people shut their windows” because there is no world event that you would not turn into Orbán bashing even when a US senator passes away.

      You displayed many times total disrespect for opinions and their writers unless they echo yours. I think Chris “reaches for his broom” and perhaps start with articles like “Thank you, Senator John McCain” to clean up this site.

      ps. I do not expect this comment to reach publication, but had to give you my though on your despicable idea of free debate.

    • “The sound of a bunch of homeless stray cats whining”

      That sound that you find so annoying is simply the sound of someone disagreeing with you. In any normal democratic society disagreement should be tolerated, and even welcome. There can be no democracy without debate. It should be seen as an opportunity to test out or reinforce your own ideas, convictions, points of view. The fact that you and many others on this site, who are so passionately opposed to Orban have such a hard time accepting an opposing point of view being voiced, shows that you all have very much in common with him in this regard. You seem to share very similar instincts.

  16. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    Reality Check says: on August 30, 2018 at 9:39 pm

    “You are not a critical thinker. You are a propagandist and weak thinker. You are also a troll”
    While reading your comment to the end I just realized that you intended to smear Joe, I also took great offence for your ideologically twisted immoral attitude toward fellow commenters. If anybody is a “propagandist troll” is YOU while I cannot say that you are a “weak thinker”. To the contrary, you are a well prepared Lenin-boy knowing and following the guiding of his criminal teaching that demagogy is the strongest weapon in the war for the human mind. You must be a four-star general in the leftist army.

    “your comments make a high percentage of comments on this site”
    Perhaps because former readers/commenters have gradually left the site for the very reason that it has already turned into an echo chamber by people like yourself. We all know that you are a so called “academic” having the same traits as András, therefore your labels are just as worthless as his, nobody takes them seriously. You should change your attitude before this blog becomes a secondary HS.

  17. Hey, ball player !! (I meant the guy with that crazy tennis racket.)

    Your labeling of “Reality Check” a “Lenin boy” made me roar with laughter. I see you dislike people who are educated, but please confess: How do you feel about “Aqua Velva men”, or “The Man from Glad” ? What about Tak Kayota, who gets into his Toyota Corolla every morning to drive up Mount Fuji, because he works the weather station there ? Lets be gender neutral ? OK. What about Lotta Hitchkanova of the Unitarian Service Commission ? I think I’m beginning to understand why you are so disdainful of people, who work in our institutions of higher learning. If you keep up the good work, you may eventually be allowed to cut mustard rather than cheese 🙂

  18. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear Mr. Morrison,

    According to the statistics HFP is already one of the most popular sites among English speaking Hungarian Americans and Canadians. 30% of the readers are from the US and 10% from Canada. (20% Hungary, 10% UK.. etc.) And just recently there was a day when hit numbers were over 10 thousand…! It seems that readers are not leaving… just the opposite.

  19. @ Joe

    Hey Joe ! I have a couple of minutes to play with a stray cat like you, who comes here and whines about censorship and not being given a free reign by our editor to spread the „manure” generated by post-modern Autocrats, like Viktor Orbán or and Vladimir Putin. I will not discuss every single one of your “droppings”. That would be spoil my day. I will illustrate the nature of your scholarship, credibility with reference to just one of your comments.

    You accuse me above of trying to stifle debate, and then declare that „it is a well-documented historical fact, that McCain supports the Nazis in the Ukraine.” The evidence you bring to the discussion to support your claim stinks to high heaven, Joe !

    I too can show a photo of John McCain standing next to Viktor Orbán, shaking the hands of a ruler who idolizes Hungary’s war time leader, Admiral Horthy, the man who sent hundreds of thousands of Jews to the gas chambers. If I were to say, that this is evidence of the late senator’s support of Hungary’s corrupt autocrat, I’d be laughed out of court. You are tampering with the evidence Joe. It’s a cheap trick used by those who specialize in manufacturing „historical facts” out of „fiction”.
    Joe ! The evidence you bring to this forum does not support your claim. It supports my claim, that the late Senator was a man, who looked at both sides of a story.

    Joe ! You are engaged in a typical trolling maneuver, by manufacturing „historical facts” out of „fiction”. I know Trump University would reward you handsomely, but try to remember, that institution was shut down for fraudulent behavior. My University would send you packing, and deservedly so.

