Hungarian witness claims that Trump chased pretty woman in Moscow

I generally don’t give credit to Hungary’s tabloid news but Ms. Kata Sarka’s story deserves attention.

She is a Hungarian beauty queen and celebrity who is married to (separated from?) Mr. Péter Hajdú, a Hungarian TV-talk-show host. Their on-and-off romance is part of Hungary’s tabloid world.

She gave a playful “Carpool Karaoke” style interview in May 2016, well before the US Presidential Election, and described her meeting with Donald Trump. She was in Moscow during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, and a man surrounded by bodyguards approached her. He grabbed her hand and asked, “Who are you?” Ms. Sarka was so surprised that she couldn’t say anything except “Hungary.”

Ms. Kata Sarka at a Hungarian beauty pageant (Photo: RAS Archívum)

Ms. Kata Sarka at a Hungarian beauty pageant (Photo: RAS Archívum)

Trump then gave her his business card with his private number and told her which hotel and which room he was staying in. Sure, you would say…. Show me the card!

Well, Ms. Sarka willingly flashed Mr. Trump’s personal card as proof, and to be honest, her story sounds credible to me. All this was on Hungarian TV in May 2016.

Ms. Sarka received Mr. Trump's busines card

Ms. Sarka received Mr. Trump’s busines card

Hmm. Hungary’s Orbán government is desperately trying to build friendly ties with Mr. Trump. I have a feeling that having a Hungarian witness that soon-to-be-US-President Trump chased pretty woman in Moscow won’t help the Hungarian government’s effort.

György Lázár


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  2. Sure, Lázár, you wouldn’t understand why a man would ask a chick like Sarka to his place – but hey, on lucky days you can spot some pretty boys, if that helps you.

    • Reality Check says:

      He’s a married man. Still OK with you?

      And this story adds credence to the report that he was cruising for extra-marital sex in Moscow in 2013, when the alleged golden showers incident took place.

  3. Eliezer Rabinovich says:

    “I generally don’t give credit to Hungary’s tabloid news but Ms. Kata Sarka’s story deserves attention.”

    So you are not shy to make your English-language publication tabloid. To write an absurd story, to show a vulgar photo (I am very sorry that this is your Hungarian view of “beauty”), to describe an impossibly crude story and use this card as proof?! How far are you, the left-wing people, ready to fall with the fake news?! After the dismissal of recent unbelievable story about allegedly compromising materials from Russia, you are trying to repeat a similar nonsense. Shame on you!

    • Reality Check says:

      There is video of her making this statement in May, well before Trump’s grab ’em video came out.

      And it is not impossible, it is very plausible given the Drumps sexual history and his own video-tapped statements.

      It was only recently picked up by Hungarian tabloids. Before the tabloid ran a story on it, did.

      Sucker on you for defending the POS.

  4. Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Eliezer Rabinovich, this HFP website is an anarchist Hungarian-bashing website being runned by hardcore leftist Zionist to demonize Hungary and Hungarians more than anything else in this world. Its because these publishers and authors are dissidents from Hungary who are on warrent for their arrest on the charge of treason, sedition and racial/ethnic defamation on Hungary. Now you know the clear picture.

    • Eliezer Rabinovich says:

      Mr. Kalasz Musztafa, thank for your attempt to enlighten me, but, please, be aware that I myself a hardcore centrist or center-to-right Zionist who does not accept any trace of antisemitism or racism. I do see that those people are of left wing with unacceptable to me political correctness that has replaced genuine liberties in their mind, but I greatly doubt and practically sure they are not wanted in the modern Hungary for any crime, and they are frequent visitors in their country.

