Socialists shred election documents in protest ahead of Hungary’s referendum

Politicians and supporters of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) protested outside the National Election Office in Budapest on Saturday, less than 24 hours before the country’s national referendum on “migrant quotas,” which the left-centre opposition is boycotting. Gyula Molnár, MSZP’s party president, was joined by Gergely Karácsony, the popular district mayor of the small Dialogue for Hungary (Párbeszéd Magyarországért) leftist party. Mr. Karácsony suggested that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s hunger for power and his fear of losing it can increasingly be seen as an indication that he has mental health issues. Mr. Karácsony added that his party intends to hold a protest on Sunday, during voting, in front of parliament.

Socialist party activists placed a large banner over the entrance of the National Election Office, christening the department “Fidesz Election Office,” thus expressing their not unfounded belief that election officials in Hungary are not unbiased and they are not independent of the ruling party. Leading politicians and members of the party then shredded documents received from the National Election Office calling on them to participate in Sunday’s referendum.

MSZP also announced that it has set up a hotline for Sunday, encouraging all citizens to call in, if they experience irregularities or electoral fraud during the vote. The majority of the  10,331 voting stations in Hungary will have no monitors from the pro-democracy opposition parties, so Socialists are emphasising the importance of calling the hotline in the case of electoral fraud committed by Fidesz.

Anti-electoral fraud hotline.

Anti-electoral fraud hotline.

A total of  8,272,625 Hungarian citizens are eligible to vote in Sunday’s referendum on EU-wide “migrant quotas,” in which the Orbán government has been campaigning hard for a “no” vote, rejecting such quotas. The Hungarian Socialist Party, the Democratic Coalition, Együtt (Together) and Dialogue for Hungary are all boycotting the vote. The satirical Hungarian Two Tailed Dog Party has been encouraging Hungarians to spoil their ballots.  As of October 1st, the National Election Office has received 88,591 mail-in ballots and 17% of those processed have been spoiled by voters.


  1. Rashtangle Madoor says:

    orban is mentally unstable and needs to be removed from office asap.

  2. Charlie London says:

    What is most noticeable in Hungary is the ‘mono-message’ of the ‘billboardscape’.

    In, say London, the billboards gave a diversity of colours, messages and products and some are actually worth reading for humour and cleverness.

    (And we never allow billboards in the country, such as you see when driving in from rural Hungary to, say, Budapest. It’s so polluting!)

    And you never see, for example, a single product like a cake on special offer for 75fts – at a particular supermarket! Strange!

    So then to see the massive blitzkrieg of government ads for the Threatenerendum is just so odd! Like how I might perceive communism, or a totalitarian state.

    Such that this is only what you are allowed to read?

    Interspersed with the occasional token retail advert makes for an obvious propaganda environment.

    Can’t Hungarians see this?

  3. ” the country (Hungary) received over 200,000 asylum application, predominantly from those escaping Muslim states.” That is too many.
    Can’t handle.

    Meanwhile, this referendum created worldwide attention.

  4. Yes Charlie London…than can see this which is amply demonstrated by the election result! I was in Hungary from June to late August this year and saw this being played out with my own eyes. I also travelled frequently to Serbia and Budapest. I spoke to many people there and 99% both in the country and in Budapest said they were with Orban yet in reality this was not the case at all. In the one hand we see an old xenophobic fascist mentality simmering fascist and on the other we see people who object to the manipulations of the government. Mr Orban obviously didn’t play his cards right in preparation for this referendum and thus must take the consequences of NO CONFIDENCE!

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