Women’s Marches against President Trump attract millions – György Lázár’s photos

It began as a Facebook post by a Hawaii grandmother the day after Hillary Clinton’s loss in November and blossomed into a worldwide protest movement against Donald Trump.  The largest demonstration took place in Washington DC, where according to estimates well over half a million people marched.

In California, my home state, about 400 thousand marched in Los Angeles, 100 thousand in San Francisco and 60 thousand in neighboring Oakland–writes HFP’s György Lázár.

On Saturday, January 21 an estimated 2.6 million people took part in 673 marches in 50 US states and 32 foreign countries, even in Hungary.  In Budapest about 500 people walked at the banks of the river Danube.  In freezing weather they created a human chain across the Chain Bridge from Pest to Buda.

These photos are from György Lázár who attended the Oakland, California march.


  1. But Trumps loves women! He in fact loves them very much…

  2. Avatar Curious George says:

    A bunch of angry lesbians and mixed up ducks ( sorry sweet innocent ducks) – wake up and say Thank you G-d for a new president who will lead the almighty America back from Husein Obama’s America hate filled heart!

  3. The US is antisemitic. I am disparing. Help!

  4. Avatar Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Only 500 people out of 10 million protest in Budapest?
    Hahahaha, get a life. Your politics and propaganda stinks.

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:


      One more comment like the one that I had to delete, in which you advocated for violence, and you will be banned from commenting on any of these pages.

  5. Anfisemitic bs.

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