  5. Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Eliezer Rabinovich, correct me if I’m wrong but your name itself seems that you are coming from ultra-orthodox or orthodox Jewish community. I can understand that you are hardcore centrist or centre-to-right but what confuses me is that you consider yourself Zionist, how is it so? I remember you even defended Horthy for saving the Jews from deportation and you debunked many lies about Horthy coming from the left-wingers. Please note that fighting for the preservation of Jewish community can be done without Zionism. Zionism itself has caused enough anti-judaism or antisemitism how you call it coming from the neo-nazi or neo-fascist. I’m Hungarian nationalist myself but in a way without adopting any Nazi or fascist ideology, but a pure form of nationalism influenced by religious moralism.
    Anyway I’m muslim myself and I find that ISIS wahhabi-salafist is just as bad as Zionism is for the Jews. I strongly believes in de-radicalization on humans but not coming from the Marxist left-wingers because they would radicalised the mass straight away after when they de-radicalised the mass. If you know the history of terrorism in the 20th century, most of those terrorism were caused by the Leftist like IRA, and yes even PLO itself was originally a Marxist ideology.

  6. Kalasz Musztafa says:

    A moderation in life is much better than extremism. Violence, killings and chaos is never the cause for the solution but consultation does bring up a solution.

  7. Curious George says:

    Guys! You just like to go off the subject with anti Israel vitriol each time! This woman is no beauty! And President Donald Trump looked her way for the moment and that was that- I do hope you both still appreciate a pretty woman?!
    But, I do agree, this short observation is indeed a tabloid not worth it to be mentioned. Ok Mustafa- let’s all celebrate the upcoming inauguration of a man who looks, thinks, and plans like a real American President finally!

  8. Eliezer Rabinovich says:

    Mr. Kalasz Musztafa, it is rather rare that an opponent, especially a political opponent, especially from Hungary, writes in a respectful manner that encourages a serious response though we have certainly deflectd from the original topic of this article about the Hungarian “beauty” and Trump. You are wrong tracing my upbringing and background from my surname to my politics, even though the word “Rabinovich” definitely originated from the name “rabbi”. It is a very popular surname of the Jews of the Polish, Ukrainian, Byelorussian origin; you may compare it in popularity with the Hungarian surname “Nagy”. Saying that, I am really from the rabbinical families. My paternal grandfather rabbi Eliezer Rabinovich, a chief rabbi of Minsk, died peacefully in his bed in 1924, and that is why I inherited his first name. Not so my maternal grandfather, a chief Moscow rabbi Shemaryhu Yehuda Leib Medalie, who was arrested and shot in April 1938; couple months later they executed his son Moshe Medalie, a Rostov rabbi. My father, a religious man, as well as my wife’s father, a completely secular socialist, both spent 17 years in prisons, hard labor camps and exile. My school upbringing was entirely atheistic because that could be no other way in Stalin’s Soviet Union. I had re-educated myself later in my life.

    I described this story in an article called “Three from the Crushed Generation” published in Russian and partially in English in the “Moment” magazine. If I had your e-mail address, I could send you the full English text. I left Russia with overwhelming hatred to the communist ideology, and this feeling has not abated a small bit. This is why I have no claims against Horthy’s strong anti-communism, because mine is stronger. I have no claims to him for destroying Bela Kuhn who later came to Russia and arranged a massacre in Crimea.

    You misread my text where I wrote that I am “a hardcore centrist or center-to-right Zionist” and you read it as “you are hardcore centrist or center-to-right”. A centrist cannot be “hardcore” by definition: a centrist person is always ready to listen and to correct his position depending on new circumstances. I meant to say that I am a “hardcore Zionist”, and you are erroneously thought that a religious Jew cannot be a Zionist? Let me assure you that at least 75% of the world Jewry in free countries are hardcore Zionists, excluding a small minority of very ultra-orthodox Jews and a small minority of ultra-leftists. I lived in Israel for 7 years, served as a reservist in the Israeli army, and I am proud of this my past.

    All the rest of your writing shows your poor command or disregard of the facts. You write: “Please note that fighting for the preservation of Jewish community can be done without Zionism.” Really so? Have you ever heard the world “Holocaust”? About the six disappeared millions? About the gas chambers? Have you heard that before the WWII there was a great culture of small Jewish towns and villages with 3 mln. Jews in Poland alone, and this culture had gone completely? Where are your Hungarian pre-war 800 thsd. Jews? Now you can boast not more than 48 thsd.

