Viktor Orbán’s xenophobic speech at the ThyssenKrupp factory opening

Why did the German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp give a podium to Viktor Orbán?

On March 2, 2018 Prime Minister Viktor Orbán inaugurated a new plant for Thyssenkrupp at Jászfényszaru, Hungary. Orbán started by saying, “Naturally, I don’t wish to use the present occasion for campaign purposes,” then immediately launched into a campaign stump speech against migrants and foreigners. He delivered his usual xenophobic and racist message; although, and for this he deserves credit, he didn’t once mention his nemesis, George Soros.

Orbán said, “but I’d like to point out briefly that every project, every job created here, every town development and the dramatic development of Jászfényszaru itself can only be meaningful and enduring if we are able to protect Hungary, and if we can keep the country how we want it to be. If we falter, if we make the wrong decision, if we fail to protect Hungary, within a few years all our developments will prove to have been in vain. If we are no longer Hungarians, if Hungary fails to remain a country of Hungarians, our developments will be of no benefit to us.”

“Because the world – at least as I see and understand it – is heading in a direction in which the only communities which survive and gain in strength will be those which truly know who they are. This means that Hungary, too, can only be successful if it remains a country of Hungarians and does not abandon its traditions…. Therefore our position is clear. We do indeed sympathize with those peoples of the world which are experiencing hardships, but our position is that their problems should not be brought here: instead of bringing problems here, help must be taken there.”

ThyssenKrupp is a large company and has a corporate “Diversity Charter” which is part of their Human Resources policy. Here is an excerpt.

“Diversity breed success. We believe that different cultures enrich us and make working together more enjoyable and more successful. We are committed to a corporate policy that values, supports, and utilizes diversity.” (Read ThyssenKrupp’s charter here.)

Heinrich Hiesinger CEO of ThyssenKrupp and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

It is shameful that ThyssenKrupp let Prime Minister Orbán deliver a speech which was against ThyssenKrupp’s own corporate charter as well as core human values. I will ask Heinrich Hiesinger, ThyssenKrupp’s CEO, to comment on this incident because I believe that his company owes an apology to his diverse shareholders and public for this unfortunate inauguration speech. What do you think?

György Lázár


  1. “Why did the German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp give a podium to Viktor Orbán?”

    Because ThyssenKrupp is a profit making enterprise, and Mr. Orbán, with a stroke of his pen, can decide who will make a profit and who will not in Hungary. Private corporations who do not “kow tow” to Il Supremo, risk punitive tax regulations, regulatory harassment, curtailed profits. The country manager of a big multinational corporation who takes on such risks will be demoted or transferred by corporate headquarters. If HQ continues along such a path, it will face eventual shareholder revolt. This is capitalism 101. It is also neo-fascism 101. Take your pick. The Hungarian government is enrolled in the latter.

  2. Censoring again, are we? Did it ever occur to you that if you have to defend arguments in articles or on the forum through such means, that those arguments are simply flawed? There was nothing in my argument that should have been considered to be inappropriate. It was simply a presentation of the other side of the coin, therefore if what I wrote was inappropriate, than so is the content of this article!

    Says a lot about the hypocrisy of this site & those agreeing or calling for censorship of opposing views on the forum. You guys are for democracy? Hah!!!!

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:

      You have been given the chance to keep repeating, and repeating and repeating the exact same argument and drawing the exact same parallels time and time again. We already know what you think, thanks.

      • And I already know what you guys all think as well, yet you keep repeating it! If you have the right to keep repeating it, should I or anyone else not have the right to keep contradicting you? Pathetic!!!

    • Avatar Reality Check says:

      Your comment was full of nonsense and lies. And yes, you are like a broken record. You should count yourself lucky that so many of your bigoted comments get left up.

  3. Avatar Reality Check says:

    I think people should contact the company here:

  4. Let’s not forget simple things,somebody has convinced ThyssenKrupp Inc. to build a factory in Hungary.
    They could have just as well built it any place, like Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, etc.

    Businesess like to have a friendly host. They reciprocate with friendly political campagn donations. It’s the “hand washes hand”.
    They never teach that in sociology class, but that is how this world goes around !

    Krupp is the world’s largest cannon manufacturer. Oh, I know they even made three-wheel cars, etc.
    Just like in the old days, the custom continue.
    Mr.Krupp admitted his his memoir that he wrote in Spandau, that “we brought Hitler”.
    Yes, Hitler had no money, and it took lots of it to take over a country like Germany, even back in those days.
    But they never thought that in sociology class either.

  5. Maybe Krupp helped Hungary in World War Two when it was on their side?

  6. Krupp was one of the many German companies who exploited Jewish men and women and those able “to work” from concentration camps!
    My father was one of the Slave laborers for Krupp, the others : daimbler Benz, Swarovski, BMW, the list goes on! May they all fail and their leaders break their own necks!

  7. Wow! What was wrong with my reply to “reality check”? I simply answered point by point. Including my very valid question in regards to whether he/she saw my censored comment, given that he/she gave a verdict in regards to what was in it. This is just sad & pathetic, not to mention the extreme hypocrisy! This behavior completely destroys your credibility.

  8. Avatar Child of survivors says:

    Krupp has blood on his/her hands!
    May the almighty blow them away like roaches! Those slave laborers unfit to work ( 200 calories a day) no shelter – were sent back to die in gas chambers!

  9. “Censoring again, are we?”

    Unfortunately not, Peter. Otherwise we would not be reading your daily drivel here. Newspapers, journals, magazines everywhere in the world, have editorial policies, rules by which they operate. Some allow pornographic material, slander, racial commentary, fake news, some don’t. This portal allows trolls like you, and Bendy-goose to come here on a daily basis and deposit materials designed to mislead and frustrate those who wish to separate fact from fiction, and engage in learned discussion of issues of public concern.. You should praise rather than condemn our editor for providing you with the privilege of polluting the agora. You should thank your lucky star I’m not the editor of these pages, (he and I agree to disagree on this matter) for I would have set up long ago a screen which would automatically deny access to these pages for your IP address, because of your consistent violation of the ethical rules of civilized discourse. Stop crying over the milk you are spilling yourself with great regularity, troll. Act like a man, rather than a troll. Get a grip on yourself.

  10. Child of survivor.
    You are totally correct in you comment.
    All of us are survivors of some one’s cruel and inhumane interest and actions.
    From day number one it is nothing else than men’s inhumanity toward his fellow humans.
    If not the Babylonians, or the pharos, or the Romans, or the crusaders, in modern times it was Godless atheistic socialism, either the national or the international socialists, but their goals and methods were just the very same.
    All achieved nothing good nor hopeful for humanity. Only to rule by brutal force all other humans.
    The ends have always justified any means.
    Produced nothing beside misery and death to millions and tens of millions.
    The very same goes on somewhere in different parts of this world almost all the time , only the names, places may vary.
    The outcome are always the very same.

    We can and want to hope, but do not hold your breath. Evil will never change !

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