NATO and the genuine alarm about the Russian security threat

Andrew Hammond, previously a special adviser to the British government and formerly a Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress in Washington DC, has published widely on foreign policy matters. He is currently affiliated with the London School of Economics. With permission, HFP is republishing Mr. Hammond’s most recent piece, which appeared this morning in Canada’s National Post daily. The author argues that Great Britain’s departure from the European Union and genuine fears about Russia’s dramatic increase in military spending, will likely result in a display of Transatlantic unity and the projection of stability, as well as increased cooperation with the Brussels among NATO members. But as a news site focused on Hungary, we cannot help but wonder whether Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government, which has resorted to strong critiques of the Transatlantic community, is notoriously Eurosceptic and is building ever stronger ties with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, will agree to participate fully in this NATO communication and strategy. 


Andrew Hammond

Plotting NATO’s future

Leaders from 28 countries, with a collective population of about one billion, are preparing for a landmark NATO summit being held Friday and Saturday in Warsaw, in which they will will map the way forward for the military alliance. Coming hot on the heels of Britain’s Brexit vote, they will seek to underline the unity of…


  1. Avatar Dr. Habil. András Fodor says:

    Thank for this post. I ignored your spiteful anti-Orbán comment, but distributed the great Hammond paper.

  2. Avatar Giuseppe riccardi says:

    It’s ok that nato helps the baltic countries to increase their feeling of freedom and
    Security but the problems with russia are completely obama generated.
    He wanted to break the economical cooperation between europe and russia which was defusing russian isolation.
    Divide et impera…
    The results are largely negative.
    Countries such as Hungary,Poland and Italy really love America but Obama was a disaster.

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