Hungarian diplomats celebrate President Trump’s inauguration in Washington DC

Last Saturday, January 21, millions marched worldwide to protest the inauguration of President Trump.

On the same day Hungary’s Ambassador to Washington, Réka Szemerkényi, organized a party to celebrate the inauguration of the new president. The Salute to Freedom Inaugural Brunch was held at the newly purchased Hungarian Embassy building in Washington DC. Salute to Freedom?

Hungary, one of the poorest countries in the European Union, just paid $16.5 million for the famous Brodhead-Bell-Morton mansion. The 20,000-square-foot, Beaux Arts-style palace had been on the market since 2014.

There were lots of smiles and Trump supporters at the reception. Republican Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado and Steve King of Iowa, two Tea Party heavyweights were there. Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska and Rep. Steven Womack of Arkansas were also present.

The Ambassador also invited numerous Hungarian Americans, all staunch Trump and Orbán supporters.

Most interesting was Governor George Pataki’s passionate speech: “Today everything changes. For the past 8 years, it seems to me that the Administration has been confused and too often spent time with avowed enemies of America – like Iran and Cuba – and not enough time with committed friends of America, like the Visegrad Four…. Hungary has been such a great friend to America – not just being in NATO, but sending troops to Afghanistan, helping support logistically in Iraq, camps and transfer bases and working on counter-terrorism measures. For the past 6 years, Hungary has been a great friend to America; sadly America has not been a good enough friend to Hungary. That ends now.”

Gov. Pataki said that Trump is unqualified to be President; now he is celebrating Trump’s inauguration with Amb. Szemerkényi (right corner in black dress) and Hungarian-American friends.

Last year the ex-Governor of New York and also a prominent Hungarian-American visited Budapest and in an interview to Hungarian weekly Figyelő Pataki warmly praised Mr. Orbán, noting the he has a “strong” government and described Hungary as a free market economy with a solid democratic system.

Solid democratic system?

70-year-old George Pataki has Italian and Hungarian ancestry and he was a republican presidential candidate himself with a clear message for Donald Trump – Step down! He said that he was horrified by Trump’s “poisonous mix” of bigotry and ignorance. “Enough!” Pataki wrote. “He needs to step down.”

Mr. Trump immediately insulted Mr. Pataki with a twitter. “Why is someone like George Pataki, who did a terrible job as Governor of N.Y. and registers ZERO in the polls, allowed on the debate stage?” (Read more here.)

Mr. Pataki called Trump “unqualified” and declared, “I think Donald Trump would drive the Republicans off a cliff.“ He also added that “the key is to stop Donald Trump.” Pataki’s own twitter asked the question, “Why is a serially bankrupt Trump who insults Mexicans, Women, Blacks, Jews & POW’s on the debate stage?” (Read more about the tweets here.)

Now the election and the inauguration is over and last Saturday at the Hungarian Embassy Gov. Pataki couldn’t be happier. He was celebrating his new president, Donald Trump.

György Lázár

*Click here to see Gov. Pataki’s speech praising Mr. Orbán at the Salute to Freedom Inaugural Brunch


  1. Hm…There are two ways to understanding. The first is smooter: Mr. Pataki not so fair and decent person. The second is harder: he was blackmailed with something.
    Otherwise: according to Facebook on the Trump’s inauguration party in Hungary attend only 180 persons. I think Mr. Zsolt Bayer was a little disappointed.
    “Bonaparte is the cleaning wind”-said Sir Pierre Bezuhov in the War and Piece. And on the Borogino’s battlefield holding in their hands the dead soldier and says: “Damn Napoleon!”…

  2. Kalasz M. You are an unqualified idiot!!!
    Karl Busch

  3. Avatar Curious George says:

    No one kisses up more to the Winds of change than Huns….or chameleons.

  4. Adam,
    IMHO you have to do some cleaning re these idiotic trolls. Normally we use the occasion to shoot them down, but cretins are good for nothing.

    Their rants doesn’t bother me, but they don’t look good either.
    Trolls come, you weed them, come/weed and so it goes.

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:



      • @Observer: “you have to do some cleaning re these idiotic trolls”

        HFP (Christopher Adam):”Agreed”

        But then why are the excreta of the likes of “@Kal…” or “Lil…” or “Don…” (probably all sock-puppets of one demented graffitist such as Istvan Lovas) still up and befouling the discussion section of HFP, turning it into a latrine wall?

        Enough is enough, Chris. No purpose whatsoever is served by providing a megaphone for these misfits to act out their pathology in public. Please bin and ban his/her/their/its spoor as soon as spotted, as well as retrospectively, in the archive.

        It will make HFP a much more useful, credible and palatable source.

  5. I can’t quite place Pataki – he can’t be so ignorant, not so stupid not t0 know/understand what’s going in Orbanistan. After all he’s blasting Trump for what he’s poised to do as president, but praising Orban who’s actually done much worse things.

    The Orban supporters are three categories:
    – the thieves, easy to understand,
    – the ignorant or dummies, who don’t know or don’t understand, and
    – the damaged souls who live out their inferiority complexes and manias through the greatness, the victories over the enemies, etc.

    But these are the domestic crowd, Pataki is not.

    Any tip guys?

  6. Pataki speaking at the reception organized by the Hun ambassador and Friends of Hungary (also an Orban outlet) had nothing but platitudes, BS and lies (I suppose fed to him), e.g. Hungary being a good friend to America in the last 6 years !!? He either hasn’t seen a Hun newspaper or heard Hun state radio/TV or simply lying.
    What a parody.

  7. Good piece, Mr. Lazar. It is not a coincidence, that Pataki and Orbán share the same political communications strategist – Arthur Finkelstein – who happens to be in partnership with many of Trump’s own carpetbaggers, who sell their wares in the corrupt dictatorships of the former Soviet republics, much to the delight of the neo-nazi trollster, István Lovas, who frequents these pages under various aliases. The one thing none of the clowns who comment here can deny – on the day of his inauguration, Donald Trump had three balls. Will he have balls for Putin ? That remains to be seen.

  8. Avatar Albrecht Neumerker says:

    That Mustafa guy didn’t take his medication.

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