Wave of Hungarians deported from the US

Last month Ms. Regina Zsigmond (42) and her husband Mr. László Kovács (45) were captured by US authorities at the Canadian border with their 2-year-old boy, Levente. The boy was separated from the parents and is currently being held in a Bronx shelter.

The family entered the United States illegally and remain in federal custody. Their 2-year-old is in the shelter. “The problem is they cannot communicate with this kid in his foreign language,” said a family friend. Levente speaks only Hungarian.

Ms. Regina Zsigmond (42) and her husband Mr. László Kovács (45) were captured by US authorities at the Canadian border. Their 2-year-old boy, Levente was separated from the family.

Last year 80-year old Sándor Párdi was deported to Budapest after living in the US for over six decades. Párdi is a convicted sex offender; he was unable to get US citizenship during his long tenure in the US.

80-year old Mr. Sándor Párdi is a registered and convicted sex offender in the US. He was deported to Budapest.

These two examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Hungarian diplomats are shy about information related to arrests and deportations of Hungarians in the US. We don’t know how many Hungarians are in US jails or have been deported. While there are no published estimates about the number of Hungarians living illegally in the US, my guess is that at least 10,000 have entered the US with Hungarian passports. Some of them decades ago.

The majority have entered in the last five years. Many have nothing to do with Hungary since they never lived there; they obtained passports via the Orbán government’s 2010 fast-tracked dual-citizenship program and used the US Visa Waiver system to enter the US.

Hungarian passports can also be purchased and it is suspected that government officials and diplomats benefit financially from the illegal passport trade. US authorities are now considering scrapping visa waivers for Hungarians after uncovering a massive fraud scheme that has let non-Hungarians enter the US under false identities. (Read more here.)

Recently Slovak authorities arrested a Ukrainian terrorist (!) in Kosice, Slovakia with a Hungarian passport. Hungarian passports are easy to obtain and have become popular among criminals and terrorist gangs in Eastern-Europe. (Read Hungarian language article here.)

Hungarian diplomats are in panic and Ambassador Szabó in Washington now wants to get the US “Hungarian Diaspora” involved. I’d stay away from Hungary’s murky passport business which badly needs some transparency.

The root of the problem is the systematic corruption of politicians and diplomats and the ill-conceived 2010 fast-tracked dual-citizenship law. The “father” of the program, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén has acknowledged that at least 5,000 criminals have gotten access to Hungarian passports. According to Mr. Semjén this is an acceptable “margin of error.” (Read Hungarian language article here.)

US authorities see it differently. It is becoming evident that the Hungarians provided passport access to thousands of “bad guys” and now US taxpayers will have to foot the bill.

At the recent EU summit Prime Minister Orbán described migration as a dangerous “invasion” that “should be stopped.” Orbán said that the people want two things: No more migrants and “those who are in, should be sent back.”

President Trump agrees with him. He is sending more and more Hungarians back to Budapest.

György Lázár


  1. Bendeguz79 says:

    That’s right buddy. The “Rule of law” is about starting in this land. The lesson is do NOT send your criminals and sex-offenders to the USA ! Deport them all !!! I case you do the crime, be man enough to do the time ! Do not be cry baby ! It has been far too long the leftist lawlessness here. It is due time to change, like it or not.

  2. Bendeguz79 says:

    To balance the issue, it might be time to publish informations how the Peoples Government of Hungary handled and treated the border violators.

  3. How did the 500,000 Hungarian Jewish legal citizens feel being deported on cattle trains to the gas chambers?
    Stripped before they left Hungary at the train stations by MAV personnel and then tricked into cattle trains?

  4. Bendeguz79 says:


    In case you are not able to respond the issue of the article, please do not attempt to change the subject 180 degree ! At least try to be reasonable, fair and honest !

  5. Bendeguz79 says:


    They were NOT stripped by MAV employees, but by the gendarmes. They were NOT “tricked,” but forced into cattle cars. Their homes were emptied by locals and kids.

  6. Bendeguz79
    Wrong info.!
    Majority into cattle trains from ghettos.
    The rest, into Magyar Train MAV with their belongings, ticketed with their names on. Few stations later – told to get off at the station – goods left behind and the deported Jews on the way to Auschwitz – and how do I know this for sure? Because I represent survivors who are still here to sue your charlatans at MAV.

  7. Bendeguz79 says:


    I am a witness as a survivor. People who were rounded up by the gendarms (Csendor).Loaded into cattle cars and taken. MAV is the state rail system. They only operate the trains and tracks. NO belongings were taken more than a tiny bag.

    When you talk about “belongings” you likely refer the so called “Hungarian gold train”. That was the people in Bp. with the cooperation of Eichman. Hungary’s gold reserve and many wealthy Jews’ valuables were loaded on that train and sent west, to prevent the Red Army to confiscate them.

    The train was found in a tunnel in Austria by the US Army 40 division. The belongings in accordance of international law handed over to Austria. The gold was returned to Hungary. Private property auctioned off in NYC under international law.The proceeds handed over to UN refugee agency. Many property owners complain even today about losing their posessions. Millions and millions lost everything, including their life. They are all silent and forgotten !

  8. György Lázár, thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again.

  9. I’m Very well informed about the difference between the Gold Train -and the MAV train class action suit.
    Onto the trains with luggages, borondok of belongings, off the trains into cattle trains sans belonging ( except the very small bag of what they could hold in a hand!

  10. EDWARD;

    In Hungary ALL trains are MAV railway.There is no private rail company beside.

    By the way, what’s your allegation of that “class-action” lawsuit ?

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