    Joey ! I could spend my whole life sifting through the „crap” brought to the debating table by the armada of trolls that congregate here, in order to hinder fact-based debate, and to „neutrollize” the ability of citizens to test the ethical validity of competing claims in the political arena. I know you would love me to do that, instead of my day job. But life is about making choices. I work in a sector of the community where truth, and facts matter. It is not by trolling under a false name, but by generating peer-reviewed, fact based intelligence under my name, that I got to where I am „Joe”. If you’d come to my class with the kind of „evidence” you and the other farm-hands spread around here, I would show you the door, rather than issue an invitation to dump your cart-load of waste on the class-room floor.

    Feel free to chew on my words for a while Joey, with your stray cat friends in the alley, but try not to whine so loud. We’re trying to get some rest after a hard day’s work.

    • Did McCain stand shoulder to shoulder with Orban at one of his rallies? McCain did just that with Svoboda leaders in 2013, which is more than just a meeting. Furthermore, Orban represents Hungary, making it normal for foreign politicians to meet him, regardless whether they like him or not, and it is protocol to shake hands, smile, pose. Svoboda did not represent Ukraine, therefore there was no official reason to meet politician to politician.

      Not exactly apples to apples what you are trying to compare. And look at that, I don’t even have to resort to personal attacks in order to engage.

  20. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    András B. Göllner on September 2, 2018 at 2:03 am

    I always enjoyed your sense of humor. It is perhaps beyond many of the commenters but it is certainly within my scope. So let me say you hit it again. Especially when you said that I “dislike people who are educated” as it would mean that I dislike myself too which is a paradox to say the least.

    To the contrary I like educated people especially the once respecting others rather than keeping their nose up to the sky and insulting the less fortunate people such as the uneducated voters in rural Hungary for placing their trust in Viktor Orbán.

    “If you keep up the good work, you may eventually be allowed to cut mustard rather than cheese” as you can see I already have the chees cutter (that you have mistaken for a “crazy tennis racket”); therefore I would prefer to stay with it. So just bring the cheese and let’s have a wine and cheese party.  Oh and you can also bring some grape too regardless how sour it is for you since April 8.

  21. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    György Lázár on September 2, 2018 at 5:40 am

    I am very happy to read such wonderful stats. As you can attest to it I am a great fan of the HFP (not so much of you and the censorship I ran into many times) and I would hate to see it disappear because readers are bored. That’s why I keep commenting to entertain them and of course the writers of articles as well. I trust you enjoy my contribution 🙂

  22. @ Joe

    “Svoboda did not represent Ukraine, therefore there was no official reason to meet politician to politician.”

    Senator McCain met with opposition politicians and government politicians in the Ukraine, in Hungary, and on all his trips abroad. Your persistence in labeling the US Senator a Nazi supporter is a sick joke, unsupported by any evidence. You belong in the alley, stray cat. I’m closing my window for the night.

  23. @ Morrison

    Why bring up the rural voters of Hungary, while I’m dancing to the music of the “Village People” ? If that racket in your hand is a cheese cutter, I am the wind that cries Mary.

    Bobi ! Why don’t you find yourself a bed at the YMCA and put away your balls for the night. All the alley cats have have taken the day off – it’s Labour Day. No sense crying over spilled milk.

    • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

      András B. Göllner on September 3, 2018 at 2:16 am

      “Why bring up the rural voters of Hungary, while I’m dancing to the music of the “Village People”?”
      Are they the same? Rural voters =?~ Village People! Not bad.

      “If that racket in your hand is a cheese cutter…” No, not really. It is a multi-use sword in this multi-cultural world that can be used to cut among others, … cheese too. Good to have a firm grip on it, one never knows when one needs it to cut …. some cheese.

  24. Well Morrison, I grant you one – you are an expert at cutting the cheese down here. I would not brag about this ability of yours, but then who am I to comment on others’ rights of passage. As long as they don’t pollute my airspace, I’m happy dancing to the Village People down here. Why not try flying a kite outside, when the desire to cut the cheese comes over you, ball player ? While we’re at it – what can you tell me about Mrs Ernő Hollán ? Tóni néni was her affectionate name. Now there was a woman who could cut mustard. Had you cut the cheese in Toni néni’s parlour she’d send you you so fast up the chimney, you’d think you were one of Santa’s litle krampusz. 🙂

    • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

      András B. Göllner on September 4, 2018 at 7:06 pm

      Andris! Could you please send me the name of the drink you had? It seems like a great defense against thinking. Your attempted insult fell flat as I take no such anymore from you. Have a nice dance. Lol.

  25. Chit, chit Morrison. Chit chit. I take a delight from bringing a smile to the faces of faceless trolls 🙂

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