AfD and Orbán – a love affair

In September Christian Lüth, the press spokesman for the far right German parliamentary party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), declared their candidate for the Charlemagne Prize to be Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s Prime Minister. The Charlemagne Prize is given for “Distinguished service on behalf of European unification.” How is it possible that the anti-Muslim, pro-Putin AfD party would give this European award to Mr. Orbán? (Read here about AfD’s praise of Orbán – in German.)

AfD supporters love Mr. Orbán.

AfD is currently the third largest party in the Bundestag (German Parliament) having won 94 seats in this year’s general election. In a short time a deep sympathy has developed between Orbán and AfD party officials with Beatrix von Storch being the loudest admirer of Mr. Orbán. Von Stroch served as deputy leader for the AFD, she is also a member of the Bundestag and a German nobility. She was born as Beatrix Amelie Ehrengard Eilika, Duchess of Oldenburg and should be addressed “Her Highness.” She has met with the Hungarian Prime Minister several times and even travelled to Budapest.

Mr. Orbán and Beatrix von Storch (AfD) are close friends.

Earlier, in a highly publicized racist remark von Stroch stated that German border control personnel had the right to shoot illegal migrants. Her family is also well-known in Germany for their past support of far-right ideology. Von Stroch’s grandfather on her mother’s side was a high ranking and unapologetic Nazi and also a prominent German nobleman. Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk served as Hitler’s finance minister and was convicted for war crimes.

Von Storch’s grandfather served time as a Nazi war criminal.

I was not surprised to learn that AfD sympathizers often carry pro-Orbán and pro-Putin signs at their rallies. The party’s program and philosophy fits well with Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party.

According to press reports, Orbán’s relationship is shaky (to say the least) with Germany’s ruling conservative CDU/CSU party coalition and Chancellor Angela Merkel avoids meeting him. Orbán also lost a powerful friend and mentor in Horst Seehofer of the Bavarian CSU party, who had to quit as premier to end a vicious power struggle within his party.

No doubt that Orbán is looking for new friends and political allies in Germany, and it seems that AfD is the perfect fit. I wouldn’t be surprised if we would hear more about the budding AfD-Fidesz friendship in the future.

György Lázár


  1. Today the Hungarians authorities arrested 17 members of the Hungarian National Front.
    So, who is in bed with whom ?

    • What is Hun Nat Front? Some fascist offshoot arrested?

      Well, Hitler not only arrested Rönm and the top SA thugs, but executed them. So he was the good guy?
      Robespierre guilotined Danton, Desmoulin, Stalin killed blood soaked Trotsky, Jagoda, the sadistic murederer Yezhov, etc. So they are the good guys.
      A bit primitive your logic, no?

  2. ” you shall not hold the children, grandchildren guilty for the crimes of their fathers or grandfathers”.
    Because that would be not just unfair, bias, but unjustly revenge motivated.
    That is not justice !

  3. Everyone who is opposed to mass-colonization of Europe, which is home to dozens of distinct native cultures is sympathetic towards Orban, with some being more extreme & others more moderate. So what? You clearly sympathize with the far-left, globalist movement which aims to wipe out all global ethno-cultural, racial & religious diversity on the planet, in other words massive cultural genocide in the interest of the grand goal of one world government. This globalist movement also contains some more radical elements, and some more moderate elements. What I find really scary is the fact that you actually think you hold the moral high ground here!

  4. Benji, nobody is holding them guilty for their fathers, but is it allowed to be mentioned, that these neo-nazis are faithfully following a very similar past ideology?

  5. “An offshoot of the old (Nazi) tree”
    “The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”
    “In the long line of …(fascists)”

    The AfDs like Orban not because he let 170 000 migrants pass on their way to Germany (something they should be screaming at him for). They like his fascist rhetoric and actions, he’s their icebreaker clearing a path, albeit small, for the German crypto fascists.

    At least you listed your glorious political ancesters,
    your idols also.
    Just what is it that you find admirable in them to follow ?
    Simply that you do not have your own ideological base, and your own conviction ?

    Just what is wrong with freedom and basic right of every human beings on this Earth ?
    Why not just aim to secure that for all, instead of the goal of taking power to control the entire human population?
    That is the only goal of all the globalist, whatever names and slogans they use to mislead the masses, and they do it only for their own personal power to control the entire human race.
    Is that moral in your judgement ?
    Be honest now !

  7. BANFI;
    Oh no, you do not put their father’s sin on them ?
    Than why accuse them of the same deeds?
    And in your mind what happens to freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly,etc ???
    Or you only consider that for yourself, but not for those that may not agree with you, or that you do not approve, or simply oppose or hate?
    Actions against the very rights of others that is controlled in any civil society.
    That is just what you are doing now by advocating to limit the rights of others as you find excuses to do so by the labels you have shosen for others.

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