Holocaust survivor Ágnes Heller suggests left-wing partnership with Jobbik

There is a sense that key politicians and thinkers on the left are gradually introducing the possibility–and for many opposition voters the bitter pill–of a possible partnership between the country’s main left-centre opposition parties and Jobbik. After former Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy declared that those in the left-centre opposition who refused an alliance with Jobbik were being unnecessarily “squeamish” and after the Budapest President of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) Ágnes Kunhalmi said that “we will cross that bridge when we get to it,” and did so at a thoroughly bizarre press conference, with the politicians at times laughing uncontrollably, Philosopher Ágnes Heller has now also suggested that a working agreement with Jobbik may be necessary if one is to defeat Fidesz.

Ms. Heller, an 87-year old Holocaust survivor, one of Hungary’s most recognized philosophers and with nearly a dozen monographs published abroad in English, French and Spanish, spoke to ATV and said the following:

“Cooperation can happen if both sides desire it. Purely based on numbers it is true that if they went up against Fidesz together, they would defeat the governing party. It would not be bad if they did so. But if they don’t want to do it, then they should not…Maybe the word ‘cooperation’ is not the right one. They could just support each other. This, of course, would be very difficult to explain to their voters, even if today there is basically a state of emergency in Hungary. If this is impossible due to their divergent identities, they do not need to make ideological compromises. Instead of a public agreement, they can simply decide to support each other’s candidates, even as they both develop their own campaign strategies. And then, if Fidesz has been defeated, the current electoral system would be reformed and new elections would follow between the victorious parties.”

Ágnes Heller. Photo: Népszava.

Ágnes Heller. Photo: Népszava.

Ms. Heller’s suggestion is not entirely new. I have heard many informal, private discussions and musings among people on the left (politicians, activists and public thinkers) about the possibility of a grand, but technical MSZP-DK-Jobbik coalition, which would not really ever govern, but would simply pave the way for a new, free and fair electoral system, to replace the once introduced unilaterally by Fidesz in 2011. That said, the mundane, yet important tasks of actually governing do exist, were the opposition to win in 2018–the parties have few plans for that remote possibility.

But what does one do with a defeated Fidesz in such a scenario? Fidesz may, indeed, wither and collapse into a rump, once the party no longer has free access to lavish public funds, with which it can buy loyalty. Does one create the ground work and legal framework to disband and ban Fidesz, were it to lose an election to MSZP-DK-Jobbik? Would this technical coalition use police infrastructures and powers in place to conduct mass arrests and imprisonment of Fidesz politicians suspected of corruption, as well as of those who played an active role in dismantling parliamentary democracy in Hungary, and would it do so despite protests and possible legal challenges from the European Union? In other words, would it be willing to use illiberal methods to permanently dismantle Fidesz and politically incapacitate its key politicians?

If there is talk about a coalition with a party like Jobbik and forcing through an overhaul of the nation’s electoral laws, built on a cooperation only between “the victorious parties,” then one has to ask the question: what happens to Fidesz? Does it have any role in the future of Hungary?

I think that it is appropriate to say that at the national level, Jobbik may have largely distanced itself from his hard, far-right past and Jobbik leader Gábor Vona in particular has diligently tried to cultivate a much more moderate, reasonable image–one that puts him to the centre of the governing Fidesz party. The same, however, cannot be said for local Jobbik organizations. Dig below the surface, and your will find a Jobbik mayor who just recently introduced unconstitutional legislation targeting gays and Muslims  (much to Mr. Vona’s chagrin, reportedly), or the local Jobbik organization in a suburb of Budapest, which crudely rejected the idea of ever sending Hanukkah greetings to Hungarian Jews.

I trust that the “democratic opposition” will exercise great caution in their deliberations.


  1. György Lázár says:

    Obviously Ms. Heller is entitled to her opinion. In my view, suggesting cooperation (even engage in discussions) with Jobbik is suicidal. Some of the party leaders are far-right criminals and would be in jail in any country with a functioning legal system… Mr. Toroczkai is on a suspected terrorist list, Mr. Gyöngyösi has close contacts with Iranian subversives, Mr. Novák is connected to neo-Nazi site kurucinfo… Don’t compare Jobbik leaders to France’s National Front leadership.. Jobbik is a group of ragtag neo-Nazi thugs.