    You write: “If you know the history of terrorism in the 20th century, most of those terrorism were caused by the Leftist like IRA…” Surely I do know the history – I have lived through it. Do you know that almost 100% of the terror during the last 25-30 years is Muslim? You dare to compare ISIS with Zionism? This means you don’t care for the truth at minor least. They are murderers that have given nothing to the world except terror and murders, while the Jews took a desolated land, that had been a desert during the two thousand years, and have made a garden out of it! All this could be shared with surrounding Arab countries, if they not had the only interest to destroy Israel instead of doing something for ourselves. Why free Gaza is not another Singapore but a launching place for the rockets? Why Israel alone has received six Nobel prizes on Chemistry and Economics vs. three for the entire Muslim world comprising 23% of the world population? And you dare to compare this flourishing small country under a permanent threat of destruction with the ISIS?

    You write that you are a Muslim but a “Hungarian nationalist”. First, if you are a nationalist of your country, why do you have no respect for the nationalism of others, for example, Zionism? But, second, in general, I don’t quite understand what does it mean to be a “Hungarian nationalism”, what is your goal? You have your country. Do you want others in it like Roma, Jews, Germans to be deprived of their rights? I don’t think you want. Or do you dream to return the land lost in 1920 according to Trianon? I cannot approve. You live in the Balkan-Danube basin area which is probably unique in the Western world as the intimate intermixture of ethnicities, languages, religions and cultures. The golden time of this area was during about 50 years when it was united under Austria-Hungarian flag and was headed by Franz Joseph II. This golden country was destroyed by conflicting nationalisms that culminated in the Sarajevo assassination. Now the area has been enjoying a relative stability for the last 25 years, and I do not think that this stability may survive any nationalism.

  9. Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Holocaust? yes I know what it is, my step grandfather’s mother was the victim of Auscwitz, and died there. She never returned to Hungary, her remains wasn’t even found.

    25-30 years of Terrorism in the world caused by Muslim? By fact yes, the Wahhabi and Salafist extremist sects, funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. I still Dont understand why zionist Israel and US is still buying oils from shifty Saudi Arabia if these 2 countries are really so concern about “terrorism”?
    But anyway that’s another issue.
    Apart from that I read most of your post, just want to let you know that I did came across with your website, I think thats where I found the Pro-Horthy article.

    About the Zionism being extremist or terrorist ideology, the UN classified it as terrorist organization by naming nearly the whole Jewish groups in the 50’s or 60’s. So I wasn’t the one made it up, it was UN adopted that resolution but suddenly the UN done a U-Turn and recognised a Jewish state. I think this 21st world politics is in a time of confusions.

    • Eliezer Rabinovich says:

      “About the Zionism being extremist or terrorist ideology, the UN classified it as terrorist organization by naming nearly the whole Jewish groups in the 50’s or 60’s. So I wasn’t the one made it up, it was UN adopted that resolution but suddenly the UN done a U-Turn and recognised a Jewish state. I think this 21st world politics is in a time of confusions.”

      Let us finish our discussion. First, you are confused with the dates. UN formed Israel by its resolution in November 1947. After that it has led steady anti-Israeli and antisemitic policies. One moment it named Zionism as a racist ideology while later cancelled this resolution. Such heavily undemocratic inhumane countries like Zimbabwe, Somali judge in the UN a democratic and well-developed Israel. The UN moral authority has been completely ruined – it is not human rights organization, and it has never resolved any conflict. It now heavily dominated by the countries that have nothing to do with civilized cultured behavior.

  10. Kalasz Musztafa says:

    I see, so the UN is just worthless organization circus without purpose being there. I think I can see the clear picture now. The UN is the United Nations of Communists governed by Marxist law. They scream and condemn those countries, and their so-called “Peacekeepers” are sent to those countries but the UN itself is no different to that of any anti-christ political groups.
    Thanks for the clarification. 🙂

  11. Curious George says:

    The UN is a waste of traffic, upkeep in Manhattan. It is just that: United Nerds or United Nazis – same useless anti Semitic organization like UNESCO, UNICEF and my “favorite” amnesty international”…. all will be dissolved with time just as the useless NATO is about to go south – the way of the dinosaurs…..

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