  2. Hear hear Mr Lázár ! I have the greatest respect for Ágnes Heller’s contribution to the so called “Budapest School’s” philosophical body of work. She is also entitled to articulating her position on any issue of public concern. Her reputation, however, as a professional political analyst or campaign strategist is not much greater than that of any Budapest cab driver. Her campaign comments should deserve the same kind of attention, as my thoughts on engineering, or the strength of concrete made of glass fiber.

  3. Drop dead, hellER! My parents were Auschwitz survivors.

  4. Lazar, you are an idiot. The penal code does not differentiate crime committed on the basis of ideology.

  5. Front National is not significantly better ( at least for those, for whom humanistic and democratic values mean somthing ) than Jobbik, just because they focus their incitement on people of Middle-Eastern or African origin ( or Eastern-European, concerning freedom of movement and employement in the EU ) rather than specifically on Jewish people. Jobbik may also want to position itself just like that. The renewed far-right reaction is hoping to tactically team up with right-wing , reacionary minded Jewish groups ( and particulary with the Israeli far-right ) according to the opportunistic doctrine of ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend ” to hide their shameful historical origin and their sympathy towards the Axis and Axis collabaroator regimes of WWII. As if they were want to make Jews believe that the enemies of Jews weren’t the anti-Semites but collectivly all African and Middle-Eastern peoples. What a shame, especially that the succesor of the Soviet Union is a major force behind this tendency…

  6. By the way only idiots eat the shit, that FideSS will ever let the scenario outlined in the article ever happen in the framework of their “election” system, with unlimited power ( election commities, judiciary, secret-sevices, militias – TEK – controlled exclusively by them without any independent oversight) in their hands. They are not the MSZMP of the late 1980’s, that introduced free parlamentary elections alongside constitutionalism and separation of powers to Hungary… This parlamentary election titled stage-show is only to hide FideSS dictatorship and to mislead sincere opponents of the regime by using those phantom-parties…

  7. What kind of “left” are they talking about…?

  8. Fidesz is the most anti-Semitic gang of societal rapists ever known to mankind.
    But colluding with anti-Semites to win over anti-Semites is an option only for self-hating Jews.

  9. This is very true. I left Hungary in 2010.

  10. Jobbik hates HELLer.

  11. Kalasz Musztafa says:

    There is something you all dont know about Magyars. We Magyars and other Turkic people are the Israelite, why? Because according to the Turanian Karaites, the Huns-Scythians were the exiled Israelites who were exiled to central Asia called Turania and the Black Sea area. Magyars is from the tribe of Manasseh, Machir the son of Manasseh. Our Khazar-Szekely rovas is the original Hebrew. Our Turkic tribal customary law was Toru/Tura/Tore/Torveny originated from our Mosaic law, Torah. We Magyar/Turkic men and women use to grow our side hair behind our ear long called peyot. What else? Oh yes, call Jerusalem= Uru-Solyom, there is a city Arad in Palestine and a city Arad in today’s Romania. Our common Hungarian name is Gabor and Arpad which is both typical Hebrew name. We use lion/ oroszlany symbol apart from Turul bird/ greywolves in our Arpad flag just like King David of Israel who also use lion symbol. Our old custom was we Dont touch our women when she is on periods or pregnant for 40 days, that custom still practiced by Hungarian Roma. Etc,etc,etc our Hebrew Israelite origins is undeniable. Therefore Magyars/ Turkic people are Semitic people with semitic origin. No, Israelites are not Jews or Jewish but Israelite is Israelite. Jews from Judah tribe are a minority in Israelite tribe, hahahaha. Stop complaining about anti-semitism in Hungary because we Magyars are semitic, we are just anti-judah nothing else. Its you anti- Magyar poofters who have full of hatred of Hungary/Hungarians are anti-semitic themselves. Hello anti-semita Jews, you hate your own Israelite people? Kiss my Israelite arse, you anti-semita. Szkita/Scythians/Saka= Izsak fia, sons of Isaac. Shekel (Hebrew money) = Szekely. Bravo anti-semita banda.

  12. Geeezs!

    Adam, you better do something to keep this site clean. The trolls are out to burry it in rubbish.

  13. Re topic.

    Sorry Gölner, Lazar and co. Politics are not ethics debating circle or social club. Pretty often it’s dirty, but its the art of the possible. Doctrines are tested and the idealistic or rigid ones usually fail. Yours seems one of those.

  14. Kalasz Musztafa says:

    What the matter Observer, truth hurts? You never know what we Hungarians are because we dont tell you. Cheers

  15. Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Oh yes i forgot, what you know about the political structure of the Kingdom of Israel in Palestine? A nation was run by a High cleric called Cohen/Kahan right? The Cohen was in the centre called Uru-solyom/Jerusalem surrounded by many different Israelite tribes being led by a Tribal leader.
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    The White Huns called Hephthalites/Ephthalites, who were they? The tribe of Naphtali, an Israelite tribe.

    Another question, why we Hungarians call someone who’s head is bald, by using the word Kopasz? Any clue?
    Because Kopasz originated from the word Koppah, a central asian Israelite-style skull cap still worn by the Uzbeks, Turkmen, Kirghiz, etc, nearly identical to that of the Jewish Kippah. So we call those baled headed people Kopasz, because its look like they wear a Koppah/Kippah on their head. Hahahaha

    What about the Epic of Manas which the Kyrgyz people loves to read out to people? The Epic of Manas which is about Manas the son of Jakyb is the nearly identical Manasseh of Jacob.

    What else, well there’s many more.

  16. This “progressive left” comes out in full force, comrade Adam – there is disturbance in the Force:

    Jobbik is expected/anticipated, with the visible support of soclib ideologists and propagandists, to team up with commies and libbies;

    One leader of the Socialists makes rather juicy comments about Vona’s warm butt – a thinly disguised anti-homo slur;

    Kende, that ugliest-of-all degenerate of a journalist and leftlib bigmouth, has openly opined on ATV that “whoever looks at Majtenyi, he sees a typical Jewish”.

    Kind of an impression these progressives can make. Entertaining, for sure.

  17. I am the child of Dachau survivors, and Hunarian arrow cross thugs beat them up before they put them on the freight train. I still shudder at the thought of it.

  18. When I see a Hungarian, I puke.

  19. My mother worked in a brick factory in Obuda before being transported to the KZ. In Dachau, she was raped by a kapo. Her cry is still reverberating in my ears. And Hungarians are envious of my compensation payment that is not more than 450 euros a month. Germans are capable of facing their horrible past.

  20. Chilcott is right. He is my hero.

  21. Hungarians are loathsome anti-Wallenbergian desperados. I love Klara Dobrev!

  22. I love Klara Dobrev.

  23. She is not anti-Wallembergian.

  24. I love mariachi music. It is not anti-klezmer.

  25. Kalasz Musztafa says:


    “When I see a Hungarian, I puke.”

    Kiss my Israelite-Scythian-Turkic-Magyar arse, you anti-semite.

    When you hate Hungarians, you’re an anti-semite, fullstop.

  26. Kalasz Musztafa says:


    Blame this killings on Rudolf Kastner the zionist who collaberated with the SS Germans in Budapest.

    No wonder why Kastner was assassinated in Palestine.

    You said you’re the survivor of Dachau, well i can tell you something else. My step-grandfather’s mother was sent to Auchwitz from Budapest and never ever return. Hungarians fault? No, it was the Armenian Szalasi Nyilas, and Kastner Rudolf fault.
    Nyilas was a fake nationalist movement, they werent serving Hungary’s interest but of Hitler’s.

    Next time, tell those stinking blond hair blue eye Germans who is loaded with Jew-money to pay for your compensation for their killing. Not the Hungarians.
    Yes tell that slut Merkel, Hitler’s illegitimate granddaughter to pay for compensation in full amount.

  27. Gölner, Làzàr,

    Re unpalatable politics pls see the Mandiner article on Bethlen Gábor, with cited letters to the sultan.http://m.tortenelem.mandiner.hu/cikk/20170106_rajcsanyi_gellert_europa_muszlim_meghoditasat_szorgalmazta_bethlen_gabor

    BTW I’m right now reading studies of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, but also think the WW2 Allies, Henry IV the Great of France, the Burgundy position in the 100 year war, etc etc down to the various Roman allies from amongst the conquered.

  28. Adam,

    I told you so …

    • Hungarian Free Press says:


      There is a reason why I am letting our resident troll vent here. More information soon. Patience, please.

  29. I am a Jew. I hate Hungary, and love this site as it also hates Naziland. Eviva Adams, eviva Gollner, eviva Lazar, as they are real Jews hating Hungarians.

  30. Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Donbass, you hate Hungary? You an anti-semita, and a traitor. You hate your own Israelites. Igy tovabb

  31. Kalasz Musztafa says:

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  32. Oh, Ágnes Heller is all right, she is exactly the prototype on Kende’s assessment of being visibly Jewish. Makes a nice pair with Vona.

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